Michael Bay ruining the new TMNT movie?

Yes, for a live action movie, I can totally see that.
That wouldn't look completely out of place or stupid at all

The 1990 TMNT is everything a TMNT movie should be.

Michael Bay is the American Uwe Boll.

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The 1990 TMNT is everything a TMNT movie should be.

Michael Bay is the American Uwe Boll.

The 1990s costumes wouldn't go well today, as they'd look outdated, but otherwise I agree.

Michael Bay should just stick to doing another Bad Boys sequel or just stick solely to doing visual effects, rather than ruining franchises.
The 1990s Turtles movies are still the best ones. Although my favorite TV TMNT series of all-time is the 2003 version up until they made the Fast Forward arc.
Yeah! The 2007 CGI movie was good as well. My favorite part would have to be the showdown between Leonardo and Raphael, with the latter's shock for the fact that he badly overpowered his older brother in that fight, right before Leo got kidnapped.
The original 1990 film is still my favorite TMNT movie. It's the gold standard by which all TMNT films are measured.

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I kind dig the new Turtles. You see my thing is im always up for change i may not like all of it but im still up for it. Leo imo has the best design in the new movie. (Which is a plus for me because he is my favorite of the 4) the others there alright. Even tho it would be nice for them to make a Turtle movie with a mix between the comics and the 80s cartoon im still looking forward to the Bay Turtles
yeah, it looks kinda weird. at least Leonardo looks cool and Megan Fox is still hot. I won't be seeing it in theaters but will most like redbox it.

Shrek 5 is gonna be good
I might be the only one here ok with this movie. Adaptions always will make changes, no matter the format. The cartoon didn't exactly copy the comics, and the movies weren't that faithful either. They were still enjoyable in their own ways. This movie looks ok enough to watch. And I actually like how they look. The lips and large nostrils are a bit different, but I don't think they were bad design choices.
Hollywood just can't seem to do anything original anymore. And I think we all know why Megan Fox is in this movie.
the shredder is oroku saki....and only oroku saki, this is not the shredder. i hate how they always with villains backgrounds as if they don't matter just because theyre not the good guys, and why is the foot clan like militarized police officers instead of ninjas?
Oroku Saki was Shredder in like, 2 books of the comic? He was then played by some spirit or something, a chick, and even Rapheal. The 80s cartoon is where the stuck with Saki. In the 2003 series, he was a Krang looking alien creature. Point is, each adaptation will do its own thing. As long as it works for the sake of story, why hate on it?