Kustom MK Kharacters for Arcade VS screen

Last screens are only fanart. The point is not to create full game like mugen project, I was interested in creating a game from zero with my pics and my own engine. The first step was the select screen. I have not enough time to develop a fighting engine yet. I'll continue work on my project step by step (Sorry for my bad english)

33/69 fighters with animation (stance and victory) are ready to be chosen at the moment.
The original sprite was increased by 80% for MK1 and MK2 kharacters, 85% for UMK3 kharacters.

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One more kharacter from MK movie


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All the work here is top notch, but those Mk movie versions are my favorite, I would love to fight as the mk movie versions in their movie backgrounds.
Impressive indeed :shock:

Chameleon and Khameleon look badass.. Tsung's old ass! LMFAO! Ugly old man

Sketor as a human looks freaking cool dude! I LOVE IT!
I don't know how to represent Hydro. I don't want to do identical cyborgs with swap palette. Therefore I tried to make half-cyborg with not enough armor as a first experimental version of LK-unit who was killed
Well, I like what you did with the mask, it's definately not bad. It's just the body that indeed looks harder to represent. Maybe you could edit the cyborg chestplate to take the form of a ninja or something? Just giving ideas