Kustom MK Kharacters for Arcade VS screen

not really compilation even... Just switching a char to get away from boredom... that's all. Borg's VS is hand drawn, these are edited digitized versions, so I was curious to see if it can be edited to match the old VS pose.
Nobody said it's hand drawn, I talking about standard versus.

What do you mean by standard VS? The normal mk3 one is a different look and the Borg one is largely drawn.
Plus it seems that Random_MK can edit VS poses in the same "pose"
If anybody is interesting in my work, you can download it.

Demo (182 Mb) Updated

Source code and description (0,6 Mb) Updated

All my complete sprites in png (76 Mb) (I think it is not usable for mugen projects because of enlarging)

Some of my edited sprites in psd (17 Mb) (original sprite's size, maybe usefull)

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Your weak method (sunmoney's actually) will not work in MUGEN 1.1. And you should stop posting this video already. Nobody cares about MK: Blood Storm Remakes anyways.

Random_MK, you have many good MK1/MK2 versuses. We used them and edited, you will be MKTX credits later. You don't like to change faces, versuses look curiously sometimes.
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I'll be happy if my work will push you to a new ideas. You can upload your edited versions and screens from your projects.
And what versuses look curiously?

My ladder conception for one player:

Well, it was strange to see Turk and Gable in MK2 costumes.
Cause you know there were another actors.
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It is right for different MK games. But for trilogy I think the faces must be identical and versuses should differ only in alternative suits to keep logic of game. I think it does not matter who was the actor, we can't discern the face on stance sprites.
Well, I think many people just watched credits in MK1/UMK3.
Everyone has opinion, I just can't support this way.

Good luck with your contributions anyways!