Killer Instinct announced for XBOX ONE!!!!!

Some Gameplay footage of Tusk and the others of Season 3:

Tusk suffers from early model face like the rest of the roster has throughout the development of KI... it looks rather rough and unfinished, so hopefully they will fix that. But his gameplay looks awesome! :D
Tusk's trailer and hero art:

Tusk needs some facial edits or maybe lighting touch ups because something looks a bit off compared to the rest of the cast
Raam should be pretty cool. He'll probably be as tall as Aganos

Mira looks weak imo. Like a really forgettable JRPG character
JRPG character

This isn't the first time I see someone call a character "JRPG" looking, when their design is inspired from European medieval style. I mean... yes, there are JRPG's that has taken in that style, because European medieval designs have become stable for fantasy settings since forever, but that doesn't mean it is a JRPG stable.

It's stylized European medieval fantasy. Doesn't necessarily make it JRPG.

Why does Mira look like a cheap knockoff of Sadira?

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Other than colour scheme, they don't really look alike, imo.
That said, the colour scheme is pretty alike Sadira's, but I guess it's because Mira is supposedly a vampire, so black and red clothes along with the pale skin and black hair... yeah, it's rather unoriginal.
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Please don't turn into Tarkatan Trash

B#tch please, that's f#cking offensive.
I get your point with the JRPG thing, but I just don't understand why that was your go-to comparison, when her design is obviously deriving from something else. JRPG's have taken inspiration from tons of styles from all over the world, so making that specific comparison just doesn't seem right to me.

It's the same when someone calls a masked character "ninja" or calls someone wearing a tophat for "steampunk".

BTW, I thought you hate all anime and such, so that you would make the JRPG comparison just seems even more odd to me.