Johnny Cage Thread - "I make this look easy!"


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It's just a guessing game.

I usually just wait for 1 specific thing against a new person and just take my chances on that one thing.

If I keep losing then I start mixing it up. I don't usually try to poke after a knee, I'm scared lol.

oh, I can never tell when Mike is joking. I have bad habit of relating an avatar to how they look when they talk LOL.

I was talking about vital lol. But yeah.... I kinda do that too :laugh:


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Then why complain? It's not easiest thing in the world to play a solid cage, Online or Offline. You can't just F3 Spam and win against a good player who knows what they're being hit by.


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Damn right I do lol, but I'm not all like "Cage is so easy online..." then before I complain I ask Critical for Help and understanding instead of being all butt hurt about something that I can beat with practice.

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I'd like to know how I'm so "butthurt" about beating someone? Just saying that they are boring to play against. You get pretty butthurt sometimes, but I don't call you out on it because I'm not an ass.


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What? I never said you were butthurt about anything, I simply said, Instead of me being butthurt over something I'd ask Critical for help.

and please recall a time were I was butthurt over something.

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Don't derail the one thread I actually check on this website.

Since TYM is down i'm going to give TRMK a proper guide to Cage. Whether it be gimmicks or straight up textbook Johnny Cage.

Don't derail it. No casual "her derr dats cheap" cause I don't give a shit, play to win.