Inner Conflict by iVital

Kinda short, but I'm tired and still trying to think of more creative ways to continue where I stopped.

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Now that is how you improve on the emotions. That dream sequence was killer and the ending had me in suspense. Like actual suspense and shit!!
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Chapter 2

Helena and I met the chopper's Pilot and co-pilot.As we took off They began to tell us how we will be traveling to Tokyo.

"From here, we will be transporting you straight to the Quantico Air field, and from there you two will meet staff Sargent Byrd, he'll be your pilot on a private Jet donated to us by the USMC." He shouted because of the rotating blades above....

[Blonde Woman's POV]

The blonde woman is in the Presidents office, he stepped out to give the daily update on the war on Bioterrorism and his solution on protecting the US from anymore attacks on live television.

She's searching for the video message that was given to Agent Chapple and Helena before departing to the Quantico Airfield.. She searches the entire office inside out and finds nothing..

The office door knob begins to turn, but luckily the Blonde woman locked the door after entering the office, this gave her time to hide.

"Dumb secretary locked the door again, I swear I'm so close to firing her .." Said the president in a muffled voice because he was outside the door.

The woman hides under the office table, and the President opened the door with his key and enters the room..

The woman sat motionless, she didn't want to draw the president's attention because it would compromise her plan.

"Finally... " Said the president while sighing as he walked to his seat.

He pulls out the cube containing "Ada's" voice message to the president and puts it in his office drawer and locks it. He props his feet on the desk and begins to relax..

"I have the whole entire day to myself, with no interup----"

His phone rings, it was a reminder, reminding him that he had an important meeting with the Chairman of the BSAA.

"You gotta be f!cking kidding me right now? There's no time to relax anymore.. " He said to himself while walking out in a frustrating manner.

The blonde woman comes out of hiding and checks the drawer that the president used recently, she tried to open it, but she realized that it was locked. She carefully examines the lock..

"This lock is child's play" she said to herself with a grin on her face while pulling out a lock pick from her pocket. She successfully opens the drawer and takes the cube. She pulls out her smart phone and uses a data extracting app to copy the video and other useful info. Next she exits the presidents office without being detected nor did she leave any trace of her being there.

She makes her way to the nearest one stall rest room and begins to sort through the intel she gathered from the cube, it had a list of dates and beside each date there were specific events next to them..

Nov 22: Mass infection of Tokyo

Dec 12: Deployment of BSAA and Government ops; survival test, Appointment with BSAA chairman.

Dec 22: Appoint New Secretary of State..

Dec 31: Infect Hiroshima and Nagasaki.. Spreading the virus throughout Japan.

Jan 1: Sanitize Japan (BSAA troops)

The blonde woman begins to watch the video sent to the president by Ada Wong. With the schedule in possession she became suspicious of the President causing the Bioterroist attack on Tokyo.

She begins to watch the video sent in by Ada Wong and toyed with the sound equalizer in her audio settings as she tweaked the settings, Ada's voice began to sound more masculine. Minutes passed by and she was finally able to make out that it was the president using a voice changer to mask his identity...

[The helicopter]

"We're coming in on the airfield, approximately ten minutes until landing. .." Said the Helicopter pilot.

Those were the quickest ten minutes of my entire life, the Pilot landed on the heli pad with precision..

Helena and I exited the Helicopter, just outside the Helipad was a tall African American man, dressed in a Pilot crew uniform.. He walked up to us..

"Sergeant Trelon Byrd, pilot in the USMC for 5 years, I'll be transporting you two to your destination, it'll be a nine hour flight from here with clear skies and sunshine, we'll land at a US Navy base in Okinawa." He said while shaking both of our hands.

"We already prepared the jet for take off, so we'll depart as soon you two load into the aircraft"

Helena and I Loaded into the aircraft from the back hatch, sergeant Byrd was last to enter, he sat in the pilot seat and began to rotate the plane for take off.. Minutes later we were taking off into the skies.

I starred out the plane window, looking out into the clear, open, skies. I was always afraid of heights but my mind was so focused on creating a plan to sweep through Tokyo to apprehend Ada in the shortest amount of time as possible..

"Thinking about that special someone at home?" Helena said..

"Oh.. Uhmm, No.. My wife passed away 3 years ago.."

"I-- I'm sorry to hear that, I'm sure she's in a better place now and very proud that you didn't let her death deter you from doing your job" she responded.

"Yea, before she went away I made a promise to her that I'd keep moving on with my life and continue riding the world of bioterrorism. That promise is the only reason why I'm still in the BSAA." Said I.

"May I ask what was her name?" She questioned..

"Her name was Jill, Jill Valentine.."

"That name, she was one of 5 survivors of the Raccoon city incident, and she helped restore Quantico City.."

"2 out of numerous of achievements while she was living" I said while chuckling..

"But out of all those achievements I'm more than positive that being a good wife was one of them" Helena said with a warm smile on her face.

At first, I felt uncomfortable around Helena, but after our small conversation I felt at ease. She didn't say much about herself but she respected Jill and that was enough for me to trust her. After several hours of flying I began to nod off, and eventually fell asleep..

[Tokyo, Japan..]

"Why are we here again? I thought you destroyed the last Clone after leaving China months ago..." Joseph said..

"I did, but our little friend is back from the dead and I'm more than sure that your friend and his partner are on their way to track her down too.. But we have to be careful since they can't differentiate me from Carla.." Ada responded...

"So we're going to wonder around aimlessly in search for her?" Joseph questioned..

"Of course not, if you're going to be my successor you have to start thinking like me, so I developed this plan to split Tokyo up into 3 sections and make our way to areas of interest in each section, more than likely these areas will have a high concentration of infected patrolling the streets so we have to stay alert at all times, but for now, just enjoy this beautiful hotel we've came across.. We"ll start searching a few hours from now.." Ada said..

[Washington D.C]

The blonde woman placed her cellphone into her pocket and exited the bathroom stall and made her way to the Oval Office, she knocked on the door, in return the President's bodyguard opened the door..

"Ah! Secretary Alison, so glad you stopped by, Hey , before you check out for today could you schedule another appointment with the Chairman of the BSAA.."

"Yes sir, Mr President, uh-mm.. Mr president sir, could I take off for a week a let my intern handle all of my work so I can relax and enjoy a short vacation?" The blonde woman asked.

"Of course you can! You've been faithful and on point with your work, a short hiatus is something that you deserve." President Gibson replied.

"Thank you, sir" the blonde woman exited the Oval Office and made her way out the White House and into her car. She drove to her apartment that was only a few miles away from the White House.. She entered the small apartment and went straight into the closet.. She changed into a Light Blue tube top and a brown mini skirt..

"It's been a while since I've worn this"

She said while checking herself out in the mirror, she used her Smartphone to buy a plane ticket to Okinawa Japan, her flight was scheduled to leave in the next hour. She packed nothing and exited the apartment and drove to the Quantico Airport.. She made it just in time to catch her flight.. It was going to take 9 hours to get there.. So she dosed off to make the trip past by...
[Private Jet]

I awaken from my short nap, I looked over to see Helena sound asleep.. I began to think hard about searching for Ada.. I pulled my phone out and went into Google Maps.. Since Tokyo is a large city I'll split it up into 3 sections, and visit key points of interest and search them carefully.. Since they're points of interests the infected may horde there putting Helena and I lived at great risk.. But it's a risk we have to take....

[Hours passed]

"ETA, is now 10 minutes" Sergeant said over the intercom..

Helena and I were wide awake, I began to explain my plan to her. She was willing to go though with it. So we carefully divided the city of Tokyo..


The blonde woman is now awake, she checks her cellphone for the time before it died.. Only 20 minutes until she touch downed in Okinawa.

"Now I have to think like Paul, to protect him.. How would he search for Ada in Tokyo? I know that he breaks things up and carefully analyze them from the most important info to the least important.... So I'm guessing he'll split Tokyo up into sections, and search the most important areas first.." She thought to herself..

The plane landed, she was in Okinawa Japan for the first time. Since she didn't have any luggage but her own handbag, she exited the airport, outside, the bright lights from neon billboards caught the eye of any newcomer to this beautiful city. People and different exotic cars paraded the streets.. The blonde woman needed some type of transportation to navigate the city and later find her way to Tokyo.. She spots an unoccupied blue sports car and walks over to it. She checks her surroundings, no one was watching her so she quickly lock picks the cars door with the pick provided from her handbag.. Inside the car were leather seats, with black interior and surprisingly a GPS system.. She programs the GPS to find the nearest hotel to stay, even if it was to be for a short time. She drives off to the Takada inn that was only 15 miles away from the airport.

Once there, she checks into an inexpensive suit and begin to enjoy her short time of relaxation before preparing for departure..

[Private Jet]

Helena and I could see the bright lights of Okanawa through the jet's window, they illuminated in the cold night skies. We gradually descended, gracefully pushing through clouds obscuring our view of the city after minutes of plowing through clouds we could see the airstrip for landing, sergeant Byrd eased us down without any mistakes. Helena and I exited the Jet and sergeant Byrd followed behind us..

"From here, you'll be in the hands of the US Navy, they'll send you over to Tokyo by land, before you leave, is there anything that you need?" Byrd said to us..

"A map of Tokyo would be nice, a tourist map to be exact.. We're not too familiar with the city and it would helpful" I said to him.

"A map you say? Hold on, gimme a minute"

Byrd goes back up the hatch of the planes and within seconds exits the hatch holding what looked like two sheets of colored paper, he handed one to me and the other to Helena.

"We're required to have a map of the areas we cover, both tourist and general landscaping maps. So I guess you two have the best of both worlds now" he said while chuckling.

Helena smiled back at Byrd, I nodded signaling that I was thankful.. I didn't laugh or smile, ever since Jill died my sense of humor followed behind her..

A black Dodge Charger pulled up next to the Jet, I assumed that they were our ride to Tokyo.

"Well, this is were we go our separate ways, I wish you two the best of luck and I hope you return back home safely after completing your mission." Byrd said to us..

We loaded into the car and drove off, leaving the airstrip. The two Navy Seal operatives driving kept quiet and we did the same, it was said to be a 30 minute drive from the outskirts of Okinawa to Tokyo so I took these final minutes to finally construct the searching plan I used a pen to divide up Tokyo on both maps and stared key points that we had to search.

"Location #1: The Tokyo Imperial palace, a castle built upon ruins of destroyed temples by war.. Now it's surrounded by traditional Japanese Gardens. It was said to have rooms for guest to relax so Ada could be using this as a hide out until extraction comes or to plan a escape.

Location #2: The Golden Pavilion, The former house of Shogun ; Shikiaga Yoshimitsu, It was burned down in 1950 but was rebuilt by a monk who was obsessed with the Sh0gun. Another potential hide out spot.

Location #3, Our final place to check.. The Himieji Castle, One of few attractions that survived the atomic bombing of WWII.."

then I used my PDA to mark these locations, just in case we lose the maps somehow.. Time flew by and we came across the boarder line between Okinawa and Tokyo. It was barricaded with USMC soldiers prat rolling to maintain order.. We entered the gate that led us to Tokyo.

"It never ends.." I thought to myself, I could see the smoke that inhabited the skies from burning buildings and the odor.. That same odor from being deployed in china now resides in Tokyo..

"We're finally here, not what I expected on my first trip to Tokyo.." Helena said to me.

"Yea, same here.. I always thought.... Never mind"

"No, Say it.. How do you expect for us to make it out of this place alive and complete our mission without communicating?"

"It was nothing, I was just thinking about Jill.. That's all.."

"We already discussed this, she's probably smiling down upon you know for still doing your job after... You know.."

"Yea, you're right.. Lets go so we can get this over wi---."
My phone began to ring, it was a text message stating that someone used one of my credit cards recently to check out of a Hotel in Japan..
"Great.. Now some dirt bag is stealing my identity.."

I said in frustration..

I pulled out my map and the closest tourist attraction was only a mile away, we could walk and make it there in about 30 minutes so we began to move forward..

[Hotel room]

The woman wakes up from her short but refueling nap, she exits the room and makes her way to the main lobby for check out..

She uses her credit card to pay for the room..

"Thank you, Mrs... Valen---"

Before the lobby clerk could thank the woman, she was on her way out the hotel. She enter her stolen vehicle and use her GPS to locate the nearest armed police station, once there she reasoned with the police chief to use their gear while in Tokyo, she gave him a brief explanation on why she need gear to travel to Tokyo, she told him that the BSAA were sending in their top agents in to scout the area and give an analysis on the infected behavior and search for clues on who's behind the attack, she also showed him her BSAA I.D and that helped her gain access to their armory.. She geared up grabbing light weighted clothing, ammo pouches, and finally, weapon holsters.

She stuffed it all into a duffle bag, provided by the O.P.D chief officer, she thanks the chief again before leaving, she made her way to Tokyo, and came across the same barrier that Helena and Paul had to go through.. She shows the USMC guard her BSAA card and he gave her permission to drive passed them..

She passed by a Black car on the way inside..

"US Navy seals? They must have dropped them off somewhere in the city nearby... Maybe I should slow down to keep my distance, can't let them know I'm watching over them." The blonde woman said to herself..

"Ok... Now where would they search, well, If I was Ada I would hide out in places where food was abundant and shelter was available.. So maybe some sort of popular inn or tourist attraction.. The Tokyo Imperial palace is a place nearby... Maybe I should go there first.."

The woman slows down her driving, coasting down the strip ensuring distance between her and the two agents in Tokyo.

[Tokyo Hotel room]

"Joseph, Wake up.. It's time" Ada said.

"Seriously?! It's only been..... 5.... hours" He replied " And how are you so sure that we can find her with your 'Master Plan' "

"Carla is a fool, she chooses the most obvious and predictable options when doing anything.. I'm confident that we'll have her in our hands way before your little BSAA friend does.. She's probably resting inside The Imperial Palace, maybe creating a plan to escape.. Now C'mon, The Imperial palace isn't too far from here we better start moving before she leaves" Ada said.

"Some times I wonder why I chose this Job..." Joseph complained..
Ok, Soooo... I took the story a split it up into 3 parts (RE6 Style 8) )

But from the reading you know that all the characters will meet up eventually..
You give the hints so easily it hurts ;) jk

But, when Helena was apologizing to the fact that she fvcked up it sounded too nerdish and cliche.
Like the better option might have been, "Sorry to hear that..." "It's alright. She made me promise..." Like let your main character finish.

But Helena's "She must have been a good wife" response was killer :top: