Inner Conflict by iVital


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Chapter 1

August 16th, that day.. I'll never forget it. It was the beginning of a life full of despondency, confinement, and emptiness.. My job is the only thing that motivates to press on, for her.. I can't give up. Fighting to avenge her death and complete the goal she started.. Ridding the world of Bioterrorism. The BSAA has close ties with government ops because of the Tall oaks incident, along with the mass infection rate rapidly increasing in China. We're working hard to sanitize China without the use of Atomic WMDs but it will take a lot of resources and effort from all over the world..

Sadly, tokyo, Japan was recently attacked by the same blue fog used in China.. To prevent further casualties they're sending me in along with an U.S government agent who's name has been yet to be giving, but I'll see to it that they make it out alive even if it means sacrificing my own life.. I can't live with another person's death resting on my shoulders.

I sat in the kitchen reading over my new partner's bio sent via email from my iPad, her name was Helena Harper.. A survivor of the Tall Oaks incident. I was pleased to discover that I'm not partnered with an inexperience agent. She even worked along side a good friend of mine who's survival rate was beyond average, It's been a while since Leon and I conversed but at least I know he's well and running.

Half way through reading Helena's bio, I was sent an E-mail, it was from the new President, who was sworn in office just yesterday, President Gibson requested a meeting tomorrow in his office. He wanted me to become aquatint with my new partner. Being honest, knowing that my new partner is a woman made me feel uneasy.. Random influxes of flash backs about Jill raced through my head.. "She's gone..." I whispered to myself, waddling in my own depression.. I decided to hit the bed earlier than normal.. My private flight leaves at 10:45am

Early, next morning...

My alarm sounded off, emitting such an Irritating noise.. I could barely sleep last night, in mid slumber I was haunted by nightmares.. In each individual dream I saved her, I knew it was only a dream but it felt so real, the hugs, kisses, the time we spent.. The dream itself was paradise, but finding out it was all fraudulent was the nightmare..

I forced myself out of bed and proceeded into the bathroom to wash up, preparing for the day that's ahead of me. After splashing water onto my dead-like face I fully awaken.. I stare into the mirror. Under my eyes were bags that hung low, showing that I had little to no sleep. I shake out of being mesmerized by my own personal appearance and began to brush my teeth.. Shortly after, I decided to dress casually. Fitly cut Ralph Lauren white polo shirt showing off my muscular frame and fitly blue jeans. I grab my phone off the dresser and left the house..

"Good Morning, local hero!" A voice said next door.. It was my neighbor, quinzel Bryan.. He was out early attending to his lawn.

" Wish I could stay and talk but I have to be at the air port soon.." I responded to cut the conversation short.

"Well, I'll let you go, I only wanted to say I'm sorry to hear about your lost bro" he responded.

"Oh.. Yea, thanks man.. That really means a lot to me" I responded, walking to my car.

It was a two hour drive from my home to the air port. I finally arrived, greeted by US airmen. They escorted me to the
Private jet.. Aboard the jet, were high ranking officials from all US military services. I felt out of place, they showed me the upmost respect and I did like wise. I sat next to a Marine, who was a colonel saluting at me.

"I'm honored to sit next to a survivor of the Raccoon City incident and an active servicemen of the BSAA" he said cutting his salute.

"Aye, sir "I responded,Saying "Yes Sir" to any one above the rank of Sargent was disrespect in the Marine Corps.

I didn't make conversation with any of them.. My mind was still wrapped around meeting my new partner.. The flight was long, the flight pilot estimated about 2 hours but it felt like 12..

Finally, I arrived in DC. But my traveling isn't over yet.. Another 30 minute drive lies ahead. This time it's only myself and a private in the army.. I didn't get the guy's name but he was pretty quiet while driving. A good thing, it gave me time to collect my thoughts and relax..

What will this Helena woman be like? Will she resemble Jill? Or, have a similar personality? These thoughts ran through my mind...

I pondered on these ideas, thoughts, the entire 30 minute drive..

Upon arriving and entering the White House I was escorted by a young lady.. She had blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She took me to the Oval Office..

She opens the door, inside was a long time friend of mine, who's surprisingly the new president of the US, in fact, the first Asian president in u.s history.

"Paul, please, take a seat.. Helena should be here shortly" he said.

I took his offer and sat in the seat in front of his desk.

"We will start discussing your job whenever Helena arri--" He was cut off by a voice..

"Sorry I'm late Mr.President, I had to--" she was cut off by the president..

"It's ok, you're not late Mrs.Harper, say hello to your new partner.. He's an active servicemen for the BSSA."

She chuckles "I already know this, it's nice to meet you Mr.Chapple.." She said extending her arm for a hand shake.

Helena was a beautiful woman, not much taller than I was, she had long dark brown hair.. Longer than Jill's, her eyes were brown in contrast to Jill's colorless eyes. She wore a white dress shirt overlaid by a black dress vest. For pants, were black dress pants fitted tight. She had a green pendant dangling from her neck.

I got up from my seat and shook her hand, and gazed into her brown eyes..

"Uhmm... Mr.Chapple" she said, chucking, signaling that I passed the awkward zone.

"Oh.. Sorry" I said, giving out a awkward laugh..

I haven't seen such a beautiful woman since I've been with Jill, then again I didn't try to look for one because I didn't want to get double knee dropped in my back...

We both sat in our seats..

"Good to know that you two are aquatint, now, we must discuss business. By business I mean briefing you two on your mission, now you both know that less than 24 hours ago Japan was attacked by an unknown Bioterroist group, we highly doubt it's a one man job.. So we're sending you two in to investigate. You are to constantly update us with new evidence. You will be up against the same thing seen in tall oaks, the J'avo species was confirmed to be extinct 2 weeks ago. You will be deployed tomorrow, and will reside in the White House until D-day... In separate rooms.." President Gibson explained laughing to himself in the last line..

That awkward moment when someone makes a joke but no one laughs.. I thought to myself.

"Now, you two are dismissed.. Go out and have some fun together before going into the hell hole that was once Tokyo " President Gibson said laughing.

We both exit the Oval Office, My escort gives us our room keys and a small map of the place.

"Thanks Sherry, hope to seeya around before I leave to say good bye" Helena said to my escort.

"Will do, and I'll be sure to let Leon know you're gone too" Sherry responded.

We depart our separate ways, I went into my room and sat in the couch. I left the tv off because I wanted time to relax and meditate without any distraction. Then.... My phone ringed breaking all concentration. It was an unknown number, I decided to answer it.

"Sup bro? How are you holding up?"

"Joseph?! Wait, why aren't you calling from your home phone or cell phone?" I responded.

"Uhh.. I'm at a hotel with friends on vacation.. We're in Italy. So how's it going?" He responded..

I let out a small sigh.. "I don't know, everywhere I go somehow I'm reminded of her.. I can't take it man, thoughts of suicide.. Depression, being anti social so that people won't mention her.. It's too much.." Said I.

"Don't dwell on it man, I'm sure you'll be over it soon.. Just go shoot those little P-shooters the queerSSA offer" he joke in return.

I couldn't help but smile at that cheesy joke, if it wasn't for him I'd be dead now..

"Well, there's this one woman I just met a few minutes ago... Nah, never mind.. I doubt she's looking for someone at a time like this.."

"I hate when you doubt yourself, just go for it.. Jill wouldn't want you to be all sad and shit.."

"Ehhhh.. I dunno, I'll think about..."

"Oh, gotta go!" He hangs up the phone quickly..

[Joseph's side...]

"There's a possible chance that he's one of two US investigators searching here in Tokyo.. We have to stay alert and make sure he doesn't get to Carla first before we do.." Ada said to Joseph.

"I know, but no matter what happens we can't hurt him, he's one of my best friends.."

"Fine, but if he does anything to put our lives in danger I'm killing him.."
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Smart Goals (This is where I set goals for myself in the Fic, and you guys reply answering these questions or responding to how I feel about what I wrote.)

I feel as if I dragged on the meeting of Helena and I, and added a lot of unnecessary text.

Did I do a good job on ending chapter 1? Did it shock you guys, kinda?

I'm including some members of TRMK into this story, Mainly RE fans if you want in just ask..

Did I do a good job writing in the 1st person POV?

and Finally, Is my character more of the "I can feel his pain" type depressed.. Or Cliche IDGAF I'm sad kinda guy?
Well I don't know whether to be mad that you used my government name instead of Quin or the whole fact that you messed up my name as a whole.

ANYWAY a very good start.

To answer your questions:
1) Your meeting with Helena was fine and good. It was to the point and established first impressions
2) The end was very clever my good man, now make it nasty (:twisted:) What I hope to see is an ultimate decision made, you know what I mean.
3) Yes you did an excellent job in first person. My only gripe is that grown as men are saying bro. It doesn't feel smooth, it feels like a cliche High School script.
4) For your final question, "IDGAF I'm sad" for me because story wise I do not know anything about you. I'm sure your reasons on how Jill was lost will be applied at some point but a better way would have shown your obsession over her lost. Staring at her picture on the phone, accidental calling Helena Jill, etc.

My question for you, do you really want to go the depressed character route? Why not use YOUR personality
Thanks Yung, now I have an idea of how to mold my character, and hell no my personality is lame lol.

Now that I think about it, the dialogue between Shira and I was kinda cheesy LOL, but I tried to make it less formal.
I know what you mean.

Try using "man" instead of "bro" or hell even nicknames or the word "friend"

Now about my name...
Oh.. :oops:

Originally, Shira was going to be my neighbor but then I was like wait, no.. He could be working with Ada and shiz and you'd make an amazing Neighbor Yung :D
You have to realize I am lazy though. I rather read a book on the porch instead of lawn work :|
anyway hopefully Jade will be in the Story
Bish, stop speculating and wait :mad:

I don't know if you know this, but Critical was the new president.
I'm not going to say no, but there's a possible chance I'll be able to squeeze a few more people in.

I already have my Neutral cast decided (Shira and Ada), along with the Good (Helena and I) but most of the people I'm implementing are Minor characters. Even though I'm the main character Helena's actions are going to affect me more than trying to survive on my own.
Hey, you wanna help me write chapter 2? You can write a section more focused on you and Ada and I write about Helena and I.. It'll be like 2 Fan fics in one, and sooner or later we'll intervene.

RE6: Fan fic edition 8)