Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition Announced

That what I hated about MK9 is they favored the Ninja characters getting more skins. I wanted a Liu Kang one but characters like Smoke, Sektor, etc. Got more skins but probably because they are much easier but still it could had been done.

I agree with you 100% on this.
SZ is my favorite character, but they should have just given him the MK1 klassic costume, and that's it.
I really didn't need the UMK3 maskless costume for him (although it was a nice addition).

I would have loved to have seen costumes or alternates for Liu Kang (MK1), Raiden (MK1), Kano (MK1), Sonya (MK3), Johnny Cage (MK1), Quan Chi (MK4), Mileena (MKII costume for consoles), Rain (UMK3 on consoles, his primary costume sucks) and Baraka (MKII).
Tag Mode was my favorite too. It was a little easier to balance the MU's instead of going in with my Sheeva against someone else's Kabal or Kung Lao all the time. I could throw in Kitana or Skarlet as well to get things done.
Lol Zavvi

Don't have high hopes of your order coming on time, or at all.

I ordered Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition, it didn't come 2 weeks after they took my money. So I pestered them until I got a refund. Then 3 months later it turned up on my doorstep so I technically got it for nothing but I already bought it in a store after they refunded me.

Every cloud right? lol
So this version comes out 7 months after the original releases AND it costs $10 less AND it features all of the DLC???? This is absurd. This is only a desperate attempt to get new people to play this slowly sinking game. Not to mention a slap in the face for all of the other consumers that spent around $100. The costume DLC was just as bad for this game as it was for MK9. Some characters got left out completely. This has got to be the fastest dying fighting game I've ever played. It's a shame too , because this game had limitless potential.

I'm not defending DLC.

But I disagree that getting the full version late for a discounted price is NOT a slap to the face to people who bought the original.

The people who bought the original got to play it MONTHS early, and therefore anyone who waited for this version. Has 7 months of metagame to catch up on.

It also helps TO's of tournaments buy more copies for cheaper for more set-ups like myself.
It's a shame(And a crime) Batgirl never got her New 52 outfit.