I super HATE challenge tower


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i just want to share with you how much i hate the f*** of challenge mode... its making me angry to a point i want to puke over mortal kombat... its so damn f***** frustrating ... there some challenges so much difficult make me want to throw my controller on screen.... i only want to say I HATEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE IT, i am having a very painful moment with it, i just want to finish it to take the reward, but seems my brain will explode before i win it.
one thing i hate about action or adventure games that i hate to repeat a stage or a fight.
now this thing same on shitty challenge f*** tower
now stuck on that stupid f**** zombie green and zombie black thingy f*** ( 131 ) and i am sure after i finish it, there is more painful things coming... ooh and i cant imagine how is last one will be ( 300 )
by the way f*** zombies, stupied human invention i never liked them
Sounds like you might wanna skip some stages, you still get the reward aslong as you beat 300
Im not interested in playing the challenge tower theres nothing I want from it, Id rather spend the extra time practicing my combos for online play
i am not angry because its hard.... the problem its frustrating (( fight upside down )) (( TRIANLGE SQUARE for baraka, CIRCLE X for mileena )) (( black zombie for cage, green zombie for stryker)) (( hits screen tilting right and left)) one mistake you die, you repeat, and keep repeating... my brain like WTF
i am sorry i sound like whiny baby, i have to let it out.
I finished all 300 challenges without skipping at all and never stopping. UMAD?
But seriously all it takes is determination and you'll be fine.... (And maybe 2 T.V's and about 4 or so Controllers for you)
by the way if you're mad at the one with the different coloured zombies then your sure as hell gonna hate the next ones cuz that one is nothing compared to some of the rest ^^
Ye, agreed. Im at about 200, and green black zombies is easy mode really xD Skipped only 1, where you have to do all Jax's grabs, I don't like play for him and actually don't give a f*** about him. Well, now is Sonya...what a b**** she is IMO (no offense to Jax and Sonya lovers). I dont want to master those who I don't like playing...part of Noob's challenges was satisfying enough though ;)
For 300 I just used ermac and spammed his A,X,Y Stun combo and it killed them all around the 5th try because that way you get health backs. Also for Mileena I just repeatedly grabbed her (Oh how I'd love to do that) and if you get in the rhythm you can do it about 2-4 times before she does a wakeup attack.
I can't wait to play challenge tower. I can rage pretty bad at games, but when there's a mode that's basically made for that I can't help but be happy to give it what it wants.
Jesus man, quit complaining. There's a reason its called the CHALLENGE tower cuz its challenging. Be thankful they give u the option to skip them if u dont want to do them.
1. You don't have to play it
2. The challenges are supposed to be difficult
3. It's cheap to skip if you've earned enough money
4. You might want to get your skillz up
Wait till you get to #251... I have been trying to beat it for hours now. I don't hate the tower, but I do hate Shao Kahn and his f***** hammer and shoulder charge, lol :p

EDIT: Can someone give me a tip on how to beat this challenge? Specifically shao kahn?
as much as I "Hate" it, I still come back and play a few challenges every night so far.

I'm stuck on 167, Cyrax vs. Kano, Noob and Cyber Sub Zero ...

I can beat Kano by spamming the net and combo, and sometimes I can get Noob, he's so cheap... and then when i get to CSZ, he's just a ***** it says bombs I think work on him well but it doesn't for me and damage is like 50% of what it was on the first two.

Been stuck there... played it like 15 times before I called it a night.