I super HATE challenge tower

Just finished them all without skipping. I was expecting the last challenge to be much harder. I beat goro kintaro and shao kahn without a scratch. Mileena managed to get a combo off me which ruined my flawless. :(
You think that one's hard?

Wait till you get to about 250 and beyond, the ones after that are like impossible to beat on the first try.

(Except for the test your might and sight and luck and strike, those are easy)
omg i feel the same way!! its gets soo ****ign hard its not funny!! I never rage in video games until i started playing MK challenge tower! What I really hate is how the games makes you use whichever character they want u to use and then make u fight under conditions that are against you and benefit the opponent!! its sooo annoying! not only that the difficulty of the enemies start to get harder which makes everything worse!

Its almost as if the enemy knows our every ****ing move and can counter each and every attack. I enjoy ladder but this just driving me off the wall.
i just want to share with you how much i hate the f*** of challenge mode... its making me angry to a point i want to puke over mortal kombat... its so damn f***** frustrating ... there some challenges so much difficult make me want to throw my controller on screen.... i only want to say I HATEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE IT, i am having a very painful moment with it, i just want to finish it to take the reward, but seems my brain will explode before i win it.
one thing i hate about action or adventure games that i hate to repeat a stage or a fight.
now this thing same on shitty challenge f*** tower
now stuck on that stupid f**** zombie green and zombie black thingy f*** ( 131 ) and i am sure after i finish it, there is more painful things coming... ooh and i cant imagine how is last one will be ( 300 )
by the way f*** zombies, stupied human invention i never liked them

which ones are you having problems with?

If it's the last fight.

Pick kung lao.

slightly jump back then dive kick. The jump back will initiate goro's projectile then you'll dive kick over it. and hit him. Then after he falls down. Time your jump kick just as he stands up.

(Hit him?)

(He blocked it?)
Immediately crossover jump him and he will whiff with some sort of move. If he is doing the spinning combo looking thing you'll need to immediately start dashing toward him to land a kick. If he swings a move that has super armor. just kick as you land the immediately jump kick as you rise up to knock him down...

(Then go back to jump kicking him Just as he stands up)

Rinse repeat.

Should be able to flawless goro.

Then Fight kintaro.

This is why i had you pick kung lao.

Jump backwards and teleport, then hit square or (X I think on Xbox I think?) w/e the one where kung lao grabs. For some reason Kintaro will block almost every time and just take your grab. If he does the jump stomp. Jump back to dodge then go in and do a big combo. Rinse repeat.

Mileena is the true ***** here. she'll probably have an X-ray as well if you were doing what I was asking. Mainly because at random times you will lose your ability to block... and mileena's roll/telekick will eat you alive. So you need to spin on her when she comes from above and the ground when you are unable to block. Burn your X-ray on her, and Do your best to beat her w/o losing much life.

Then you fight shao khan...

just run away and teleport grab like you did to kintaro. He seems to be really weak to this lol.