Hybrid Odyssey (a completely original story)

Comet turns around and sees a thug swings the crowbar like a baseball bat, hitting Comet in his left temple. What should have been a killing blow didn't even budge the fur on Comet's face which surprised both Akemi and the hostage Hybrid. In reality it was the offending thug who was in pain as the bones in his arm rattled violently as if he hit a massive slab of steel. Comet quickly capitalized on the thug's pained state and grabs the crowbar with his right hand and the thug's right wrist with his left hand. In quick succession the Hare Hybrid disarmed the thug of his weapon and swung him clockwise by wrist into a pole, slamming the underside of his arm into it.

While still holding the man by his wrist, Comet puts the crowbar under it against the face of the pole and holds it in place by the curved section with his right foot. Akemi, the last standing thug and the hostage are treated to a phenomenal show of raw power as Comet grabs the straight end and swiftly straightens out the improvised weapon with his now free left hand. The desperate restrained thug tries to unleash a sucker punch with his only hand only to have Comet to trap it in his left armpit. Wasting no more time Comet bends the crowbar over the the man's right hand then the left arm while it was still trapped under his armpit before finally releasing his foot so he can bend the metal into a tight small circle, trapping the thug. Comet swiftly knocks him out with a roundhouse making him fall on his butt.

Jolt: Way to take you time there showing off Comet *Looks at the last standing thug* I guess it's just you left. *thug pulls out a hand gun with shaky aim* you really think that is gonna do something to me?

The thug shoots one round at Jolt who promptly catches the bullet between his fingers and tosses it aside. The thug unloads another round and it hits Jolt in his head, making it slightly recoil. Jolt simply looked at him, covered his left “nostril” with his thumb, and snorted the bullet out of his right “nostril” into his hand before dropping it on the ground. Left with few options, the thug runs and grabs the Cat Hybrid and holds her at gunpoint bye the head. Before he could say anything Jolt is right in front of him, swiftly disassembles the weapon, and snatches him in the air bye the throat before the thug could even process what happened.

Jolt: Now why would you do that? *tightens his grip on the man's neck un aware that for some reason the helpless girl they just saved was staring long and hard at particular manga sticking out of Jolt's back pocket* Is that fear I see written all over your face?

Akemi was actually now feared for the thugs safety while Comet watched on silently.

Jolt: *lowers the frightened man down close to his face with a menacing grin*..............................................Boo.*the thug pees on himself and faints, prompting Jolt to drop him*

Akemi: Jeez I thought you was actually gonna kill him.

Jolt: Naaaahhhhhh I will never kill a human, alien or hybrid, even if they are scum like this.

Akemi: Anyways that was actually amazing.

Comet: nah this is a nothing compared to ferals *notices the Hybrid girl they just saved is now gone* hey where did that girl run off to?

Jolt: *realizes something very important to him is missing* HEY MY MANGA!!! IT'S GONE!!!!! THAT UNGRATEFULL LITTLE SHIT MUST'VE STOLE IT!!!

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Back at the Beach

Kiyomi: *somewhat embarrassed due to her lack of knowledge of technology* So uh anyone knows how to use this? *fiddles with the comm ear piece.

Trey: Your clan wasn't too keen on hi end tech huh. *Kiyomi reluctantly nods* Here lemme help you out.

Trey grabs Kiyomi's hand that is holding the device and presses a button that made a small green light turn on. Trey then puts the device in the ninja's ear.

Trey: *Presses the button on his earpiece to test out Kiyomi's* does it work now?

Kiyomi: *Now able to hear Trey* Yeah it does *Smiles but thinks to herself* wait what is this crazy feeling I have around him? It cant be.........no no I gotta stay focus on my goal I can't let my emotions get in the way.

Pheryu and Lalo however seem to notice what exactly Kiyomi is feeling.

Cynder: Okay Lalo,we know the kinda person you are. Why have you personally called us here? I know it's not because of the rumors surrounding the underground slave network.

Lalo: as you know it is part of my tradition to not talk in such a public area come follow me.
*Everyone follows Lalo off of the beach to the city block till they stopped under the shadow cast by two buildings.*

Kiyomi: Uhhhh I don't think this is secluded enough.

Lalo: this is not our final destination lass.

Kiyomi: huh

Trey:Just watch, don't question.

Kiyomi: Huh WHAAAAAAAAAAA!!!???!!?!

Instantly the cast shadows of the buildings seem to take life and encases the group blocking out the sunlight leaving only darkness despite being able to see each other. Kiyomi was obviously frantic which in turn made Pheryu frantic who starts quivering under her scarf until Trey grabbed her shoulder.

Kiyomi: *panicking* w-what is this!?

Trey: Hey calm down nothing bad is gonna happen.

Lalo: Forgive for using my abilities without informing you Kiyomi. I am merely using the shadows as a portal to take us to a secluded location void of society.

Soon the enveloping shadows recede revealing that the group was now in two bed 5 star hotel room.

Kiyomi: *calming down While Pheryu pokes his head out from her scarf* Okay that was actually freaky.

Lalo that is the benefit of my dark affinity, “Shadow Void”

Howard: ehh you'll get use to it. I almost needed a new pair of boxers when I first experienced it.

Kiyomi: Okaaaayyyy. Why a hotel room though? Besides something tells me that you didn't pay for it.

Lalo: actually I did *shows Kiyomi a key card for the hotel room*

Kiyomi: Well I stand corrected.

Lalo: I may be a warrior of stealth and silence, I am not above the formalities and rules *Tone gets serious* Now onto why you are here. It turns out you are right all along Lady Cynder. It's not because the rumor because it is true.

Wit: *disturbed* so it is true huh....

Lalo: Yes all of our old members disappearance is because of this Slave network known as “Cocytus”
Jae: Cocytus?

Lalo: Yes. It is run by a fiend who refers to him self as “Ibrahim.”

Raily: I heard of that name before. He was a high ranking Pack Feral known for getting his hands on extremely advance machinery and selling them off in exchange for slaves. Didn't expect him to to actually run one of the largest slave networks.

Libby: So how do you know all of this is true?

Lalo: Because.......*swallows a lump of spit and has a disturbed expression* when I decided to investigate this Slave network based on the rumors I heard. I found and rescued one of our old members who confirmed it...............before I was forced to kill him as he soon became a feral himself. *Everyone is shocked*

Wit: Wha?...WHO!?

Lalo shows Wit two dog tags covered in feral blood. This makes Wit and the other Slayers shudder in terror.

Libby: *covering her mouth with both hands* N-no

Raily: oh f***........

Howard: Dammit no.

Out of everyone it appears that Wit is hit the hardest. He drops to his knees as he takes the bloodied dog tags.

Kiyomi: *now very concerned* Trey..........who...who did those belong to?

Trey: *breaks a sweat* Atlas was his name....... a war vet turned slayer and one of the greatest people to ever call a friend.

Lalo:Before the madness of the feral virus claimed him, He revealed that Ibrahim was the main instigator in the recent feral raids on the the smaller Sky Cities. He said that it was due to highly advanced technology reserved for military purposes. What it is, I do not know but I hope I could have your help in at least uncovering what this machinery is.

Jae:*Serious tone* Lalo what happened to our old comrades? How did they get captured and what has become of them?

Lalo: I was never able to find out how they were captured, but he did reveal that all of our human and alien members were immediately killed and eaten while the hybrid members were forced to compete in gladiatorial style fights common to Cocytus. The losers were fed as scraps to resident Ferals, the winners were.......turned and taken away to some “client” of Ibrahim for reasons unknown.

Cynder: Oh my god.......

Howard felt like he wanted to gag, Raily turned to face the window, Libby was almost close to tears, while Wit simply ran off. Trey and Jae remained stern, but one could tell in their face,they were deeply disturbed. For Kiyomi the horrifying memories of her clan's fate plagued he mind once more as she listened to Lalo's.

Lalo: But the true reason why I am here is to fufill Atlas's dying wish.* everyone attention is snagged by the male ninja once more.

Trey: What?

Lalo: When I dealt the killing blow after he turned, his sanity was his once more in his last moments to reveal that he had a daughter here.

Jae: *surprised * Atlas had a daughter!?

Lalo: Yes he also revealed that like him, she was a slave, but had unique privileges. Soon she escaped. And has been on the run since.......*suddenly notices his and everyone else earpiece ringing prompting them all to press the buttons on it*

Akemi:*Over the earpiece* Hey uh guys....

Kiyomi: Akemi? Whats going on? Where are you?

Akemi: *Over the earpiece* Well first off me and Comet are fine. Jolt on the other hand...........

On a distant bench outside Wit is seen solemnly sitting alone still holding the dog tags tight in his fist. Suddenly Jolt crashes into the ground causing the concrete to shatter, people to panic, and the bench Wit was sitting on to be uprooted, sending him. Jolt however catches Wit mid air before he could hit the ground.

Wit: *shocked* GAH JOLT WHAT THE HELL!!!?????!!!

Jolt: NO TIME FOR TALKING!!!! *uses his free arm to recreate a large 4x4 four door pickup truck* YOU DRIVE NOW!!!!*throws Wit into the drivers side of the vehicle while he jumps into the passenger side*

Wit: *sitting himself up after getting recklessly thrown in the truck* THE HELL MAN!?!?!

Jolt: DRIVE!!!!!!!!!!!

Not wanting to piss Jolt off more than he already was Wit starts the truck and heads off to wherever Jolt wanted him to go.
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Somewhere deep within Rio's fevelas there lies the massive slave network known as Cocytus. In the the center lied the largest room, a gladiatorial arena where numerous Ferals filled the stands with some hanging over the rails shouting and even betting their own food rations in the fight below. The fight below on the blood stained dirt and steel was between two bulky Hybrid slaves. The first of the forced gladiators was Hybrid of avian nature who wielded a morning star. The second was a Mantis Hybrid who wielded a long sword and had spiked forearms jutting inward. The bird hybrid charged, spinning his morning star before following up with a overhead smash. The mantis hybrid side leaving the ground to bear the impact from the steel spiked ball. Now at the avian's right side, the mantid swung his blade at the Hybrid's neck, but The avian leaps back clear out of reach. Quickly regaining his balance from the last second evasion, the avian fighter charged wildly, swinging his flail like a madman. The Mantid dodged each swipe with apparent experience in dealing with such reckless tactics. The bird hybrid finished off with another overhead slam only to have the mantis sidestep it yet again only this time the sword wielding fighter planted his foot in the chain connecting the spiked ball to the handle.

The mantid hybrid brought his blade down on the the restrained chain with considerable force and severs the chain, rendering the weapon useless. The Avian was stunned at this just long enough for the mantid to unleash a back fist to his jaw. knocking him off of his feet and onto his back. The mantis hybrid wasted no time and positioned himself above the his downed opponent, blade at the ready to plunge him through the chest. Still holding on to the handle of his disabled morning star, the avian improvises and chucks the handle at the mantid's eye. Barking in pain, the mantid grabs his eye leaving him wide open to a tackle which disarms him of his weapon. Now pinned to the grown the insectoid man was subjected to a series of punches to his face by his foe before being subjected to a choke hold. Refusing to die the Mantis kicks the hybrid off of him in the stomach and springs up and chases after him as the Avian got on his knee the mantid clutched his face and quickly dug his thumbs into his eyes. The avian screamed in agony as blood erupted from his sockets and splashed on to the hands of the offender. The mantis hybrid then switched his position into one that mimicked a headlock only difference was that he was digging his forearm spikes into the now blind creature's throat. The mantid then slashed the loser's throat to the point of near decapitation.

The Feral spectators roared in excitement at the brutal and sickening killing as the avian slumped over dead. The victorious mantis hybrid breathed heavily and looked on at the crowd as cheered on before making his way to a gate that proceeded to open for him as he walked towards it. Two ferals holding hooks came out of the opposing gate and drove them into the sholders of the dead hybrid and begins dragging his corpse away.

Hook feral 1: The owner of that mantis halfling has one hell of a “meal” now

Hook feral 2: shit we need start investing in some halfling slaves ourselves *hook freral 1 laughs*

From afar was a particular feral bearing some resemblence to a bulldog was overseeing the recently ended match decides to leave for the exit above the gate the victor just went through. After some time of walking the bulldog feral stopped at a certain door before knocking on it.

???: Come in......

The bulldog feral opened the door and stepped in what was a room adorned with the skulls of various humans, hybrids, and aliens. Despite the barbaric arrangement, everything else in the room was well organized and sophisticated as opposed to the rundown ramshackle appearance of the outside area. In the center stood a large desk and rolling chair turned around. A hulking figure ast in it, reduced to a silouette due to the light from the massive tv it was watching.

???: alright spill it. Did you find that little “brat” yet?

Bulldog Feral: No boss, but we did just receive the payment from your number 1 client.

The chair spins around and reveals a massive bull feral. He had completely golden horns, had jagged bone spikes jutting out of his elbows, forearms, and the crown of his head. His attire was simple consisting of only tan cargo pants and a open Hawaiian button down that exposed his bare chest with a scar tatoo on his chest that spelled out “IBRAHIM”.

Ibrahim: *sighs* I see.

Bulldog feral: Here's the catch though the client doubled the amount of slaves you orginally requested.

Ibrahim: *perplexed and leans further on the desk.* hmmmmmm and why is that?

Bulldog feral: he said the extra payment was for you to test the your “toy.” on some volontier “sentients” of his

sentients refer to ferals that hold a degree of intelligence while primal refers to ferals that either run completely on instinct, or recently turned ferals

Ibrahim: As much as I appreciate the extra payment ahead of time the procedure won't go the way he wants it to. Any sentient exposed will revert back to a primal state and be near impossible for me to control. Last time I attempted at that I lost five of my best brothers.

Bulldog feral: But boss this guy said it didn't all you we gotta due is just send em back after we go through with it.

Ibrahim: Then I guess it's settled then. *gets up and walks to the bulldog feral* go on and process the new slaves, get the machine ready for the sentients and send some more out for that damn hafling b***. the only reason why I won't devour her personally is because of that ability of hers thats kept me and my buisness one step ahead of these damn slayers.

Bulldog feral: you got it boss. *walks out, but turns around oh and also some of the boys have been spying on a new group of slayers from Alto that have just arived recently.

Ibrahim: *grins, revealing his ghastly sharp gold teeth.* Is that so.......?

back at the hotel

Kiyomi: *agitated* Why would Jolt just leave them like that!?

Cynder: As much as it annoys me as well, even I can't keep him in line when something happens to his mangas.

Howard: It's like trying to stop a tornado by throwing pebbles at it.

Jae: On the bright side it's still daylight so that means no.....

Random bystander: GYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH FERAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jae: *has a poker face* nevermind

Everyone looks ouside and see a huge warthog feral rampaging though the street, trampling over anything and anybody in the way.

Trey: Well we can't just sit hear and let it tear up the strip. Kiyomi, Sticky come on.

Sticky: WAHOO!!!!

Kiyomi: What !? No!

Trey Huh why?

Kiyomi: I just can't go along knowing my sister is out there. If a feral is bold enough to attack a populated area like this during the daytime, who knows how many of them are at the fevelas!

Jae: while what you said could be true, it would be a smarter move for us to hurry and stop this feral right now before anyone is injured, or worse.

Lalo: if it brings elation to very being lady Kiyomi I will personally go and retrieve Comet and your foster sister in your steed, afterall I do need atone for the blood I have spilled.

Cynder: Lalo that's nothing to beat yourself over. You had know choice in the matter.

Raily: Yeah Cyndy's right. Besides you already have a way to make up for it. Atlas's daughter we never knew about right?

Lalo:........Indeed sir Raily.

Raily: good cause i'll tag along as extra insurance.

Trey: If that's the case take Libby with you then cause Kiyomi may be right. A rundown slum like that is like high class resort for ferals.

Kiyomi stood and stared at Lalo silently before giving a nod of approval to the fellow ninja. Sure according to the Rift Trekkers he is one of the best, but it doesn't help that Kiyomi feels like it is against her better judgement leaving Akemi's fate at the hands of someone she does not personally know. Raily and Libby gathered around Lalo as he formed a hand sign causing a shadow from the bed to extend outward and encase the three voluntier hybrids before shrinking down and receding back to it's natural position.

Trey: Alright now then *opens the window to the hotel. Lets take care of this mangy making a mess of the place.

Cynder: Jae we should probably Join Trey as well.

Jae: Right. Howard stay put for now.

Howard: heh got yah i'll probably go see what this place has to offer. Don't die on me.

Trey: A promise *gets out of the window and scales the face of the building followed by Sticky, Kiyomi, Cynder, and Jae. Everyone swiftly made it to the top and begin the chase running and leaping from rooftop to rooftop. Fortunately for them they all had the speed to catch up to the warthog feral.

Trey: Hey Sticky see if you can slow “Pumba.” down.

Sticky: Uhhhhhhhhhhhh who's Pumba?

Trey: The feral molasses brain!

Sticky: he had a name and knew it the whole time? Why didn't you just call him...


Sticky: GAH YES MAM!!!!

Sticky takes lead and runs several meters ahead of the group. The slug hybrid decided to leap off of the building he was running on. Sticky actually times his jump right and lands right on the monster's back. Sticky created a massive wad of super adhesive slime and slaps it on the back of the feral's neck. Now fully aware that the would be slayer is on his back, the warthog feral shakes Sticky off of his back, but the young hybrid held on by the now stretched out slime. In a rare occasion Sticky actually uses his head and splatters his slime on the concrete and releases it from his hands. It seemed as if the adhesive substance was actually working as the brutish beast was slowing down as it was anchored down.

Sticky: Hey it actually worked, maybe today is my lucky.*hears a series of cracks*.......day?

Sticky looks down and sees that while his slime was in one piece the concrete wasn't and suddenly a combined chunk of concrete and earth that Sticky was standing on is ripped from the ground. Sticky held on for dear life as the truck sized chunk of Earth flew torwards the feral. Within the beast's reach it backhands Sticky dead on in the face and sends him screaming and flying. The anthro mollusc smashes head first clean through a palm tree and into a series of fold out benches and umbrellas as onlookers leaped out of the way of the tumbling hybrid. By the time Sticky came to halt, it seemed as if the disaster he unwillingly created was done by a crashing car.

Sticky: *still dizzied from the hit* owwwwwwwwwwwww.............

Kiyomi: *looking at the destruction* Oh my god Sticky..

Trey: Hey Sticky be a dumbass, but he isn't fragile like an actual slug. He'll be alright.

Kiyomi:*worridly thinks to herself* I hope akemi is alright as well......

Cynder: *notices the chunk of earth is still stuck on the monster's back by the slime* Jea I got plan. Think you can at least hold down that big piece of rock long enough.

Jea: Heh never know till I find out *jumps off of the building they are on towards the charging feral.*

Jae grabs the hulking earth, punching his fingers through to reinforce grip. Jae plants his feet through the ground kicking up concrete as he tries to hold the large mass down. Cynder lands and glow for a breif second as she runs to her boyfreind.

Kiyomi:*stopping breifly* wait what is she about to do?

Trey:*stops as well* her fire affinity, the ability to create explosions.

Cynder:Jae let it go now! *kicks the piece of earth like it's a soccer ball and soon an explosion occurs that sends the large uprooted earth rocketing in untraceble speeds faster than the overstretched slime can retract.

The chunk meets it's target and hits the warthog feral with such force, it is completely obliterated along with the slime and knocks the beast off of it's feet and onto it's face only for it to quickly get up and continue running

Cynder: You gotta be kidding me.

Trey: Damn. Well Kiyomi looks like it's just *sees a dune buggy speed past Jae and Cynder towards the rampaging monster.*...us?

The Dune buggy was a 4 seater white and red in color all 4 seats were occupied. The driver was human with a dark complexion and a muscular build with braids. The passenger was a female of seemingly Oriental descent had a very shapely body and model style makeup with a revealing get up only wearing a bikini top and booty shorts but she wielded a incredibly long sniper rifle that stuck out of the window on her side. The first of the two in the rear was a female hybrid of avian qualities, bearing some resemplence to the Rheas species. She had gray and white feathers with very short black hair. In contrast to the other female of the group her attire was very modest it was a matching form fitting zipped up red flannel jacket and matching pants leaving only her hands and head exposed. Next to her was a human with a caucasian tone, he wore layerd shirt with styilized graffiti on it and messey biker pants. On the roof of the buggy a hybrid was hanging on the front of the open rollcage in a squatting position. He bore resmplence to the actual species of Kite and he had a simple attire composed of a tight sleeveless shirt with random art plastered on it and very baggy brown pants.

Cynder: Who are they?

Jae: Don't know....

The kite hybrid defies logic and leaps off of the buggy right above the running feral. In a swift motion he brings the heel of his foot on top of the monsters skull with such devastating force it slightly caves in. the warthog feral roared in agony as it's legs also give out to the powerful blow and it slams into the pavement. Despite the damage done, the feral was still alive but too weak to get up.

Kiyomi: He took it out in one hit no way.*sees Trey jump down from the building rooftop and follows suit.*

As the two land Jae and Cynder joined up and later Sticky who was busy getting sand off of his tounge. The four walked up to the defeated feral and the myterious group.

Kite Hybrid: *walking up to Trey's group* well well if it isn't Trey Rimcloud and the Rift Trekkers of Alto.

Trey: Guess I'm even well known here... And you?

Kite Hybrid: The name's Arc Rajaada. *points to the large black man* This tank of a man here is Gordon, *Points to the scantily clad woman* Harpy, our sniper, *Points to the Rhea hybrid* our tech head sherry, and last but not least our master of anything bladed, Gash. *directs the Trekkers to the caucasian man who spins several knives, showing off his skills* oh don't other wasting your breath introducing your crew. I know about everyone of your members, well......... *crosses his arms and shifts his tone to a very flirtateuos tone* except for that hot tamale of a ninja you got right there. So who's she?

Trey: It's..

Kiyomi: *steps in front of Trey* My name is Kiyomi.

Arc: ahhh I see so what brings you to Rio huh?

Trey. What does it matter to you?

Arc: Cause Feral activity here is miniscule here even before the massacre no foreign slayer wouldn't waste their time here, unless they had a death wish and decide to take on Ibrahim who more or less has all of Rio by the balls.

Trey: heh I guess you're right.

Harpy: why would you wanna do something like that now?

As Trey revealed his answers the downed warthog feral cracked a half smile behind their backs. Unbeknownst to them it was actually playing the role of distraction for Trey and the other slayers long enough while his other allies were seperated. like fish to a hooked worm, they took the bait.

In the Fevelas...

Akemi:*walking back and forth* seriously why would he just run off like that!?

Comet:*sitting down on a small porch* Cause that was soething called a first addition of something called gray rider. I don't get it, aren't 1st editions the same as any other regular copy?

Akemi: It's a collector's thing. Hell I could have easily bought him another 1st edition copy for him if I knew it would escalate to this.*sighs and sits next to Comet*

Akemi sees the shadow of the shanty home infront of her begin to move and rise from the ground, scaring to the point of hiding behind Comet, who was unphased.

Akemi:*quivering in fear: GAH!! Comet what is that!?

Comet: Huh oh thats Lalo just using his dark affinnity that's all

Akemi: Huh?

The rising shadow recedes and reveals Lalo, Raily, and Libby putting Akemi at ease.

Lalo: Sir Comet. Lady Akemi. I do hope that you bear no ill will as a result of blunders of our fellow knight Jolt.

Comet: Jolt's a knight? I guess that explains the armor...

Libby: *giggling* No that's just Lalo's way of talking, you know this. *walks to the hare hybrid*

Raily: yeah we've been over this a million times Jolt is a cyberganic even though I don't have a clue what that is.

Libby: Okay Comet show me your injury

Comet: But I'm not even bleeding though....*pulls down his hood revealing a huge bloody gash on the side where he was hit by the crowbar, catching Akemi off guard gasped at the sight.

Libby: yes you are, a lot in fact

Akemi: oh my god Comet, are you even in pain?

Libby: Comet has a incredibly high pain threshold. When we get back I'll tell you about all of the injuries he has sustained but never noticed.

Akemi: So what are you gonna do Libby?
Libby: oh thats simple* gently places her hand on the wound and closes her eyes. Soon a small light comes out of her hand for a breif moment. Soon the light fades away and the mouse hybrid moves her hand and reveales that the gash was completely gone amazing Akemi.

Akemi: Woooooow th...thats incredible.

Libby: I may not have what it takes to be a slayer but I'am very useful to my freinds as a medic. *takes out a handkercheif and gives it to Comet* go on now, wipe that blood from your head. And you should really do away with those rags you call clothes, you are to sweet of a hybrid to dress like this. *Comet sighs and begins wiping the blood off of his face*

Raily: *looks at the downed thugs* Yeah Akemi you weren't kidding about Comet and Jolt making a mess of these guys *whistles*

Akemi: I expected Jolt to be the power house you all claimed him to be, but I wasn't expecting Comet to be such a good fighter he was amazing.

Lalo: Ah yes sir Comet may be one that lacks proficentcy in common thinking, howevers his actions speak the loudest out of all of us and.. *Stops and suspects something is amiss*

Raily: You Lalo, whats up?

Lalo: Oh no * looks up and sees several canisters leaking a strange gas fall towards them and recognizes the scent of them through his nose* Sleeping gas!!

The canisters hit the ground and quickly cover the area of in gas, blurring the hybrids' vision. Akemi and Libby covered their mouths with their hands, Raily and Lalo used their forearms, and Comet used his bandana tied on his neck. Unfortunately the vapors proved to much as the girls were the first to succumb to the ovewhelming vapors and pass out with Raily and Comet following shortly after. Lalo fell to his knees trying his best to fight of the effects of the sleeping agent, but alas even he loses conciousness and falls down. After the gasses evaporate from the empty location a group of five ferals of variying appearances approched the incapacitated hybrids, donning gas masks and LMG's as weapons.

Feral thug 1: looks like it worked. Get rid of their earpices.

The other four ferals began removing the earpieces from the hybrids promptly destroying them however.

Feral thug 2: Hey I can't find one on dis hare halfling.

Feral thug 3: Same here dis ninja is empyy as well.

Feral thug 1: then don't worry let's just take them to the Cocytus

The ferals each grab a sleeping body before making their way to the underground slave network. Little did they know that Lalo actually was peaking at them with on eye open. In reality when the gasses coverd the area earlier Lalo used the very shadow in his mask to make a breathing hole rendering him immune th the sleeping gas. He has been faking it the whole time.

Lalo: *Thinking to himself* forgive me my friends for my deception and our capture. This may be the only way I can truly find the answers........

At the same time at the other side of the fevelas Jolt and Wit were driving around searching for the hybrid girl that stole on of his prized mangas.

Jolt: So Atlas is dead huh *examines the dog tags of their deceased friend*

Wit: Yeah Lalo was forced to appearently.

Jolt: Ain't no appearently about it. Atlas was turned and he could've killed Lalo if he tried to reason with with him a total lose lose scenario.

Wit: True, but still things won't be the same without him.

Jolt: your right it won't be the same without your partner in crime. Only difference was that he preffered magazines to your risky methods of peering at the real deal. Still a great friend regardless though.*hears some drop onto the flatbed of the truck* What was that?

Wit: *still driving* why don't you go check it out.

Jolt slightly grumbles before peering his entire torso out of the window and sees a hideous but comparitively small weasel feral screaming at his face, littering it with saliva.

Jolt:......................seriously Who in the hell do you think I am?*grabs the monster by it's tongue and yanks him in through the window and tosses it in the back seat.

Weasel feral: Ah my tongue you son of a* Jolt turns around and turns his right hand into a cannon and points it at the feral's head* meep....

Jolt: you got some balls for trying to attack us in broad daylight while we are searching for my manga freak.

Wit: Did you really have to pull him in like that? Seriously what use is he gonna be for us?

Jolt: Why imma see if he knows about the little manga stealing theif.

Wit: why do you think a damn run of the mill mangy will know anything about the girl? All ferals do is eat, shit, sleep, mate, and jaywalk when no one's looking.

Jolt: Whatever.

Wit: Seriously why dou you think he would know anything about that little theif you're talking about so much.

Jolt We'll just have find out *inches his cannon closer to the creature's* alright ya rabies induced flea bag, what do you know about a 5'2 hybrid of feline qualities, dark magenta fur, shin length messy brown hair, age range between 14 to 18, and wears a large tattered shirt that reaches down to her knees.* the feral eyes actually widen at this description*

Jolt: Well whaddya know he does know something about her. *Wit just rolls his eyes* So why don't spill it out before I spill your intestines ok buddy?

Wit:*to himself* The lenghts this guy will go to for a freaking manga of all things...

Weasel Feral: I.......I aint telling you nothing!

Jolt: oh really *the inside of the cannon barrel begins glowing* you sure wanna play this game with a certifed nut job like me? *gives off a insane grin, making the feral shiver in fear*

Wit: Just do it man it is not worth the trouble trust me.

Weasel feral: I-I would rather you o-o-off me!

Jolt: As nice as that would be I decline. If you don't tell us then i'll just let have to let you go.

Weasel feral: wh-what? *breaks a sweat* Heh heh that was e-easy

Jolt: but this is the catch *aims the cannon at the monster's groin* your rights to wear pants in any future relationship will stay hear splattered on the interior.

Weasel feral: *sweating profusely* DON'T Y-YOU D-D-DARE!!!!

Jolt: what you're daring me?

Weasel feral: NO I SAID DON'T YOU DARE!!!!

Jolt: What you're saying you dare me? *light begins glowing from the cannon barrel*

Weasel feral: YOU'RE F******* CRAZY!!!!!

Jolt: Correction I'm a nut job

Weasel feral: SAME THING!!!!!!

sparks begin emitting from the barrell followed by a high pitched charging sound indicating that it was about to fire. Wit was not phased by this interrogation since this isn't the first time he had to sit through one of Jolt's antics and he is certain that as long as he lived, it wouldn't be the last. The weasel feral was panicking if he indeed told Jolt what he knew about the girl then Ibrahim would inevitably find out and have him killed and cannibilized. If he didn't tell and have his baby makers annihilated then he would be the laughing stock and b**** of the other ferals in Cocytus. There wasn't much time left for him he respected his boss, but he loved his jewels more and as such he caved in.

Weasel Feral: SARENIA!!!

Jolt: *stops his hand cannon from firing and moves it away from the feral* who?

Weasel feral: Sarenia is her name she was some kinda orphan that our boss Ibrahim took in reasons unknown to most of us. Only his most trusted men know why. Before you ask i'm not one of them i'm just a grunt.

Wit: well all the more reason for us to pay him a visit *Clenches his hands tighter on the steering brimming with the desire for revenge against Ibrahim*

Jolt: So is she still with the big boss?

Weasel feral: n-no she escaped some weeks ago. We've been searching forever and somehow she always gives us the slip just when we thought we had her. Now as of late Ibrahim has been paranoid, refusing to leave his offfice without some guards to surround him.

Jolt: hmmmm new plan Wit lets pay this Ibrahim and his little lackey is gonna direct us there *points his cannon to the feral's face once more*

Wit: Wow never thought you would put anything involing your love of anything Japanese on the sidelines.

Jolt: Hey this Ibrahim guy is the reason why most of our crew is dead or worst. What makes you think I wanna throw away my chance in payback? Make no mistake when we make the feral pay we continue hunting down Sarenia and get my manga back.

Wit: in all seriousness why? Can't you just get another one?

Jolt: Hey that was a first edition. You can't come by those anymore.

Wit: Well thats what you get for bringing it with you. Should've left it home.

Jolt: This is coming from a cephalopod that only came to just stare at the tits our two new members

Weasel feral: In fairness at least they are real and probably don't look like 8 year olds with j cups.


Jolt: HEY!!! *starts waving his cannon at the feral's face* nobody asked for your stereotypical opinion about....*accidentally fires his hand cannon into the feral's face splattering his purple glowing blood all over the windows and him and Wit. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! *wipes the blood off of his face.

Wit: WHAT THE FU....*wipes the back of his head with his hand and looks at it seeing it covered in the glowing substance. AHHH SHIT!!!!

Jolt: Aw man I shot him in the face

Wit: *looks back and sees the motionless feral with a hole where his eye used to be.* THE F*** DID YOU DO THAT FOR!?!? DON'T TELL ME IT'S BECAUSE HE WAS MAKING FUN OF MANGAS AND ANIMES CAUSE HE WAS RIGHT!!!!!!!

Jolt: In fairness it was a legit accident this time....

Wit:*calms down and sighs* Great their goes our only chance in finding Cocytus.....

Jolt: don't worry i'm sure he'll wake up *Looks and sees the feral still not moving.* eventually.....

Wit: *facepalms with his bloodied hand*

Meanwhile on the distant rooftops of the local slums the cat hybrid now known as Sarenia was sitting down observing the manga and earpiece she stole from Comet and Jolt observing them before the irises in her eyes changed to a bright glowing sky blue. Soon she sees two prominent visions, one of a massive riot going on in Cocytus and another detailing a showdown against Ibrahim. The visions faded away and Sarenia got up and ran off on the rooftops to the unknown.
back at the hotel Howard was looking out of the window seeing a crowd walking towards the direction the huge boar feral ran to.

Howard: *to himself* huh looks like they took it down judging from how calm the folks are down there. Looks like I can finally start my own personal mission finally.

Howard steps away from the window and decides to head to the door leading to the hallway of the floor he was on only to find Zippy standing guard in front of the door below him.

Howard: Zippy? Lemme guess Trey left you to stand guard right?

Zippy: *Arms folded, nods his head*

Howard: C,mon man it's not like I'll be doing anything stupid. I'm just gonna find a souvenir for Ari that's all. *Zippy shakes his head left to right* Zippy look all I'm doing is going to the first floor this place has a gift shop judging from the little map on this hotel I read on the desk over there *points to the desk with a microwave resting on it.* you really think I'm going outside after what just went down?
*Zippy shows Howard a piece of paper with a crudely drawn sentence that read “Jae told you to stay put.”

Howard: *sighs* screw it. Not worth the hassle....* walks and plops himself on the bed and notices that pheryu is roosting on one of the pillows* huh so you decided to stay as well huh? *pheryu nods in response* well may as well see whats on tv then since I'm literally stuck here..

Howard turns on the suspended tv to a music dedicated channel, only to find it in Portuguese.

Howard: great it's in a language I so totally understand *tosses the remote over his shoulder* glorious...

outside of the hotel the two leaders Trey and Arc of their respective guilds continue talking...

Arc: so let me get this straight. Most of your old crew is either dead or if they were a hybrid turned and you want revenge for that?

Trey: it's a lot deeper than that...

Gash: *busy tagging the large warthog feral in the back of the neck with a special tag with his slayer guild's logo* Well tough shit.

Cynder: I'm sorry excuse me? *raises an eyebrow, obviosly offended*

Gash: Like Arc said. It's a death wish trying to take Ibrahim down.

Gordon: Ibrahim has eyes and ears everywhere even in daytime and a shit ton of triggers to pull.

Harpy: even if the opprotunity came up and stayed, you would be at the end of a long line extending to Asia.

Sherry: But as of late Ibrahim has...

Arc: Sherry. *whispers in her ear* can't let them know that at least not yet. I wanna see if the legendary “Son of Ryujin” truly worthy of honoring his father's legacy. *Sherry nods unaware that Kiyomi was eavesdropping*

Kiyomi: Son of Ryujin? Wait Trey can't be......Can he?

Suddenly the earpieces start ringing uncontrollably followed by a synthetic voice within them loud enough for everyone to hear

Earpieces: Warning connection lost for following. Comet, Raily, libby, Lalo, and Akemi.

The Rift Trekkers, were shocked and extremely concerned especially Kiyomi, who literally could not breath from this revelation. Trey and Arc were well aware what this could mean.

Cynder: you don't think......

Arc: well now judging from those earpices it looks like Ibrahim found your other friends heh

Gash: I wonder how long they got to stay “normal” assuming if any of them are hybrids

Kiyomi: *angered* Don't you f****** dare play like! That's my sister in that captured group.

Gash: sorry but that's the likely outcome ninja girl.

Kiyomi: No it's not! Not if you can direct us to Cocytus!

Gash: wha you really.....

Arc: *interrupting Gash* actually believe it or not we know where the entrance is.

Kiyomi: You do?

Arc: yeah but it's really not worth me sending you to your deaths or new lives as ferals

Kiyomi: It is for me now where is it. *readies an ice kunai*

Arc: ohhhh in hurry to die are we? I'll tell you what. If the leader of your gang can beat me in a fight, then not only will I personally direct you to Ibrahim's front door, my guild will help you rescue them, even though it's suicide. But if you lose you'll have leave Rio for good

Kiyomi: Are you kidding me!? We don't have time for that!?

Cynder: *to Jae* something doesn't add up to how these guys are acting.......

Jae: I know that already. *to himself* wouldn't be the first time somebody, let alone a fellow slayer wanted to challenge Trey in fight.

Trey: *Thinks for a very long time* fine then i've been itching for a real challenge lately.

Kiyomi: WHAT!? You can't be serious! Did you forget this is the same guy who felled that giant feral in one blow when Jae, Cynder, and Sticky couldn't even bring it down. Even if you do win Akemi may be dead by then of worse.

Trey: This won't be long. *unhooks his hat which was hanging off of the back off his belt strap and puts it on his head*

Kiyomi: *growls and feels her temper reach it's peak* THIS IS BULLSHIT TREY!!!!! PUTTING A DAMN FIGHT BEFORE A LIFE!?!?!?! IF YOU CAN'T COME UP WITH A BETTER PROPSAL LEADER!!! THEN I'LL.......

Trey: You'll what? *Shoots a calm yet terrifying glare at Kiyomi that parylizes her with fear* First off it's not just Akemi, It's my friends who are in danger as well. Second in case you hadn't figured it out, they have Lalo as well and I can garuntee that he will find a way to keep them safe even if he is captured himself. Third I said this won't be long.

Kiyomi backs off, very itimidated by the half dragon hybrid's glare and strangely calm tone.

Arc: way to keep em in line and on a leash *Kiyomi is to shaken up to respond to the insult so Cynder steps up for her*

Cynder: Excuse me?

Trey: Save it Cynder it'll come back on him through this fight.

Arc: you're saying you're gonna win?

Trey: *smirks* Nah i'm sayin gonna treat you to steak. So lets get this over with. *gets into a fighting stance* now how would like it? Rare, medium, or my specialty*a white aura surronds his hands* well done?

Gordon: the balls on this cat.....

Harpy: He must've forgot what Arc did to “fatass” over there *points to the downed feral behind them.*

Soon the locals gathered around the two slayer groups now aware that a fight was about to start between the two leaders of the Rift Trekkers and the Raptor Azulis.

Bystander 1: isn't that the “son of Ryujin”, Trey?

Bystander 2: but why is he fighting another slayer

Arc: *rolling with Trey's joke* Hate to break it to ya, but i'm not a fan of beef.

Trey: No worries. I have vegans covered as well.

Arc: Not a vegan either. If I was you, I would go back home and work on that menu of yours, even though you'll permenatly be short a few “staff”

Trey: Sorry, but you get what you paid for.

Cynder: *Sees that Kiyomi is still shaken up* Hey Kiyomi.

Kiyomi: *finally comes to her senses* huh uh yeah?

Cynder: Don't worry. Trey understands how you feel.

Kiyomi: He does?

Jae: Yeah when you was in that comatose state Akemi told us all about you and how much of a sister she is to you.

Kiyomi: *thinks back to what Jolt said when he introduced her to her room* she did....*under her breath*

Cynder: One thing you need to know about Trey is that he will go through hell and back a million times for someone he deems a friend. And that includes you.

Kiyomi: Me?

Jae: Ever since you risked your neck saving Libby, Howard, and Beak coupled with the fact that you decided to join our group, he considers you family now.

Kiyomi: *slightly blushes* he does?.........But we've only joined a couple days back.

Cynder: Doesn't matter to him. He is just as likely to take a bullet for you and Akemi as any of us.

Sticky: Just have faith in him. No matter what he'll always pull through.

Arc: Since I myself am pressed for let's get this over with shall we?

Trey: I like the way you think feather face.

Soon the nearby rubble began to rattle and circle Arc's feet. His fellow slayers already kne what was going to happen.

Gash: so he's jumping to conclusions this soon huh? I may be the one the one who never questions Arc's actions but this.....this is sorta crossing the line over desperation now.

Harpy: Agreed this “big plan” of his is really starting to get to his head. I mean we alredy got big enough numbers to go through with it

Sherry: Can you blame him thoughwith how paranoid Ibrahim is acting coupled with the appaerence of Trey who is regarded as one of the best slayers from Alto, how can he not pass up the chance to get him on our side?

Meanwhile in the fevelas with sunset approaching, Wit and Jolt have been driving for what seems like hours in a vain attempt to find Cocytus

Wit: I can't belive this Raily, Libby, Comet, Akemi, and even Lalo are missing, probably capturered by Ibrahim's thugs. And whats worse is that Jolt blew a hole in our only “ticket” to Cocytus *hears a loud slap and looks to see Jolt slapping the motionless feral back and forth across the face*

Jolt: Wakeup dammit!! *continues slapping the beast* Wakeup!!

Wit: Save it Jolt he's dead

Jolt: Bullshiggidy!!! do you know the number of ferals I shot in head that lived to tell the tale?

Wit: None. Sure they all lived, but they were too brain dead to know how to speak. I was there counting the headshots for you as a matter of fact.

Jolt: Oh yeah..... well it could be a different case this time.

Wit: doubt it since half of his brain is splattered on your face. *In response Jolt grabs a piece of brain hanging off of his metal cheek* five dollars says that is the part of the brain that helps retain memories.

Jolt: *Scans the brain digitally with his eyes* well your five dollars richer with that lottery-tier guess of yours.*throws the piece of brain out of the window* I guess I got no other choice now *opens the console on his left forearm and begins typing into it*

Wit: mind telling me what you doin now?

Jolt: Scanning the entire geography of this city. It's gonna take a minute, but it will show me the underground slave networks as well.

Suddenly they here a familiar ringing sound coming from Jolt's arm and Wit's earpiece followed by a synthetic voice.

Earpiece voice: the connection for the following: Lalo, Comet have been reestablished.

Jolt: Well that's about 3 minutes saved * opens up a map on his console that shows where the signal is coming from in the form of two blinking dots in a huge maze like layout just yards apart* well whaddya know judging from this layout, ten dollars says it's Cocytus.

Wit: *looks at the map on Jolt's arm* well it looks like you're ten dollars richer with that obvious-tier guess of yours. Now how's about you make more use of yourself by tagging and throwing that feral body out of the truck. It seriously smells like bad milk and collard greens.

Jolt: *notices the horrid stench* yeesh and hint of onion go with it.

Several minutes earlier at the newly formed fight scene in the noe setting sun, Arc and Trey stare each other down as sight obscuring winds begin to form around the former.

Gordon: So he really is going to resort on his most powerful technique so soon huh?

Gash: I really hope this Trey character can back up the reputation everyone gives him.

Harpy: yeah not a single Feral has endured this attack. He even took down a Apex class feral with it, you can't get any higher than that.

The blinding winds soon envelope Arc and spread before enveloping Trey, who was not phased at this phenomena. The winds extend and form a massive down severing the Onlookers' sight from a potentially exciting scene.

Bystander 3: What is this!?

Bystander 2: It's Arc Rajaada's most powerful move!!

Bystander 4: I heard it's called the tempest trap. he's killed several ferals with this move including a Apex.

Sticky: *notices Kiyomi tensing up again* Hey uh Kiyomi are you alright? Are you worried that we might not save our friends in time?

Kiyomi: No just worried about..*rethinks what the random bystanders said about this attack*

within the powerful dome of wind Trey could not see anything but twisting grays mixed in with the receding sunlight. He couldn't hear anything as well but the sound of rending winds and Arc's voice.

Arc: Is it true that your known as the Son of Ryujin?

Trey: Pretty much even though “Ryujin” is not even my old man's real name, just a title in on itself

Arc: oh so what was his real name huh?

Trey: Don't remember. Which brings me to a question of my own. Why are you so concerned with life stories huh?

Arc: It's always nice to know about your opponent especially when your about to use you most powerful attack that could possibly kill them.

Trey: Jumping to conclusions so soon are we?

Arc: Your Trey Rimcloud. Surely you can find a way out of this after all your father is the storm dragon god.

Trey: Thats it though i'm just his son. It's not like I'm automatically as powerful as him

Arc: Sounds like a dash of doubt laced across that “menu” of yours. Don't tell me I spoiled it already.

Trey:*smirks* but that doesn't mean i'm some suck ass in a fight

Arc: *Notices Trey's eyes moving everywhere from behind the gale* Oh really? Lets see how good you are in fighting something you can't see.

Arc finally goes silent, leaving Trey to him self to predict where the kite hybrid could be. Since he could not sense where Arc was his eyes he simply closed them leaving only his hearing and smell active to him. Trey tuned out the constant twisting winds and focused. Before long he heard a large thumping sound erupt from the swirling veil on his right, as if something was coming out. Trey's muscles tensed up on reaction, however Trey did not budge, yet surpringly nothing happened to him. Soon the same sound came from above, yet Trey remaind still even after the same thumping sound came from behind. Now suddenly the blasts of air were coming out every direction. Trey tighten his eyelids trying to put all of his focus into his ears and nose, but soon he noticed something off. The bursting sounds were not coming from the most obvious direction, in front of him.

For Trey this could only mean one thing. His nostrils flared up taking in the scent he was waiting for. Arc blasted out of the blinding winds, arm c0cked back and enshrouded in a violently twisting tornado of it's own, aiming for Trey's face. At the same time Trey's eyes opened, his pupils now focused and slited like nicks on a scratched pine board. A loud banging sound went off within the windy dome to the point that everyone could hear it.

Bystander 3: What the hell was that!?

Bystander 1: It almost sounded like a mortar going off!!

Gordon: It's over.....

Kiyomi: *hearing what the large man said* please be alright....*clenches her scarf tightly*

the swirling vortex begin slowing and dissapting, bringing to light two silouettes that seemed to be locked in suspended collision with each other. Kiyomi's worries intensified when she caught a scent of blood bripping onto the ruined pavement which led to her gulping down the spit in her mouth. Excluding the ninja, The slayers of both guilds showed no signs of worry, both confident of the outcome falling into favour of their ally.

Gash: next time Arc really needs to give them a chance.

Sherry: Well it's only his first time using his tempest technique on someone who is not a slayer.

Gordon: But the catch is his opponent could be dead and not even know it which will get us in deep shit if it turns out he did.

The winds ebbed away, no longer hiding the figures of the two hybrids. Her fears realized Kiyomi realizes that the blood indeed belong to Trey, but what also belonged to him was the decisive strike he delivered to Arc's stomach with his fist. It was buried so deep it was as if it completely impaled him. Arc struggled to keep his wobbling legs still as the gut punch instantly leeched out the stamina within his body.

Arc: So this is.......”well done” huh?

Trey: Yeah one hell of a special isn't it?

Arc: You wouldn't mind sharing the “ingredients” do you? Or is that a “company secret”?

Trey: It didn't take long for me to figure out but that attack of yours it's designed to screw with the mind by using a bunch of fake outs with your air affinity in every direction rapid succesion save for the most obvious, the front. By the time you attack it will be too late for the opponent to realize and set up a guard against it. I will admit your attack is affective against those who are dependent on sight and to an extent hearing, but not smell. Before I became a slayer I used to train extensivly under the tutalage of a certain sombody who taught me a lot of things like how to master the uses of all five natural senses, sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. Who they was and what they taught me........well thats a “company secret”.

Arc: heh heh fair enough......you.....win...

Arc falls to his knees and hands gasping for the very air that was expelled from his body from the powerful blow. The members of his guild were stunned at his defeat even with the aid of his most effective attack.

Harpy: *shaking* n-no way......Arc lost?

Gordon and Sherry:...................

Gash: so it looks like what they say about the half dragon is true afterall.......

For Trey's group they didn't even cheer since they actually expected Trey to win the whole time.

Kiyomi: *now relieved* He actually won Trey won...

Sticky: Was there any doubt? No matter what happens Trey will always pull through for us he'll never give up.

Kiyomi: *smiles* I guess so. *to herself* if this is what a champion ranked slayer is capable of. *thinks about Lalo who is also a champion rank like Trey* maybe I really do have nothing worry about.

Kiyomi takes out a yin yang locket idden from under her scarf and opens it revealing a funny yet touching picture of her and Akemi.

Kiyomi: Hang tight Akemi We'll be there soon...
Alright so regarding this update and the other ones, good job.

You things really well like character transitions, story action and story description.

However there is one question that I wanted to ask:

Why did you have Kiyomi curse?
Seems kind of uncharacteristic like of her.

Granted it could be a one time thing and I'm just bugging but overall just seems out of place
Alright so regarding this update and the other ones, good job.

You things really well like character transitions, story action and story description.

However there is one question that I wanted to ask:

Why did you have Kiyomi curse?
Seems kind of uncharacteristic like of her.

Granted it could be a one time thing and I'm just bugging but overall just seems out of place

yeah it is one of those one time moments Kiyomi is quick to loose her cool and be "out of character" if something happens to Akemi since she is the closest thing to a legitimate family
yeah it is one of those one time moments Kiyomi is quick to loose her cool and be "out of character" if something happens to Akemi since she is the closest thing to a legitimate family

Alright bro.
It seems like those moments will be few and between once Akemi and Kiyomi get better
in an earlier point in time in a dark closed area in the slave network, Akemi is just now regaining conciousness and gets to her knees while Comet was next to her already awake.

Comet: Hey Akemi you're finally up.

Akemi: *still groggy* huh uh Comet whats.....wha..whats going on? Where is Lalo, Raily, and Libby

Comet: Not a clue.I just woke up from this weird dream about me having this ghost like thing fighting for me while I was in a TV for some reason then next thing you know I wake up with this weird metal collar on my neck. *points to the steel device on his neck that had a curious vial with a purple viscous substance swirling inside* hey you have the same kind of collar as well.

Akemi: What? *touches her neck and feels a cold metal collar on her neck as well* what is this? *starts tugging on it but to no avail* gah I can't get it off! *continues pulling on it*

the doors in front of them begins to slowly split open causing light to breach through blinding the two hybrids. Comet and Akemi instinctively sheilded their eyes as the brightness expanded in size the further the doors split away. The light begin to die down and through the two's eyes what appeared to be an arena stood in front of them. As the two stepped out, the sounds of montrous roars and cheering of Ferals flooded their ears, the stench of death plagued their noses, and the scattered remains and blood stains littered their sight.

Akemi: *disturbed* okay seriously where are we and why are there so many ferals lookin at us? And why is there so much blood and bones and body parts.....?

Comet:*remembering what Helix was talking about* so this is the slave network Helix was talking about...

Akemi: Slave what!?

???: Welcome halflings to Cocytus!!! *Akemi and Comet look up and sees the large bull feral Ibrahim staring down on them frow high atop a ramshackle forum.

Akemi: Intimidated by the monster's appearence* a...and wh....who a.a.a.a.are..are y-you?

Ibrahim: Me? Why I am Ibrahim, your new master and owner of one of the largest slave networks in the entire world Cocytus. Since this is the first day of the rest of your life here, now is the ideal time to help familarize you two with what goes down on a day to day basis. The area you stand in is my arena where the two of you and other halflings will do battle whenever I see fit. If you live long enough you will be rewarded the highest honor of becoming one of us, a mighty feral.

Akemi: wait how is becoming a horrible creature like you a honor!?

Ibrahim: well if it bothers you so much missus then you can always settle for the best, most important part in keeping our numbers up, a broodmother

A broodmother is a term used to decribe female ferals who sole purpose is to breed and produce more “feralings” and no this not the ideal role for a female feral to be, infact it's the worst. Infact it's wost than death and going to hell afterwards

Akemi: *gulps and breaks a sweat* On second thought the possibility of getting disembowled or mauled doesn't seem like a bad way to go out.

Ibrahim: good girl. Now I also take it you noticed the collars you two are wearing. Well those collars are your ticket to becoming a surperior feral on my orders if you fufill one of the following, by either impressing me enough, making me have pity, or boring with your shitty performance. Also if you have second thoughts and lets you decide to destroy the vials to prevent your conversion the collars will instantly self destruct, taking your head with it.

Oddly enough Akemi sees Comet trying to shatter the vial with a rock in his hand.

Comet: Akemi how does the collar destroying itself take your head with it?

Akemi: NO! *snatches the rock away from* he means it'll blow up if you destroy that vial!

Comet: ohhhhhhhh

Ibrahim: now whithout further ado lets introduce you to your opponents. OPEN THE GATES!!!

Two feral lackeys answers the order and use chains to pry open the opposing doors. Once fully open two gladiator hybrids armed to the teeth. The first was the Mantid hybrid now wielding a two handed spiked mace accompanying him was a coyote hybrid weilding a crossbow and a short sword.

Comet: hey look two other hybrids. Maybe they know whats going on.

Akemi: You wasn't paying attention to what that bull feral was saying at all? This is basically a gladiator arena and we're the the new “stars” in this bloodbath

Comet: *actually looks around and sees the bloodstains, bones and severed limbs strewn about* huh. I figured this was their mess hall of sorts.....

Akemi: *sighs* look heres the deal we are in an arena, and we have to fight to those two over there to the death. *points at the two burly hybrids* even if we do win, we risk becoming ferals. It's a complete lose lose scenario for us were done for! *gets teary eyed* I knew all of this was a bad idea!

Comet: *Noticing the rabbit hybrid is losing hope* what?

Akemi: All of this! Why did I agree to this crazy idea with Kiyomi it's a silly quest for pointless revenge

Comet:..........................You give up too easily.


Comet: You must've forgot we got Lalo, Jolt, and Trey on our side. You really think any of those three will just let us die like this?

Akemi: What do you.......

Comet: just have a little faith in us and don't give up so soon. You're family to us now just for deciding to join we will put our lives on the line just so you can live to see another day.

Akemi: *surprised* I'm um we are?

Comet: of course besides it's not the first time i've been in a sticky situation exactly like this......

Akemi: huh you've been caught in ordeals like this before?

Comet: *shrugs* sometimes willingly. The gang says I make the ideal bait all the time.

Akemi: Wow *breaks a sweat*

Comet: eh overtime I just got used to it. Thats why i'm so calm now. I garuntee one of them is planning a way to break us out now and....*feels a ticklish sensation go in his right knee* huh that felt funny. *looks at his knee and sees a arrow that has run clean through it and is completely jutting out on the otherside* awwwww man now Libby is gonna rag on me about this.

Akemi: You don't even feel that!?

Comet: Nope according to Jolt he thinks the reason for me not feeling pain could be due the constant use of my affinity and all....

Akemi: DUCK!!!!!! *Akemi grabs Comet by the hoodie and makes him duck with her to avoid a volley of arrows that pierce the wall behind them.* we can worry about wound number 200 another time. Right now we need to survive long enough for your friends to come to the rescue.

Comet: Eh heh right...*yanks the arrow out of his knee surpringly not drawing single trickle of blood*

Akemi: I just hope the others are in a better situation than us.

In the distant holding pins in Cocytus

Feral warden 1: *looks at the chained and collard Lalo who is apparently still out cold* I don't believe it. who would've thought we would be the ones to catch the feared “Shadow Fiend”?

Feral warden 2: And to think even the higher ranked bretheren feared this hafling. He doesn't seem the slightest bit threatening.

Feral warden 1: in fairness he is chained up and can't do a damn thing to us. Can't nelp but be curious, just what is this halfling slayer capable of if he is so feared?

Feral warden 2: another time, maybe when the boss desides to throw him in the ring. So any of our bretheren ever succeeded in finding our little prophet Sarenia yet?

Feral warden 1: hell no. thanks to that ability of hers it's been outright impossible to even get close to her.

Feral warden 2: Ah shit we've been on the longest roll when we hard her on our side. We were able to not only avoid any Slayer that came for us , but turn the tablescapture them instead.

Feral warden 1: you would've thought she would've been more thankful of the her position as opposed to that damn father of her's

Unknown to the two ferals who were still talking, Lalo was indeed awake as his ears twitched in response to what the first warden said

Lalo: *under his breath* father?......so the daughter's name is Sarenia?

Feral warden 1: ….....Now whats worse is the boss is paranoid as **** not wanting to leave without having a guard or two by his side plus the fights are getting boring now sin most of those Rift Trekker slayers are gone now.

Feral warden 2: naw. We still have that one halfling left, but he's too pussy to even fight now. It's a wonder Ibrahim has not decided to go on and have him turned yet.

Feral warden 1: heard he was finally gonna have him turned since he caught those other Rift Trekker haflings.

Feral warden 2: what i'd give to see that...

Feral warden 1: it's only just down the hall in the sealed off room we got plenty of time to.....*hears the sounds of clanging metal from Lalo's dark cell* what the!?

The ferals see that the ninja is no longer there only the empty hanging cuffs and the metal collar that was attached to his neck just lying on the ground.

Feral warden 1: where did he go!? How did he.....*opens the gate and enters with his fellow warden following behind trying to make sense of what just happened.*

Feral warden 2: how did he escape from under our noses like!? *looks around every where in the room, including the ceiling* And through a locked gate for that matter!

Soon the walls and ceiling that made up the cell were swiftly enveloped in a shadow like substance making the two Ferals nervous.

Feral warden 2: what the **** is *looks up at the pitch black ceiling and sees a massive shadowy claw descend and grab him by the face*

the 2nd warden roars in horror but goes silent as his face is crushed and he is snatched up and consumed by the darkness.

Feral warden 1: OH SHIT!!! *turns and tries to flee until he feels something run through his back and out of his chest.*

The first warden looks down and sees an inky black jagged sickle like blade protuding from his chest. The feral didn't even have time to spit up blood before getting pulled in and devoured by the darkness like his comrade before him. Just seconds after the demise of the two ferals the shadows receded to the size of a manhole in a corner where Lalo promptly rised out of. Once his entire body was out, the shadow shrunk to it's original size. Lalo promptly pulled out his ear comm and placed it in his ear and turned it on.

Lalo: Now it's only a matter of time before the others pick up my location judging from those two guards it appears that Ibrahim is plagued with fear and paranoia, surely easy prey. But I need to find the others who are trapped with our one missing member before it's too late.

While this whole scene took place, deep whithin the dark padded cell at the end of the hall Libby was lying down against the cushioned wall. Slowly she woke up and then realized she was lying on Raily's chest like a pillow. Libby blushed heavily but qucikly regained her composure once she realized where she was.

Libby: *noticing Raily was still out* Raily wake up. Wake up *starts shaking Raily's body*

Raily: *somewhat asleep* reb.....reb......reb......*finally wakes up* REBOUND!!!!!!! gah uh huh Libby? * GAH!!! wha huh duh uhhhhhhhhhhhh *quickly gets up to his feet while covering his nose* Whats goin on where are the others? *notices the surroundings* better yet where are we?

Libby: I don't know I just woke up as well I can barely see any thing in here and *hears something moving in the the darkness.* what was that?

Raily: *sensing someone else is hear through scent* someone or something is in here. get behind me Libby. *electricity begins to violently crackle through and around his forearms.*

A large robed figure is seen emerging from the shadows Libby was especially nervous considering she is not really a fighter. Despite not having his swords with him Raily was still adept in hand to hand coupled with his control over electricity. Rather than come to them the entity went to the wall a flipped the switch turning on the only lightbulb in the room. When the light filled the area the large figure removed it's tattered robe and presented it's burly physique. It was obviously a male hybrid with insectoid features that resembled a wasp. The only type of clothing on him was brown slacks held up by a rope tied on his waist and a metal collar. Raily and Libby were shocked because they actually knew who this was.

Libby: *gasps* oh my goodness..

Raily: Ax....Axel....

Axel: heh heh.......it's been a long time old friend....

Libby: I..thought everyone was.......gone. How long have you been here?

Axel: I don't know i've lost track of everything after the first several days here. *places his hands on his face*

Libby: How were you captured?

Axel: I don't even know how I ended up here... I was at home with my familiy then everything went black...next thing I knew I was in Cocytus chained up with my fellow guildmates that left. Afterwards we were brought to this massive arena were they.......

Raily: Lemme guess they started to kill off our human and alien members right

Axel: not only that but they made me and the other hybrid guildmates watch as well and mocked us at our despair. How did you know?

Raily: Lalo told us the whole story and he turn found out everything from Atlas.

Axel: Atlas!? Is still...

Libby: *lowers her head in sorrow* …...no.... Lalo was forced to end his life when he turned...

Axel: *sighs* so I guess i'm truly the last one...............Wait.......................what am I saying? I don't deserve to by associated with him or any of you.....not after all that I have done...

Libby: What are you talking about?

Axel: After the killings the ferals attached collars to each and everyone of us and then gave us our weapons. Soon we met Ibrahim, the head of Cocytus he first explained the purpose of the collars were to either turn us into ferals or explode if we tried to attack or rebel. Then he revealed to us that not only he had us enslaved but he also had our loved ones imprisoned as well. Said that if we want them to live to see another day, we had to fight with our own allies to the death. *Libby and Raily are shocked by this*

Libby: *Fearing the worst* Oh god Axel please tell me you didn't...

Axel: Oh god forgive me... I was scared I.....couldn't even bear the thought of my wife my children being devoured by them. I never even spared the time to consider whether or not he was bluffing since he never showed any proof. Yet........I was the first to draw blood even when they tried to reason......even when they begged for mercy

Libby:*shaken* how........how could you?....*Axel says nothing agitating the hybrid girl* ANSWER ME AXEL!!

Raily: Libby...*Grabs her shoulder to hold her back* finish the story

Axel:.....after they ordered the bloodbath to a halt only 7 of us was left they then seperated us I don't know what happened to the others, only Atlas knew, but he refused to make contact with me after what I done. The following months were more “tolerable”....since the Hybrids I fought and slain had no ties of any kind to me, but that didn't excuse the fact that I was just as much of a monster as the Ferals who control this hellhole.

Raily: Wait did you ever find out what happened to your family?

Axel: Yeah just about a few hours ago actually when I was finally tired of taking the lives of others for these sick bastards' entertainment ...Ibrahim personally came to my cell and revealed the truth. They have long since been dead.....they were killed when they first catured me...I knew it in my gut, but pointlesslyclinged on to hope.*notices Raily and Libby do not have the collars* wait how come you two don't have collars?

Libby: Wait he is right we don't have collars

Raily: Hold on *suspects that there may be a reason for this* can those Collars be activated remotly from afar?

Axel: *Now catches on to the reason why* oh no yall need to leave now I know why Ibrahim did this. You two are to be my first kills when he turns me.

Libby: Wait what!? No!! we can't leave you to become a monster! There has to be another way.

Axel: It's too late for me. I'm already a irredeemable monster after all that I have done.

Libby: You may have butchered our own members but it is never too late for forgiveness Axel.

Raily: No Libby it is too late for him, but it is not for forgiveness since I forgive him for what he has done. *Grabs her hand* c'mon!

Raily and Libby make it to the door and try to open it, but discovers that they are locked in

Raily:*kicks the door several times with all of his might* Shit!

Libby: We're trapped!

Axel thinks fast and goes to the corner and grabs a double headed spear and throws it to Raily's feet.

Axel: then you gotta do it.

Libby: *quickly figures out what Axel means.* Kill you!?! No we can't!

Axel: please I can't bear to claim the lives of more of my comrades, let alone as a mindless beast.

The collar on Axel's neck makes a beeping noise and the cylindrical vial begins draining the purple subtance within it into the hybrid's neck. Almost instantly, Axel was on his knees in agony as his body violently convulsed from the the substance injected into his system

Libby: Axel!

Axel: PLEASE!!! *now uncontrollably foaming at the mouth* Let.........me die....with.............my sanity!! GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Axel's muscle's expanded from disturbing spasms, his hands became claws, bloodied bony protrusions erupted from his back and arms and his eyes begin glowing a eerie purple

Axel: Hurry!!...................the the......hunger.....it's...............too.............much!!!

Libby: oh no.....he's turning into a feral

Raily said nothing as he picked up the spear as his old friend was undergoing a horrifying metamorphosis into a monster. Raily got into a stance, readying the spear towards Akel's heart before he goes to too far in his mutation. A lot was clearly going through Raily's mind as evidence by a battle cry he let out that was a mixture of anguish and rage that syncronized with Axel's increasingly maddening roars. Libby was unable to bear witness to it all as she closed her eyes tightly and looked away in pain and sorrow.

Meanwhile Lalo finally made his way to their location, based the words of the feral wardens. Using his shadow void, Lalo expanded the cast shadow from under the door and used it like a portal to warp to the other side. By the time he emerged from the shadowy void, it was already over. He sees Raily laying a large tattered robe over the torso of the now dead Axel with his bloodstained spear next to him. Libby stood by the half lynx hybrid with a solemn disposition and was likely on the verge of tears as a result of the tragedy.

Lalo: Lady Libby, Sir Raily..*sees the motionless body* who was that you have recently felled?


Lalo: I see.........I take it the curse of the ferals were to claim his mind and body had you not done the deed?

Raily: Yeah.......*clenches fist* where gonna make Ibrahim pay for what he has done to our old friends and what he has forced them to endure and do* Looks at Axel's body* whatever happens from this point out I can assure you that you and other life lost here can finally rest in piece old friend and that's a promise. *Raily, Libby and Lalo leave the chamber and head down the hallway in the hopes of finding Comet and Akemi.*
Flashback Several years earlier

Atlas: Seriously Wit? *sees the hybrid holding an ice bag over his eye and missing an arm and tail*

Wit: What?

Atlas: Who were you spying on this time?

Wit: awww c'mon I was just trying to study the female anatomy

Atlas: It wouldn't kill you ask nicely unlike your other option that you constantly follow through. Spying in the girls shower. I'm surprised Jolt hasn't gotten fed up with picking up your severed limbs.

Wit: *sighs* I know I know *notices Atlas is reading something* whats that you're reading?

Atlas: oh this ehh just a magazine on houses for sale. I think it's high time I hang it up.

Wit: *Almost falls oof of his seat by surprise* Seriously!?

Atlas: No worries it won't be immediately, besides you know i'm the one who loves planning ahead of time. I just wanna well *closes the magazine and inches closer to Wit and whispers* start a family.

Wit: wait wait wait lemme get this straight first it was the marines then the slayers now...........you wanna be a family man? *Atlas nods* DAMMIT MY BEST FREIND IS GONE AND HE'S ONLY 30!!!

Atlas: Hey chill out! I don't want the entire guild know yet!

Wit: Just joking man, but how long since this has been running through your head?

Atlas: Before I actually enlisted in the marines really I ain't getting any younger plus I wanna make up for lost times with.......

Wit: with who?

Atlas: n-nothing f-forget I ever mentioned it *gets up frantically and hesitatingly walks away*

Wit: *raises an eyebrow* oooooookkkkaaaaayyyyy?

Present day in Rio

Trey: soooooo Arc When are we gonna head out huh? I know that gut punch of mine hurts like hell, but we are really pressed for time

Arc: You're right....*grunts in pain as he gets to his feet*

Harpy: Hey take it easy Arc that was hell of a blow you took there and that was only one hit.

Arc: no worries it's not the worst *feels a sharp surge of pain rush through his stomach* heh heh but it is a contender for that spot. Look Harpy, I need you and the others to get ready..

Gash: So it's finally time is it?

Arc: Yeah we finally have the final nail for Cocytus's coffin.

Trey: huh?

Sticky: *scratching his head* final nail for what?

Cynder: You'll get headache if I tell you.

Arc: I'll explain on the way. The buggy only has room for three more so you'll have to leave two behind

Trey: What are you....? Look..

Arc: Like you said we're pressed for time, so who is going and who is staying.

Trey.............Cynder, Sticky. Yall stay behind. Jae, Kiyomi let's go.

Kiyomi: huh uh me?

Trey: huh uh yeah you. Don't you have a foster sister that needs saving?

Kiyomi: *slightly annoyed at Trey's remark but nods* right........

Jae: Cynder you'll be alright staying behind will you?

Cynder: Of course I will. You really think after these past few years as a slayer I stil can't hold my own? I'll be alright, even if I have molasses brain with me *points at Sticky.

Sticky:*seemingly offended* Hey!!.....................................................Aren't we in Rio? *everyone gives him an annoyed glare*................................what?

Cynder: please hurry and go before you loose several brain cells listening to this damn slug..

Trey: Yeah what she said. *heads to the buggy followed by Jea, Arc, and Kiyomi and gets in on the passenger seat while his two guildmates got in the back*

Arc gets in on the drivers side and starts the buggy, driving off in the distance with the three Rift Trekker slayers

Gordon: Stcky and Cynder is it? *both nod* ok then follow us..

Cynder: To where?

Sticky and what about the feral your leader took out?

Gash: I'll stay with feral till the local authorities arrive to pick it up.

Harpy: Like Arc, We'll explain on the way. We don't have much time now and the others are waiting.

Cynder: Others?

In the buggy

Trey: Alright now it's time you start explaining yourself.

Arc: It is. Truth be told I have for the longest been building up a sizable guild just for the purpose of putting a stop to Cocytus once and for all

Jae: So we weren't the only ones after all...

Arc: Yeah, but I couldn't just let anyone in on the plan cause for one Ibrahim would've found out quickly if I did that plus I had to see if Trey was as powerful as they say before I revealed it regardless of whether you win or lose.

Kiyomi: Even if Trey lost you would've still helped us?

Arc: Yeah you're right I was just simply testing to see if he was truly willing to fight me just to know of the slave network's location, like the troves of slayers before.

Jae: So you “tested” out other slayers before before Trey?

Arc: Yeah 100 to be exact I manage to beat them all and well over half of them are now recruited just for this one hunt......then I challenged you and lost badly.....but honestly I expected that from the leader of the Rift Trekkers.

Trey: heh flattering *to himself* never really liked being called “leader” , or any thing relating to it..

Arc: *notices something going off in his pocket and reaches in and pulls out a walkie talkie and presses on a button and moves it to his beak* yeah whats up?

Random slayer: Yo Arc you know about this weird robot and octo hybrid? Are they some more slayers you recruited?

Arc: what? No whats going on. *Trey, Kiyomi and Jae look at each other

Random slayer: I dunno. When we got the order from your gang to rendezvous at the ambush spot they just came out of nowhere in a big ass truck arguing over some manga or some shit I don't know. I mean listen to them *stretches the walkie talkie towards the arguing duo*

Jolt: *while digging into the ground with a motorized shovel he created* …..First! The reason why I told you to stop in this exact spot is because the signal coming from this is not moving unlike the other which appears to be heading to the direction of it so why not make a “grand” entrance above the one that is stationary since that could be one of our friends in trouble hmmmmm?

Wit: And how do you know it's not a trap you do know this is slave network right? And you do know that means a shit ton of those rabid bastards we have to deal with right?

Jolt: Second I sense five particular signatures down there that is not like the hundreds of others surrounding them so it's safe to assume those four are hybrids and one of them might be at least one of our friends and third...*stops digging* the only reason YOU don't like anything Japan related is because you went against my advice in favor of what the media says and went to Rappongi late night and had a “embarrassing” incident at one of their many nightclubs and then you had that one bad run in with a deranged fisherman who thought you were after his hag of a wife for some reason.

Jae:*perplexed* Robot, Octo? Wit and Jolt

Arc: Jolt? I've heard about him.......You know them?

Trey: Yeah they're part of our guild.

Wit: There is more to it than just that!

Jolt: yeah you're lying through your teeth plus you do seem found over Kiyomi and Akemi or at least their “assets” like every other single girl.
*Kiyomi overhears this and gives off a disgusted expression while Trey and Jae scratch their head bewilderingly*

Random Slayer: *moves the walkie back to his face* See what i'm talking about?

Arc:............Look just wait let those two continue doing whatever the hell it is they're doing. We're just right around the corner.

Random slayer: uhhhhhhh okay I guess.

The Underground Arena

Akemi was running for her life avoiding a volley of seemingly endless arrows being fired at her by the coyote gladiator while Comet was dodging the muderous swings of the mantid hybrid.

Comet: Hey easy man I don't wanna fight you *ducks a vicious swipe and backflips away*

Akemi: I don't think he gives crap! EEEK *jumps over another volley of arrows before switching directions as the Coyote hybrid attached another large clip of arrows to his crossbow*

Deciding to take advantage Akemi leaps towards the gladiator and attempts a spin kick to his head. While her foot did indeed connect with the sentient creature's face, his retaliation was nigh instantaneous in the form of a back hand that floored Akemi. As the rabbit hybrid rubbed her red twitching face in pain she sees loaded arrow aimed at her face. Fortunately her reflexes pay off as she swiftly gets to her feet and leaps several yards back, but was back at square one now running from a new torrent of arrows once more.

Comet: *kicks the mantid hybrid away in haste* AKEMI!!

The mantid hybrid recovers and charges Comet wih a nerve shaking battlecry. Comet stood his ground when the insectoid being reared his free hand, Comet cautiously shot a brief glance at his mace before turning his attention to the large clenched fist coming his way. Comet blocks the blow with his wrists. His suspicions are realized when he sees the mace coming for his exposed side. The spiked weapon comes to a rattling halt when Comet raises his knee to block it. While the two slayers were locked in combat the nameless cat hybrid watches on from one of the many hollow metal panels of the makeshift arena walls. Holding the manga she stole from Jolt now having Comet's stolen earpiece taped to it she presses the button that turns it on and looks up at the stalactite ridden ceiling. The feline props the book on the metal panel leaves it before running off yet again.

Ibrahim:*Observing diligently* hmmmm that hare halfing is a lot tougher than it looks

Feral grunt: *overhearing the bull feral* so what we turn him and sell him off your “Client?” he is part of the rift trekkers after all

Ibrahim: Not yet at least we gotta see if he's up to snuff first.

Feral grunt: whata bout the halfling girl?

Ibrahim: *looks over at Akemi who is still in an evasive position and gives off an unimpressed look* having the little b**** as a meal is to good for her. If she is lucky to survive she'll be a broodmother.

Feral grunt: *smiles sadistically* I like the sound of that...

Comet is then sent to the ground by a merciless kick to the stomach by his opponent. Leaving Comet no time to recover the mantid hybrid leaps in the air ready to finish him off with a overhead smash. At the same time Akemi continued running away desperately trying her hardest to keep from getting skewered. Unfortunately Akemi was not fast enough as evade the last arrow that runs right through her shin. Akemi let out a high pitched squeal of pain shooting through the ears of all the ferals and the fighters.

Ibrahim:*sadistic tone* awwwww why do the pretty ones have to get it so rough?
The monstrous crowed tensed up anticipating a brutal kill as the coyote hybrid emotionlessly walked closer loading his crossbow with but a single arrow.

Akemi: *desperately trying to crawl away, holding her stabbed and bleeding leg * gah it hurts so much *sees the crossbow aimed right her head and gasps*

Unbeknownst to the two of them, though Comet was watching. For the horror stricken hare time came to a standstill as unpleasant memories begin to arise.


???: All those lives.....because of you they're dead.

Comet:*Shaking in fear* b....but I tried there were-we.....were too m-many.

???:No excuses you worthless pest. You have been nothing but a fruitless sack of feral shit to us, all because you couldn't kill him...

Comet: *Backs into a corner shivering* Bu-but he was f-family to us I couldn't

???: *angrily walks up on the young hybrid* US!? YOU PATHETIC LITTLE F***!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE NOT FAMILY WE WERE BECAUSE OF YOU SHE IS FOREVER LOST AND NO MY REPUTATION IS RUINED NOW BECAUSE SO MANY ARE NOW DEAD!!!!!....*turns his back on him and walks several feet away* It is so baffling what “he” saw in you potential!? HA!! quite the opposite really, but that's okay *turns and faces the hare with a scarily emotionless glare making Comet sweat profusely* as the new leader of the Blood Krakens I will clean up the mess our old leader left behind, starting with you. From this day forward you are exiled from “My” guild you haze two minutes to get your shit and get out of my site *Comet nervously nods and slides out of the corner and heads down the hall* I had better not ever see you in this city again and you had better give up trying to become a slayer cause that will never happen and you are too weak.

Comet clenched his fist trying to hold back from crying, gritting his teeth to the point several were chipping before walking off with the two words “Too weak” eternally echoing over and over in his mind. The mysterious figure simply watched giving off a heartless grin, knowing that he has broken the young hybrids spirit.

Present time in the arena.

Comet: *remembering those two words “too weak” suddenly turns irate* no no NO! I AM NOT TOO WEAK!!!!!

Time appears to resume for Comet as he lets out a rage infused scream that unnerves everyone, even Ibrahim and the Mantid gladiator coming down on him. Comet gets to his feet in blinding speed and delivers a brutal roundhouse on the spiked ball of the mace when it was mere inches from his body. The power behind the kick shattered the handle and sent the blunt end flying like a bullet from a high powered rifle into the feral crowd, hitting one in the stomach and sending it flying through the bleachers.

Feral onlooker:*Roars in pain* AHHHHH MY PANCREAS!!!!

The mantid hybrid stumbles back, stunned by the power of the hybrid he visibly dwarfed. Whoever he was, from the brief scuffle he could tell this one is much stronger than any of previous slave fighters he killed. The mantid would just have to rely on his raw strength from this point forward. The gladiator hybrid charged Comet, swinging his spiked forarms, trying to tear the hare to shreds. The enraged, Comet had little difficulty avoiding the mad swings until his opponent swung his left arm with all his might.Using his left hand, Comet catches the arm by the fist and brutally breaks the wrist causing the Mantis to roar in pain and falls on one knee. Comet pulls the arm and aligns the elbow within his eye sight and rears his free fist back and rams it right into the exposed elbow. The Mantis's pain and roars are amplified tenfold as his arm crumples and snaps inward, causing broken bones to rip through the flesh. Akemi gasped, using both hands to cover her mouth. The coyote hybrid was equally shocked relinquishing all of his attention from the crippled hybrid girl. Comet simply let the mantid fall to ground, clutching his mangled arm all the while.

Comet slowly turns to face the coyote, giving him a deathly glare that left him completely immobilized even though he could muster what diminished will he had left to aim his crossbow at the agitated Comet. Oddly despite a arrow being aimed at him the growling Comet walked slowly and menacingly towards the slave fighter. Not wanting throw away this unexpected opportunity the burly slave fighter applied pressure to the trigger but then Comet was right in his face in the blink of an eye, arm outstretched for his neck. The coyote panics and aims the auto crossbow at Comet's hand, piercing completely. Like the preceding attacks he was subjected to, this did not phase him in the slightest as he grabs a hold of the front end crushes it before delivering a haymaker with his free hand right into the sentient beast's jaw. The Coyote is sent reeling to the wall and collapses. The injured and scared slave scuttled to his feet and pressed his back against the wall, heart beating twice as fast. Still enraged Comet viciously lunged at the frightened canine gladiator who tensed up and closed his eyes expecting a brutal end whereas the pained and worried Akemi did the same.

Instead Comet punched a hole into into the ramshackle wall next to the slave fighters face. The hybrid gladiator slowly opened his eyes and sees a now remorseful Comet looking at him as he pulled his hand from the punctured wall.

Comet: *solemnly looks at the slave* pleas don't make me do that.........don't make me take a life.....don't make me be no different from................”them”

Akemi: *overhears this despite still hurting from her bleeding leg, opens her eyes and thinks thinks to herself* who are “Them” what is he talking about?

This act of mercy caused the feral crowds to boo at the slayer.

Feral grunt: *showing disgust at Comet's sparing of both slaves* damn halfling. He should be turned for this.

Ibrahim: *strangely indifferent* too predictable though.

Feral grunt: *Confused* what are you talkin about boss?

Ibrahim: What i'm saying is turning him would be too predictable lets make this interesting *smiles menacingly* lets give a reason to kill them.

Comet: *walking towards Akemi still in a regretful vibe* Akemi.....i'm sorry you had to see that...

Akemi: *Trying to ignore the pain in her leg* it-it's okay....*pain creeps back up her leg* Gah!! my leg.

Comet: *takes notice and removes the bandanna on his neck* here lemme see.

Akemi moves her leg to Comet's reach as he gets on one knee. Comet straitened out Akemi's impaled leg resting it on his open knee. Instinctively Akemi held her bleeding limb still while Comet preceded to wrap his red bandanna around the protruding arrow twice over and making a tight knot.

Comet: *Lays Akemi's leg down* this should hold the bleeding for now.

Akemi: *smiles a little though still in pain* t-thank you still doesn't solve our main problem though.

Comet: Ehhh we'll just have to keep holding out until our friends come to the rescue.

Akemi:*thinks about what happened to Comet* so what made you snap like that and who were you talking about?

Comet: *nervously scratches his head* yeah about that.......

Akemi: *raises eyebrow* it's that personal?

Comet: No it's that it's just......*hears a roar coming from behind him* what the!?

Comet sees the coyote feral at them like a mad like a mad beast. The hare hybrid quckly scoops up Akemi and leaps away the the slave smashes the ground with strength not seen previously.

Akemi:*surprised at the crater he created* what the heck!? I didn't recall him being that strong!

Comet: *knows what is going on* No look.

Akemi: *Looks at the coyote hybrid and notices that he is foaming at the mouth now and gets nervous* wh-whats wrong with him?

Comet:* taking notice of the now empty vial on the coyote's collar* ….....................he's turning....*suddnly smiles*

Akemi: *Freighted* WHAT!? *notices Comet is smiling* WH-WHY ARE YOU SMILING!?!?

Comet: Cause it means I won't have to hold back now....

Akemi:*breaks a sweat* I dunno what's more disturbing. seeing a feral transforming or the fact that Comet may be masochistic....
At the rendezvous...

Jolt: *Still digging in haste through the ground* geez this slave network is a lot deeper than I thought.

Wit:*sitting on a mound of shoveled earth obviously bored* Maybe you should've scanned how deep it was when you had the chance *Hears the sound of screeching tires behind him* hmmm? *turns around and sees a buggy behind some meters behind him and notices some of his allies getting out, but takes notice at Kiyomi and smirks lightly* well well..Jolt I hope you're ready to explain yourself.

Jolt: What? *Sees Trey and Jae approaching him rather neutral in vibe* ohhhh hey nice of you to join us in busting into Cocytus.

Before the two hybrids could say anything, Kiyomi barges right between them straight to Jolt in a power walk stopping right in front of him. Before the cyberganic could say anything. The ninja hybrid drew her hand back maximum length and slapped the hell out of Jolt. The force of the strike was enough to knock Jolt on his ass. The spectating slayers flinched, Trey, Jae, and Arc reeled back with pained looks in their eyes as if they were the ones hit. Wit on the other hand busted out laughing, falling off of the dirt mound and onto his back holding his stomach as if someone punched him.

Kiyomi: *Irate* You have a lot of explaining to do getting my sister captured and I want that explanation now!

Jolt: *gets up rubbing his cheek in pain* owwwwwwwwww. *regains his composure and embarrassingly shrugs* okay yeah maybe I was a tad reckless in the decision making.

Kiyomi: *growing more irritated* A tad!? *snatches down the robot's scarf bringing his face down to hers putting a kunai to his throat* you realize you jeopardized her well being!? The likelihood of her being dead or turned has skyrocketed now because of you!

Jolt: nothing worthless about a one of a kind manga to tell you the truth mam.*gets serious* Look I know I'm responsible to a degree for their capture, but you holding me down like this aint gonna save her any faster, hell you just adding fuel to fire by preventing me from digging into the slave network *Kiyomi gives him a defiant glare, despite knowing he has telling the truth*

Trey: *calmly gets in between the two and releases Kiyomi's grip on the cyberganic's scarf* look Kiyomi Jolt may have royally f***** up and got our friends captured, but he's right and interrogating him ain't gonna save em faster.

Kiyomi: *finally calms down*......................right *walks back but turns and faces Jolt* please just hurry.

Jolt: just give me two minutes tops maybe even less and we'll be down there. Lets just hope you're ready *starts digging once more.

Kiyomi: I'm more than ready.

Jolt: And I don't mean just fighting ferals. *gives the ninja a serious look* Nothing positive is 100% guaranteed as a slayer I won't go further then that. *Kiyomi wanted to say something but simply withdrew her gaze away from Jolt subtly embittered on how harsh the truth in his words were*

Arc: *Observing Jolt* hmmm not what I expected appearance wise from the so called ace of the Rift Trekkers. *Jae overhears him*

Jae: What do you mean?

Arc: I mean I was expecting something more intimidating he looks a little....rundown and I find it odd that he is obsessed with Mangas.

Jae:Heh heh well god help those who destroy his mangas.

Arc: Hm?

Jae: Trust me you don't won't to be around if he ever snaps trust me on that.

Arc: I'll take your word.

Jae: So where have your guild taken Cynder and Sticky off to?

Arc: to a second group as emergency backup only if we really need it.

Jae: Well at least Cynder is safe for now.

Arc: what is she to you a close friend?

Jae: eh more like girlfriend.

Arc: I see. Plan on tying the knot soon I mean this is a dangerous profession for a couple to practice.

Jae: *scratches the back of his head embarrassingly* hah hah to tell you the truth yeah but I'm only 18 it would feel off if I did propose to her even if we have been dating for seven years.

Random Slayer:*runs up to Arc* Hey Arc!

Arc: yeah?

Random Slayer: Gordon just called they made it to their destination.

Arc: Good. *to himself* everything seems to be going alone too well.....

Meanwhile In the slave arena the rabid coyote gladiator came at Comet like a lunatic trying to claw him even while the hare was still holding Akemi. The insane hybrid attempted to lunge at him with a bite but Comet halts him by planting his foot in his crown while his other was dug into the ground. Comet used the foot planted in the ground to kick the rabid gladiator in the chin before chaining the kick with his other foot in a roundhouse midair, connecting right to the maniac's jaw. The turning Hybrid was sent flying off into the distance yelping in a distorted way. But there was no time respite for Comet and Akemi, as the mantid hybrid roared and charged them next. Comet leaps a great distance with Akemi hugging his neck tightly just as the mad hybrid smashed the ground he was just standing on.

Akemi: Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Him too!? *notices the turning mantid's broken arm has completely healed* And his arm is good as new!!

The Mantid did not pursue them but rather stood in place as his transformation into a feral intensified. His already bulging muscles begin to swell and harden to that of a carapace of a actual bug, his legs snapped and reformed becoming four jointed with the ends of his feet becoming horrible talons. His height increased while bones begin to violently erupt from his elbows, shoulders, forearms and spine. His teeth narrowed at the end and gained serrated edges, spike grew out of the top of his head. His bottom jaw brutally splits open, three sets of eyes emerged on both sides of his face. Concluding his disturbing and permanent transition his face elongated and turned guant, two more sets of arms came from under his arms, stretching out his chest, and his bloodveins stretched and became visible, glowing a aura equivilent to a black light.

The Coyote hybrid joined in walking next to the newly turned feral as his transformation was approaching it's climax. Intantaneously his legs begin shrivaling away as his hail swelled and would take the place of his now gone legs. His jaw stretched out of his mouth bare gums and all past his lips as the skin around constircted and eroded away revealing nothing but mutated muscle. Boney horns blasted out his head and curved forward, easily exceeding five feet in length. His arms streched and became lankey, his four fused and became two his claws grew to the length of a human male's forearm. Like the newly turned feral beside him dark purple glowing veins erected around random areas of his body. Both let out terrible roars in unison while the feral spectators cheered on in a sick manner

Akemi: *horrified and quivering in Comet's arms* O-oh m-my g-g-g-god th-they tur-ttu-turned.....wh-what ar-ar-are w-we go---gonna d-d-do.

Comet: *unphased* you will just stay and watch i'll take care of them.

Akemi:*worried greatly* B-but

Comet: You'll only slow me down *walks over to the wall of the arena and places her against it* this will quick.

Akemi: *still worried thinks quitly* thats not what I meant... what if Ibrahim decides to turn us suddnely of worse...me against you....

Comet walked up to the two monsters who proceeded to circle around him like hungry wild lions. Despite their advantges in numbers and size, this did not bring any kind of falter upon Comet's will and composure. The mantis feral was the first to strike once it was in position behind Comet, but was greeted by an elbow to his jaw and then an uppercut the sent him and the feral ten feet into the air. Taking advantage the coyote feral lunges at Comet who is in a seemingly vulnerable position after he dealt the powerful punch to the other monster. The hare hybrid already knew the beast was coming for him and as such greeted it with a devastating ax kick as he came back down to earth. The back of his heel connected to the top of his head and slammed the creature on the ground, riddling it with cracks as if it was glass.

The mantis feral sneaks up behind Comet and grabbed him with his two smaller arms, locking him with a bear hug grip. The raw strength of mantis feral was more than enough to keep Comet locked down leaving him wide open for the coyote feral as it got up. Seeing it as it's greatest chance the Feral blindly slithered at the restrained hybrid at blistering speeds with the instinct to gore him with his newly grown horns, despite the obvious likelihood of impaling the feral restraining Comet. Oddly enough the manits feral reared it's head back, jaws open, ready to bite on Comet's shoulder ignorant of the coyote feral charging the both of him. Comet manages to free both of his arms from the tight grip before harshly yanking out the arrow that was still stuck in his hand the entire time and slamming the blade tip in the largest eye of the mantis feral.

The Mantis feral let out a painful shriek and let go of Comet in time for him to jump out of the way as the coyote feral accidentally gore the Mantis feral with it's mutated horns. Without care the Coyote Feral pushed the mantis feral off of his horns near Akemi and turned to face Comet who had just landed behind it. Due to how close Comet was the coyote feral would attempt to snap him with it's jaws. Comet grabbed both ends of the maw, putting it to a complete halt. Despite having its jaws restrained the feral begin using it's superior weight to bare down on Comet and bring him to his knees.

Akemi:*worriedly stands* COMET!!! *gasps as she sees the mantis feral getting up and staring her down.*

even after getting stabbed in one of it's eyes and gored, The mantis Feral opened it's mouth and out came a slimy barbed tongue glowing a bright purple.

Akemi: GAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! *desperately limps out of the way in time as the tongue lashes out and punches a hole in the metal wall.*

Comet: AKEMI!! GAH *grows slightly fatigued as blood finally, yet slightly erupts from the wounds he has sustained earlier and thinks to himself* can't keep this affinity going forever gotta end this now.

The mutant coyote bears his weight down even more bringing his sickening mouth closer to Comet's face, only to have his jaw snapped open and rendered useless. The feral let out an agonized gurgled roar in response to his broken jaw then Comet stomped the ground and out came a jagged spire that impales the feral through the stomach.

Comet: *Smirks as the coyote feral tries to free itself* that should hold him for now at least...*hurriedly runs to Akemi's aid

Akemi frantically dodges another tongue strike before falling on her face due to how uncoordinated her limping was. Getting up to her knees, Akemi was utterly helpless as the Mantis feral had already withdrawn it's tongue and was prepping it for another strike.

Akemi: *terrified* i-i-is this th-the e-end?

The feral shot its weaponized appendage at the hybrid girl ready to end her life and to gain it's first meal as a true monster. Comet suddenly lands in between the ballistic tongue and Akemi and he catches it with his sole hand that wasn't wounded.

Akemi: *surprised and relieved* C-Comet!

Comet: Sorry I almost got you killed again.

Akemi: *nervously breaks a sweat in embarrassment* eh heh *scratches the back of her head* I-it's alright. N-no biggie

The mutated feral tugged trying get it's tongue free from Comet's grip, but the hybrid boy started wrapping his hand around it several times putting a strain on it. After the forth wrap Comet yanks his entangled hand back and as testament to his strength, snatches the larger and heavier feral off of it's feet towards him. Once it was in range, Comet draws back his wounded hand and delivers a devastating snap jab to the feral's face, crushing the skull in and repelling the creature back with overwhelming force. Because Comet already had a hold of the monster's tongue it is torn out of the ferals mouth as it flies several yards away screaming from the searing pain induced from having it's tongue severed. Even though the newly turned ferals where loosing the spectators actually cheered on regardless as Comet unraveled and dropped the slimy appendage. Akemi almost wanted to puke as she seen the tongue seemingly take a life of it's own as it writhed and squirmed as a dark purple glowing blood was shooting out of the torn end.

Akemi: *suddenly notices the coyote feral charging at Comet's side with the tip of the spire till embedded in it's stomach* COMET ON YOUR RIGHT!!

Comet responds by jumping in the air, baiting the feral to do the same. As expected the coyote feral leaped after him, despite not having legs. Due to it's jaw being broken, the feral would try it's luck with it's spindly yet thick arms. Comet grabs it the left claw as it was swung towards him before catching the other in mere milliseconds. With both combatants arms locked, Comet rears his legs up precisely above the monster's face. Putting all of his might into his legs, Comet drop kicked the feral downward to the ground like a bullet being shot from a gun. Once the feral made impact face first, a cloud of dust formed and temporarily obstructed the creatures form.

It is only after the dust settled that everyone discovered that the feral was still alive, however his horns were sunk deep into ground and it's best efforts to get them out were in vain. Comet landed in front of the compromised creature with the intent of finishing the fight persistently launched himself at the feral. In the only second of being in the air Comet does a spin to gain momentum before transferring said momentum to his foot to deliver a fierce hook kick on the feral skull. Like the mantis feral before him the blow would cave the creature's head in and snapping it free of it's stuck horns, but power behind it was much more catastrophic three times over, evident by it's launching speed into the wall. The collision to the metal barrier resulted in the utter decimation of the wall, leaving a gaping hole. The crowd and Akemi were awestruck at the power of the hare, and the fact that he only relied on his marshal skills to overpower and defeat two ferals who obviously exceeded 1000 pounds in weight.

Akemi: *astonished* n-no way I thought his fight against those tugs was crazy, but this...he took both of those ferals on and totally owned both of them! and he's not even a champion ranked. Just how strong are Trey, Lalo, and Jolt? *sees Comet walk to her, only for even more blood to shoot out of his two puncture wounds causing him to fall to his knees making the girl gasp in shock* Comet! *frantically limps to him and grabs him* whats wrong!?

Comet: *fully fatigued* guh.......couldn't stall........the bleeding.....forever....

Akemi: *confused* what?

Ibrahim: *looking down on the hybrids despite comet's victory* hmphf.... lets see how well he can fight the girl once she's turned.* attempts to grab is remote the triggers the collars' activation only to find it gone* What!? My remote trigger! What happened to it!? *the feral guard shrugs in confusion, earning it a wrathful sucker punch to the jaw from the bull feral* FOOL HOW COULD YOU LET IT DISAPPEAR LIKE THAT.

???: turning my new comrades will not be required fiend!

Ibrahim: *surprisingly nervous* wh-who said that!?

???: I am the reaper of the shadows, avenger of the helpless, the harbinger of justice, bearer of the queen's will-

Raily: *walking out of the hole made by the coyote feral with Libby and Lalo and all three are free of their collars* The monologues Lalo. The monologues. Take it easy or shorten em man.

Lalo: *embarrassed* oh.....if you insist Sir Raily.......

Libby: well I do quite find them entertaining.

Lalo: *elated* much appreciated lady Libby *Raily gives off a slightly envious stare.*

Akemi: *now excited and relieved* LALO RAILY LIBBY!!

Comet: Does this mean I can quit playing hero for the rest of the day?


Feral onloocker 2: F-F*** THIS IM OUTTA HERE!!!! *runs for it's life followed by several others although most of the spectators stayed.*

Lalo: *focuses his attention back on Ibrahim who was completely frozen from atop his forum* I take you are wondering what became of the infernal device you use to trigger transformations well *Pulls the remote out of his back pocket* Raily.

Raily: right. *Runs over to Akemi and Comet and grabs both of their collars and sends a jolt of electricity through them and causes them to click open freeing them* their now you won't have to worry about turning into a mangy.

Akemi:*thinks for a while then gets happy* YES I WON'T BE A HIDEOUS REPULSIVE MONSTER NOW!!!

Feral onlooker:*overhears this and is offended* HEY!!

Akemi: Meep! *thinks about Comet's injuries* Libby think you can help Comet out he's bleeding badly.

Libby: I can already tell from back here. And it looks like you need help as well considering you have arrow in your shin.
Lalo:*crushes the remote in his hand* It is best we wait for reinforcements which will be here shortly

Akemi: *slightly annoyed* wait what do you mean by wait incase you haven't noticed and heard I have a arrow in my leg and Comet is bleeding like crazy of here!

Comet: *Calmly* eh its half of my blood lost.....

Akemi: Point is we could easily be back in the fight if Libby heals us which could mean a lot due to how hilariously outnumbered we are. Besides how do you know renforcments will be here shortly?

Lalo:*points to his nose* by smell. My nose is quite a anomaly, even for hybrid standards. And the scent of our friends and your sister is among them.

Akemi: Wait Kiyomi?

Lalo: Yes.

Ibrahim: *Now scared* G-Guards kill them all!!

Alarms went of in the network, prompting numerous ferals armed with LMG's and miniguns storm the arena from all sides, surrounding the slayers, but their advances come to a halt when the hear a quacking sound above them. Pebbles and dust fall on them, giving every one in the subterranean arena further incentive to look above. The ceiling of the arena caves in and down comes Trey, Kiyomi, Jae, Jolt, Wit, Arc, and a cadre of other slayers, numbering in the high tens to hundreds. The army of slayers wasted no time and unleashed a storm, bullets, arrows, bolts, ki etc. no feral guard was spared from the rain of projectiles as they made their marks. Whether by sheer luck or by the kills of the breaching slayers, Lalo and the gain were not even hit despite being surrounded.

Feral onlooker: SLAYERS!!! COCYTUS HAS BEEN BREACHED!!!! *even more ferals make a run for it, but others defiantly stay and even jump in the arena itself to take on the slayers*

Akemi:*amazed* whoa.......

Lalo: Like I said reinforcements.

Raily:*smirks* And not a second to spare
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Kiyomi and the other rift trekkers land near their friends while Arc takes charge and engages any feral guard that was still standing along with the former spectators with his recruited army signaling the beginning of an all out war. Slayers were cutting down the many ferals that came at them as more of the monsters poured in from all angles while ferals ganged up and tore individual slayers apart. On the way to Akemi, Trey pummels several down effortlessly, Jae immotales his fair of monsters, and Jolt wasn't too far behind bulldozing through the mutated horde like a linebacker with Wit just casually walking behind. Kiyomi on the other hand, was sneaking in and around feral and slayer alike to get to Akemi.

Akemi: * Sees Kiyomi and quickly gets up* Kiyomi you-*Kiyomi just hugs her tightly* eh....

Kiyomi: Thank god you're alright....

Akemi: Uhhhhh kiyomi I appreciate you caring and all, but you might wanna...

Before Akemi could say any thing, Kiyomi swiftly turns around creates two ice kunai to stab a feral in the chest that was attempting to sneak behind them during the embrace. In a strange reaction the feral body begin freezing over completely then shattering like glass before resuming hugging Akemi.

Akemi: Okay yomi you can stop hugging now seeing as we're in the middle of a large scale battle now.

Kiyomi: Sorry I was so worried.

Akemi: Well you can think Comet for that *to herself* if only I could defend myself......

Jolt:*walking in tossing a feral to the side* See Kiyomi she's alright, sans arrow in the shin.*annoyed and infuriated at Jolt for abandoning her, Akemi kicks him in the groin* AHHH MY JOYSTICK!!!!!!! *falls flat on his face clutching his groin*

Wit: Damn Jolt today is not your day *gets elbowed in the face by Kiyomi* GAH what did I do this time!?

Kiyomi: Nothing I just felt like doing that pervert.

Comet: *confused* Jolt has a penis? I though he was robot?

Jae: *Kicking a feral away* there will be plenty to figure out Jolt's anatomy we need to get Ibrahim!

Kiyomi: What about the other slayers?

Arc: He's right yall need put a stop Ibrahim! I'll stay here with the other slayers. After all i'm responsible for their lives You rift trekkers will be alright with Trey, Lalo and Jolt on your side.

Trey: *Noticing Ibrahim is gone from his forum* Yeah lets go guys we have a lot of catching up to do with this bastard.

Jolt: Trey you and everyone else can go on without me.

Raily:*bewildered* How come

Jolt: Because me tagging along would be overkill so i'll stay here and help with the battle here. Besides Lalo and Trey should be enough to ensure proper payback.

Trey: That and the fact you still can't feel your psuedo-baby makers.

Jolt: *groans* y-yeah.

Wit: *rubbing his face* I'll stick around with “Gaijintron” as well, if he even gets up that is.

Trey: Alright then "Let's cut the head off of this serpent."

With the exception of Jolt and Wit Trey and his guild mates made a break for the exit (Akemi and Comet were being carried by Jae and Raily respectively) smashing through the armies of feral guards and spectators intending on stopping Ibrahim before he gets too far away.
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In the arena turned war zone it seemed that the tide was slowly falling into the slayers favor though they were not without their casualties.

Wit: *Knocking out a feral* Hey Jolt it would be nice if you could get up now.

Jolt: *still in pain* easier said......than done.....why.....was I programmed to feel pain.......in....that....region?

Wit: *trips up another feral* beats me, but it would be really nice if our “big gun” was loaded cause it looks like were starting to take some serious losses right now.

Sure enough more slayers were falling at an increased rate be it due to beng gunned down, mauling, or dismemberment.

Arc: *sees a fellow slayer get shot down* NO! *charges the offending feral and runs his foot through it's chest in revenge before turning to look at the remaining but still sizable amount of Slayers* DON”T GIVE UP! KEEP FIGHTING!! *turns around and sees a feral lunge at him* crap! *Jolt dashes in front of the kite hybrid and counters the lunge with a powerful uppercut that literally sends him flying through the ceiling and into the stratosphere* Holy sh....

Jolt: *still slightly rattled from the kick to the gnads* sorry about the delay there it'll amaze you how even someone like me can be put out of commission by a kick to the groin.

Arc: We'll you can make up for that weakness by helping us take out the rest of these ferals.

Jolt: *looks at the various mutated monsters and has an unimpressed look* hmmmmm this is a chore at best but * a slot opens up in his mechanical arm and out comes a segmented serrated blade with it's edges lined with super heated plasma* it's been awhile since last I've fought them so this will be a good warm up *runs head first into a mob of ferals followed by Wit and Arc*

Meanwhile while nightfall takes over Ibrahim was on the run in the slums, fortunately for him he always had a backup plan for this a large military truck he “borrowed” a few years back, manned by a feral just small enough to drive it.

Feral driver: HURRY BOSS!!!

Ibrahim: I can't believe this all of that power I had, gone in an instant. Because of that wretched ungrateful girl I spared and blessed with the highest privileges. No matter i'll just have to start from scratch.

Raily: *who is dead on Ibrahim's heels* LALO NOW!!! *Lalo manipulates Raily's shadow, causing it to expand*

once the shadow reaches Lalo's desired size, out shoots a katana like weapon with a engine like contraption just above the hilt and a extra tiny handle at the bottom. Raily snatches up the blade with his right hand, holding it in a reverse style. Raily grabs the small handle and quickly pulls it, revealing a string that connects the handle to the hilt. As of a result of the tugging the engine begin rattling violently and electricity begin surging throughout Raily's arm and the sword. Ibrahim looks back and sees the half wolverine hybrid 's body glow a bright blue before vanishing past him and through the escape truck. Ibrahim was stunned believing something horrible may have happened to him and quickly started checking his body for any possible injuries. To his luck he was unscathed however, when he turns around and looks at his truck he discovers it and the driver are reduced to sliced pieces as if a massive plasma cutter was to blame. At the top of searing sliced pile stood Raily, who was resting his sword on his shoulder

Raily: And just where the hell do you think you're going? Huh *Ibrahim steps back only to find Jae land behind him.*

Jae:*stern yet calm in tone* You have a lot of lives you need to answer for and it's not just our old members you had killed and turned.

Comet: *revealed to be healed off screen by Libby appears on Ibrahim's left.* you're not going anywhere. *Kiyomi, Akemi (who is also now healed as well), Libby, and Lalo now appear behind him ready for a final confrontation.*

Trey: *lands in front of Ibrahim* Give us one good reason why we shouldn't whoop your ass for all the crap you've done.

Ibrahim:* Now intimidated since he is surrounded* You want answers? *everyone stops and listens*
Okay it's true I've been responsible for their deaths but it wasn't me who captured them they were just brought to me.

Raily:*jumps off of the demolished pile still having his sword at the ready* Who brought them to you?

Ibrahim: I don't even know what who are what they look like all I knew whoever it was they literally brought them to me free of charge with a collection of strange military tech like those collars as a bonus and a referal to to one of my greatest clients ever.

Lalo: *now weary himself after hearing this* Kiyomi

Kiyomi: What is it?

Lalo: Follow me and do not question where. *Kiyomi nervously nods and follows Lalo off to a shadowy corner though Trey notices which could only mean on thing*

Jae: And who is this client of yours?

Ibrahim:*smiles menacingly as numerous feral guards suddenly swarm the area and surround the heroes* That I can't tell you regardless.

Akemi:*backs up near Comet* Oh crap and I just got my leg healed!

Raily: *suddenly appears in front of Libby making sure she is protected* Of course he would have some guards to spare.

Ibrahim: *now confident* Now Trey *two guards aim there weapons at the half dragon's head* give me a good reason why I shouldn't have your brains splattered everywhere. *Trey smirks in response confusing the bull feral* never seen anybody so excited for their inevitable death and *Sees one feral that had Trey at gunpoint fall unconscious with with a strange needle like bullet sticking out of the back of it's neck* What!? *sees the other feral fall on it's back this time with multiple knives stabbed in it's neck and face*

Jae: We anticipated something like this from the start *Gordon appears along with Gash Cynder and Sticky*

Gordon: *cracking is knuckles which were adorned with thick steel brass knuckles* and you fell right into our trap.

Cynder: I've been wanting to see what the big bad of Cocytus look for the longest and I gotta say i'm impressed your even uglier than I thought *gets in a fighting stance*

Ibrahim:*frustrated* KILL THEM ALL!!!

The feral guards get on the offensive and start firing at the slayers. All of them proved agile enough to evade fire while Libby needed Raily to block the incoming fire so she could take cover behind a car. Gordon and Gash were the first to to charge Gash threw several knives that was poison tipped to take out two ferals that were busy firing at Jae and Comet. One burly reptilian feral attempted to sneak up behind the man and dismember him, but feels something sharp yet blunt go into his back. The blow was so powerful it felt like it's spine snapped ,yet it wasn't the end of it. Two muscular arms wrapped around him and the feral felt it's body getting lift up. Before it could react it's head was slammed into the ground with such force the ground was damaged and the feral neck and skull was critically damaged. It is revealed that it was Gordon who was responsible for subjecting the creature to a German suplex.

Another feral attempted to charge at Gordon in retaliation for what he did to the reptilian feral but Gordon grabs the downed feral by the tail and uses it like a crude club to bat away the charging feral, right into Cynder who performs a butterfly kick on the flying feral, slamming it on the ground, and knocking it out. Across from her Sticky was running from a feral who was trying to claw the slug hybrid. While running Sticky took notice of a vacant car and came up with an idea. The anthro mollusc made a break for the car and tagged it with a small wad of slime. When the pursuing feral got near Sticky used the car like a spring board to leap to the side of a rather large house before planting a notably larger wad of slime. Sticky then rolled out of the way just in time as the feral slammed it's fist into the slimed wall which absorbs the impact and immobilizes the ferals claw. The feral tugs trying to break free of the clear sludge but has no luck.

The feral then realizes a long thin and strained strand of the slime coming from the wall and looks back and discovers it's connected to the car that is now coming his direction at incredible speeds. Panicking the Feral would attempt in vain to free himself one more time before the car brutally sandwiches it between the wall taking the mutant out of the fight for good.

Sticky: *Surprised that he has taken down his first feral* whoa I actually did it WAHOO!!! I took down my first fe*gets sucker punched in the jaw by another feral* RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! *rockets towards the car Libby was behind and collides with the roof of the vehicle, tearing it off*

Libby: *apalled when she sees Sticky hit the ground.* gahh! Sticky are you alright *sees something sneak to her side and jumps back* wh-who are you!? *notices it's the cat hybrid who simply motions for her to be quit by making a “shhhh” gesture with her hand.*

The cat hybrid suddenly places both hands on both sides of Libby's head and her eyes start glowing a bright white along with her hands. What came next was a series of visions in Libby's mind that detailed the mysterious girl's life and the future several minutes ahead, all of which was in only three seconds.

Sticky:*slowly staggering up, witnessing the short event* Li-libby whats going on?

Libby: *finally free of the girls hands now has a astonished look strewn on her face* I.....I understand now. I understand it all now.

Sticky: *puzzled* …...?

back at the underground arena the ferals remaining have been defeated finally by the slayers with the help of Wit and Jolt only half a dozen fleeing for their lives. The slayers that were left cheered over their decisive yet slightly costly victory.

Random slayer: We did it we won! *several others cheer with them.

Arc: It's not over yet.

Random slayer 2: what are you talking about?

Arc: We may have taken control down here, but we still don't have Ibrahim.

Wit:*Pats Arc on the shoulder* Leave that to Trey and the others. Judging from his looks he'll be a cakewalk by himself.

Arc: That's the problem though Ibrahim is never by himself he'll always have a group of ferals with him. It's gonna be a challenge, even with my guild to aid them.

As the two talked Jolt decided retract his wrist mounted sword and activate his scanner once more to trace the signal of the anonymous earpiece. Jolt walks towards the wall to the far east around several slayers who were tending to the wounded till he stopped at his destination. Rather then look around the paneled wall, Jolt lazily punched a hole through the wall and pulled out his beloved limited edition manga which had a the comm piece taped to it.

Jolt: *relieved that he has manga back unscathed: OH THANK MOTHER NATURE YOU'RE ALRIGHT!!! *hugs it* But.... *removes the communication device* how did this end up taped to you?

Wit: *walks up to Jolt looking at the earpiece as well* isn't that one of the Comm pieces you gave us?

Jolt: *does a thorough scan of the device* yeah it is. And judging from the three week old combination of earwax and scab residue this Comet's *starts thinking intensely*

Wit:* sees something off of the corner of his eye from the hole in the ceiling and sees several helicopters. Each carrying a large military container.* Hmm?

Jolt: Hey Wit let's check out some of this high end tech stuff they said Ibrahim had access to.

Wit:*attention shifts to Jolt again* yeah.....right *starts walking wit Jolt out of the arena.*

Jolt: What were you looking at anyways?

Wit: Ehhhh nothing.

Jolt: *sarcastically* suuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrreeeee...

In the Slums Kiyomi was now peering over a rooftop with Lalo. While the fight was indeed falling into her allies' favor, she couldn't help but show concern for Akemi.

Lalo: *noticing Kiyomi's concerns* And what troubles dwell in thine mind Lady Kiyomi?

Kiyomi: Akemi....

Lalo:*observes Akemi and how intense her fight is with an avian feral* Hmmmm it appears the taxes of this altercation are beginning to take hold of you're sister.*this makes the kunoichi even more worried* But fret not look* Lalo points out Cynder and Jae who quickly comes to her sister's aid and tag team the the monster before Jae finishes it off with a rising knee. This elevates Kiyomi's emotions in turn* I know you want to be on the front lines but we have more than enough for that position.

Kiyomi: *perplexed* What do you mean.

Lalo: You are Ninja are you not? *Kiyomi nods silently* what kind of ninja jumps into battle head on?
*Kiyomi stays silent but understands what Lalo is saying* exactly surely you had a sensei or father to inform you of the ways of the shinobi.

Kiyomi: My................................father never really taught me and he's.........gone. The only true reason why iv'e decided to become a ninja was to honor his memory *struggles to agree with her own words* I'm not truly proficent in ninjitsu.

Lalo:My sincerest apologies then. When we are done with Ibrahim I shall personally educate you in all of the knowledge I have acquired over the years and I will keep it between us as a welcomed bonus.

Kiyomi: th-thanks.....but what about the other ferals?

Lalo: They will be far too fixated on our other companions besides. *smells the the smoke of a rifle barrel from far away and notices a lot of downed ferals who appear to be under the influence of a highly potent tranqulizer* it appears we have a sniper on our side.

On a bulding several miles away.
Sherry: *Looking through her binoculars as another feral passes out from a tranquilizer round* good shot!

Harpy: *reloads her sniper rifle* Of course.

Sherry: *looks and sees two ferals attacking Gash and Comet* Looks like the hare and Gash need a little..* One of the ferals is hit with tranq round, passing out allowing the human and hybrid to gang up on the now lone feral: Nevermind....

Back in the middle of the battle Ibrahim could not believe his eyes as one by one his guards were going down to the slayers. Ibrahim attempted to flee once more but is kicked in the face by Trey knocking him back.

Trey: *Steps in front of the bull feral* You're not going anywhere.

Realizing that hope for escape is pointless and his frustration getting the better of him, Ibrahim wipes the glowing blood from his mouth, roars and charges Trey head first in attempt to gore him with his serrated horns. Trey grabs the horns to prevent such a fatal attack from coming into fruition and digs his feet into the ground, trying to slow the feral down. Trey arches his head back and brings it down on Ibrahim's snout, breaking it and making Ibrahim stagger back. Trey grabs the broken snout as leverage to bring his knee upward to the mutant's chin and Trey follows up with an aerial hook kick the the monster's neck. Before he could fly of any further from the kick Trey grabs Ibrahim's leg and flings him to the side of a building. Despite not destroying the building, Ibrahim was still too battered to react to Trey coming down on him with a reign of brutal punches across his face. While short, this beatdown felt like hours for Ibrahim until Trey readies for one more bone shattering blow.

Ibrahim: I SURRENDER!!! *Trey's fist halts just millimeters from his face*

Gash: *watching the fight end from afar* damn that That Trey cat ain't dicking around.

Cynder: And he's not even really pissed off despite what Ibrahim has done to our guild.

Trey: *withdraws his fist.* You surrender?

Raily: *Sees two ferals running behind Trey* Trey behind you!! *throws his sword towards the ferals and skewers one feral in the chest, taking it down*
the other feral avoids his collapsing brethren and readies it's claws for Trey as he was in the middle of turning around, only to have a rock thrown at him by the mysterious cat hybrid. The rock hit the feral in the eye stunning it just long enough for Trey to deliver a rib shattering elbow to it's chest knocking the mutant away.

Ibrahim: *recognizes the cat hybrid as Sarenia and thinks to himself* that ungrateful b**** she is behind this all!?!?!? no matter *looks at Trey

Ibrahim wasted no time in pulling out a hidden handcannon from behind his shirt and aimed it at Trey while his back was still turned. Just as Ibrahim applied pressure to the trigger, out of the shadows cam a kunai made entirely out of ice impale the arm that held the weapon. Instantly Ibrahim's arm froze over and quickly shattered. Ibrahim was too shocked to even roar out before pitch black chains blasted out from the shadows and ensnare the feral boss and pin him to the wall. Trey turns around after hearing the sound of the gun drop to the ground and noticed that the Feral completely chained through the wall.

Trey: Only a coward would try to shoot someone in the back......your ass is not even worth another kicking..

Kiyomi and Lalo land behind him followed by the remaining slayers with the total defeat of the ferals and surround Ibrahim

Gash: y' know for such a big bad boss of one of the largest slave networks he was a straight up pushover

Raily: Yeah kinda anti climatic for an official episode... *several nod in agreement.

Ibrahim: *sees the Cat hybrid among the group* you.......ungrateful little shit! After all I done for you this is how you repay me!?

Comet: *recognizes the hybrid girl along with Akemi* hey aren't you that

Jolt: *Appearing from afar with Wit* THE LITTLE THEIVING BRAT SARENIA!!!*everyone looks at them until Jolt gets near the mysterious girl* Do you realize what you stole from me *flashes his manga at the cat girls face as she cowardly steps back.*

Trey: Sareni who?

Lalo: Sarenia? No that can't be.

Kiyomi: Huh what are you talking about?

Lalo: *To Kiyomi* remember that conversation I had about Atlas's daughter?

Kiyomi: Yeah whats wrong?

Lalo: When I feigned capture, I overheard two guards conversing about a girl named Sarenia and her father. I had theorized that Sarenia could in fact be the very daughter Atlas alluded to but...

Kiyomi: But?

Lalo: she is not his daughter. How can I tell you may wonder? Her scent holds no similarities to Atlas's, plus she is a cat hybrid. Atlas was a hybrid of simian origins *this surprises Kiyomi but she decides to keep it to herself feeling that the others might already know since they personally knew who Atlas was and not her*

Wit: *Scratches his head* That's the girls name Sarenia. Geez man can't be grateful you got your manga back is it really worth it to harangue *actually looks the the cat girl* this strangely hot gir..

Jolt: *interrupting* YES IT IS!!! *turns back to face the cat hybrid* something doesn't seem right with her why would you wanna steal a manga that's in a language you don't understand likely, what is your connection to Cocytus and Ibrahim, and how and why did you activate Comet's communicator!? *shows off Comet's comm piece*

Comet: Huh. I was wondering where that went?

Kiyomi: Wait wait, connection to Cocytus? Ibrahim?

Lalo: Is this true sir Jolt?

Jolt: Yeah it is, but something doesn't add up about it. Seems like you were intentionally trying to lead us to Cocytus at the best time too.*gets in her face, making her shiver* Just who the hell are you? What is your true motives?

Libby:*sensing hostility in Jolt's tone* Jolt stop!

Jae: *sensing some hostility in Jolt's tone as well* Yeah Jolt take it easy on the girl.

Akemi: Yeah shouldn't you be happy you got your Manga now?

Raily: Besides she actually helped Trey out a little by distracting that feral that almost got him.

Jolt: well then why don't she speak up then it's not like imma tear her limb from limb I only reserve that for ferals.

Libby: *places her hand on the girl's shoulder* Sarenia do it show him the truth.

Raily: Do what?

Libby: Just watch

The cat girl nervously walks to Jolt and slowly inches her hands to his metallic face once, although he seemed very weary and distrusting. Once all of her fingers where connected, her eyes became illuminated in a bright white glow along with her hands. Like Libby Jolt was subjected to various visions thoroughly. In the following three seconds every one waited anxiously until Sarenia released her hands from Jolt's face. Jolt stood still and just looked at Sarenia. Everyone was weary at what he would say, save for Libby.

Jolt:*looks at sarenia and gives her a odd glare*.................................Well why didn't you do that in the first place? *sarenia along with everybody else breaks a sweat*

Akemi: Huh? *raises an eyebrow* wait Jolt what did she do.

Jolt:*her affinity. She has the ability to show visions of the past and the future.

Gash: wait like clairvoyance?

Jolt: To an extent. It does come with a side effect. It renders her completely mute with the exception of screaming, grunting, ecetera.

Gordon: So what visions did she show you?

Jolt: Well to make it short and through, It turns out she was forced to work with Ibrahim due to her powers under the false hope that she could save her father who was imprisoned and was the main reason why his slave network got as big as it did. Eventually she found out. The truth that her father was never even there in the first place and has long since been sold off. Guilt got the better of her due to the part she unwillingly played in the loss of so many lives and soon escaped several weeks earlier prior to us coming here. When we did come she strategically caused certain events to happen from luring Comet to the slums which would provoke me to give chase. Stealing my Manga and Comet's ear piece knowing I would pursue recklessly which in turn would cause Lalo Raily and Libby to go and try get them only to instead get captured instead.

Libby: Then she would use the earpiece she stole as a lure for Jolt to further speed up the ambush to Cocytus.
And before you all come with the questions, she also has the ability to speak to anyone through telepathy. She admits she was reckless and simply wanted to put as quick of an end to Cocytus as possible and for that she is deeply sorry for what she has done since she is still not quite used to her powers yet, but she is willing to make it up to us.

Trey:*Amazed along with everyone else at this revelation but snaps out of it* wait how is she do that.

Jolt: By joining our group of course *everyone is surprised by this till Libby speaks again*

Libby: While her abilities will be very useful to us, they are finite. She can't contantly utilize her visions due to the extreme strain it puts on her mind. She would run the risk of inducing a coma upon herself.

Trey and the other Rift Trekkers thought long and hard while Gordon and Gash stayed neutral until Raily broke the ice

Raily: *Walking up to Trey* Don't know man I mean she was an instrument for a lot of deaths *Libby gives him puppy dog stare in response* on second thought nothing wrong with a new member after all she didn't really have a say so despite the empty ass promise the ferals lured her in with eh heh.*blushes as Libby smiles at him causing cynder to roll her eyes*

Cynder: *sighs* men

Lalo: Where do you stand on this Sir Trey?

Trey: While she can't take back all she has done, willing or not she did help ensure an end to one of the largest slave networks and briefly helped me by distracting that feral for me. At the end of the day*pauses for awhile* I forgive her plus where else does she have to go? Even if she can only use her abilities a certain amount of time we could just reserve her affinity for some of the more extremely dangerous missions. So yeah we can her take along. Sure beats being here.

Lalo: Then it is settled. Sarenia *the cat hybrid looks at him* consider thine self a new member to the Rift Trekkers.*Jolt creates a trumpet from his hand and plays a tune to celebrate Sarenia's simple inaguration.*

Sarenia is surprised by her expression but rather than smile that they accepted her she soon begins crying before running to Trey and embracing him tightly as her way of saying thank you.

Trey: *nervous due to her crying* hey-uh lo-look you don't -ha-have to cry like that i-i mean I forgive you.

Jolt: tears of joy Trey tears of joy. *Sarenia soon stops hugging Trey starts to wipe the tears from her face and soon smiles at Trey until Kiyomi comes in to get everyone's attention*

Kiyomi: Look while it is nice that we got a potentially valuable member. What about all of the illegal tech Ibrahim had access to?*looks at Libby and Jolt* Didn't Sarenia show you two a vision pertaining to that?

Libby:*now remembering* Oh my you are right! Yes I did see that in one of the visions Sarenia showed me, but it seems like it was reserved for the benefits of someone else and not his own, save for the collars he uses on slaves.

Cynder: Do you know what their purpose was?

Libby: Unfortunately, no it was kept a secret from even Sarenia.

Jae: *looks at Jolt* what about you Jolt?

Jolt: I know about almost every form of tech hear on Earth, but that shit ain't from Earth. If I had to make a guess. It's probably some illegally traded alien tech. What it does and how it got here is another mystery. Plus the room she did show where all that stuff was in, it was cleaned out when me and Wit where searching for it.*this makes Wit think about the set of helicopters he saw earlier*

Wit: well why don't ask are old “friend” over there? *points to Ibrahim who is still chained but not moving*

Lalo: *Sensing something off about the feral* Wait.... *analyzes the feral form with his nose*

Raily: What is it?


Everyone: WHAT!?

Trey: H-how!? I mean he was still alive and I've seen scrawny ferals walk away from beatings worse than the one I gave him.

Jolt curiously walks to the dead creature and examined it's head, taking notice to the peculiar foam coming out of his mouth followed by him slapping the mutant in the back of the head making several foam covered crushed capsules to hit the ground. Jolt scanned the pills and discovered the cause of death.

Jolt: Cyanide capsules aka suicide pills. The bastard must've offed himself while we where talking

Comet: soooooooooooo our chance for payback is gone forever?

Jolt: Yes Comet it's gone.

Jae: along with some very important answers.

Akemi: Well on the bright side, all of Brazil can breath easier now knowing Ibrahim can't literally.

Trey: *sighs* true but still this may be mystery that stays unsolved though.......

Meanwhile in an unknown location...

Goliath: *entering a room with Dalv sitting down observing a monitor.* My lord we have retrieved the technology as per requested.

Dalv: good......this will prove vital to the birth of our new crusade. Do you have the volunteers ready?

Goliath: Yes.

Dalv: And plenty of brethren should there be a mishap?

Goliath: Of course.

Dalv: Then proceed with necessary caution we do not need anymore lives lost considering our current status.

Goliath: As you command my liege. *bows before leaving*

fast forward back beaches of Rio.

Arc: *he and his guild meet up with Trey and his group* I gotta thank you for helping take down Ibrahim and his slave network the casualties would have been a lot worst without your guild.

Trey: No prob. So now that we've put a cork in Cocytus where does this leave you?

Arc: We got a bit of cleaning to do here and there, and a lotta slaves to return home, but at least Rio will be a much better place now.*thinks about what happen to most of Trey's old guildmates* Oh and i'm sorry about what happen to your old friends.

Trey: It's all good. This is to be expected when you decide become a slayer, even if it was such a large number in a short time.

Arc: True. Anyways it was damn good working with you we should team again. *holds out his hand*

Trey: *smirks* Same here. *Shakes Arc's hand*

The Rift Trekkers watch as Arc and his gang get in their buggy and ride off into the night.

Comet: so when are we going home?

Trey: eh i'd rather wait till the morning.

Jae: Hotel it is?

Trey: yep, but before we head back. Yo Sticky and Kiyomi. *both hybrids walk up to him* I think yall officially earned these. *reaches into his pocket and pulls out two badges that came in the shape of a stylized “R” and hands it to them*

Sticky: *overwhelmingly happy as he given one of the badges* YES I DID IT I FINALLY DID IT I'M OFFICIALLY A CERTIFIED SLAYER *does several joy infused back flips*

Kiyomi: *confused* ummmm what's this?

Trey: It's a badge that represents the slayers of our guild which is what you are now. Gotta say what did that one spider feral back there in the slave network was impressive and you saved ass from getting shot by Ibrahim as well, your more than deserving of that badge. So *places his hand on her shoulder* thanks.

Kiyomi: *blushes* I.....It's nothing I-I was just only doing wh-what was necessary*hastily bows in respect. *Lalo takes notice of how she is acting and while bummed she wasn't able to earn a badge of her own Akemi was nonetheless happy for Kiyomi though still worried she might exploit their trust to further for her own goals*

Raily: *remembers that Howard is still at the hotel* I wonder how Howard is doing? Wasn't he suppose to be doing something for someone?

Cynder: No clue, but I'm sure Zippy and Pheryu are keeping him good company

at the hotel...

Howard: *embittered at being unable to leave the room while Zippy and Pheryu watch t.v despite not understanding language it was in* This f****** sucks *zippy shows him a paper with a short sloppily written slang sentence that read “Are you mad or nah?”* Piss off......

End of Episode 2
Teaser to Episode 3
Episode 3

Eight years ago in a elementary school in just outside the suburbs in a random classroom nearly all of the students where huddled around a corner while only one was in the center. This one particular student stood out though while she was human like the other children in her class she had blue hair and the ears and tail of a fox and cat slit like eyes, qualities akin to Hybrid. Unfortunately for this particular little girl, she was stuck in a storm of hateful and cruel insults coming from the other kids along with the occasional wads of crumpled paper and spitballs hitting her in the face. This poor child could only cry in humiliation due to being so heavily outnumbered and emotionally broken. Whats worse was that the teacher of the classroom could clearly hear and see what was going on, but she was casually reading a magazine and had the audacity plug in her earphones and listen to music, just to drown out the noise from the back of room. All this little girl could do was simply cover her ears hoping for an end to the group bullying with a massive amount of tears streaming down her face, helplessly yelling for it all to stop.

Eight years later

???: Hey Skye, wake up man it's almost twelve.

In response the same girl from the flashback wakes up, now a young woman with notably longer hair and much more mature form. Her name is Skye Willows a Mixed which is a cross between a human and hybrid. Mixed's features are always human dominant with subtle features of hybrids like tails, horns, ears, etc. for some reason all mixed have cat slit eyes which are always bright in color and is actually superior to both humans and hybrids. However Mixed are nigh universally shunned by both races and viewed as “unnatural” especially since the parents have to be a Human and Hybrid which borders, if not cross the realm of bestiality. The conception that resulted in her however is a matter Skye rather not talk about.

Skye: *groggy from being woken up* huh....what it's twelve?

???: Almost you don't wanna be late again now don't ya?

Skye: *sighs* no.......*Looks and sees a human in of African American origins. he looked to be in his mid to late 30's with a thick beard and stocky build. He a police uniform with a badge read Jameson* I see you're on break already officer.

Jameson: It's Saturday I get break time earlier and longer now go on and get ready for work little lady. You already got enough shit to deal with due to what you are we don't need being late added on to that. I swear it amazes me how you of all people can deal with that racist crew and boss knowing you're track record I'm surprised I have yet to lock you up for punching out the boss in that restaurant.

Skye: *scratching the back of her head while stretching* ehhhh I think I've gotten to that point where I stopped givin a f*** besides.*gets up* I do twice the work there while everyone including the manger sit on their asses. So they can't say shit about me.

Jameson: Yet they seem to hold out on giving you your full check, at worse only half.

Skye: doesn't matter to me, this is only the first step to..

Jameson: Moving out to try and become a Slayer? Not gonna happen. I don't even see you work out. Sure you have never lost a fight since your freshman year before you dropped out, but Ferals are of whole different caliber besides you would be giving the guys I work with more reason not to like you, seeing as how police officers and slayers don't get along at all.

Skye: Beats me living the rest of my days here. At least I will gain some respect if I do become one.

Jameson: that wouldn't change anything Skye. The hate would never go away even if you by your self killed every last feral on this planet. All because you're mixed, a damn shame really cause under that tough violent and rather vulger exterior of yours, you're a sweet girl.

Skye: Flattering, now unless your a horny perverted bastard get out real quick cause I gotta change.

Jameson: Yeah Yeah...*gets out* Just hurry up will ya? *closes the door*

Skye gets up and pulls out her uniform for work but takes a brief moment to look out of the window where she can see the floating metropolis of Alto pondering at the exciting prospect of moving into the City.

Skye: Soon...... I won't let all the hell you went to go to waste mom.......
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Not a bad prologue at all Byrd man.
Hit this story with a description of Officer Jameson in this sentence here:

*Looks and sees a human in a police uniform with a badge read Jameson* I see you're on break already officer*

fix some errors and you are golden
It has been several days since the hunt in Brazil. Akemi Kiyomi and the latest member Sarenia have finally gotten accustomed to the Rift Trekkers base. While Akemi was quick to socialize with everyone Kiyomi and Sarenia mostly stayed to themselves at times though in Sarenia's case she is unable to talk even though Jae and Cynder are teaching her sign language and have overall taken a extreme liking to the mute girl in a parental sense, even though sher was only a few years younger. Kiyomi was still somewhat cold in regards to personal info regarding her and strangely weary of Lalo for some reason. Otherwise she doesn't mind talking to them at times (even though it's only when Trey is around). As of today everyone was on the main floor in kitchen/bar and living room watching the news whereas the kunoichi in question was making her way downstairs, wearing casual and modest clothing curious as to what some of her new comrades were watching.

Wit:*irritated from what he sees on tv* LOOK AT THIS TRASH!!! I CANT BELIEVE HE'S AT IT AGAIN!!

Raily: *equally annoyed as well* of course this asshole would shit on our work!

Libby:*Concerned* Raily, Wit calm down.

Cynder: Why should we!? This jackass reporter keeps fuc....*feels Jae squeeze her hand.*

Jae:*gives his girlfriend a stern yet calm gaze* Cynder....

Cynder: *Sighs, somewhat hesitently* right right...I'm just gonna go the “dojo” I need to kick something. *leaves down the hall passing Kiyomi as she made it to the last step, with Pheryu pearched on her shoulder*

Kiyomi: *curious about what has everyone riled up.* ummm what happened?

Akemi: *Sitting at the bar drinking a soda* some newsreporter who does nothing else than rag on our guild, or any other for that matter if it has hybrids in it.

Kiyomi: *walks to the bar* And his name?

Jolt:*sitting at the bar as well with Comet both were reading mangas* Aaren Oswald.

Kiyomi looks at the reporter and noticed he was a man of average build, apparently in his mid twenties he had a tannish light brown complextion, a small goteewith a mustache and a short curly afro. Most odd of all was his attire as it was very casual and laid back compared to your average newsreporter.

Kiyomi:*looks at the human reporter* So thats him?

Jolt:*puts down his manga* Yup the “J. Jonah Jameson” to our “Spider Man” *Kiyomi looks at him confused* well here's a little backstory on him. Apprently Alto News wanted to gain popularity with the young adults and teens so after some searching they find him who used to be some basement blogger btw. And it turns out ANN (Alto News Network) hit the jackpot and their ratings and views skyrocketed. The catch is though like Akemi said, his famecomes from ripping on slayers most preferebly us. Almost every slayer alive hates him. So in other words he's just another one of those pompus hipsters that serves to brainwash the masses and end up on everyone's shit list.

Helix:*standing from behind the bar* And don't even get me started on that grating try hard hood accent of his. Litteraly made the poor bloke over tear off his ears *points at Comet*

Comet: I actually did that?

Kiyomi: He's just a news reporter what harm can a bunch of words do to hardened slayers such as you all?

Howard: *sitting on the couch next to Libby and Sarenia who was cuddling Zippy in her arms* nothing it's just when you make past a few months the crap that comes out of his mouth gets old and annoying.

Aaren: *a picture showing various events that transpired in rio pops up behind him* Ok so look apparently one of the largest slave networks has been taken down finally by none other than the Rift Trekkers with a little help from several other small guilds. So you know what bravo. *does a quick series of claps* Brovo to them.

Kiyomi: See not that bad heck he's complimenting us for our work. *Raily, Jae, and Wit look at each other knowing this reporter's shitick and knowing what's going to come next.*

Raily, Jae, and Wit: *aloud* 3......2......1

Aaren: But that still doesn't excuse the countless damage done to the city and the lives that were endangered or worse cause i'm pretty sure there are innocent families out there who now have to spend the remainder of their lives without any potential loved ones. So bravo Rift Trekkers. *claps again this time in a mocking manner* Bravo for your reckless actions. Maybe yall and the other slayer guilds should do us all a favor and go away for good and leave this to the actual law enforcment since their motto is to “Protect and Serve” as opposed to “Destroy and Ruin” which is what you Hybrid Slayers are so used to.

Kiyomi: *Now slightly offended as pheryu growls in anger* Okay I take back everything I said he's a Jerk........and slightly racist as well. Still it is nothing more than hollow insults that serve no other purpose than to increase his wealth and popularity.

Aaren: *A picture of Kiyomi appears* now onto to one of their new members whoever the hell she is. Something tells me is noting more than some skank wannabe ninja who's just in it to flaunt her “you know what”around for the cheap fame *the image of her focuses on her bosom as Aeren laughs*

The TV is immediality destroyed when an especially large ice kunai impales the screen, freezing it to the point shattering into a cascade of ice chunks and diamond dust.

Kiyomi:*lowering her hand, after trowing the icy weapon , face red from the embarrasing insult* forgive me for that Jolt but that was two much for any sane soul.

Jolt: eh no biggie. I can just pull another one out in a few seconds flat. Besides you're not the first one to destroy a TV because of asshole.

Kiyomi: Just how did someone so dishonerable and repulsive earn a job like that!?

Jolt: How did durable cyborg assassin in blue get offed by a measily uppercut from a scantily clad banshee milf?

Kiyomi: what?

Jolt: Exactly it makes no sense and you'll give yourself a migraine trying to comprehend it all.

Kiyomi: ooookaaayyyy *noticing Trey is not around* so where's Trey? *she hears a long drawn out sigh from th corner of the living room* hm?

Kiyomi looks around to see Trey criss crossed facing the corner with his head down, surrounded in a gloomy aura.

Kiyomi:*sweatbrops a little* Uhhhh Trey... *Trey turns and faces Kiyomi with a hilariously depressed glare*wh-what's wrong?

Trey:...........that.*points at Sarenia who is happily playing and cuddling with Zippy*.

Kiyomi:*now more confused* Whats wrong with that? it's just Sarenia playing with Zippy.

Trey: Exactly! Everyone has Zippy but me! He's my partner in crime! I found and raised him! I should be entitled to get him when I want but I can't even do that! It's no fair!

Kiyomi could not help but laugh at this. The leader of the Rift Trekkers reduced to a pouting baby over a basalisk gecko he is unable to spend time with because someone else has him. Plus she finds it strangely adorable and perhaps even..................cute.

Trey: *Annoyed* whats so funny?

Kiyomi: *stops laughing and wipes a tear from her eye* ohhhh it's nothing it's just *ponders what to say between what she think about Trey in his plight and what she really came to ask* I was actually wondering are their any missions avaliable today?

Trey: ohhhh that.

Akemi:*Overhears the talk between the two relating to a mission and joins the two.* Yeah I want another at becoming a Slayer!

Trey: I mean yeah there is one avaliable.

Akemi: well then when do we go? We can't leave anymore innocents in danger right?

Trey:*scratches his head because he knows where this location is and what kind of a mission it is*thing is this is really one of those missions that is not worth the hassle *under his breath* especially if your a hybrid.

Akemi: Awww come one Trey-san! *grabs his hand and forces him to his feet* I can't stay as a recruit forever! I besides it's getting kinda irritating with Sticky, rubbing it in my face about how he's a slayer, only to forget it and do it again!

Sticky: HEYA AKEMI!!!

Akemi: ah hell......

Sticky: Whats wrong? Still bitter about not getting this? *shows of his slayer badge*

Akemi: we've been over this a hundread times already Sticky.

Sticky: What? I think thats just an excuse to cover up your saltiness.

Akemi:*trying to fight the urge to axe kick him through the ceiling* C'mon Trey lets go before I find myself stomping the slime out of this damn slug. *Drags Trey to the door by his hoodie while Kiyomi followed unsurprisingly.*

Trey: Whoa wait hold on sec not just the three of us we need *looks and sees everyone, save for Jolt and Helix had ran off to other areas of the base. Obviously they must now about this infamous avaliable mission* those mother fu..

Kiyomi:*to herself* Wow whats so bad about this “mission Trey is talking about

Jolt: eh I guess I'll tag along. From where this manga is going i'll be at it all day *puts his manga in his pocket.

Trey: *still being dragged by the hoodie* Even with you i'd rather we didn't

Helix: Trey Sooner or later Akemi's gonna have to learn the ropes of a slayer. This will be the ideal stepping stones of a mission seeing as how she isn't quite ready for the big boys just yet.

Trey: dammit..... I know this is would be a good mission for her, it's just the.......location.

Helix: I know it shouldn't be that long though. I give you no longer than 3 hours tops *Trey just sighs in response* so go on get it out of the way .besides you don't even need Jolt for the matter thats overkill territory.

Jolt: But how else they're gonna get there and back?.

Helix: Point taken. * watches as the four leave out before thinking to himself* and taking out a picture showing him Jackie and three unfamiliar figures. But it was torn partially excluding one more* if only you all were here to see the new generation. *focuses on the sole female figure* especially you. You would've been proud. Wish I acted earlier otherwise you would still be here. *puts the photo in his pocket and leaves to smoke another cigarette*
Outside the base.

Akemi: *stretching* so Jolt you're gonna pull out that super expensive jet yet.

Jolt: it would be a waste of time.

Kiyomi: *perplexed* Why?

Trey: *still sitting on the ground with Akemi holding on to his hoodie* Cause our destination is only a good 4 minutes away by car.

Akemi: *looks down at Trey* Oh it's that close?

Jolt: *reconstructs a 4 door pickup truck modified and reinforced. Suited for Slayers* Yup. seriously lets get this over with. Trey You're driving *jumps in the flatbed and resumes reading his manga*

Trey: *sighs* oh joy. On the plus at least we're doing others of our kind a favor that are Slayers. *gets up and heads to the truck with subtle reluctance*

Akemi: *mentally repeating what Trey said in bewildered curiosity* Uh Yomi-chan what did he mean by that? *Kiyomi just shrugs and heads to the truck getting in on the passenger side before she follows and gets in the rear seats.*

The ride to their destination was filled with awkward silence and felt rather long despite the short time required to get there. Kiyomi just blankly stared out the window thinking to herself and stricken with concern. The kunoichi knew full well that Trey and to an extent Jolt did not want to take up this job. She could read it all over their faces as if words were etched on them, if the evidence of everyone hauling ass at the base wasn't enough. Despite the urge to ask, Kiyomi refrained, she didn't know why herself and was simply blaming it on the personal influx of thought over all that transpired at Rio as reassurance. Nevertheless she believes it would be better to bank on Akemi to break the silence. Who else but her sister who isn't really a fan of awkward silence, and on cue......

Akemi: *twiddling her left ear* Soooooooooooooo Trey. Where exactly are we going?

Trey: Blackoak isles.

Kiyomi: Blackoak Isles huh? Whats so “Well known” about it judging from you and Jolt's demeanor this place has quite a reputation.

Jolt: *pokes his head through the rear window* damn straight it does. Because I like being cryptic here is a hint. Why would Hybrids mostly avoid a town dominated by humans in this day of age?

Akemi:*confused and slightly weary*........

Jolt: Second guessing your decision are we?

Akemi: you're kidding right? Of course not.

Trey: We'll see soon.

While Akemi remained confident, if not defiant Kiyomi couldn't help but feel a little nervous by Jolt's hint. She knew full well what he could be referring to but kept her hopes up that it wasn't what she think it could be as they made they're way down the lengthy suspended bridge to the grounded town.

In the location in question Skye is now in uniform and is getting off of the local city bus that travels around Black oak and sometimes even to Alto. She plugged in her earbuds and began her walk down the block. Normally on a daily basis, Skye would expect some prejudice induced stares coming towards her because of what she is, but after years of it she could basically give any less of a f*** at this point and most denizens would be wise not to say anything out of line towards her due to her track record of knocking out a few teeth and breaking noses and jaws here and there. This time though the populace was focused on something else. Skye couldn't help but notice everyone heading of towards the entrance to the town.

Skye:*to herself* What's going on


Civilian 2: It's about damn time we've been dealing with these annoying ass ferals for long enough!

Skye:*intrigued, thinks to herself once again* Slayers? Here? No shit. I guess whatever guild it is finally decided to help out with our “little” problem. Heh God help them if they have a hybrid or two in their clique.

As Skye watched on as her fellow locals gathered she noticed in the center a short and stout figure organizing everyone around. It was the town mayor, a rather vocal and eccentric figure. While well liked by everyone Skye in particular detested him for his prejudice against her, his history prior to becoming a mayor and how supportive everyone is of him despite his past in question.

Mayor: All right everyone this is the first time in years Slayers have finally come to Black oak. Remember we need to make them feel welcomed especially after that last fiasco we had with arguably the most well known, respected and powerful guild on this planet.

Civilian elder: you mean dem million edge slayers

Mayor: Yes them. The “disagreement” with one of their prominent members proved more ruinous than I had thought. But that's in the past now and the slate is clean so lets get the confetti and trumpets at the ready

Civilian woman: don't you think is a little too much? I mean we are just greeting a few slayers and all there going to do is just help get rid of some low level “Scavenger” Ferals that in truth even us can take care of really.

Mayor: Nonsense mam I believe it's just fine

Civilian boy: I think he's trying way too hard to forget about that royal screw up years back.

Civilian girl: yeah agreed but I think we can all agree that so as long as it aint any hybrids part of them we'll get along just fine *under her breath* they're kind has caused us all enough grief.

Civilian boy: True but that's wishful thinking every guild has at least several of em.

Civilian Man: Hybrids haven't been avoiding this place just on name alone they know how we truly feel about them and the hell they wrought on our way of life and this Earth. they are the main reason why Ferals have infested it.

Mayor: hush now *sees the truck coming to a halt* they're stopping get ready now.

Trey: *Slowly stopping and getting increasingly nervous* Well we're here and whaddya know *sweat drops as he sees a crowd of people in front of him* they're expecting us. *slowly hides his face behind the steering wheel*

Akemi: Why are you so nervous Trey-san? It looks like welcoming party?

Kiyomi: *noticing that everyone ready to greet them were human and remembers Jolt's cryptic hint and what it means and gets nervous as well* Ummmm Akemi I think it would be wise to once more take into consideration Jolt's riddle.

Akemi: Yeah maybe another time.

Kiyomi: I recommend now.

Trey: Jolt can you please just tell her. *Jolt doesn't answer after several seconds* Jolt? *Turns around and notices from the rear window that the flatbed of the truck now had a hard cover over it with Jolt hiding within it* What the!?

Kiyomi: Jolt what are you doing?

Akemi: Since when did this truck have a retractable flatbed cover.

Trey: Jolt!! The hell are you doing man!?

Jolt: *From under* I'd rather Akemi find out on her own out there.

Kiyomi: well that certainly didn't answer the question.

Jolt: I'm not in the mood for unjustified bullshit okay? Besides I'm almost done with this chapter
Kiyomi: Even though you're in the dark now?

Jolt. If I can literally pull a two trucks and a superjet out of my ass then it wouldn't be hassle for me to recreate a flashlight to see, and that's not even counting the natural night vision I installed in my optics.

Kiyomi: Still a pathetic excuse.

outside the truck

Civilian man: *confused as to why no one is leaving the truck* wonder whats going on in there?

Civilian man 2: maybe they're getting their ready.

Civilian man: Could be.

back in the truck

Akemi: Okay seriously come on lets go we'll acheive nothing just staying in here.

Trey: Should really think about this..

Akemi: We've done enough thinking already now lets go!

Trey: yeah you're right we have. You on the other hand...*gets grabbed by the back of collar* ack!

Akemi: *Starts pulling the half dragon hybrid back towards the back. Save it Trey-san we don't wanna give off a bad impression with the townsfolk right?

Trey: *trying to clutch to the top of the seat to keep from being pulled out.* If you knew anything about this hellhole of a town it would be impossible for “us” to make an even worse impression here.

Akemi merely shrugs this off and grabs an newly reluctant Kiyomi by her scarf and proceeds to drag them to the backseat and out of the door. While this was going own, the Black oak locals where anticipating seeing the heroes faces, even though they were completely oblivious to the slayers' forms.

Mayor: *sees the back door opening up* okay everyone get ready someone's coming out! Trumpets at the ready.

Civilian woman: Still a bit too much regarding our “problem.”

Out of the truck comes Akemi dragging her reluctant friends out with her just as the trumpets went off in celebration

Akemi: See look there they already rolled the red carpet out for *the trumpets abruptly halt when Akemi turns and sees the all human denizens stunned and shocked once they get a good look at her, Kiyomi, and Trey* us?
Civilian man:*after seven seconds of awkward silence* Is this a f******* joke!?

Civilian Woman: hybrids there all hybrids. *faces the mayor in an annoyed manner* isn't that just grand?

Mayor:*whispers back* Ummmm how was supposed to know some damn hybrid slayers were dumb enough to take up the job when our dislike for the damn creatures are known thoughout the entire planet.

Civilian Man: Well Mayor as the leader of this town, why don't lead yourself up there and deal with this.

Mayor: no we need to get rid of these ferals once and for all. *everyone sighs in anger* look I don't like it as much as any of you I understand but the damage the ferals have done to our economy is hell on our wallets we won't be able to sustain ourselves forever at this rate.

Civilian Man 2: I'd rather starve to death than to be offered help from one of those damned creatures.

Mayor: well that's too bad and at least it's not you who has to stomach talking to *looks at the three hybrids and cringes* them.

Akemi: *Confused* uhhhh did we do something wrong?

Trey: *gets up dusting himself off* you wanna know the answer to Jolt's riddle?

Akemi: Wh-what?

Trey: Racism thats the answer Hybrids almost always avoid this place because it's population is full of racist humans who refuse to accept the possibility of both of our kinds living together in peace. In other words they're still stuck in the “Divided Century”

The Divided Century was time period were Humans and Hybrids were not the best of friends which would eventually culminate to the attempted genocide of Hybrids and the eventual advent of the Ferals from the disastrous attempts to create a biological weapon intended to wipe out the hybrids

Kiyomi: *gets up wiping dirt from her shoulder* just as I had feared a town full of hybrid hating humans I should've warned you earlier sister.

Trey: let's save it for later*sees the mayor approach them* looks like the mayor of this town is here to “greet” us.

Skye: *Watching from afar while thinking to herself* so those are the slayers huh? And they're all hybrids god and whole cadre of angels help them heh. *looks at her watch* shit! Imma be late for work I do not need to hear his mouth again! I'll keep an eye out on them regardless though. *runs off to work*

Mayor: *Clears his throat hesitantly and sighs* welcome slayers to Black oak isles a humble town that is also the capitol of ermmm. Waste management.

Trey *in his head* how...professional of you *out of his head* uh yeah glaaaaaaaaadddd to be here?*chokes a little* so you have a long running scavenger problem?

Mayor: ye....yes scavenger ferals have strangely been ravaging our junkyard the towns primary money printer if you will. Now you're probably pondering why we haven't dealt with this ourselves. Reason number 1 they have overwhelming numbers on their side, reason number 2 the few we sent to try and intervene haven't returned assuming the worst they're probably dead, and reason number 3 there have been “rumors” of a large figure that is supposedly leading the cretins likely a pack class Feral. *Trey raises an eyebrow* While it would be the most logical conclusion to the disappearance of the volunteers, alas there have been no concrete proof due to the universal fear of venturing there. But to cut it short we need these cretins gone now. Our population has went down by 30% on this year alone because of those creatures.

Trey: Say no more we'll clear em out.

Akemi: well it least the racism isn't that bad

Mayor: Good then now the ground rules, I prefer you avoid contact with the denizens, stay only in the junkyard and if you plan on getting anything to eat from our restaurants order from the backdoor and immediately head back to the junkyard. Finish in under a day and you'll receive your payments.

Akemi:*stunned along with Kiyomi*...............................could you be any more blunt with the hate? *Kiyomi elbows her and Trey turns and glares*

Kiyomi:*whispers in annoyance* Not professional.

Akemi:*whispers back* Sorry...

Mayor: *Ignores Akemi's outburst and looks at Trey* oh before I leave I forgot one crucial detail. The scavengers arrive at precisely 9:30 pm from the eastern entrance to our junkyard it would be wise for you to station yourselves around there.

Akemi: *walks up to the mayor: Regarding you're Ground rules and the fact it's twelve pm now we have to stay in a smelly junkyard for a little over nine hours straight?

Mayor: Yes *Glares at her in an offended manner* is that a problem?

Akemi: No it isn't it's just...

Mayor: I figure staying in a “smelly” junkyard wouldn't be too bad for a group of hardened slayers especially your you three since your kind made and is making currently a living feeding off of trash cans and scraps.

Akemi: *under her breath* Mother fu..

Kiyomi squeezes Akemi's arm to try and remind her to act right but sends of a subtlety vicious glare at the Mayor. Trey on the other hand stayed professional and masked the urge of wanting to punch out the man's teeth under a neutral face. Even Jolt heard from within the flatbed of the truck and too was offended clenching his fist tightly despite not being a hybrid himself, he does not kindly tolerate any form of racist insult directed at those he deems his friends.

Mayor: Now try not to destroy the junkyard in your attempts to rid of your mutated siblings and good day*Turns and leaves*

Kiyomi was ready to create an ice kunai to hurl at the rude man, but Trey grabs her hand stopping her from doing so and just shakes his head no as the three looked on they could see the dislike for them in the residents' faces. as the townsfolk left the three hybrids could hear the racist mumbling of the human civilians as they scattered to resume their daily routine.

Akemi: Not professional remember

Kiyomi: Rude, pompous scum if it were up to me I would let this town fall.

Jolt:*jumps out of the truck bed* No can do we accepted the mission now we gotta see through to the end.

Kiyomi: Coming from a coward like you why should we follow through?

Jolt: think of it as an unofficial Slayer code of honor Ms. “by the book.” Slayers never back down from a hunt they agree to cause backing down only sullies your guild's rep and make's the “Quest givers” less likely to accept your help which is bad for business.

Kiyomi:*sighs and pinches her the bridge of her nose* Very well, but I certainly won't like it though.

Jolt: dislike away no unofficial rule stating you have to enjoy it.

Akemi: if only that asshole could've given us the directions though.

Jolt: pfft please with me around finding the junkyard wouldn't even qualify as a chore *Shows off his arm console revealing a built in gps monitor.

Trey: Well at least this is a good time for you two to learn about the different types of ferals cause i'm certain you don't have a clue as to whats a scavenger feral and pack feral.

Akemi: Of course we know.........sorta.

Trey: Yeah.....sure i'll give you two the rundown, after we get back to the truck this place is giving off a lot of bad vibes right now.

Kiyomi. Agreed knowing our enemies is the first step to victory as my fat......erm former friend said. *Trey and Jolt look at her weirdly but brush it off*

The entire party makes their way back to the truck trying to find asylum from the bad aura the town was drenched in, Yet Trey could not let go of the subtle uneasy feeling that there is a lot more to this mission than the slayer equivalent of pest control. Meanwhile the curious mixed girl, Skye finally arrived at her job, a typical fast food restaurant that goes by the name Mighty Mark Burgers. The thought of this place always triggered negative emotions for the young woman but what other choice did she have? It was the only establishment that in her words could “stomach” hiring her and keeping her around which was ironic since she is the most efficient progressive one in the place. One of the likely reasons why was because she picked up the slack of the other hateful workers who did it just to spite her knowing that the manager would show his bias and harangue her for their actions. They also know that despite her track record of knocking teeth out and breaking jaws and noses this if her last and only source of income, meaning she has to suck up the hate and continue working until closing, and that's not including the cruel deductions to her pay for even the most ridiculous reasons so much so that customer complaints from her serving the food doesn't even qualify for the top ten reasons for the pay cut.

On the bright side, for Skye she was just one week short of her target goal of making enough money to move out of this racist town even if she was payed only a quarter of her check. Having arrived five minutes earlier than her assigned starting time Skye took that time to let out a long drawn out sigh

Skye: *in her head* alright just one more week of this fvcked up job and I can finally move out to Alto and start anew.

Skye walks through the doors and is greeted by disapproving glares she had been anticipating and grown use to it for the near entire year she has worked here. No words were traded as she made her way to the back with the other employees.

Employee 1: *under her breath* well look who decided to crawl out if her den.

Skye: *hears the coworkers rude comment.* Mind repeating that louder and in my face? *The female worker says nothing remembering the last time she got her nose broken and several of her teeth knocked out last time she challenged the mixed. Thankfully for Skye's case this was after work* that's what I thought b****.

Most of the other coworkers were also too nervous to even make a peep with Skye in there with them preferring to wait until she was through getting ready. Skye made her way to a random fryer on the left and saw a batch of frozen fries in the dipping pot. Instinctively she knew the routine and immediately dipped the pot in the boiling grease.

Skye: *Blowing her bang from her face* another day another 6 hours in this shithole. Just keep it together Skye it's almost over...

Meanwhile Trey and the others finally made it to the Junkyard in question rather surprised at the massive size of the place compared to the relatively small town of Black oak

Akemi: *looking out of the window of the truck* Geez this place is bigger than the town itself

Kiyomi:*arms folded* And it's denizens are no different from the trash that gets deposited here.

Jolt: Amen to that. So boss where we gonna set shop at.

Trey: y'know I kinda don't like being referred like that.

Jolt: Too bad you were voted guild leader you gotta deal with it.

Trey: Don't remind me.....

Kiyomi: Why are you so embarrassed about being the leader of the very guild if I remember correctly you helped form?

Trey: Thats the thing I helped I didn't single handedly make it it just seems....unfair

Jolt: You are a strange case cringer.

Trey: Wat?

Jolt: You know why? 1 You are normally the first to take charge when the situation calls. 2 Your smart as hell despite dressing like a refined hooligan. 3. you can keep a level head in the deadliest of situation that's why the other founding members voted you as leader yet you can't see yourself like that. What happened to the headstrong guy that wanted to follow in his Old Man's footsteps? Put an end to this bloody ass stalemate between slayers and ferals? Becoming the next Hybrid Odyssey? *Trey says nothing* But in fairness your unique demeanor does make things interesting for me to insult at least.

Akemi: Curious question. Who was your dad Trey.

Trey: Eh sore subject number 2

Akemi: w..why?

Kiyomi: If Trey is in not in the mood to talk about it then it would be in our best interest to acknowledge it. *Turns to Trey* I know just how you feel about not wanting to share certain in your history.

Trey: how thoughtful and how proper of you mam thanks for the save.

Kiyomi: *gets slightly flustered* y.your welcomed.

Jolt: *Sensing Kiyomi's heart rate increasing and thinks to himself* uh oh this could be interesting if she survives long enough.

Trey: *Notices a hidden cut in the junkyard* Anyways this looks a good place to set shop.

Trey stops the truck and gets out followed by Akemi, Kiyomi, and, lastly Jolt after he deconstructs the vehicle and assimilates it back within his body. Akemi felt somewhat disgusted about the possibility of having to sit on the filthy ground which is unsurprising due to her rich upbringing, but who said trying to be a Slayer would be a clean job? Kiyomi was neutral in contrast and was more focused on her personal mission despite a conscious becoming a little more aggressive against her selfish objective. Fortunately for the former Jolt was there to create small benches for them to sit on, not to fancy but practical nonetheless.

Akemi: Well now that we are finally situated now you can tell us about the different types of ferals.

Trey: Yeah true so get comfortable cause it's a doozy. *waits for the two girls comply* okay now just earlier you heard about the scavenger ferals those guys are small fry and a cakewak for even new slayer recruits of course they are extremely dangerous to regular civilians. If I were to compare them to actual animals it would be gray wolves.

Akemi: sounds tame

Trey: next up are the swarmers. While only barely above scavengers they're deadly in numbers able to strip an reinforced skyscraper to it's foundation in under thirty minutes but there even weaker on their own than scavengers. Those are probably comparable to cat sized ants.

Kiyomi: Well that sounds intimidating

Trey then there are the pack ferals tt make up the bulk of feral numbers they're dangerous and it isn't uncommon to have multiple even entire guilds take them on also in terms of power they are the most varied on average think a supersoldier with the power of an elephant. Of course taking down a pack feral is how you become a full fledged slayer in our guild.

Akemi: geez

Trey: then there are the Apex ferals dear lord those things are batshit insane.

Kiyomi: h...how.

Trey think a monster with the strength to tear through admantium metal the durability to withstand nukes and experience equivalent to 7 lifetimes *Kiyomi and Akemi are silently nervous* yeah those bastards are capable of sacking entire cities and even numerous guilds.......for a warm up to this date we've barely took down one with the help of 5 other guilds we were the only guild not taken down completely even though we lost a lot of members and this was when the monster was weakened after it demolished the other guilds.

Akemi and Kiyomi were frightened by the thought now. the rift trekkers had some of the strongest members they personally met and really began to ponder their chances now. Pack ferals were already tough in their own right but if what Trey says is true then those pack ferals are mere fleas to the Apex ferals.

Trey: on the flipside they are rare with only a documented twenty Apex ferals currently active back then there were at lest five hundred of them. most of their numbers fell when ferals of all kinds were mysteriously being killed off in the span of a few months which of course was bad for slayer based business.

Kiyomi: *Now intrigued thinks to herself* who or what could have possibly killed off a majority of such powerful monsters if Trey's words indeed hold weight and is not some farce to test our resolve.

Akemi: and the culprit responsible is still at large

Trey: yep nobody even knows what it looks like some folks have claimed that an elusive cryptid that lives only in sky cities is responsible. Anyways even the Apex ferals are not the top dogs

Akemi: your kidding right?..................................Right? *breaks a sweat*

Trey: *laughs lightly* nope.

Kiyomi: *gulps a little* then what is?

Trey: Alpha Ferals

Kiyomi and Akemi: Alpha Ferals?

Trey: yep those guys were on a level where even Apex ferals will demote themselves to b**** status willingly when around. Alphas were estimated at being Continental in raw power

Kiyomi: You referring to them in past tense suggests something happened to them.

Trey: Well aren't you observant. Yeah nobody really knows what became of them before the feral massacre they were already recluse enough to the point their have only been 3 confirmed alpha Ferals and only 1 was captured and this was before our grandparents were even a thought to their parents. So at best as of today they're nothing more than a myth *gets hit in the head by a high speed can of Soda called “Cirrus Myst”* GAH WHAT THE HELL JOLT!?!?!

Jolt: *Holding two more cans of Soda* What? I said heads up *Hands Akemi and Kiyomi the sodas ignoring the annoyed scowl Trey was giving him*

Trey: whatever...

Trey picks up his can that fell to the ground not thinking about the pressure that has been built up in it and pops it... only to have all the soda in the can erupt like a pint sized volcano in his face completely splashing all over his face, hair, and hoodie, all the while knocking his snapback off of his head Akemi busted out laughing and Kiyomi came near laughing but quickly covered her mouth and looked away, blushing not wanting to further fuel Trey's embarrassment

Jolt: *scratching his head* woops

Trey: *looks at Jolt* fvck...*blows dripping soda from his mouth* you.....

The comical event was soon interrupted by the sound of a loud inhuman shriek coming from the other side of the junkyard that instantly alerted the four......
some time after her arrival Skye was at the front waiting for whatever unhealthy slob wants to further increase their chances of suffering a clogged artery from eating the questionably suspect food, then again what fast food joint wasn't suspicious if the standard meals didn't even break ten dollars on average. Skye's thoughts towards the hybrid slayers and found it humorous that they decided to take up the task of dealing something that would be otherwise a little above menial for the average slayer the only why anyone let alone hybrids would deal with this hell hole even if they knew about what was leading the the smaller ferals whoever or whatever it was it was unlike any feral she saw on the news and internet and it was the primary cause for the “dissapearences” and it was packing some military grade heat, the type of heat normally seen on high ranking slayers heat that normally belong to powerful aircraft and tanks. The mixed personally hoped for their sake the Mayor has informed them well on this on just what they'll be dealing with and the fate of the other slayers that actually accepted the mission prior to them and it wasn't a pretty sight either considering that the unfortunate souls had to be “scrapped” off the the ground or be gathered piece by piece. Either way she would keep a good eye out on them in the only way she can and fortunately for her she was able to convince her manager (somehow) to let her get off early and she only has twenty more minutes left.

Customer: So umm foxy you ready yet?

Skye: *Snapping out of her daydreaming* Excuse me? *sees a line of fifteen people and realizes she is the only one in the front to take the orders* ah shit........

back at the junkyard

Akemi: *spooked* Okay imma take a wild guess and say that was a scavenger feral.

Jolt: * handing Trey a towel to dry his face off* judging from the decibels it probably a stronger than normal mook, probably able to rip a regular joe to shreads. A rarity amongst those kinds of ferals.

Several Ferals the size of large muscular men emerge from behind the mounds of throwaway junk they all looked the same, basically werewolf like and rather diseased looking an oddity amongst the lowest of the established feral echelon.

Trey: Yep thats among the stronger variaty of Scavengers well Akemi now you might have a legitimate challenge now.

Akemi: *gulps* uhhh these freaks don't look that much smaller than the Ferals we fought at Rio....

Jolt: Overtime if you don't get mauled to death you'll be able tell ferals apart easily.

Akemi: *sighs and readies herself* well it could be worse like them tearing me apart if i was by my self.

Jolt: That's the spirit besides it could be an even worse case scenario for a fine young hybrid like yourself, you could be reduced to piece of meat for any sick feral and I mean that in the worst way possible.

Akemi: *figures out Jolt meant and gets a sickening chill in her spine* ewwww....

Jolt: Hey thats reality for Slayers.

Trey: Don't listen him, though that is likely if we screw up considering how much of a hottie you are.

Akemi: Not helping.....

Trey: Fortunatly for you no way we gonna fvck up fvcking up a bunch of nobodies and you won't be a comfort girl to some random freakishly mutated cthulu like abomination

Akemi: Y-yeah how encouraging. *Notices a feral lunging at Trey* TREY LOOK OUT!!!!

Trey notices the Feral just meters away from his face and nonchalantly throws a casual punch in the creature's face........that sends it flying several yards at the speed of a cannonball and into a large mound of junk taking it out of the fight.

Akemi:*awstruck* whoa.......

Kiyomi: *in her head* That was......impressive and .ho....wait what am I saying!?

Trey: Yo Kiyomi now would be a good time to play ninja.

Kiyomi: *gets back to her senses* r-right *creates a compressed ball of snowy mist and throws it to the ground vanishing in a explosion of fine powdery snow.*

Trey: Alright Akemi you ready for a good warm up? *Akemi nods* judging from what I've heard about you from Kiyomi, you have a good shot at these mooks.

Akemi: Really?

Trey: From what your sister told me you can deliver a mean kick

Jolt: like a thicked thighed chinese martial artist.

Akemi: uhhhhhh thanks?

The Ferals charged the the group with dozens more coming out of their hiding spots.

Trey: Well this is funny it's almost like they were expecting us... *charges the attacking monsters solo while Jolt stays near Akemi*

Jolt: Always the head strong type.....

Akemi: Kinda reckless isn't it?

Jolt: yeah but Trey always has a method to the madness and ones coming at you.

Akemi: Wait wha...*notices a scavenger running at her* GAH!!

Akemi ducks out of the way of the mutan's swipe and backflipped away to get more space between her and the feral. Another feral attempted to pounce on her from behind, but something snags it by the leg and slams it on the ground. The monster looks behind and notices it's Jolt who has it by the leg.

Jolt: You really think imma let you pounce on her from behind? She ain't for the cheap shit like that....well not yet anyways. *Slams the Feral by it's leg several times in quick succesion, knocking it out*

Several ferals focus their attention on Jolt brutalizing their brethern and charge him. Jolt responds by using the battered feral like a crude baseball bat, smacking various other ferals massive distances away at various angles.

As three more lowly ferals emerged ready to join the brawl they notice a sharp dagger of ice zoom past them. On hunger driven instinct they follow to the direction it was thrown from only for the Feral in front to be greeted by several ice shurikans from out of knowhere to the skull that on reaction freeze it's entire body solid, yet surprisingly not killing it as it's eyes were moving around frantically indicating panic at it's situation. The scavengers decide to press on until the both notice a lithe figure that was sililar in shape to Kiyomi. Wasting no time the second feral lunged at the figure and plunged it's fangs into the shoulders. Much to it's suprise, what it thought was an assured meal exploded point blank and sent numerous shrapnel of ice into it's body freezing it over as like the first unfortunate beast. Not letting the misfortune of it's packmates sway it away the lone scavenger feral pressed on looking for the culprit.

As it continue to run on it unknowingly steps right into a small field of caltrop shaped ace shards the pierce the thick padded paws on it's feet, freezing and shattering them. The feral falls on it's chest and looks at it's missing legs in a dumbfounded expression before Kiyomi appears on it's left. The feral doesn't even get the chance to move it's eyes at her direction before the kunoichi raises her right leg high in the air and brings it down on the back of the feral neck with enough force to knock it out and vanished as soon as she appeared. Back on Akemi's battle she was still rather evasive of the mad feral deranged slashes waiting for the right time to retaliate. After two whiffed verticle slashes, Akemi sidestepped the third and did a sweeping kick to trip up the the beast and chained in a roundhouse kick to the beasts ribs, sending it flying a fair distance away, surprising the hybrid girl of her own strength.

Akemi: Whoa.... I actually... did it? WAHOOOO

As Akemi celebrated her first legit victory she was oblivious to an opprotunistic lunge from behind by another feral that would have succeeded, had it not been for Trey's intervention who promptly sucker punched the mutant on the top of it's skull with enough force to hammer it's head into the ground.

Akemi: *Startled by the breif yelp of a feral and the sound of earth shattering* EEP! *turns around and sees Trey and a motionless Feral with it's head humerously stuck in the ground*

Trey: Save the celebrating after we deal with the “pest problem” kay? *Akemi nods* cool.

Trey grabs the feral it just smacked into the ground and yanks it out just in time to use it as a sheild against the incoming bite of a another feral that was milliseconds from a succesful infectious drop on him. As anticipated the offending feral unintentionally plunges it's fangs into its packmate's shoulder and could not free it's jaws quick enough to avoid a punishing kick from the half dragon that sent in both creatures skyrocketing. As the carnage raged on two small figures were watching from afar filled with a rather nervous disposition at the sight of Trey and Jolt demolishing the scavengers in droves while Akemi who was the greenest of the bunch has gotten the hang of it and in the span of 5 minutes has already downed 5 ferals on her own. What actually concerned the two figures the most was the mysterious freezing and or crippling of the Ferals by an unknown assailant.

Mysterious figure 1: We're getting our asses kicked!

Mysterious figure 2: for now anyways.

Mysterious figure 1: yeah we gotta get our “secret weapon out quick before we have know more Scavengers for salvaging.

Mysterious figure 2: if only that asshole listens to us.........

Mysterious figure 1: for the menial stuff. Slayers on the other hand, especially if said Slayers are part of the Rift Trekkers guild.....

after awhile it was over, the force of stronger than normal (though highly insignficant overall) scavenger ferals numbering in the Sixties were all bested in a rather lopsided skirmish against the slayers. It took some time but Trey and Jolt were able to round up all the unconcious mutants into one massed pile. It is here Jolt takes out a particular gun shaped device which catches Akemi and the now visible Kiyomi.

Kiyomi: Um Jolt what is that?

Jolt: Oh this little gun here the “Tagger”

Taggers are standard issue devices given to all offically established slayer guilds whose prime function is to tag defeated and or restrained ferals which sends out a rely that promptly causes a harmless beam of light to engulf the tagged feral and teleport them away. Where, it's unverasally unknown to the entirety of the known slayer population, yet somehow news of each capture will somehow be broadcasted amongst the guilds' slayer exclusive news feed. Oh and the only reason why they only use these specialized guns on ferals after they have bested them is because the beam of light that follows after tagging them can be easily avoided and the beam lacks any kind of tracking ability. You may wonder why considering the how well off society is financially in the highly advanced future they don't upgrade the technology of the taggers well it's just that they would have to completely replace the satelite used to whisk away defeated ferals which is very pricey and time consuming to the point Slayers agreed it was not worth the time and a few more masochistic deeming it as taking away the thrill of hunting Ferals. Crazy no?

Akemi: You mean one of those thingies that send beaten ferals away to god knows where? I always wondered where though.

Jolt:*tagging multiple ferals* wherever it is, not even combined stubborn might of Nathan Drake and Lara Croft could find it.

Jolt finshed tagging every feral and in roughly ten to fifteen seconds a massed column of light descended down and consumed the downed pack and just like that they were gone.

Kiyomi: While I'm partial to overreliance on such technology even I can't hide how impressed I am with the pragmatic nature of this tagger device. But something has been puzzling me...

Akemi: Whats on your mind?

Kiyomi: How that racist trash this town calls a mayor alluded the possibly of a stronger pack Feral being in charge of these grunts and theorizng the dissapearence of several townsfolk being possibly linked to the enigmatic creature.

Jolt: Ya gotta point ms. old fashioned maybe the asshat wanted to try and dissuade us from following through with the job out of hope he doesn't have to pay us if we succeeded which we have thanks in part to Akemi and dem beastly kicks

Akemi:*scratches the back of her head* Heh it was nothing

Trey: And Kiyomi those freaks didn't even know what hit em *Kiyomi smiles lightly at the complement*

Akemi: So whats next?

Trey: We take break for now then we go searchin for the top.......wait.......

Kiyomi: What is it Trey.

Trey:........were gonna have to put that break on hold.

No sooner did Trey finish his sentence a deafening boom equivilant to the sound of a anti aircraft gun firing flooded everyones ears. Within nanoseconds the boom Trey ended up catching something in his hand that was mere inches from Akemi's face, statling the girl

Akemi: *shaken* wha-wahat was that.

Akemi focused her attention on what Trey caught and it was a massive 138mm caliber bullet that would have pulped her head had he not reacted fast enough. The rabbit hybrid's blood ran cold at the thought of how close to death she was and not even know it.

Jolt: Ooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh someone is packing some impressive heat *notices Akemi still trembling* now time to piss in your panties now the real show is here.

From afar the group noticed a large figure in all black dwarfing even Jolt who was at least 7 ft 9. as he inched closer to the group they could now finally make out the details the mysterious figure donned was a simple long trench coat, black slim pants and combat boots all in black an it had it's face obscured by a tight mask and small goggles. What ever it was it was obviously not human as a series of bestial horns were protruding from it's head. The most impressive aspect about this figure was the massive gun it was hoisting over it's shoulder that was even larger than it.

Enigma: Ah slayers of alike blood stand before me now unilke the last souls that challenged us....

Trey: Others? Lemme guess there were other slayers that came took up this job of safeguarding junk only to have an unpleasent run in with you right?

Jolt: so who the hell are you?

Enigma: a name is meaningless for someone like me for I have no past nor future on all that I have done. Perhaps you all will be the judges

Jolt: imma just call you enigma.

Enigma: such a curious construct.

Akemi: Umm whats he blabbering on about?

Trey: No idea but i'm getting a weird whisker tingling vibe from this guy.

Before Trey could continue on he suddenly felt a large black fist collide with his face that ends up breaking his jaw and sends him flying into an abandoned car that gets sent flying from the impact as well before tumbling over and over towards the exit.

Kiyom and Akemi: TREY!!!!

Jolt: well this brute is certantly a lot faster than he looks *creates a chainsword from his wrist*

Jolt in turn retaliates by slashing at the large figure and causing a torrent of glowing purple ichor to erupt from his side.

Jolt: well at least I can confirm you're a feral *notices the wound heal rapidly* and an abnormal one at that.....

Enigma: I am the next stage for our kind a level that you halflings should be wise to embarce if you......*Gets smacked in the face by Trey who uses the same car he was punched into like a club sending the brute flying into an old worn out shed*

Trey: I wasn't through talking yet asshole!

Kiyomi: He wasn't even phased by the damage of that blow from earlier.

Trey: Geez *rubs his jaw* thank the heavens for my wolverine tier regen. I haven't taken a blow like that to face in I don't know how long.

Soon “Enigma” emerged from the demolished shed cracking it's neck Trey, Akemi, and Kiyomi braced themselves while Jolt was pulling out.

Jolt: Hey Kiyomi catch *throws a long sheathed blade at Kiyomi*

Kiyomi: *Catches the blade and observes it curiosly* hmmm... an Odachi?

Jolt: Yeah personally made it for you in the event you may have to be in direct combat after some tweaking I made it to where you can augment it with you own ice abilities.

Kiyomi pulled the blade out slightly revealing a obsidian black finish with the very edge being a neon sky blue in color.

Kiyomi: Thanks I'll make good use of this.

The four heroes braced themselves as Enigma ran at them with gun in tow being weilded like a sledgehammer as Trey in turn lunged back at the mysterious creature.