Hybrid Odyssey (a completely original story)


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Narrator 1: Back at the city where the main gang is...

Trey: Alto's fist !? You mean Master Miyazaki!?! (Trey,and Raily laugh their asses off)

Kiyomi and Akemi:...........?

Trey: Of course we know him, and his crazy ass training methods!

Raily: Yeah we were his pu.....

Jae: hey shhhhhhhhhh.

Raily: Oh right we can't talk about it in public here.

Akemi: What about when we stop by your place?

Jae: Maybe, but we just met you two just now

Libby: Two............ Wait didn't you have a flying buddy with you?

Narrator 2: Kiyomi realizes that she is infact short a feathery flying reptile and frantically jumps off from Trey's arms despite how beat up she was and walks towards the crowd as they cautiously back away from the wounded Hybrid as she whistles for her companion.

Trey: hold whats wrong?

Kiyomi: It's Phe!

Trey: Huh?

Kiyomi: Pheryu, my pet Dranix! He was knocked into the ground by that feral and I can't find him!

Raily: (Running in with Jae and the others) what does it look like?

Akemi: well he is blue with yellow and orange wings and a........

???: Hey guys Look at what I found!

Narrator 1:everyone looks up and sees a gray hare in a tattered green hoodie, brown torn pants partially wrapped up along with his arms and left ear.

Narrator 2: His name is Comet, he is a courier who has an affinity with earth and a personality as dull as a rock. He is sweet and gentle at heart but it is insanely hard for him to stay focused let alone get his attention for a few seconds. He has been friends with Trey and the others for a long time. Lately they have been trying to help Comet get a girlfriend for a little motivation but they have been failing at that spectacularly.

Akemi: uhhhhhhhh who is that?

Trey: Bout time ya showed up.

Howard:( notices nothing in Comet's hands) so what did find? Another old scar on your stomach?

Comet: (looks under his hoodie and actually finds a new scar he has never seen) Huh there is a new scar, but I found this weird bird lodged in my shoulder blade right here. (turns around and reveals Pheryu, who is literally lodged, beak first in his back quite amazing how he is rather casual about this)

Kiyomi: GAH!! PHE!!! (runs to her little companions aid with Akemi )

Akemi: WHOA!!! how are you not screaming like crazy (attempts to pull the bird out)

Comet: Dunno why for the past 10 minutes I didn’t even know he was stuck there. So uhhh Trey did I miss the............(looks and sees several unconscious Ferals) fight.......?

Trey: Yep.

Comet: awww maaan (Finally notices that Kiyomi and Akemi are still trying to pull Pheryu out of his back) oh yeah lemme help yall (lightly tugs the bird out of his back in sharp contrast to how hard the two girls were pulling and both of them fall down on their bottoms)

Kiyomi: Owwwwwwwww......(Pheryu, relieved starts licking her face) Yeah good to see you too boy.

Akemi: (looks at the fresh wound in comets back and notices it is not even bleeding.) hold on how come blood is not pouring out of your back? Just what kinda Hybrid are you?

Raily: Thats Just Comet's special trait. He has superman level pain tolerance, I mean hell he had his arm severed completely one time and it took him a whole hour to realize what happened.

Jae: still though he is very susceptible to fatal injuries just like us even if he can't feel them

Trey: Did we also mention dat he hates smiling because of huge gap he has between his teeth


Kiyomi: (remembers that Trey got shot point blank with a sawed off) What a sec what about you you were shot errr Trey right?

Trey: correct and now that I think about it what is your name anyways?

Kiyomi: It's Kiyomi and thats Akemi over there with my pet dranix Pheryu.

Akemi: Hi there cutie

Trey: ah okay, but yeah regarding the gun shot wounds, I have high speed healing that is on comic levels see. ( raises shirt and reveals the area where the he was shot and there is no wounds just a little blood that has dried a little)

Kiyomi: wow.

Trey: Yeah but first lets get you and your friends to Jacky's place cause you're still bleeding a bit

Kiyomi: (starts growing fatigued) guh yeah i'm starting to feel a little slee............................................py uuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh....(Passes out.)

Akemi: GAAH!! Kiyomi! (runs to her friend’s aid)

Jae: Yeah we should hurry now

Raily: No shit man we probably have roughly five minuets before she bleeds out completely

Akemi: WHAT!?!?!

Pheryu: SQUAWK!!!!!!!!! (faints)

Narrator 1: though her eyes were closed Kiyomi could still hear shouting talking and laughing though it was muddled by her ebbing conscious before long everything was silent and strange images of her past raced through her mind memories of her father, mother, siblings, sensei, first crush, and everything in between. Memories of training pleasing her family of her progress and participating in her first mission memories she hold dear to her heart then a grim image in the form of her ruined and burning home with the ground strewn with the blood and corpses of her fallen clansmen and the image of her fathers broken body in the hand of a giant monster with a horrifying glare glowing a sinister red aura, yet these images were all brief since reality began to set right back in and Kiyomi began opened her eyes a bright light shines obscuring her already cloudy vision more. Slowly her vision sharpened to reveal an overhanging ceiling fan with a bright light. Kiyomi looked around and discovered she was in what looked like an emergency room. She looks down at herself and noticed she was in hospital clothing and found a surgical tube sticking out of her arm with blood flowing thorough it. The young ninja began to slightly panic until a nearby female hybrid came in and calmed Kiyomi down

???: Calm down calm down you're in safe hands.

Kiyomi: huh who are you?

Narrator 2: So our little ninja looks over and sees a kangaroo hybrid with short red hair in a simple mid size dress and quite a baby belly with some scary ass mood swings to go with it luckily for us she won't randomly lose her shit in this scene.

???: since you're finally awake, let me introduce myself. My name is Marie and no need to introduce yourself your friend already told me a lot about you it you're quite the hardy one considering that any other person would have died of that much blood lost. And also that is quite some pet you have back there too.

Kiyomi: (springs up) Wait were are they!?

Marie: whoa whoa calm down they're in the living room having a good time and I must admit you're friend seems to have taking quite a liking to Comet, well at least though my eyes. But you're gonna need some better clothes than the hospital gown you're in.

Kiyomi: (finally realizes she is wearing something different) huh where are my.....

Marie: bloody rags they brought you in yeah they were thrown out of here a long time ago

Kiyomi: wait so did you.....

Marie: ( filing her nails) Undress all the way to the buff? Yes I did would you have rather one of the boys to have done it instead?

Kiyomi: ….............Point taken

Marie: Ah well you look able enough to walk now just let me remove this tube. And needle from your arm annnndddd......(removes the tubing from her arm and takes out the needle after removing the wrapping around it.) oh and here (places a folded up pair of jogging pants with a matching sleeveless jogging shirt) it was mine but it's no use to me since I have a little one on the way.

Kiyomi: How long?


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Marie: Going on eight months (struggles to get of her rolling seat) whew.... Go on get dressed your friends are waiting for you. (leaves the room)

Narrator 1: down the hall from the room Kiyomi was in to Living Room sat Akemi Comet and Pheryu with three more new faces.

Narrator 2: The first was a slug hybrid simply named Sticky that would make a good Starburst mascot. What I meant by was that he was a living contradiction to today's slugs. Now we all know that slugs are slow moving slimy critters, well Sticky is the exact opposite since in he can outrun Olympic level track runners backwards, but he is slow in on area though, the head. The second new face is a human like Howard her name was Ari, normally she isn't too involved with the gang but she does help keep them updated on what goes on around the world on a weekly basis and did I also mention she is f******* hot? The last and oddest of the bunch is a strange robotic reptilian-like being named Jolt. He is essentially a straight up Otaku (fan of Japanese media and whatnot) but considering the fact that he has class 100+ strength, enough firepower to field a planet size army and reflexes fast enough to time a lightning strike you can be a fan of whatever you see fit.

Narrator 1: Which begs the question as to why someone like Jolt who is arguably a planet buster is with a gang who at the most are city busters (and that is stretching it) when he can pursue greater opportunities in this world and it can't be a mentoring type relation since he normally is quite lazy and never actually fights, but surely he has his reasons (I hope)

Narrator 2:anyways while Akemi was talking with Comet and Ari while Jolt was trying to explain to Sticky what a titular race of beings are one a particularly popular manga are, but the poor mollusc can't comprehend the complexity of it (hell he can't comprehend the ingredients needed for a ham and cheese omelet) agitating the hell out of Jolt

Sticky: How can these titans regrow limbs I thought only octopuses could that and how can one of their arms weigh almost nothing.

Jolt: (sighs)You're thinking too much again. It's a fictional story Sticky it's not supposed to make sense.

Sticky: but thats non fiction. fiction is supposed to be realistic (Jolt facepalmes himself as a response)

Jolt: there is so many things wrong with what you just said I would get damn migraine if I try to correct you on that.

Ari: So How did you manage to get here in Alto?

Akemi: private Autojet (self piloting jet that can go anywhere all you have to do is give it the location) I got on my 16th birthday.

Ari: Jeez they're that rich!?

Comet: imagine what I can do with all that money (daydreams about having a massive supply of frosted cookies cause loves his cookies).

Akemi: eh well I’m not the spoiled bratty type. I prefer getting stuff on my own, feels more rewarding that way.

Ari: Well nothings wrong with that.

Akemi: Yeah one day though I would really love to.....(Kiyomi appears in the clothes Marie gave) KIYOMI YOU'RE FINALLY UP!!!

Narrator 1: Pheryu screeches with excitement as he flies and perches himself on his owner's shoulder while Akemi jumps from the couch towards Kiyomi and gives her a bear hug that takes Kiyomi off her feet. even though the ninja is still sore from her injuries.

Kiyomi: owwwww come one Akemi-chan put me down.

Akemi: oh sorry it's been a minute

Kiyomi: how long was I out?

Jolt: Two days

Kiyomi: What!? That long!

Jolt: Nah I'm playing you was out for a whole week.

Kiyomi: O_O

Jolt: BS aside it's pretty cool to see a legit kunoichi in person for the first time.

Kiyomi: oh um thanks

Akemi: yeah thats Jolt he's a little weird but a very cool weird he knows about all the mangas even this one (shows Kiyomi a manga that is literally titled The wonderful rumble of Windy) I didn't even know anyone outside of Japan knew about this! Oh yeah thats Ari over there she dosn't frequent usually but she does let us know what goes on around the city and the world when she does (whispers in Kiyomi's ear) also Howard has quite a hard on for her, and finally there is Sticky. He's pretty funny, but according to Trey he is pretty green to the group and joined a few weeks before we got here.

Sticky: (looks at his skin) what but my skin is yellow not green.

Jolt: (pimp smacks the slime out of the gullible slug) It's a figure of speech you molasses-brained mollusc.

Kiyomi: (chuckles a little) Ok so where is Trey and the others

Trey: you called? (appears with Howard and a another new Hybrid who is a casually dressed kangaroo just like Marie) well it's good to finally see you up once more.

Kiyomi: yeah although i'm still a little sore so who's that by you Trey

Jackie: The name's Jackie Blade mate nice to meet ya. Gotta admit you're quite the hardy sheila being able to take that much of a beating and still walk away from it.....well before falling into coma but hey.

Kiyomi: oooookkkkkkaaaayyyyy thanks I believe...... Wait Trey where are the others that was with you that night.

Trey: Oh they went to their own homes it'll be awhile before we see them again business has been dry for quite awhile.

Akemi: Why and what kind a buisness?

Comet: Feral Slayers.

Akemi: Wait you all are Feral Slayers!?

Narrator 1: Feral Slayers are people who obviously specialize in hunting the rabid monsters. Though humans and Hybrids took to the practice when Ferals first came into being though it wasn't until the Ferals' return after the the united war where it was officially established. While it was founded and even funded by the government. Feral Slayers work independently from one another and are free to do as they please so as long as they don't cross the law.

Narrator 2: Those who want to become a Slayer would truly have to prove themselves by killing a feral that is at least in the C class and a high ranking hunter has to be the one to declare it official. Speaking of ranks Hunters go by several ranks with a promotion system based on the of Ferals slain and the class of each of them and it essentially goes like this

Supporters (members who don't hunt but help hunters in other ways)
Rookies AKA Greens or initiates
Regulars AKA Myrmidons or predators
Pros AKA veterans
Elites AKA Hunters
Champions (highest rank).

Narrator 1: While Slayers didn't put a noticeable dent in the feral numbers it did put a halt to them spreading their numbers until the mysterious massacre that caused Ferals to go into hiding once again which for Slayers was quite devastating since most of their lives depended on it

Narrator 2: like a punch to the balls by Cage or getting you're back broken by Bane.

Narrator 1: In hindsight yes a majority of Slayer guilds disbanded with nearly all of them disappearing entirely (which is a story unto itself but that is for another day). Nowadays it is just as rare to run into Slayers as like their main enemies

Trey: took ya long enough to realize that

Ari: p\Plus only ones in this room that are slayers are Trey, Comet, and Jolt are.

Kiyomi: So what are you and Sticky, and Howard are to them?

Ari: supportes though sticky wants to become a hunter

Akemi: Still though I've always wanted to meet one though yall are not as ripped or beefy as I had envisioned a hunter to be.

Jolt: You have a problem with skinny & sexy woman!?!

Akemi: Yipes! Nononononono I didn't mean it like that!!!!

Jolt: Once more I'm playing with ya but still I am very sensitive about my appearance since 500ibs is considered light for a bot such as myself.

Howard: Back then the group used to be bigger until Ferals stopped showing up most went their separate ways around the corners of the earth.

Kiyomi: So basically your group was made up of more then just the people in here plus the others when yall first appeared that night?

Trey: Yep and sadly, kinda thinking about disbanding everyone now

Sticky: c'mon really I haven’t even been with you all for a month now

Trey: True but still that was when I had hope that we can keep going but now......

Akemi What about those Ferals You, Raily and Jae Stomped? they weren't exactly pushovers.

Trey: Those were D class Ferals at best considering how easily we took them out the reward for bringing them in wouldn't keep a moderate hunting guild afloat

Comet: which is why we decided to spare them

Jacky: I always was never too keen on yall hunting and stuff besides Trey you're a good mechanic while Comet is on of the best couriers out and Jolt...................well you're just Jolt

Jolt: Always (salutes)

Trey: Deep down I'm not ready to call it quits but I can't hold everyone back because of my goals alone. I just need to think it over really.

Sticky: Aw man way too soon though (sigh) well I’m heading home my mom would kill me with Vat of salt if I stay out any longer. Well see you all tomorrow I hope (Leaves).

Ari: Yeah I need to head out as well I need to show up at the Alto Daily building early tomorrow gotta submit my application to work there wish me luck. (heads to the door but turns and faces Howard) hey Howard hows about you walk me home please?

Howard: (blushing) oh uh ge ye YEAH OF COURSE!!! (puts his thumb up) well it's been good yall but be seeing you tomorrow (leaves with Ari)

Jolt: Comet and Wit thats our cue

Kiyomi:................?....... who's Wit

Narrator 1: Kiyomi. Looks over and sees a Octopus Hybrid walking from the end of the hall where the only room down there was the room Kiyomi was in hmmmmmmmm I wonder what he was doing down there.
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Narrator 2: Wit is a sneaky Octo built like a typical Hybrid with the addition four tentacles. Two on his shoulders and two acting as tails. he can change his colors at will to match anything and he has a knack breaking into anything and picking any lock. He is very flexible and can even stretch his limbs (and grow them back) and is quite smart, but he is quite paranoid fearing that a particular fisherman from Japan is stalking him and very perverted.................yeah if this story were to get popular then there is gonna be some lewd ass art involving this guy and his tentacles on rule 34 very very soon.......

Kiyomi: uhhhhh what was you doing back there and how long was you down there?

Wit: oh uhhhhhhhhhh studying

Akemi: (getting suspicious) and what are you studying about?

Jolt: Wit will have time to explain another day. Right now us three have a show to catch (Grabs Comet by his collar and Wit by one of his tentacles and begins dragging them both out the door.)

Wit: But I hate anime...........(the three leave)

Trey: (scratching his head) I’ll never get that guy well Jacky I guess i'm out as well, headin Back to Jae's house, him his girlfriend really wants me to try this food he made today they'll never let it go if I don't show up. Oh and Kiyomi and Akemi, it was nice meeting you two. Really wished we would’ve met under better circumstances and I hope you succeed in finding Master Miyazaki.

Kiyomi: Wait you still haven't answered my question from before how do you know him and how can I find him.

Trey: Due to an oath I made I can't reveal nothing about him luck is basically the only way you'll find him, or better yet him to find you. I'll you that much. How do I know his real name? Well you're a ninja i'm pretty sure you can figure the reason why we know his name. But yeah best of luck to you two. (leaves)

Jacky: Well like I told Akemi you're free to stay here for the remainder of the time you're here in Alto plus Marie does need a few bodies to keep her company while i'm at work(heads towards a flight of stairs) just watch out for those mood swings she be having though.

Narrator 1: later that night the two girls had made pallets for themselves Kiyomi laid on the couch with her pet laying on her lap while Akemi laid on the floor Kiyomi began having doubts about all she had planned.

Akemi: (noticing something wrong with her friend) Kiyomi what's wrong?

Kiyomi: Maybe this was all a mistake......

Akemi: whats a mistake?

Kiyomi: Coming down here so soon and unprepared.

Akemi: It's about those low ranked Ferals isn't it? I mean we never truly dealt with something like them plus they were already rare in Japan when they were way more active.

Kiyomi: Not just that I got way too sloppy I rushed in on this all without thinking this whole thing through my father is probably turning in his grave right now from this. This isn't my clans way.......

Akemi: It happens to the best of us. At the end of the day you had good intentions by saving those three you're dad would've proud of that right?

Kiyomi: Maybe I wasn't just cut out for this....... early tomorrow we'll head back home.

Akemi: ( raises up) Seriously!? most of the people here are cool. Maybe they can help us

Kiyomi: there is a thick line between Slayers and ninjas. Plus we don't even know them that well

Akemi: annnnnnnnnnnddddddddddd? You don't even know whether or not the monster that destroyed your village is a Feral , a debate we've been over for years. Look I know it's weird for you to ask for help from others but sooner or later you gotta open up and get over your personal taboo.

Kiyomi: I understand it's just that it's way easier said then done especially if you was raised to only rely on your own abilities.

Akemi: one day Kiyomi you'll learn.......

Narrator 1: meanwhile back at the Lair of Dalv. The myeterious overlord is seen communicating to several enigmatic figuers with builds like those one would expect Ferals to appear

Dalv: I understand that you all are impatient but the hour is upon us

Mystery Figure 1: We have been ready since the sun first rose the question is are you ready

Mystery figure 2: my brothers are hungry for blood and they have been set up at where you want them to be forever

Mystery figure 3: I do hope that your “adviser” is correct about this all working we all have put a considerable effort in this attempt to spread what you and your benefactor deem a message to the world

Mysterious figure 4: getting what was left of our kind was no easy feat especially since whomever or whatever cut our numbers to shit months back. Unless Dalv wants his heart on a platter, this had better work.

Dalv: I assure you once Goliath finally gets in to position it can begin (a device in his pocket starts beeping rapidly prompting Dalv to look at it and chuckle). Well now, it looks like we can began.

Narrator 2: fast forward a few hours ahead we see a neighboring new world city (a city established after Earth was transformed like Alto) close to Alto known as Horenburg, and to put it bluntly it was under attack by Ferals. Everyone was basically dumbstruck at how there are so many since it was believe to have been a lot less well I guess the estimations were way off cause they're overrunning a city bigger than Maryland. Anyways amidst the chaos we see a young couple running desperately looking for a hiding spot as familiar people they've seen on streets or even knew were getting ripped apart by the vicious monsters. Fortunately they find a secluded alleyway free of the carnage that plagued the streets. Too bad this was a probably the worst thing they could have done as you will see why.

Girlfriend: (panting) I can't believe this is happening to us i'm so scared..

Boyfriend: Listen to me! I won't let them take you we'll find a way to make it through this nightmare trust me.
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Narrator 1: as the two lovers peeked from the corner of alley. They witness a poor hybrid getting mauled by a pack of Ferals. Just as it looks like the Hybrid is gonna be torn to bits the feral suddenly stop and scatter multiple directions leaving the Hybrid to his injuries. Soon however he started going into convulsions as his body was undergoing a violent transformation. His hands became claws, his eyes blood red and his mouth became a maw of razor sharp teeth. On pure instinct the newly turned beast lunged for a random fleeing civilian and proceeded to eviscerate the poor soul unaware that the young couple was watching him

Girlfriend: w........we need to go now (turns around towards her boyfriend and notices a stunned expression on his face) baby?

Boyfriend: r.......ru...ru......................................run.....(spits up blood)

Narrator 2: ya see why it was a bad idea to try and hide in a dark alleyway? Thats the quickest way to run into a Feral since they love hiding there. You may as well have piece of paper taped to your back that says “shoot me, I'm a terrosist” while walking in an airport. Anyways the Girlfreind looks down and on gut instinct and sees a jagged pincer emerging from the darkness clamping straight through her lover's torso. Obviously she's too f******* shocked to scream even when the owner of said pincer, a repulsive scorpion-like beast comes out of the dark.

Scorpion Feral: “Never play in Alleyways, Cause Ferals will end your day.” didn't your parents ever sing you that lullaby when you were still in diapers? Heh heh (tears the young lad in half and bites his head off)

Narrator 2: If you still haven't figured it out yet then this is going to be a pretty damn brutal story.

Narrator 1: Brutal is an understatement. Anyways the girlfriend tries to flee for her life and makes just out of the alleyway until a stinger tipped tail runs straight through her midsection. The lass looks down at the bloody stinger in disbelief and tries in vain to get it out, but the tail begins dragging the young woman back into the alleyway while she cried out for someone to help her as she grabbed a hold of one of the corners trying to break free. Ultimately the Feral's tail pulls her back into the darkness and from the angle of view behind the corner blood erupted briefly for several seconds while the Woman's death cries were muddled out by the screams of others and the sounds of destruction in the city.

Narrator 2: Fast forward a few more hours into the morning back at Jackie's house. A cluster of chatter wakes Kiyomi up and when she comes to her senses she notices that Jackie, Trey, Raily, Akemi, Jae, Jolt, and Libby are gathered around the TV.

Kiyomi: (wiping eyes) nhuh? Whats going on

Raily: Finally up huh? Horenburg got sacked. Thats whats going on.

Kiyomi: Horenburg?

Jae: It was a city close to us. A little too close to be getting destroyed like that if you ask me.

​Trey:And all of this on a level not even a terrorist group could pull off in their wettest dreams.

Libby: Who could of done something like this?

Jolt: Who else but Ferals?

Raily: Oh come on Jolt theres no way they could of did something like this with the numbers they have and...

Jolt: Cut the bullshit mang! The estimated population everyone keeps on blabbing about came from the government and we know how honest they are. Plus even if it was true these are numbers concerning the population in the sky countries, not the ground. Nobody has an earthly clue, pun intended just how many more there are down there cause almost everybody up here is too chickenshit to go down there including the people right here in this room and Slayers. Thats something not even you can deny Trey.

Trey: yeah you have a point there (scratches the back of his head).

Jolt: Plus Horenburg isn't the only City that was attacked overnight. Other cities, namely ones near important heavily populated countries like the UK, Brazil, Japan, for example suffered similar attacks with no survivors. The only thing odd is that no body in those towns were eaten just heavily mutilated beyond recognition.

Akemi: wait a sec. how do you know all this?

Jolt: Laptop installed in my arm. (a laptop literally pops out of his arm) why?

Akemi: wow.

Jacky: if these were truly Ferals like you said Jolt then Trey it looks like you should stay in business...............sadly.

Trey: Nothing sad about it if anything those overnight attacks just gave us another excuse to keep hunting Ferals now.

Akemi: So you won't disband?

Trey: Nope.

Akemi: Good cause me and Kiyomi want to join your guild.

Everyone: what?

Kiyomi: WHAT!? I didn't agree to.......(Akemi smothers her mouth before she can say anything else.)

Akemi: (whispering) Look Kiyomi this is your biggest chance and as you're BFF I'm not letting this opportunity fly over your head. Besides this could help you find out more about their sensei when we get to know them more.

Kiyomi: (moves Akemi's hand from her mouth and whispers back). Okay fine we do it your way but only to learn more about Miyazaki and if were lucky to find him.

Trey: Well theres nothing wrong with that, but still you have to prove yourself by taking down a C class Feral. No offense but it seems like you two have serious trouble dealing with D class Ferals

Akemi: none taken

Kiyomi: (mumbles under her breath)

Raily: Also this is undoubtedly the most dangerous gig you could take and death is very likely so you may wanna think about this for a bit.

Jae: Until then we need to get our old comrades back together and......

Sticky: (jumps through the door) holy crap guys you won't believe what I just saw on TV today!

Trey: lemme guess? it invovled a city named horenburg being attacked

Sticky: No man the City of Horenburg was attacked last ni....wait......aw man late again....

Jae: It's okay Sticky you try.

Narrator 1: Meanwhile far away from the house everyone was in a old hermit in a tattered hooded robe looked on, his eyes obscured by the shadow of the hood over his head smirks lightly before walking off into a forest disappearing behind the thick foliage.


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Episode 2 The scarlet and the shadow

* In a beautiful white snowy village of Japanese architecture a young Kiyomi in a vast white kimono is seen walking across an arching bridge over a small tranquil river with numerous villagers bowing and speaking words of praise indicating a high position compared to the resident denizens. Soon however she met a tall similarly dressed male of the same species as her with even longer hair. *

Kiyomi: F...Father!? (runs excitedly towards the figure and embraces him) where were you? It has been so long since you began your last mission.

Father: (turns and looks down towards his daughter) ah Kiyomi sorry for taking so long, but............it's too late

Kiyomi: Wh what?

Father: (Blood begins flooding from his mouth) It's too......late

* A horrified Kiyomi looks on and soon notices the tranquil locale drastically shift into a ruinois pitch black nightmare with an eerie orange from hellish hue melded whithin. Kiyomi now suddenly found herself older covered in the splattered blood of her people surrounded by severed limbs and mutilated corpses but the most scarring and sickening sight was...*

Father: (now a bloodied severed head in Kiyomi's hands) Its too late.......Its too late.......Its too late........Its too late........Its too late.........Its too late.........Its too late.......Its too late.....

*Unable to comprehend it all Kiyomi. Lets out an ear splitting scream of terror and anguish as the corpses of her villagers and the ruins create the outline of a demonic visage that begins to take life a visage Kiyomi recognizes until. *

Jolt: Annnnnnnddddd were finally here.

Kiyomi: (wakes up to her pet's chirping who was resting on her lap) wah huh?(looks out of the window of the camper truck she rode in) Uhhhhh where are we?

Trey: Our old hideout like we told you, till you fell asleep even though we were only five minutes away.

Akemi: Don't mind her she tends to sleep when she has a lot of stuff on her mind.

Comet: *popping up out of nowhere* Like what?

Akemi:*startled* GAHHH how long where you standing there!?

Comet: I've been here the whole time. Plus yall should come on out the place is gonna be ready in any moment.

Akemi: Oh really lemme........ *gets out of the truck and sees a rather creepy, rundown, abandon, warehouse* see? *shudders a little* w.h.h.h.h.h.h.h.h.h.h.h. wh.... why a creepy looking warehouse?

Jae and Trey: Creepy?

Kiyomi: She has an unatural fear of rundown places *steps out of the camper truck as Pheryu perches himself on her shoulder* and in regards to whats on my mind, no offense, but it's really none of your buisness

Trey, Jae, Comet, Raily: whoa......

Jolt: *Observing the rundown warehouse* ooooooohhhh cold blooded

Raily:*realizing the pun jolt said and was kinda anoyyed by it* Was the pun really called for?

Jolt: I dunno was that vocal opinion of yours called for spikey?

Akemi: (noticing the insult directed towards Raily's very spikey hair chuckles)

Raily: (struggling for a comback)

Jolt: Oh no comeback sparky? Thats a shame I thought your balls finally dropped but then I remembered you can't even talk to your little “cupcake” without suffering a nosebleed

Akemi: (now laughing while Raily begrudgingly backs off blushing in embarresment)

Trey: Harsh guy.

Jae: geez, you didn't have to bring that up

Wit: *materilizes out of nowhere behind Kiyomi* Damn Jolt way to pour salt over the wound.

Kiyomi: *shreiks at the hybrid's sudden appaerence* GAHHH!!! how did you sneak up on me!?

Wit: The wonders of color changing my dear.

Kiyomi: please don't call me that

Jolt: So yeah where were you Wit? Or were you busy with your “studies” on female anatomy?

Kiyomi and Akemi: I don't like the sound of that.....

Wit: *rushes to Jolt* Keep that between us okay? Look I can tell that those two don't have experience with Ferals especially regarding the fact they come from a place with next to no feral activity, even before the “massacre” but considering how well that ninja held her own intially with the ice affinity i'd be hilariosly screwed if she attacks me so why don't we go on and spruce this place up please?

Jolt: Oh yeah I forgot *turns to face everyone present* Sorry about the wait just give me a few seconds and this place will be ready in a few seconds. *Immediality steps in the abandon building and closes the doors*
*Few seconds of awkward silence later....... *

Jolts: *steps out esctatically* alright guys i'm done!

Akemi: You are? *looks at the building and shudders a little* but. I....i...it's still the same...

Jolt: Why don't you go in and find out yourself the changes I made.

Akemi: I don't know and you can't put the blame on my upper class background it's just.......

Comet: Aww come on it won't be that bad *grabs Akemi's hand while relenting was slighty blushing, but lets get one thing straight she doesn't have hidden feelings for the hare hybrid she just doesn't have proper experience with males her age, something she is a little embarrassed with*

Akemi: gah!? No wait I don't wanna...*gets pulled in through the doors* whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?

In contrast to the rundown outer appearance what Akemi bears witness to a state of the art base riddled with the latest technology of varying functions even high class living quarters and a multi media room with a theater sized tv, in Akemi's eyes this was beyond the 4 star hotels she has been to. Thoughe Kiyomi never really cared for the finer things in life even she was awestruck at the quality of this base minus the unusually scattered magazines here and there

Trey: Well see nothings changed obviously. *pics up an old magazine that was in precisely the same spot as last time he was in here months ago * even the same magazines are left scattered in the same spot Comet left them

Comet: *scratches head* Yeah sorry about.

Jae: And I see the kitchen is still in mint condition * rubs hands together causing Jolt, Raily, Wit, and Trey to quiver in fear*

Kiyomi: *Noticing the boys trembling in fear * Uhhh whats wrong with yall

Raily: An unholy union has returned.......

Trey: there are two things in this world that should never be in the same sentence Jae and Kitchens

Akemi: uhhhh whats so bad about that

Wit: You never had some of his curry I've went through the ordeal

Akemi: thats it? Curry oh please I can tank stuff like that in my sleep you should try the wasabi I down wish sushi on a daily base.

Jolt: Does that said wasabi taste like thermite set ablaze? Cause my insides looked like they annialated by termite were after took a stab at this stuff.

Akemi: Wait you can eat regular food? I thought you were a robot?

Jolt: in a sense yeah but I'm technically called a cyberganinc, the closest thing to an actual organic life form and the only one of my kind.

Akemi: wouldn't mind going into details would you?

Trey: Sorry but no time we need to get our old group back together pronto

Jolt: oh yeah I forgot but I can show you two to your living quarters follow me.

Kiyomi and Akemi promptly follow Jolt to and up some stairs. Once they make it to the end they walk down several feet down till they reach a peculiar door with Both Kiyomi and Akemi's name labled in Kanji. Jolt opens it with a key and shows the two Hybrid girls a dual room that interestingly reflected the culture of their home country. It was a large room split in two by a rice paper sliding door

Akemi: Wow you actually made it to our likings *examining all the items and accessories laden in what will be her living quarters Kiyomi however was a little skepticle about it.

Jolt: Well Akemi just as you wanted it loco pixie plushie included *puts a silly looking chibi plushie on rather comfty looking bed in which the Hybrid happily jumps on while Kiyomi gave a slight look of dissaproval* As for for you your room is right here *Slides the door open and reveals a very traditonal Japanese room with rater basic furnishing common to her home country*

Kiyomi: oh wow you......actually made it to my liking.....

Jolt: Yeah while you was out cold for a couple of weeks Akemi told me everything about you including your preference of “Yamato Damashi” and...

Kiyomi: Wait everything?...........*shoots an unpleasent glare at Akemi which makes her sweat a little* everything...


Jolt: Look before you try to off your foster sister in her sleep *Akemi sweats a little more at that thought tightly hugging her silly looking plushie* she only told me about your life with her family and how you prefer the more life pleasures of life, and your bad habit of running the water bill up higher than normal. But I guess we all can figure out where all that water you drink goes right?

Kiyomi: *realizing Jolt is making a crude joke about her bosom and gets flustered* HEY!!!

Jolt: Sorry, forgot to tell you I'm grade A jackass in my resume *Kiyomi gives a unamused look* look just to sweeten this sour note I won't bother trying to figure out your life prior and make sure the others don't bug you about it and I made you this *Hands Kiyomi folded garments*

Kiyomi: ummmm whats this?

Jolt: Your new ninja garments. If your gonna try to be one of us you may as well look the part already got your friend some threads of her own as well.

Kiyomi: How did you make this *Pheryu takes a sniff at the garments and finds something familiar about the scent*

Jolt: well I took some of the tattered remains of your old ninja garments and made this. Heard you like the color purple so I made this a very dark purple, even though I prefer dark navy blue for a ninja

Kiyomi: wow uhhh thank you.

Jolt: Don't mention it, look imma give yall two time to settle in while I go help guys pull in the old crew back together. If were lucky you two may get to enjoy your first hunt and maybe prove yourselves as possible slayers.

With that said Jolt leaves the room and heads down to the lower floor while the two newcomers to the guild are left to get familiar with their new locale.


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Back at the lower levels the rest of the gang are looking at a very large see through monitor containing information of various members that was once part of their group before the went they're separate ways. Under the name of each member on they screen was a special contact number exclusively linked to the Slayers' base of operations.

Jae: It's been awhile since I last seen everyone. It'll be good to catch up again.

Trey: Nah you just wanna treat them to that molten lava you call curry. *everyone present laughs except Jae*

Jae: You guys are lucky Cynder isn't around to hear that, and you all are even more lucky I hate snitching.

Wit: Awe relax ya salamander your skin should have toughened up by now due to all the insults and jokes we've thrown at your culinary skills, but seriously though that shit is stupid hot and you should seriously invest in some wavers before you kill somebody with that.

Jae: *now visibly annoyed* lets just call the rest of our old gang back before I bite bullet and let Cynder know about how all of you are insulting my cooking.

Trey: *along with Raily, Comet, Wit, and even Jolt sweat nervously at this threat* uhuhuhuhuhhuhu y....yeah Jolt go on and make the calls quick

Jolt: *slightly trembling* yeah let me get on that now before this funking amphibian psycho gets us hemmed up. Hopefully our other friends still got a hold to those special phones directly linked to this building so as long as Comet remembered to give it to them.

Trey: So Comet did you remember to pass out the special phones to everyone.

Comet: yeah of course *in his head* I think..........

Jolt: well were gonna find out soon with the push of a button. *pushes a humorous big red button that sends a message to their old comrades in hopes of making contact*

several minutes later Akemi comes downstairs donning her new gear given to her by Jolt. which is a matching garment with a dark navy blue, and orange form fitting sleeveless collard shirt with dark navy blue Shorts with orange metal like padding ingrained on both sides. Finishing it off was orange gauntlets with elbow pads, and boots with black knee high leggings and knee pads.

Akemi: *walks in the room were the guys were* Hey Jolt This fits like a char-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Rabbit Hybrid screams in horror as she bears witness to a brutal scene in which poor Comet was on on knee being mercilessly strangled by an enraged Jolt who for some odd reason had one of his eyes red and the other blue. Raily, who was on Jolt's back was holding both ends of his sword and was pressing it against Jolt's neck trying to get him to relive his deadly grip. Jae was busy trying to pry the robot's hands from Comets throat while Wit had a hold of Jolt's torso suctioning his tentacles to a nearby wall as a anchor despite how hilariously stretched his arms were. Despite the three's intervention Jolt didn't even budge from their effort, and was actually oblivious to the fact that they were trying to get him off of Comet



Akemi: *rushing in panicking* GAAAAHHHHHH JOLT WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! YOU'RE GONNA KILL HIM!!!!!!

Jolt: *shoots a rather terrifyng glare at the girl making her shiver like a cellphone* OF COURSE!!!!

Raily:*unnaturally calm* Look Jolt I know that was 6 minutes of hard labor gone down the drain to make those devices, but is it really worth your friends life?

Akemi: *joins Jae in trying to pry the robots hands loose* WHY ARE YOU SO CALM ABOUT THIS!?!?!

Wit: *equally calm* cause this isn't the first time this lover of all media Japanese completely lost his shit.

Akemi: *noticing that Trey is missing* Wait where is Trey

Jae: Oh he just went to his daytime Job to try and convince one of his old friends, who happens to work with him to come back to the the gang while we try and save Comet's life. Uh oh looks like Comet is loosing consciousness

Akemi: *Notices Comet's eyes rolling to the back of his head* KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA COMET DON'T DIE ON ME!!!!!!!!

Upstairs in Akemi and Kiyomi's room Kiyomi was in her personal side of the quarters in her new garments which was dark purple and white skin tight bodysuit with netting on her sides, upper thighs, and arms. completing it was a scarf/hood, a short skirt with a slit on one side, and a angular floral pattern that was held in place by a lavender sash, tied like a bow on her waist. She was on her knees with her hair completely down with the tail ends spreading out around her legs. She was praying in silence in front of a small altar with two framed pictures of her deceased father and older brother with two incenses on each side. After she finished paying her respects, she looks at the kunai laying next to her, picking it up she glanced at the weapon for a little bit until finally grabbing her hair up to her shoulder, cutting it down.

Several blocks down from the disguised base, Trey parked the same camper truck he used to get to the base in the lot of a automobile workshop he works at known as Pipa Workshop. Trey was in the building trying to convince an old friend and former slayer nicknamed Splash, A rather large albino frog Hybrid who is notably overweight.

Trey:*leaning on a nearby wall* Seriously you're hanging it up man?

Splash: Sorry man i'm done being a Slayer *closing the hood of a truck after he was finished with the engine.*

Trey: Come on Splash you was the most dedicated of us all this isn't like you at all.

Splash: *grabbing a wrench* ever since the feral massacre, I've had time to think to myself, look not trying to be offensive in any way, but my Family has been worried sick when we formed our slayer guild and it's been eating them alive forever with all the nightmares they've been having and my family is the most important thing in my life and I don't won't them to go through that mess again so soon too I mean......

Trey: *sighs* say no more, I understand and I know once you make up you're mind nothing can change it.

Splash: *feeling slightly remorseful* Look Trey I.....

Trey: Don't fret you have a family that cares for you besides I don't wanna fvck up another freindship like....

Splash: *Interrupting* look man you can't keep beating yourself up over that you didn't have a choice, none of us did. If any thing it was “his” fault

Trey: *heads to the door and sighs once more* I know............ I'll see you again this weekend *casually waves goodbye as he opens the door. Splash shakes his head in disappointment at Trey's personal issue as the half Tiger half Dragon Hybrid made his way to the truck.*

Meanwhile at the Alto Airport, A large Muscular Hybrid based off of a Frilled lizard was just now leaving the building. He had the appearance that suggested he was a biker with a strange mechanical hand in place of his left hand. As he walked further to a nearby monorail he noticed he was being watched by a shadowy figure that was standing far away on the top of a ATC tower of the Airport.

???: *smirking* Heh so the gang is coming back together
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Okay you're doing a real good job of setting up story to lead up to the action. Keep that up and you're golden.

What I need you to do to improve it is to work on placing commas and periods. The amount of run on sentences are high Byrd man, don't forget to pause.

Also, of course I caught all the references


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Back at the Hideout Kiyomi made her way downstairs to the very room were the shenanigans occurred, the Hybrid ninja caught another scene. Jolt was now sitting pitifully with his head down while an unknown female hybrid was reaming him out. She was dark brown in complexion with even darker brown spots and stripes and she had long jet black hair that was shin length. Her clothing gave off the vibe of a street dancer a loose white shirt over a tight orange midriff, loose green beanie, and matching stylized cargo pants that exposed her upper thighs with black sneakers. Kiyomi didn't really pay attention to what exactly the woman was saying to Jolt because her attention was locked on how meek the robot looked making her chuckle a little as she approached the group

???: Do you understand me Jolt?

Jolt: *flinches* yes Cynder..... *Raily and Wit laugh causing Cynder to shoot a glare in their direction*

Cynder: Whats so funny?

Wit: *Immediately looks the other way stroking his chin while Raily whistles a tune* oh uh nothing nothing at all.

Cynder: *Finally notices Kiyomi and changes her demeanor* oh hey so your the latest addition to the Rift Trekkers huh? Kiyomi right?

Kiyomi: *caught off guard by this behavior* oh ummmmmm well not technically I still have to prove my self to become a actual Slayer, same with Akemi. So what just happened.

Cynder: Big baby over there *Points at Jolt* threw a hissy fit over a bunch of easily replace custom phones that Comet accidentaly threw away and strangled him *Kiyomi looks to where Comet is and sees that he is sitting up with Akemi and Jae tending to him.*

Jolt: B..but that was six minutes of pain staking labor!

Cynder: Shut it lugnut before I blast another hole in you ass! *Jolt recoils from the outburst while Raily and Wit are trying to hold back laughter until the reptilian girl glances back at their direction.*

Kiyomi: Okay so where is Trey

Trey: *Just now entering* Right here, oh hey Cynder *sighs and plops him self on the nearby couch with a gloomy dispositon*

Kiyomi: *Strangely concerned about him* what happened

Trey: Meh tried to get one of our long friend and co founder Splash to come back, but he's done with Slayers.

Raily and Wit: SERIOUSLY!?

Jae: That's unexpected for Splash of all people to say no regarding us at least.

Akemi: Wait who's Splash and what was he like?

Raily: He was one of the 8 original founders of our slayer guild, like Me, Trey, Comet, and Jae. Before Jolt came and joined Splash was the original muscle of the group, he was well known for his water affinity he was the most dedicated out of all of us. Kinda a shocker that he has decided to hang it up really

Kiyomi: Wait so who are the other 3?

Cynder: Well for one there is Nevischio he is a skilled fencer

Wit: And Raily's rival and one hell of a ladies man. *Raily gives the octopus hybrid an annoyed look*

Cynder: You're the the on to talk Wit. Anyways befor I was interrupted there is also Lalo who is actually a ninja like you as well Kiyomi.

Kiyomi: *now intrigued* Huh really?

Comet: *getting on his feet still rubbing his strained neck* yeah he is one the best and most feared slayers from the UK. Of all the fights he has been in he only lost one, and that was to Trey. *Kiyomi looks over to where Trey was sitting and finds herself more impressed by the half dragon Hybrid*

Jae: Just don't let his feared reputation fool you who is good at heart and probably the most friendly and open of us all, despite his long monologues.

Akemi: *Now curious as well* so who's the last one? * Trey groans in annoyance while the other group save for Akemi and Kiyomi got a little tense leading to an awkward silence* Did I say something wrong?

Jolt: Naw it's just that we really don't talk about “him” that much, especially with Trey around.

Akemi: What this guy, whoever he as has some bad blood with Trey? *several of the slayers nod*

Jae: Look we'll just talk about him another time. What we need to do is focus on our current situation now and figure out where to go from there.

???: Good thing that won't be necessary.

Everyone turns around and sees the a large built lizard Hybrid with mechanical hand and a biker vibe resonating from.

Raily: Oh snap Helix!

The veteran slayers all huddle around the large reptile asking various questions at once making it hard to actually understand, while Trey, Kiyomi, and Akemi stayed back.

Helix: *chuckles* Hey yall take it easy. You make it seem like I was gone for years, it was only some few months. *notices Kiyomi and Akemi* and it looks like you managed get in some new bloods as well. *walks over to the two girls* now I hope you don't mind asking for you two's names now?

Akemi: *notably intimidated by Helix's size and build* oh no not at all I am Akemi and this is Kiyomi *Bows followed by Kiyomi* and your name is Helix judging from how Raily shouted right *Helix nods* but why that name? It kinda sounds off for someone like you.

Helix: It's a loooooonnnnnnngggggg story *sees Trey slumped over the couch* heh judging from how you look, I take it that your luck getting your guild back together went down shitter am I right?

Trey: *smirks* Correctomundo Helix.

Helix: Well that is exactly why I'm here *Trey sits up hearing this while the other Slayers gather upon hearing what Helix has said.*

Everyone huddles around Helix as he grabs the chair from the large see through monitor to sit down and explain his reasons for coming.

Helix: As you once more the Ferals are back in full force again, making an example out of the neighboring cities of the major Sky Cities and then disappearing just as quick as they came. But I'm here to discuss with you kids the disappearance of Slayers these recent months. After some reserchin turns out that 60% of the slayer population has went missing and it turns out the 10% of that hail from the Rift Trekkers *All of the Slayers are startled by this*

Wit: WHAT!? Our Guild!?

Raily: Why us?

Jolt: So who all went missing?

Helix: Those that left after the Feral Massacre fortunately no one that has been with guild in those rough times.

Raily: *to himself* Thank god Libby stuck around.

Cynder: What about the other 3 founders?

Helix: Fortunately I have kept in touch with them weekly even that “one guy” *every is somewhat relieved

Jolt: imma take a wild guess and bet it may be some powerful Abex Feral that has some kinda vendetta against us.

Helix. While that may be likely I don't want to jump to conclusions so soon, but I know that most of the dissaperences has been linked to one of the larger underground slave trade network run by Ferals in Rio.

Trey: Lemme guess were gonna go there and bust it for answers right?

Helix: Smart boy. I'd recommend you take Jolt with you since our numbers are much lower now and Libby with her healing abilities are a must.

Trey: Don't worry we'll settle who all is going. So when will we set off for Rio?

Helix: Tomorrow morning. Also worth pointing out the major countries are gonna start re-initiating the lock downs tonight. So if you don't have any plans of staying here tonight I suggest you leave before 10:30 cause the nearest safe underground networks are miles away and I'm sure The Ferals will be back stalking the streets once more after what they did to the smaller Sky Cities.

Cynder: Then I should be going it's creeping on eight right now Jae please don't stay long okay?

Jae: Now what kind of a Boyfriend would I be if I left you all by your lonesome?

Cynder: *Smiles and kisses Jae on the cheek* well I'll let Libby know as soon as I make it back. And *looks at Jae in a flirtatious look* I'll be waiting for you in private. *leaves with Jae slightly blushing in embarrassment*

Jolt, Trey, and Wit: ooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! *Akemi chuckles while Kiyomi smirks and rolls her eyes.

Helix: Oh yeah forgot to tell yall something I've ran into an old friend at the airport today didn't tell me to reveal his name but he is the one that came up with this whole plan.

Trey: *already aware of who it is* well where is he right now huh?

Helix: At Rio. Right now

Akemi: will he be alright?

Trey: Positive. Lets just play along with his game, but more importantly this is gonna be you Kiyomi's first official hunt.

Akemi: Wait hold on …....

Kiyomi: Akemi! *glares at Akemi*

Akemi: *remembering their original reasons for coming here* Hell yeah I'm game

Trey: Well okay then all fired up I like that.

Helix: Why don't you two leave us here to discuss personal matters.

Akemi: How come we gotta leave?

Raily: Sorry gotta be a full fledged slayer to get in on the team meetings

Akemi: No fair!

Kiyomi: Come on Akemi We'll just have to prove ourselves tomorrow. Nothing to loose sleep over.

Jae: You know you are free to explore the building if you like. It wouldn't hurt to get familiar with it

Akemi: *making a pouty face*mmmmmmm fine

Kiyomi: At least show respect *sighs* forgive me Akemi may be independent, but she can be a brat at times.

Akemi: HEY!

Kiyomi: Come on lets have a look around. * grabs Akemi bye her large ears and drags her off*

Akemi: Gah!! Easy on the ears Yomi-chan!

Helix: *cracks a smile as the two leave* If they got what what it takes, they'll fit in just fine. *closes the door*

Akemi: *finally gets released form Kiyomi's grip after they make it to the living room* geez I know you had a strict upbringing but it wouldn't kill you to lighten up a little?

Kiyomi: *sits down on the nearby couch while her small companion Pheryu finally flys from upstairs and perches itself on her lap.* I'd rather stay on positive terms with the slayers.

Akemi: *Grabs a remote and turns on the large 4k TV* They don't seem like the uptight bunch though.

Kiyomi: *Petting Pheryu* Well that just makes it easier for us to gain their trust

Akemi: AKA expliot their trust just so you can meet their master to help you achieve some petty quest for revenge.

Kiyomi: *Obviously offended* oh i'm sorry but did most of your family and clan get slaughtered overnight by a Feral like monster?

Akemi: Look Yomi i'm not trying to start a fight here, all i'm saying is that revenge is pretty damn pointless I mean in the case you do succeed what comes next? It certainly won't bring you're clan back that's for sure.

Kiyomi: But it will restore their honor.

Akemi: I doubt it considering how much the world hates your clan. There is a reason why they were known as the snow demons

Kiyomi: Don't remind me.....

Akemi: Why are so hellbent on honoring them, especially knowing how much of a ass your parents were to you despite your position in that clan and don't even get me started on the time your brother attempted to assassinate........

Kiyomi:ENOUGH!!!! *Both Akemi and Pheryu are startled by the outburst making her regretful of her actions* Akemi I didn't.......* Akemi just looks at her with a disappointed expression * I'm going to take a bath.*Lays her pet on the couch and leaves the living room*

Akemi: *watches her adopted sister leave upstairs* Oh Kiyomi........

Back in the main room holding the present slayers.

Trey: Okay now that those two are gone now we can be a little more serious now. First off I know that was Lalo who you met and I know why he wanted his identity withheld.

Helix: clever as always Trey.

Comet: *Scratching his head* I mean would Lalo keep his identity a secret when we are the only ones he talks to..........alot?

Jolt:Ahh my clueless lagamorpha, sure Lalo knows who we are, but he doesn't know who Akemi and Kiyomi are. As open as he is he won't just blindly introduce himself to everyone. Hell if I didn't know any better he was actually here before Helix came.

Raily: And we didn't even know it, typical of him.

Comet: If he was here then how did he get to Rio so quickly?

Jolt: Lalo is like a video game, you don't question his with logic. Then again what can you question with logic this wacky world we live in

Jae: No offense guys, but we should really redirect our priorities as to why Lalo wants us to help him with this kind of a mission.

Raily: Jae's got a point I mean Feral slave networks are like small towns for the mangies and he wants us to help him snuff out one largest in the world.

Jea: Right. Even if the rumors are true that this particular slave network has something to due with the disappearance of most of our members, this very risky with our current numbers. And that's even if we have Jolt with us.

Trey: This is Lalo we're talking about he may be total open enigma, but he always has more than one good reason for his decisions.

Raily: Yeah and he has come through a lot for us it kill us to at least appear.

Trey: May as well say it now, we all need to go to Rio even molasses brained Sticky.

Jae: In all fairness, He is native to that region of Brazil which could help us greatly

Helix: the kid may be promising, but I wouldn't hold may breath there since he can't even remember my name. Which brings me to another point, what do you plan on doing with the two new recruits Trey?

Trey: Like I said earlier we'll just take them along as well. Sooner or later they're gonna need to get a taste of the slayer and..........wait *notices someone is missing* Where did Wit go?

Jolt:*thinking to himself fully aware what the octopus Hybrid may be doing* I wonder were Mr. Rule 34 wondered off to. *sighs*

Upstairs in the Bathroom Kiyomi was completely submerged in the bathtub with only the top half of her head above the hot bath water. Kiyomi was in deep thought about what Akemi has said about her clan and how true it was. Deep down the all the Tanuki Hybrid wanted was to be acknowledged and accepted by her parents, but they seemed displeased by her efforts and they would always be eclipsed by her brother's more superior feats. To add salt to wound her clan of ninja's are among the most despised group in the world for there terrible acts to the point she is too ashamed to even mention the name.

Kiyomi: *thinking to herself* Akemi is right how can you honor someone who doesn't even know the concept of it?

Several minutes later, Kiyomi was done and got out, grabbing a towel to cover herself before getting an uneasy chill in her ears, something that only occurs when she is being watched. Creating a ice shuriken she tossed it to were she sensed the presence and hears a yelp. Suddenly out of nowhere Wit appears with the ice shuriken planted in the wall mere inches from his neck,

Kiyomi: Y.....YOU!?

Wit: *sweating nervously* look I know this is crazy but I really had to use it real badly and my bathroom was too far away and yours was much closer and wanna knock and interrupt you ya know?

The ninja wasn't buying it however, and the growl she let out was proof of how pissed she was.

Back in the meeting.

Raily: Wit sure did pick a fine time to disappear on us.......again

Trey: We'll just have to.......*notices someone screaming from outside then see a figure plummet from the only window in the room.* The hell!?

Everybody, save for Jolt rushed to the window and look out and discover it is actually a battered and bloody Wit sprawled on the pavement with blood seeping through the cracks made from his impact. Needless to say this shocked them.

Comet: Oh man Wit!! *reaches out the window and lifts Wit up by the color who is completely un responsive, though still alive* Inks leaking out of your nose again!


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Hot famn Byrd this chapter was straight up like fire.

The exposition, great.
Character personalities, nice.
That twist you threw in about Kiyomi, killer.

This update was needed and you delivered. Writing like thus will keep many interested in more updates which is great

Excellent update this time around friend


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About an hour later Jae and Raily were the only ones that left. Comet and Helix went to the living room to watch TV, Trey stayed in the room were he and the other Slayers was discussing their plans, and Jolt dragged Wit's pulverized body upstairs. Akemi Stayed in the living for a little bit longer with Helix and Comet but finally decided to get up.

Helix: *takes cigarette out of his mouth* hittin the hay are we?

Akemi: *walks over to Pheryu and picks him up* yeah, blame it on the jet lag, I would've long since been out cold if I was still in Japan *heads upstairs. Helix continues watching TV, but Comet follows shortly after feeling something is off.*

Akemi finally makes it to her room and prepares to open the door until she sees Comet walking towards her direction.

Akemi: Comet? What are you....

Comet: Whats wrong?

Akemi: Wha?

Comet: I don't know what Jet Lag is, but I'm pretty sure that's not it, especially after the argument you had with Kiyomi.

Akemi: WHAT!? You heard it!?

Comet: Yeah I know it must be rough knowing that your parents were pretty mean to you and all. AAAHHH!!! *gets pulled into the room by Akemi who quickly slams the door*

In the room, Akemi brought Comet up to speed on what has happened throughout the young Ninja's life.

Comet: Man thats rough knowing that your part of the most hated clan in existence,

Akemi: I'm surprised You're taking this all in well *lays Pheryu on her bed as he falls asleep*

Comet: Well to tell you the truth considering what she went through she certantly deserves better than that, but why did your parents decide to take her in knowing where she hailed from?

Akemi: According to him it was something about her the look in her eyes, he has always had a softspot for kids and he couldn't bring in himself to leave her out to die. So he decided to change her name, erase any and all ties to the snow demons, but at the same time he wanted her to honor where she came from, he wouldn't say why.

Comet: How come?

Akemi: Don't know *goes to sit on her bed* My father always hid a lot of stuff from from me and my mother. Maybe it was for our safety, but I can't help but feel weary about him. Hell just last year I found out that he was almost assassinated by Kiyomi's own brother some months before we took her in.

Comet: whoa..........Your Dad sure is forgiving.

Akemi: yeah I know. First thing he told me after I found out was to not reject Kiyomi, or hold any animosity towards her.

Comet: well *sits on the bed as well* it's not like she was the one that had the knife in the shadow, so your old man does have a point.

Akemi:I just don't understand why she is so fixated on honoring their lives after how badly they treated her.

Comet: Well they still kept her around unlike me.*Falls down completely on the bed*

Akemi: What do you mean?

Comet: Unlike her family, mine sold me off as a meal for ferals.

Akemi: *shocked* oh god Comet.....

Comet: That was according to the slayer that took me in though. I was too young to remember, but that's in the past now. Back on your sister, has it occurred to you that maybe her parents had to do that?

Akemi: What are you saying?

Comet: Well she was born in a universally hated clan, i'm sure her parents knew that. It could have been their way of preparing her for the rough life ahead.

Akemi: *Surprised she didn't think of it that way* wow you actually have a point.

Comet: think of it like this, avenging their lives could be her way of saying thank you for preparing her even if she didn't get to complete her training. It certainly beats being sold as a full course meal.

Akemi:*chuckles* Yeah I guess your right, I just want the best for her and it justs feels silly to me to throw away everything you have just to get your revenge.

Comet: Well best bet for that is to continue being a sister to her, be someone she can lean on in tough times.

Akemi: *smiles gently* to tell you the truth I wasn't expecting this deep of a conversation with you.

Comet: *stands up* well according to Jolt always said I had a way with words, even if I was as smart as a pet rock.

Akemi: Hey Comet just promise you won't tell anyone else about the talk we had ok?

Comet: *heads to the door* I'll keep it, heck *Scratches the back of his head* If you're lucky I may forget we had this talk. *grins*

Akemi: *laughs lightly and blushes* Thank you

Comet: Heh no problAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!! *Trips over himself as he walks out and quickly gets up* Forget you saw that *quickly closes the door while Akemi shakes her head, smiling all the while*

Unbeknownst to her however, Kiyomi was actually listening in on the conversation from behind their bathroom door. No sooner did Comet turn to the stairs, he sees Jolt leaning on the wall with his arms folded.

Jolt: None of that is true is it?

Comet: What?

Jolt: You being sold by your parents as food for ferals.

Comet............................................................I said that?

Jolt: *to himself* I guess i'll have to keep the promise as well. Akemi should've already known how serious honor is in the culture of Japan. After all, she grew up there.

Kiyomi: *walks out of the bathroom in pajamas making pheryu wake up* Hey Akemi.

Akemi: Oh hey Yomi. Didn't know you was in there....

Kiyomi: Look Akemi I just wanna say I'm sor.....

Akemi: *interrupting* Look sis save it.

Kiyomi: No look I'm serious I should be more thankful of what I have now as opposed to what I lost. Your father could have just as easily left me die instead of saving me that night. I'm sorry for dragging you into this.

Akemi: No it's me who should be sorry.*Gets up* Sometimes I forget where you came from and sometimes I forget that ninjas, or really anyone for that matter don't have the same luxury of a easy upbringing like me. Sure your parents may not have been the most ideal, but at least they cared enough to try and prepare you for the what they have to deal *places hands on Kiyomi's shoulders* Look I just want you to have a better life. I know that sounds silly, maybe it's the sister complex I have, but it doesn't matter I'll always have your back even if my....no our parents don't agree with it.

Kiyomi: T....Thanks.

Akemi:Okay enough of the heavy emotions. Lets put this behind us, from now on it's a clean slate now.

Kiyomi: Yeah your right. Imm go on and go to sleep we got a big day ahead of us.

Akemi: Alright then. Don't oversleep on me again. *Kiyomi smiles as Pheryu flies to her and perches itself on her shoulder before she closes her door*

Akemi turns off the light in the room before laying and drifting off to sleep. In an unknown location in Alto, the Powerful Feral, Goliath was seen intering a mysterious room where the leader Dalv was seen sitting.

Dalv: what brings you hear Goliath?

Goliath: Forgive my intrusion my lord, it's just that this has been troubling me for time

Dalv: what the success of our recent “mission?”

Goliath: It is not the success of our mission, it is what help us achieve it. The technology of the humans and halflings

Dalv: I understand your concerns as you are not the first come to me about and you will not be the last. Understand this Goliath, the philosophy our kind follows “survival of the fittest.” it's not always about raw power. sometimes using you head can be just as effective.

Goliath: Understood, but that is not primary reason why I came.

Dalv: oh then what is your reasons?

Goliath: It's the provider of the machines instrumental to our raids of the smaller sky cities, he expects his payment whithin 48 hours.

Dalv: I see...... Get the captures ready for shipment to Rio this instance.

Goliath: As you command my lord. *bows Inspect respect before leaving the room.

Fast forward to the morning, Kiyomi is still asleep, albeit wildly with Pheryu sleeping on the dresser until Akemi crashes through her door frantacally.

Akemi: DAMMIT YOMI!!! WAKE UP !!!!!!! EEEEEEKKKKK!!! *Kiyomi gets startled and creates ice kunai and puts it to Akemi.*

Kiyomi: *still surprised* Akemi!? You know not to scare me like that!

Akemi: You realize overslept again!! everybody is outside waiting on you!!

Kiyomi: WHAT!? *quickly pulls out a smoke bomb and throws to the ground creating a large cloud of smoke enveloping both of the girls suddenly she dashes out of the smoky veil in her new ninja garments while simultaneously brushing her teeth and dragging Akemi along bye her collar.*

The two made their way downstairs by jumping over the rails with Pheryu flying behind them. The two crash through the entrance door of the base only to find every waiting for them in a patient manner. All of the slayers who were present last night was here along with Sticky, Libby, Howard, Beak, and Ari.

Raily: *holding two swords* good to you two up ready finally.

Kiyomi: *panting* for......for.....forgive us for over.....sleeping.....

Jae *Tightening the straps on his black fingerless gloves* don't sweat it we were all waiting on Jolt anyways.

Akemi: *dusting herself of after being recklessly dragged through the base* whaddya mean he's right there *points to Jolt who is looking to the sky for some reason*

Trey: *Walks to the two with a strange lizard like creature on his back with four arms and two legs. It was green in tone with orange markings on it's eyes, sported a row of large spines from it's head, and it wore goggles and a scarf.* nah were waiting on him to get the ride ready.

Akemi: *attention focused on the particular creature* uhhhh what is that thing on your back?

Trey: Ohhh him this Zippy, my little buddy. He some kinda creature known as a Basilisk Gecko, pretty rare around if not one of the last of his kind.*Zippy lets out a high pitched bark of happiness

Akemi: This..........is....the....most..*Grabs the the quad armed lizard gleefully* MOST ADORABLE LITTLE CUTIE EVER!!!!!! *twirls around holding Zippy high, who seems to be enjoying it* How come you never introduced us to him? *hugs Zippy tightly, who purrs in response.*

Trey: *slightly annoyed* Because I just got him back from Libby since she decided to “babysit” him without my approval for a whole month.

Libby: I couldn't help it! He's soooooooooo cute!

Trey: Still it's not fair. I never get to spend time with him and he's little partner.

Akemi: *Shows zippy to Kiyomi* Isn't he adorable?

Kiyomi: He is cute *Zippy waves his hand at Kiyomi but Pheryu lets out a angry growl at the four armed lizard.* So Trey. When is the ride gonna be ready?

Akemi: Wait *puts Zippy down who scampers back on Trey's back.* if you need a way to Rio I can easily call in my private jet in.

Jolt: *walking in between the group* We won't be needing that I got something even better than that.

Akemi: No offense what do yo have that can beat crossing the world in 2 hours flat?

Jolt: something that can cross it in 30 minutes.

Akemi: No offense That sounds like something you pulled from your ass if you had one. *Jolt gives the Hybrid a Stank look*

Trey: Akemi be careful Jolt loves proving folks wrong. You could say it's the closest thing to a sexual satisfaction.

Akemi: Sorry still don't buy it.

Jae: Be careful what you say.

Cynder: Seriously don't tempt cause he will really pull something out of his ass to prove a point.

Akemi: no way he'll be able to *sees jolt actually pull an airship out of his ass
Wh.....what did I just see

Jolt: you just seen a draconic-esque seven foot ten tall robot pull out a two hundred and sixty eight foot seven hundred million dollar one of three models Vesta thunder bird tk712-89super jetout of his mechanical Gluteus Maximus as form of mindfvckery towards a certain big butt Lagomorpha with comically sized ears what else? Oh and don't worry the interior has the nice sent of black ice with a subtle hint of petroleum.

Kiyomi: Wow he actually did it.

Akemi: Is it even sanitary to board it!? How did you even....

Jae: A special ability he personally calls assimilation. He can absorb any and all form of machinery and inanimate objects into his body for later use.

Trey: Whatever you can think or didn't know existed, he already has it inside him.

Akemi: What so for example the entire interior of your base was inside him the whole time?

Jae: Yep

Kiyomi: *places hand on her hip marveling the massive aircraft that was stored within a comparatively tiny robot while Pheryu's eyes were wide as plates from the recent act* That's amazing.

Jolt: Nice to know somebody respects my skills.

Helix: Alright you kids go on now. Cant keep Lalo waiting now can we?

Trey: He's right We need go now.

Save for Beak, Ari and Helix everyone boarded the massive jet As Jolt started the engines.

Kiyomi: *looks at Ari, Helix, and Beak* hey you are all staying back?

Helix: Aside from Beak being too young and Ari having way too many things to do *Ari chuckles* somebody has to stay back and keep watch over the building. Never know when someone may come knocking to either join or if it's feral, kill

Kiyomi: good point.

Helix: Don't worry about me, I've been slayer long before yall was even thought. I can hold my own when need be. Go on now I'll see ya soon. *Kiyomi nods and gets in the jet.*

Sticky: *the last to get in the jet while waving goodbye* See ya Ari. See ya Beak. See ya Steelix. *Helix frowns from this.

Ari: *Laughing* Steelix?

Helix: *still has scowl* Blame it on the handhelds

Ari and Beak wave goodbye as Helix gives the group a two finger salute with his mechanical hand as the superjet hovers higher and higher into the air before rocketing off in near instantaneous supersonic speeds in the horizon to Brazil.


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Ah so this is the story behind all those OC's you draw?
Very intriguing setting, not the typical post apocalyptic type land and the choice to use announcers was an interesting one, I've only read through the first few parts but I can already see the potential for some great moments/dialogue.

Anyways I'm interested to see how this all will unfold and the kinds of characters you can think up, with original content like this there are nearly endless possibilities.


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Ah so this is the story behind all those OC's you draw?
Very intriguing setting, not the typical post apocalyptic type land and the choice to use announcers was an interesting one, I've only read through the first few parts but I can already see the potential for some great moments/dialogue.

Anyways I'm interested to see how this all will unfold and the kinds of characters you can think up, with original content like this there are nearly endless possibilities.

not really a post apocalyptic type setting it is actually more of utopia at great risk of becoming a dystopia kinda ditched the announcers at least for this episode felt they detracted to much from the story i may bring them back though

also a plus, there is a character in the story inspired by sub-zero


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not really a post apocalyptic type setting it is actually more of utopia at great risk of becoming a dystopia kinda ditched the announcers at least for this episode felt they detracted to much from the story i may bring them back though

also a plus, there is a character in the story inspired by sub-zero

You're right about that, can't have a post apocalypse with no apocalypse in the first place, I was just having some trouble getting the words to match what I was thinking but you summed it up quite well. The announcers are cool and all but yea if they don't fit in that part then it's whatever, no reason to have side character distract from the main plot.

Now you've got me curious on which character is Subby inspired, guess I'll have to read further and find out, eh?


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you'll find out in the first fight in the story

also this same character has story elements similar to the lin kuei as well, but that is in my more recent updates


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Wow Byrd how very Ed Boonish of you :laugh:

You're on a hot streak Byrd. Another good update with some interesting parts of back story as well.


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In the Jet


Raily: *seated in front of Akemi*You seem pretty excited for something were you're very likely to not survive. You know that right?

Akemi: *sweats a little* you had to remind me didn't you?

Jae: *Seated in front of Raily* in all fairness we gotta be serious 65% of initiates who try to become slayers don't make it past their first hunt. *Akemi really starts sweating*

Akemi:*gulps* 65%?

Trey:*Seated next to Raily, turns around to face the 2 new members* good thing you two are not part of that 65%. *Both girls look at him* so you to don't freak out too much I'll make sure you two make it to tomorrow. *smiles and gives them a thumbs up making Akemi ease up *

Kiyomi:*holding Pheryu in her arms, smiles back at Trey before thinking to her self* I've only just met him and I gotta admit he is actually kinda cu.....wait.

Kiyomi gets the feeling that someone is a little too close to her personal space, but has a good hunch who it is and what part of her body he was staring at. The ninja thrusts her elbow upward behind her, colliding with the the face of an invisible Wit, knocking him out in the process. Wit falls out of his seat with the camera he was using to take unnecessary photos smashed into his face.

Kiyomi: *glares at wit's unmoving body* pervert......*everyone turns around and notices Wit laid out*

Cynder:*Seated next to her boyfriend* He's at it again I see *groans in annoyance*

Jae: So thats where he was the whole time.......

Cynder: *sighs and thinks to herself.* Is Jae or anybody on this plane with a XY chromosome even aware that Wit is a pervert?

Everyone sees Jolt's extended arm reach out from the pit all the way to the unconscious Wit and grabs him by the leg, dragging him into the pit. All of the females had looks of disgust while the males were oblivious to the whole situation strangely.

Akemi: *Remembers that Howard has boarded the jet as well and looks behind and sees him reading a book* Hey Howard how com you're on board? I don't recall you ever wanting to be slayer.

Howard: *Lowers the book* I'm doing a favor for Ari. She's always wanted to go to Rio, but due to her crazy work schedule she wants me to bring back a souvenir for her y'know?

Trey: Heh.. proof that love makes people do crazy things.

Howard: hey man i'm just being a friend.

Libby: *holding Zippy on her lap.* your quite a friend risking your life trying to get some souvenir.

Jolt: Judging from the pheromone levels I can sense from you. You wanna nice slice of that Ari pie*gets hit in the eye by a tossed book from Howard* AHH!! My optic!! *everyone laughs*

Wit: *now seated in the pit next to Jolt wakes up* ahhh man what happened?

Jolt: *rubbing his eye* you got caught in the act again. Seriously though you need to chill with that shit.

Comet: *sees the monitor in the ceiling automatically turn on to the news channel.* Hey everyone look. *every one turns their attention to the suspended TV as the news intro ends.*

Female reporter: Just last night in the Harraman district, a extremely powerful feral, presumbly a high level pack to low Apex level Feral was just recently brought down by the well known Slayer Guild known as the Million Edge.

Raily: Woah them!?

Kiyomi: Who?

Trey: The Million Edge slayer guild. There the guild everyone wants to either join, or be like

Raily: They may not be numerous as other guilds but, all of their members are champion rank, the highest position a slayer can achieve. So yeah there the real deal.

Akemi: Wait who's all champion rank in your guild?

Jae: Well that's Trey, Jolt, Lalo, Helix, and Mikhail.

Akemi: Mikhail? Who's that?

Trey: Probably our best member ever when it comes to slayers. Kinda ironic since he was human in a mostly Hybrid dominant guild, but that doesn't mean were biased on who joins.

Akemi: Whoa what was he like?

Jae: He was actually pretty fun to hang around but try and spar with him and last more than 3 seconds, only Jolt could last against him.

Jolt: Man that tank of man was tough even for me. We went on for five hours straight to the point were we had to call it a draw.

Raily: Can't tell you how many times a hunt turned to our favor when he appeared.

Sticky: Yeah even Apex Ferals would ditch us and run for it if they caught his scent.

Kiyomi.: Is he one of the members that went missing?

Trey: Fortunatly no. he stuck around some weeks after a majority of our members left. Last we seen him was actually half a week before we met you two.

Kiyomi: Where is he now?

Jae: He went back to his home country of Russia, he was always a family man. Still maintains contact with Helix though.

Kiyomi continues watching the news article and sees the massive corpse of a gorilla like feral. It was missing an arm and had a massive hole blown in it's chest. It's remains were being loaded onto the bed of a large rig. It's dark glowing purple blood was everywhere and the whole scene was blocked off with caution tape and men in Hazmat suits were cleaning up the bio luminescent ichor splattered throughout.
Just outside of the blocked off scene, five figures were being intervewed by another reporter who was also in a protective suit while the sixth and seventh member who appeared to be a large rhino hybrid and large muscular human in heavy armor with a military cut was helping in directing more men in hazmat suits around with the police.

Of the slayers being interviewed, one was a human woman of a dark skin tone in a formal-ish milatary attire, white in color. She had her hair tied in a pony tail with a princess bob cut. The next two were two aliens one with the height of a midget and a long gotee wore a simple attire consisting of a white wife beater and black cargo pants and combat boots. The other alien was tall and lanky in contrast with the same clothing. Next was yet another alien in a attire reminiscent of a cowboy with his face mostly concealed by the brim of his cowboy hat. Finally was a human male of average height. Something about him to made him seem like the leader of this group to Kiyomi. He wore a stylized red white and black light armor with thin cargo pants. His hair was orange and messy of shoulder length and his face suggested he was in his mid twenties.

Kiyomi didn't bother listening to what he or his other teammates had to say since she was so fixated on their appearance until.

Jolt: WE'RE HEAR!!

Akemi: whoa that was barely seven minuets of flight. Geez I not to doubt you again

Jolt: Don't worry all is forgiven ms. wayne

Akemi: Not funny. *notices that the jet is now hovering over a empty section of a populated beach at Rio* wait were getting off here? *Sees the door open and sees Comet and Sticky jump out almost instantly followed by Cynder, Jae, and Raily who was carrying Libby.* I guess so...

Trey:*Zippy scurries on Trey's back* It's only a seventy foot drop. Need help?

Akemi: Are you trying to be funny? I've trained with Kiyomi. She may not be a master ninja, but this kinda stuff is a breeze.

Trey: Suit yourself. Ready Zippy? *the four armed pet barks in response before sliding down it's goggles as Trey makes the drop.*

Akemi: *takes a long look at the ground as everyone lands with little difficulty* okay that a little higher then usual.

Kiyomi: Ready Akemi? *gets to the open door*

Akemi: *Eases up with her “sister” next to her and sighs* Yeah....lets do this. *both make the jump at the same time with Pheryu diving after them, all the while Howard looks down nervously.*

Jolt: * puts the jet on autopilot and starts walking to Howard* Don't tell me you're having second thoughts now.

Howard: Who me!? Naw just watch *walks to the open door and swiftly turns pale from the height* j.....ju.....just gi....give me a secAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*Gets spartan kicked in the ass by Jolt, sending him plummeting. To his fortune Raily was there to catch him by his leg just when he was inches away of hitting the sand face first.*

Jolt is last to jump out but grabs the wing of the large aircraft. What follows next is nothing short of amazing, the jet begins disassembling itself as jolt descends slowly to the ground. The decontructed pieces begin to rapidly recede into Jolt's arm, which has opened up to claim the strategically fractured pieces. By the time Jolt made it to the ground all that was left of the jet was a small cubed piece of the wing he grabbed on his way down before it sunk into his hand.

Howard: *Still suspended upside down* YOU BI***!!!

Jolt: Language man.

Howard: *Raily lays him down and Howard gets to his feet* I wasn't ready yet!! you could've killed me!!

Jolt: You really think they were gonna let you die without intervening, pretty sure they want you to at least live long enough for dat Ari booty call besides breaking your neck from a fall is leagues better then getting mauled to death by a bunch of ferals, so it's win win for you.

Cynder: now now boys *gets in between Howard and Jolt* we can save the argument for another time, right now we need to find Lalo.

Jae: Cyndy you forget sometimes. You don't look for him, he looks for you.

Jolt: That sounds like one of those bastardized half ass “In Soviet Russia” jokes.

Jae: *sighs while pinching his eyebrows* You know what I mean Jolt

Kiyomi: * With Pheryu perched on her shoulder, She watches the slayers and Howard talk before her ears twitch signaling someone is behind her.* Wit if that is you again, I will not hesitate in slitting your throat.

???: Well then, fortune be mine that I am not Wit Lady Kiyomi.

Kiyomi:What?* turns around sees a very unfamiliar figure and screams with Pheryu squawking in return.* KYAAAAAAAAAA WHO ARE YOU AND HOW DO YOU KNOW MY NAME!?!?!?!

The figure was like most of the gang a Hybrid. His features were lupine in nature suggesting like Kiyomi, he was a canine of some kind. He had black fur, gray hair, a curly bushy tail, and unusual glowing eyes with a subtle purple hue. He wore a uniform dark navy blue ninja tunic black scarf that covered his lower face and small padded gloves, the only thing that stood out was his sliver head piece that was shaped like a wyvern's top head.

???: Forgive my for statling you, but I am Sir Lalo of the Shadow Wyvern order *this subtely surprises Kiyomi*. And how I know your name? That was due in part to to me eavesdropping on your conversation while you all were on your way here.

Akemi: *Approaching the male ninja* wait and how is that possible? I thought was here in Rio waiting on us?

Lalo: I was then I decided to board the Jet just to learn more about you two.

Akemi: What!? How does that even work!?

Trey: Yo Lalo! *He and everyone else huddles around.

Cynder: It's been awhile Lalo.

Raily: Yeah man i'm itching for that sparring rematch.

Jae: Good seeing you again man.

While everyone was greeting Lalo once more Kiyomi stood back deeply shaken by the name, the Shadow Wyverns. She has heard of this name before from her father. And remembered the intense anger within his tone and the life of a fellow member he nearly claimed for uttering it. Who ever was this group Lalo was from, it may have been mortal enemies with her clan, but the reasons why were unknown to her.

Akemi: WAIT!!!! *gets in the middle of the slayers and glares at Lalo* you still haven't answered my question!!

Jolt: Lalo you don't mind me...

Lalo: *holds his open palm up* oh by all means Jolt

Jolt: alright look Akemi one thing you need to know about Lalo is that aside from ninjitsu, he has also is a master of “hitchhiking” on planes jets and other forms of commercial airlines has been known to leap from plane to plane, so he must have been on a plane to Alto that was crossing paths with us.

Akemi: Wait. You mean like on the top of planes? How is that even....

Jolt: You don't question a Ninja's abilities and feats with logic.


Sticky: *notices Kiyomi is standing back* Hey Kiyomi whats wrong?

Kiyomi: *Snaps out of her trance* huh oh uh nothing Sticky.

Sticky: You sure?

Kiyomi: Yeah positive *walks to the group*

Jolt: Ah Kiyomi since you finally decided to join us, good cause now I can give out these. *Reaches in his pocket and pulls out several earpieces* didn't much time to make these but here are some earpieces for everybody in case we have to do the old split up cliché. *without question everyone grabs one and places it in their ear.* Basically they work like any other communication device with the bonus of translating any other language for you and helps people unfamiliar with English to understand what you're saying cause the other of this story doesn't know a damn thing about Portuguese or any other language for that matter.

No sooner does Comet put his ear piece in, he hears a scream of terror far away in the fevelas of beyond the coastal area

Comet: Hey Guys! *everyone looks at him* yall heard that?

Wit: *busy looking at the many woman in bikinis walking and basking* Heard what?

Cynder: Why don't you take your eyes off of the women creep.

Jae: No Comet we don't hear anything...

Comet: Sounds like someone is in trouble! *hears the same scream again* It could be a Feral attack! *runs off at incredible speed and makes a massive bound over the buildings.

Akemi: Gah Comet! Wait *Chases after him*

Jolt: Dammit Comet! I bet he didn't even turn the earpiece on. Yall stay here while I get the two back here. Oh and Kiyomi don't worry i'll make sure Akemi is alright. *sure enough the kunoichi was ready to take of but stops and silently nods while Jolt gives chase at the two Hybrids.*

Akemi: *Makes her way to the building and stops* Okay a little larger then the buildings i'm use to jumping over but...

Jolt: *Grabs Akemi by her waist* whaddya waiting for? *effortlessly jumps over the buildings with Akemi screaming all the while*

Akemi: Jolt!?

Jolt: Hows it goin Ms. Wayne?

Akemi: Don't call me that.....

Jolt: yeah whatever lets get rockhead back before he gets himself hurt..

Akemi: *sighs* Agreed. How does Comet even know that a Feral is involved in broad daylight?

Jolt: That's easy, he doesn't.

In a secluded alleyway on the edge of the Brazilian fevelas, a helpless cat hybrid in a large long sleeve tattered shirt that reached her knees. She had dark pink fur and long brown hair that reached her back. She was cornered bye seven large human thugs all of which were armed with weapons shoting and threatening the hybrid in their native tongue. It didn't take Comet long to reach the scene, but despite his prediction being off, he would still help regardless.

Comet: *running up on the offending thugs* HEY BACK AWAY FROM THE GIRL!!!

Switchblade Thug: *shouts in Portuguese*

Comet: *confused* I'm sorry what?

Switchblade Thug: *shouts in Portuguese again*

Comet: Huh?

Switchblade Thug: *continues shouting in Portuguese*

Comet: Sorry man, but I really can't understand you *the helpless Cat Hybrid breaks a sweat drop*

Jolt: *lands behind Comet with Akemi* That's because you didn't activate your ear piece genius. *presses the button on the ear piece in stationed in Comet's ear activating it*

Comet: Oh hey guys and thanks.

Switchblade Thug: *Now translated* I'm not finna f****** repeat my self who the f*** is you and the little freakshow of yours

Jolt: That's not nice.

Switchblade Thug: And I'm supposed to give a f***?

Jolt: Nope. You should really be giving a f*** about that limited vocab of yours skippy. *Switchblade Thug gets even more angry as the other thugs walk up to the three heroes*

Akemi: Look why were yall ganging up on a helpless girl who can't even defend herself?

Switchblade Thug: Thats none of you damn business b****

Akemi: *gets very pissed and clenches her fists* what was that?

Switchblade Thug: I said thats none of you damn business bit.....*gets decked in the face not by Akemi, but Comet and sent careening into a stack of crates several yards away and is knocked out cold.*

Akemi: *Surprised along with the the thugs and the victimized Hybrid girl* whoa go Comet.

Comet:*still holding his fist out* That's not a nice word to call her.

Machete Thug: YOU F******* PEST *charges Comet with an overhead chop on Comet's head*

Comet: *Stops the blade cold with his bare hand without it drawing blood* And that's not a nice word to call me.

Comet snaps the blade in two and chin checks the surprised man in the face with his knee, knocking out several teeth in the process and sends him through a nearby window, taking him out of the fight. The five remaining thugs charge the three. Two thugs, one wielding a bat and the other a lead pipe charge Akemi. Left with no choice, she assumed a fighting stance, but Jolt steps in front of the Rabbit hybrid and with both arms stretched out, one shots both men with a monstrous dual clothsline. Akemi could only stare in amazement since this is her first time seeing the two in fight. Unfortunately for her she was oblivious to the creeping thug holding a fire ax behind her.

Comet: Akemi look out!! *stomps on the ground which causes a pillar of earth to erupt and precisely strike the fire ax thug in the baby makers, making him hit a high note*

Akemi: *Turns and sees the thug crumple over holding his “jewels”* whoa thanks Comet *sees a thug with a crowbar behind the Hare Hybrid and gasps* COMET BEHIND YOU!!!!
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