Hybrid Odyssey (a completely original story)


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The four heroes braced themselves as Enigma ran at them with gun in tow being wielded like a sledgehammer as Trey in turn lunged back at the mysterious creature.

Trey parries it with a kick and reels his fist back, ready for retaliation. Enigma uses his free hand to contend with the half dragon hybrid's fist. Kiyomi and Akemi expected a loud boom sound considering Trey and enigma's strength, what they got instead was what was practically an invisible explosion that was the equivalent to several anti aircraft missiles and a nuclear grenade going off (at least to them since they really don't know just how powerful there new guildmates are). Everyone and everything save for Jolt was knocked away several feet. Kiyomi's heart skipped several beats at the herculean collision whereas Akemi looked like she wanted to shit herself

Akemi: w.....whoa I...i think I need new panties

Kiyomi: *to herself* n..no way th-that was terrifying...no wonder why he is the leader.

Enigma: as expected from such a mighty and reputable slayer *jumps back and examines his hand which is hideously broken beyond any hope of saving* maybe you will be the one to grace me with “mercy.” *broken hand suddenly contorts and restores itself to it's original form* maybe

Trey: *holds his fist out, which is unfazed* Not really big on the art of the Coup De Grace if that is what your getting at, but ya never know how these hunts end so it could be your lucky day.

Enigma lunges at Trey in unreadable speeds only Jolt could see with Trey reacting at similar speeds in a flurry of clashes that spread through the massive land of scrap and junk. Jolt took the opportunity to grab the two awestruck girls and relocate them to a further area away from the practically invisible battle only he could see on a hillside made of crushed cars.

Akemi: *still shaking* th-this is unreal and I thought Comet was scary strong....

Jolt: Yeah Trey is pretty up there only bested by yours truly *points at himself* something ol dragon boy wouldn't hesitate to admit

Kiyomi: Then how come you're not helping I may not know Trey's limit but the last thing we need is having him badly injured or......worse

Jolt: *curious about Kiyomi's concern* and why is that?

Kiyomi: *pauses for a moment to formulate her words* be because it would be devastating for our party's morale and the remainder of the guild if something were to happen to him he is our leader right? How do you expect us to function at our best without one like him?

Jolt: hmmmm you drive home a good point though Trey is not the kind who sees himself as such (such poor self esteem that guy has) but anyways if ya really wanna know the reason why.. *Opens up his chest compartment revealing a bright blue orb surrounded by five small cylindrical vents. Of the five only one was “open” evident by a small smokey blue stream of light flowing into it* that's why ya see this little blue ball of energy is where all my power comes from but as you can see I can only draw so much from it with one vent open lest a risk overloading and destroying my own body which would be pretty damn terrible due to the potential collateral damage. And before you ask why not open up the other vents it is way easier said than done due to some crazy ass coding that I didn't even know about that's linked to the vents and i'm only 2% of the way through the first vent after a whole year of trying crack the coding and I can't physically force them open due to how extremely volatile this little bundle of energy is I run a high chance of rupturing it making an explosion capable of taking out a whole continent and that's if were lucky. So to make this simple i'm basically handicapped due to how restricted my source of power is and it's far too risky to try and forcibly draw upon it as such I tend to play the role of trump card a last resort type if things are heading to the south pole if you are able to catch my drift.

Akemi: uhhhhhhhh I actually get where you're coming from. You're super strong but super crippled.

Jolt: Not the type of words I was emotionally prepared to hear but yeah yeah........*to himself*........super........crippled..........

Trey and Enigma continued to vicious bout trading and blocking blows hundreds of time a second, neither able to break the flow of the rapid trades until Trey was able to breach enigma's guard with a powerful open palm so devastating enigma's ribs caved in and his own covering mask ripped open from his open opening wide to let a torrent of ichor blast out of his mouth as the force behind palm strike sent him rocketing at the speed of missile. Despite his breathing being handicapped due to his ribs being smashed in Enigma was able to force his hands and feet deep into the ground bringing his knock back from Trey's attack to a permanent halt.

Enigma: That's it Trey that's the power I have craved from you.*entire chest restores itself* Show me more!

Trey: *charges enigma delivering several strikes that enigma dodges* Weren't you not to long ago talking about how we “halflings.” should embrace the “next stage of evolution”? Now you're on full on masochist mode. Just what is your game? *Attempts to give engima a roundhouse kick but the mysterious feral sidesteps quickly and grabs and binds Trey in a master lock grapple leaving the half dragon dangling in the air.*

Enigma: Game? I merely just wanna know whether you embrace the true “destiny” of halflings, die, or equally interesting I die. *tightens his grip intending on breaking Trey's neck and shoulders* at least one of the outcomes will become reality and either way may purpose will have been served.

Trey: Gah!!...so you're a go with the flow type huh? *Begins resisting engima's crumpling grip* well I'll be more than happy to choose the way this ends for you!

Trey slams the back of his head into Enigma's face smashing it in and stabbing out one of the creature's eyes with one of his exposed backward facing horns consequently enigma released Trey due to the pain in his crushed face and Trey kicks him in the left knee with enough force to snap it inwards. Enigma fell to his hands and one unbroken leg before Trey broke his right arm with another kick and finished off with an uppercutt to the face tha made enigma's head snap backwards like a macabre pez dispenser. From afar a shocked Akemi had her mouth covered and Kiyomi was just speechless at Trey's brutality

Jolt: *reading a manga gals before you question that spanking i'll have you to know nemesis #2 is far from dead.

Kiyomi: What!? How could something survive that.

Akemi: Maybe you should get your nose out of the manga and actually look at what Trey did to that creep....

Jolt: seeing as how I can sense a heartbeat and bones shifting back into the proper place how he looks from the beating is really just a moot point at this....errrr point.

Akemi: what!? *Turns and looks back at Enigma whose arm and leg have already restored themselves back to the proper position* you gotta be kidding me how do you expect Trey to beat something that can come back from having it's neck broken like that!?

Jolt: dunno but looks like it's time for me to jump in now *puts his manga away and cracks his knuckles*

Trey looked at enigma silently as his neck snaps back in it's original position but noticed the healed appendages were slightly deformed and “strained” making the hybrid raise an eyebrow as enigma's face and eye reconstructed itself though like elbow and knee not all the way back to it's original form.

Mysterious figure 1: oh crap we need to get the other back up brethren now

Mysterious figure 2: Whaddya mean!? our trump card is still standing!

Mysterious figure 1: remember what our lord said!? He shouldn't be damaged too much he has already taking a nasty beating from that damn dragon tiger halfling we should call him back for now.

Mysterious figure 1: Fine then give that damn phone thingy.

Enigma: *touches the side of his head as a ringing sound only he can hear goes off and growls* very well. *looks at Trey* unfortunately our battle has concluded halfling son of the Dragon God...an army of lowly ferals appear from hiding due to strange tech that they were carrying, even more than the first wave of ferals* for now anyways.....

Enigma walks off and Trey attempts to give chase knocking several ferals aside as he tried to get to him but the rift trekker leader found himself surrounded by ten of the mutants. At least for Trey, Kiyomi swiftly reacted and threw a icy kunai into the back of one, freezing it solid, while Akemi knocked another one out with a well placed kick at the back of its neck.

Trey: thanks for the save but we still have the...

Jolt: *has the remaining ferals that surrounded Trey incapacitated and skewered on a long spear he had made over his shoulder like a massive shish-kabob* I got it under control.

Trey: well never mind then * sees a feral lunging at Akemi* Akemi look out.

Akemi turns around and at the last second dodges the feral and kicks it across the face, but another sneaks in slashing deep into her side, drawing blood

Akemi: GAAAHHHHHH!!! *collapses clutching her profusely bleeding side.*

Trey and Jolt attempted to come to the rabbit hybrids aid but twenty of the feral grunts ran in between them. Kiyomi immediately began to take action but is yanked out of her hiding spot by the leg and tossed away several feet by a feral that had managed to sniff her out.

Feral grunt: heh heh heh *drooling sadistically* I always liked when my meals looking good URK!!!! *throat gets slashed open by Kiyomi's odachi and is swiftly encased in ice* Before Kiyomi could even mentally process to to run to her sisters aid ten ferals swarm around her.

Kiyomi: NO!!!

Feral Grunt 2: lets get acquainted while you're still breathing shall we?

As Trey and Jolt desperately fought off the growing number of ferals that kept them surrounded,
the offending feral that badly injured Akemi stood triumphantly over the bleeding hybrid girl

Feral Grunt 3: *licking it's bloody claw* AB type huh? My favorite kind of seasoning for sweet young hybrid flesh heh heh heh *readies it's claw but gets hit in the head with a ballistic slab of iron that knocks it out instantly.

Akemi: What was that!? T-Trey *tightens the grip on her gashes* was that you?

Trey: *punching several ferals dozens of feet at once with a single punch* wasn't me

Akemi: Jolt?

Jolt: *has a feral by the throat slapping it back and forth senselessly while sitting on a mound of broken and defeated ferals* nope not me either.

Soon out of nowhere another mysterious figure in what appeared to be jury rigged armor and scraps and obscuring motorcycle helmet with external vents shaped like large cat ears and wielded a red metal bat. Saying no words the vigilante rushed in and started wailing on ferals swiftly and powerfully, knocking out any mutant unlucky enough to be struck by the blunt weapon.

Trey: Whoever that is we should join in.

Jolt: yeah you go ahead and help out i'll deal with the other thirty something mangies over there. *gestures at a massive squad of Ferals coming towards him*

Trey: take it easy then gaijintron. *Jolt grumbles in response showing subtle annoyment in the name.*

Trey rushed over to Akemi swatting aside any ferals that got in his way till he made it to Akemi.

Trey: *makes it to Akemi* Alright lets get you out of here at least *picks up Akemi bridal style but a feral charges him and slashes him across the back Trey retaliates with a brutal round house to the creatures skull nearly killing it and taking it out of the fight effectively.

Akemi: Trey y-your back!!

Trey: it'll heal lets find Kiyomi first

Kiyomi: huff.....right hear *holding a severed feral arm and a odachi covered in the glowing blood of ferals.* Don't ask. *blows a hanging hair bang from in front of her face*

Trey: wasn't planning on it, but I was gonna ask you to watch over your sister right here if you don't mind while we deal with the remaining mangies.

Kiyomi: why ask me such a rhetorical question?

Trey: *shrugs* eh just trying liven up the mood is all...i guess...? *hands Akemi to Kiyomi*

Kiyomi: *smiles lightly* well it is appreciated that you tried.

Kiyomi lays Akemi down against a scrapped oven and freezes over the gashes in order to halt the bleeding as she got out medical supplies from a small satchel while Trey returned to the fight to help out the mysterious vigilante that saved Akemi who was holding their own quite well. The vigilante skillfully smashed in several feral skulls in quick succession and then punching the teeth out of another one, whoever this mystery figure was they obviously had experience dealing with ferals due to how well they were holding there own. Nevertheless Trey came to the interloper's aid punching one feral away and kneeing another on adjacent to him in the jaw in the air. The vigilante turned to face Trey who nodded with a smirk. Nobody knows what form of expression was being given from behind the helmet but it could be obviously concluded that for the remainder of this battle they were on the same side as both went opposite direction to engage the mob of mutants.

Meanwhile Kiyomi was just finishing wrapping up Akemi's wound while the rabbit hybrid had a look of disappointment on her face.

Kiyomi: whats wrong?

Akemi: you should probably go on and help the others.....

Kiyomi: And leave you here? Not a chance

Akemi: I'll only slow you down...

Kiyomi: I'm not leaving my sister behind You're priority number one to me more than my true mission here. Besides before we came to Alto didn't tell me it would be one of your many dreams come true if you joined a slayer guild?

Akemi: Yeah but so far I've been nothing but a damsel in distress at this point i'm more of a burden.

Kiyomi: I know that feeling but they never said it was going to be easy in fairness. Like you always tell me stick to your guns and don't give up.

Akemi *lightens yeah you're right*

Feral Grunt 4: RETREAT

the remaining ferals that could at least walk or crawl (five to be exact) fled for their lives amidst the battered bodies of ferals

Kiyomi: Well they certainly know how to work quick.....

Trey: Welp that was fun so mystery guy thanks for ye olde aid, but you don't mind telling me you're name cause we are sorta in the need for extra members.

The mysterious figure was actually about to say something till they saw Jolt approach them and briefly hesitated before abruptly fleeing the scene leaving both Trey and Jolt confused

Trey: Well that just happened

After fleeing far enough the mysterious vigilante lay up against a giant oak tree huffing frantically and heart racing as if they had seen a ghost. After catching their breath in several minutes time the unknown person finally removed their helmet revealing beneath it a female face, blue hair and fox ears of the mixed Skye.

Skye: *thinking about the robot like creature she saw* huff....huff....why am I so scared of things like that?.........