Hybrid Odyssey (a completely original story)


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Narrator 1:All righty boys and girls what we have for you is a tale of epic proportions

Narrator 2: A tale that strikes a perfect symmetrical balance between action, drama, romance, and violence

Narrator 1: Oh yes there will be blood, lots and lots of it cause that's what you young'uns seem to love these days.

Narrator 2: I wouldn't say that I mean that's just the minority that is like that honestly.

Narrator 1: let's face it violence always brings in the crowd.

Narrator 2: But that doesn’t ensure a good story buddy. I mean look at the Micheal Bay movies

Narrator 1: Alright you got me there but still there will be fights galore, but enough Talk lets get this show on the road.

Narrator 2:agreed, this tale begins in the rooftops of the futuristic floating megalopolis Alto City.

Trivial stuff
Narrator 1: In the the future society has taken to the skies. Nearly every capital and large city has literally been uprooted from the Earth into the sky. (Japan However is a unique case since the whole damn island itself was uprooted instead of it's cities)

Narrator 2: Obviously you're wondering how is this even possible well ya see it has a lot to do with a strange hulking cluster of alien crystals that crashed into Antarctica so hard, it split the ice continent in two and caused a ten day snowstorm worldwide.

Narrator 1: Inevitable investigations ensued and lured everyone overtime to the the massive bifurcated ice sheet and further studies revealed that these crystals could power any and all man made tech. After a few “disagreements” eventually reasons and rationality arose from the disputes and the crystals, universally dubbed Kalusite was split between the the six remaining continents and made all important fuel and energy sources such as electricity and gasoline completely obsolete as a result.

Narrator 2: But overuse of the Kalusite had some zany side effects. By zany I mean causing Earth to grow to the size of the Gas Giant Neptune, greatly altering the flora and fauna (the main reason why everybody move to the skies could you imagine a horde of clumsy creatures twice the size of Blue Whales that looks like the offsprings of a three-way between a crocodile, gorilla, and a lion migrating and tearing down your house and wreaking cities just to get to a water hole every year? Thank the heavens you don't work at the insurance companies in this world) and giving Earth five more moons but one the greatest life changing effects was the creation a new sentient race which will be explained later.

Narrator 1: here we see two female hybrids watching from within the cloak of night

More trivial junk
Narrator 1: What are Hybrids you may ask? Well they are a unique race of creatures born from the radiation of Kalusite that mixed in the DNA of humans and animals the result was a diverse race of varying animal genes, no one Hybrid was ever the same. As they started to grow in number the relationship with humans was starting to look exactly like the relationship between mutants and humans from X-Men (If you live under a rock, or too stupid to get the reference the relationship between the two races was practically shitty and full of racial hate.)

Narrator 2: Unsurprisingly shit hits the fan and humans go on a genocidal killing spree nearly wiping the fledgling race from the face of the new Earth, but eventually a few rebellious humans who saw no justice in the senseless slaughters manage to win over the governments and as a result permanently outlawed the killing of Hybrids with consequences of killing one being no different from killing another human.

Narrator 1:After everything calmed down Hybrids were soon taught all that humans knew and overtime began to assimilate into the society of man getting the same success and failures we get in life.

Narrator 2: The two girls in question were the kunoichi Kiyomi and her only Akemi.

Narrator 1:Kiyomi is young skilled Raccoon dog from the snowy mountains of Japan. She is among one of the last of a long line of ninjas known as the Korinuki clan after it was struck by an unknown creature from the sky and left her with a nasty scar on her back. She is quite shapely due to her rough training when she was a trainee with dark brown fur and natural black accents running across her eyes she often wears light blue ninja gi with a black skin tight bodysuit underneath. Her reason for traveling to Alto city was to find a legendary master who could help prepare her as the new heir to her clan and to hunt down and slay the monster that killed her father and her original intended fiancee. Another noteworthy factor is her odd pet she calls Pheryu, a dragon-like eagle she took in secretly when she was a kid.

Narrator 2:Akemi is a tomboyish country girl from Kyoto with a natural love for fighting. Despite how ridiculously rich and supportive her parents were, she preferred making money on her own having saved up on a school for martial arts (namely shotokan karate although she uses other styles that involves using her legs in a fight mixed with a little street fighting.) she is a light pink furred rabbit wears a blue and silver shirt with matching shorts and baggy leggings with wind designs at the bottom. One defining trait of her appearance was her massive ears even for rabbits.

Narrator 1: if only she could use them to fly, like that one little rabbit from the sonic games.

Narrator 2: anywaaaayysss, how the two girls met was a stroke of good fortune actually since Akemi and her parents were on a trip to Tokyo when by miracle they stumbled upon Kiyomi who was hiding up on a tree, bleeding out badly from a massive gash on her back wasting no time they call for an ambulance and personally go with the injured ninja to the hospital and never left her side in the weeks it took her to recover. Ever since then they have always been inseparable, but we will delve into more of that backstory later right we have a story we are sure you wanna read.

Kiyomi: Here we are finally, the great Alto City the supposed area where “he” hides

Akemi: (stretching) Yeah sure it's gonna be a walk in park trying to find the “Alto's Fist” when we have never even seen a picture of him in a city with a population twice that of NYC (sarcasm).

Kiyomi: (sighs). You remember what the oracle in my village said. “Don't look for him, he will look for us.”

Akemi: How do you even know that the Oracle is in the right state of mind after that...........erm.....uh “incident.”

Kiyomi: Even i'm curious whether or not the oracle is the same after that tragedy, but what other choice do I have? We have to find this master because we won't be able to even match that demon responsible for all of this seeing as it was capable of killing even my father and most of the high ranking shinobi in just one attack. We just need to prove ourselves somehow, someway in this city in hopes that “he” will be impressed.

Akemi: your lucky your like a sister to me cause i'm sure not even a close friend would fly thousands of miles to a foreign town just to find some anonymous old geezer who is supposedly the best of the best. Ah well so where do we begin.

Narrator 1: Meanwhile in nearby shopping district known as lunar Square we see three more characters sitting on a park bench who will play a fair part in this story.

Narrator 2: The first of the trio is Libby, a blue furred mouse known for her crimson colored eyes, is a cheerful hybrid that never lets anything dampen her spirit. She is often pursued by a lot of potential hybrid suitors (even a human at one point tried his luck with Libby. Not sure if crazy or just plain desperate.) But she currently, well actually permanently has her ruby eyes affixed on a particular hyperactive hero we will see soon.

Narrator 1: The other two are Howard and Beak. Howard is a human who is trying to find his place among his friends whom are mostly Hybrids and more often than not questions his worth to everyone. Beak is a little orphan snapping turtle hybrid who was taken in by Howard's parents as part of a big brother/sister program since Howard was an only child. He is a big dreamer with an even bigger bite that is strong enough to crush diamonds. Yeah his jaws are that strong.

Libby: So how have you been with your new “brother” lately?.

Howard: It's been pretty good for these past six months even though I'm really just stretching it.

Libby: what do you mean?

Howard: It's not like he's retarded or anything I mean he is this generation's Dexter it's just (proceeds to knock on Beak's head which emits eerily hollow sound) seems like his brain just goes out for a walk every ten minutes. Look at him he's staring sky with a disturbingly blank face.

Libby: That is pretty weird I wonder whats going in his head? I really hope he didn't go through anything traumatic before your parents took him in.

Howard: when you think about it, yeah that be the best possibility I hope this program can help him.

Narrator 2: now that I think about lets take a look at whats really going in the little turtle's head shall we?

Narrator 1meanwhile within Beak's mind. We see a wrecked castle in the background and a giant decapitated ogre, in front of the corpse was a muscular parody of Beak with a big ass rpg-esque sword with a fat tobacco pipe in his mouth with two hot sexually proportioned hybrids in tattered undergarments crawling on his ankles and shins.

Fantasy girl 1: Oh Beak thanks to your brave selfless heroism Camelot is safe once more how can we ever repay you?

Beak: weeeeellll you caaan....

Fantasy girl 2: No need to speak we already know what it is that you desire.
Narrator 2: The two lovely lasses get up and and prepare to take off their torn tops until.....

back in reality

Howard: Beak! (poking the turtle in the eye literally) Beak whats going on in their bro? (continues poking him, waiting for a response)

Beak: yeeeaaah.....wai.....wha huh!? GAH OW OW OW OW!!!! (Swats Howard's hand away and clutches his eye) WHATS YOUR DEAL BIG BRO!? GEEZ THAT HURTS!!!

Libby: Tee hee, Just trying to bring you back to our world.

Beak: well excuse me for having dreams of becoming a successful doctor!

Howard: So that's whats been going on in dat cranium of yours sorry to interrupt your lifelong goal. (leans towards Libby and whispers). No way in hell a seven year old like him is thinking of something like that. With all the cartoons he watches he is probably thinking about being some ripped stud with two sexy girls ready to get freaky on him for saving their lives from some monster he killed.


Howard: Heard what!?

Beak: a curse word H.E double hockey sticks!! your not supposed to say those around me!!

Howard: Thats not curse word. Well sorta.

Beak: Well we'll see what Mom has to say about that! (crosses arms)

Howard: Dear lord please don't tell her! Please I’d rather you bite of my leg than tell her. Thats the equivalent of a death sentence!!

Narrator 1:While Libby chuckles at the boys' antics the three are oblivious to the watching eyes of three sinister shadows watching from behind a dark alleyway with deadly intentions in store for the friends.

Figure 1: There they are, like helpless sitting ducks.

Figure 2: I'm getting hungry just thinking about it can I please eat the mouse?

Figure 3: hold your claws we are ordered not to slay and devour them. That is of our all mighty lord's wishes.

Figure 2: I know I know were supposed use them as bait to draw out the one our lord refers to as the Feral's Bane, but after can I?

Figure 1: that is for our lord to decide as he has addressed any who are connected to the Feral's Bane are to be brought to him, because he wants to personally decide their fate.

Figure 3: just be patient my brother we will be well rewarded if...........well when we succeed in pulling this off. We will return back to our former glory. We will take everything back that we have lost after those tragic three months a year ago.

Back on the rooftops

Akemi: Seriously though when are gonna start? These heights are making me a little nauseous..

Kiyomi: Just waiting for the right time to......(Kiyomi's ears suddenly twitch as if something is amiss and they repeatedly twitch).

Narrator 2: When Kiyomi's ears start twitching that means shit's bout to get real. think of it as like a spider-sense in a sorta way

Akemi: Yo Kiyomi your ears are acting funny again and normally that means......

Pheryu: SQUAWK!!!!!

Kiyomi: You sense it to don't you boy?

Akemi: So we can finally get off the rooftops right?

Kiyomi: (sighs) Yes we can. It makes no sense how you've been leaping buildings in a single bound for years yet you have trouble keeping the lunch in your stomach from coming out.

Akemi: Correction Ms. Uptight I can't stay up to high in the air for a long time. Now come on I'm itching for the potential action thats gonna go down.

Kiyomi: (rolls eyes). Alright pheryu I need you to be our surveillance for us can you do that?

Pheryu: chirp chirp (nods it's head)

Kiyomi: Good boy (give the reptillian bird a small slab of meat as a reward).

Narrator 1: and so pheryu takes flight while the 2 heroins in the making descend down the skyscrapers unaware of the hiding dangers that will forever intertwine their fates with a rag tag gang of vigilantes.

Narrator 2: as those 2 made their way down to the ground below the trio , Libby, Howard, and Beak decide to take a walk to the local arcade in order to meet up with the rest of their friends who were enjoying some good ole Iron knuckle (it's fighting game in their world that is a reference to a certain popular fighter in yours) but things just won't go by like that this night.

Howard: I wonder how many quarters they blew on that game?

Beak: probably around two-hundred and forty each, which is about sixty dollars.

Libby: (sigh) Boys and their games these days I just hope that.....

Narrator 1: Before she could finish that sentence she bumps into a large muscular figure that looks like a ferocious badger knocks her onto the ground.

Figure 3: Heh heh you may wanna watch where your goin there sweetie.

Libby: (Rubs her bottom) owwwww... oh sorry sir eh (looks up and gasps) fe.........fe.......fe.....Fe
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Figure 3: Whats the matter? You never seen one of our kind before?

Narrator 1: Before we let this continue we feel another history lesson is in order. Thats if you wanna read it otherwise just skip the spoiler.

Narrator 2: You remember those zany side effects due to the overuse of Kalusite we were talking about? Well we sorta left one very BAD side effect.

Narrator 1: To start this lesson off we will begin with a little question. What happens when Kalusite comes into contact with rabies and the Government decides to foolishly attempts to use it as some form of a biological weapon?

Narrator 2: Back when society was still on the ground and Humans and Hybrids were at odds ye olde silly Government (mainly the US) hired a bunch of scientists to do a little experimenting when they discovered that Kalusite can effect even viruses and thought it would be a good idea to utilize it on the hybrids during their revolt. When they actually succeeded in making and decided to use it well..........think of the movie 28 Weeks Later, minus the projectile vomiting of blood. Not only did the would be biological weapon royally screw up, it made the Hybrids that were infected.

Even stronger
Highly tolerant of pain
Batshit insane, only going by instincts
Incredible urge to devour anything thats not infected like them
look like something you would see on a Goosebumps cover.

Narrator 1: After a few hundred.............thousand casualties on both sides by the new menace that most began to refer to as Ferals Both Man and Hybrids literally had no choice but to put aside their differences and push the monsters back, causing them to retreat into the forests. Surprisingly this was one of the main driving forces that ended the the Hybrid and human fued along with the mass genocide of the former.

Narrator 2: did that put and end to the menace till now? HELL NO! Like a rabid mutt ready to bite it's owner in the ass (cough...humans....cough) they came back with a vengeance even smarter with all the other traits they have in tow. While their newfound intelligence won't be winning them any Nobel Piece prizes they made up for it in spades with their sheer numbers they had accumulated when they went into hiding and overwhelmed everyone by taking over the criminal underworld and from there they slowly began to take the whole of Earth under martial law for a for the coming centuries.

Narrator 1: Then out of the blue, they just started dying left and right. Together everyone was dumbfounded to the cause of this It couldn't have been a side effect of the enhanced virus as all Feral Bodies found were completely utterly eviscerated by someone or something. In a mere three months the total population of Ferals was reduced to thirty percent of what it was formally. The culprit was rumored to be a peculiar large cryptic beast known as the Sky Trekker that was said to reside within one of the many floating metropolis that surround the Earth and is known reportedly to have always migrated to a new city everyday. Whatever the cases the remaining Ferals didn't wanna find out and went back into hiding down to earthen forests and have yet to return to the floating cities until now.

Libby: (quivering in fear) Bu......but yall were wiped out g...gone for goo...good!

Feral Badger: we were never killed off we just went into hiding thats all...

Libby: (Slowly crawling back) Gu....guys we have to

Beak: Run for our lives? Thats a very cool plan it's just that....

Howard: We are being held hostage by this hulking Feral on irradiated steroids who is currently.....GRK...squeezing the life out us!

Narrator 2: A helplessly frightened Libby turns her head around and sees a massive monstrous bear squeezing her two friends like a a pair of stress relievers. The poor mouse tries to get up, but no sooner she gets on her feet a grotesque Hyena Feral appears before her which frightens her back into a wall cornered and terrified. As this ordeal goes on, pedestrians began to gather around the scene in disbalef that there are Ferals actually here and are two scared themselves to help to defenseless trio.

Onlooker 1: Oh shit! The ferals are back!!

Onlooker 2: How though I thought they were all killed off?

Onlooker 3: Somebody has to help them! Those three don't even stand a snowflake's chance in hell.

Bear Feral :Lets see which ones of puny weaklings will “pop” first!

Howard: wait can't we be reasonable here?


Badger Feral: Sooooooo. (slams hand on the concrete wall right by Libby's head, causing her to flinch in fright) you and yer buddies seem like an intelligent bunch. Why don't yall come along silently.

Hyena Feral: heh heh heh yeaaaaah no need to resist....even though (observes Libby's body and takes a liking to what he sees.) I wouldn't mind if you did that would make it all the more fun bwahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!

Narrator 1: the cackling fiend inches his head towards Libby while moving his long slimy tounge down a certain pronounced area on a female you should never mess with unless they let you. In response to this along with the rancid stench coming out his f***** up mouth, Libby proceeds to slap the hell out of him so hard, fleas and ticks flew outta of his mangy fur although the only thing that did was give hard on.

Hyena Feral: OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! you got some snap in that arm, I like that!

Badger Feral: Such a shame I was hoping this could go smoothly but ah well looks like imma bring ya in out cold.

Narrator 2 The badger draws his wicked clawed hand back ready knock the mouse out. Just as he was about to deliver the mother of all pimp slaps something whizzes by his hands and slices through his hand. Que in a stinging sensation that causes him to withdraw his hand and gives Libby enough time to get out of the corner.

Beak: Whoa you seen that...(gets squeezed) ACK!!! Big......bro.

Badger Feral: (Looks at his wounded hand and notices ice is trying to envelop it.) The hell!?

Female voice: The only who is gonna be out cold here today is you!

Narrator 2: Libby, Howard, Beak, The Ferals, and the cowardly ass onlookers look in the direction where the voice is coming from and discover it is coming from a shadowy figure atop a large SUV who reveals her self in the light as Kiyomi followed by Akemi and her fly companion Pheryu.

Badger feral: Well well what have we got here?
This is what this story is.

You waste no time damnit, no time in getting me interested in this story. You bastard keep up the good work
Akemi: Wow back from the dead I see

Badger Feral: Like we told our “friends” (crushes the ice from the back of his wounded hand) we were never dead, just biding our time for a comeback, besides why should any of this concern you this is nothing more than personal business, take that as a cue for you, your rabbit friend, and your little flying chicken to piss off.

Kiyomi: Considering the average Feral track record personal business most likely means making a private meal out of those three.

Akemi: which is in itself a cue for you and your buddies to let the innocents go or face the risk a serving of my size 11 ½ foot up your rabid asses.

Badger Feral: quite a mouth you got there rodent. Luckily for yall we prefer things done the hard way, besides we could few extra dishes for dinner heh heh heh. Hey big guy get em!

Bear feral: With pleasure! (throws Howard and and Beak aside to a nearby SUV where Libby is revealed to be hiding behind).
Libby: Howard, Beak! (rushes to their

Howard (Gasps for air since he got the shit squeezed out of him) Oh crap................I don't know who those two are but they gotta be either incredibly brave or incredibly loony to think they can take on ferals like those

Beak: (to himself)whoooooaaaaaaaaaaa that ninja girl is cute

Howard: your staring off into space again Beak. Now is not the time to be in fantasyland

Beak: Sorry just admiring that beauty and........heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyy Libby whattya doing?

Libby: (on phone) Calling for help lets hope those two can hold their own just long enough.

Narrator 1: With the big bad ursine charging at the two lasses Akemi and Pheryu quickly dodge the monster but Kiyomi is not as fortunate and is grappled.

Bear feral: for some no good ninja you sure was easy to catch now imma enjoy crushin tha life outta of ya.


Bear feral: Whats wit tha blank glare? Heh you must really wanna knock on heaven's door either way way...

Hyena Feral: He...hey don't break her too much I wanna savor tearing her apart

Bear feral: Get the rabbit, besides you seem to enjoy eating rodents the most out of all of us.

Hyena: ha ha I guess thats true (confronts Akemi, readying his claws) ah now were do we begin rabbit? Should I slice off the legs, or maybe the ears? Decisions decisions! NYA HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

Badger Feral: Neither, take on the flying pest instead.

Hyena Feral: Awww come one!! that thing barely counts as an appetizer!!

Badger Feral: Maybe next time you'll learn to ration the remains on families like the one we ate last night! Besides I wanna show this wench who she is ******* with.

Hyena Feral: it was just an arm and torso.....and the whole body of an eleven year old girl. But whatever fine.

Narrator 2: wasting no time the two ugly bastards charge the two free creatures while Kiyomi continues to get crushed under the weight of the giant feral's grip

Howard: Seriously what the hell were they thinking? Already the ninja got caught

Beak: Which is kinda weird. The only way you can catch a ninja is if they allow themselves to be caught which almost always means they have a trick up their sleeve.
Howard: Yeah right you can actually hear her bones breaking she's screwed

Libby: (actually listens to the crunching sound) Hold on that doesn’t sound like bones breaking.

Bear feral: (actually starts to listens to the cruching sounds and thinks to himself). Wait a sec of all the prey I crushed with my hands this ain't the sound of bones breaking. This sounds more like..........

Narrator 1: As the bear thought on he suddenly felt a very cold burning sensation race up the arm that was holding Kiyomi he snaps out his inner thoughts and discovers the ninja he was holding has iced over completely along with his hand, all the way to his forearm. Without a sleight of a warning the frozen ninja explodes taking the bears hand with it while the audience of civilians roar in amazement

Howard: HOLY SHI.....(realizes Beak is by him) erm.....I mean CRAP!!!!

Beak: See there bro Ninjas are always full of surprises. Sucks if your on the receiving end of em though.

Narrator 1: To shocked to even howl in pain the Feral merely looks at the frozen stump of what is now it's arm and takes his focus out of the fight for a moment. Which in itself is a very very very VERY stupid thing to do especially if your opponent is shinobi like Kiyomi. To further prove my point the big dumbass is oblivious to the fact that Kiyomi is right in front of him. Capitalizing on this fatal error. Kiyomi pulls out a kunai and in a swift motion uppercuts the fiend in the chest so hard he flies ten feet into the air and.......

Narrator 2: TOASTY!!!!! Sorry the moment was too good to pass up

Narrator 1: erm hmm anyways the big brutish feral was knocked into the air and the only thing to cushion his fall was a small metal truck which promptly gets it's whole front end flatten as a result. Mind you everybody's jaw hit the ground seeing as how a some like Kiyomi could knock a 800 pound beast off his feet like that.

Narrator 2: Meanwhile Akemi is busy holding her own against the Badger feral dodging all of the claw swipes waiting for him to tire himself out so she can go on the offense. Nearby the psychotic hyena is having more trouble with pheryu than he expect unable to get ahold of the flying reptile as it takes pot shots on the feral's face by pecking, greatly irritating him


Badger Feral: I'll admit your pretty nimble for a hybrid, but it seems like your too scared to even strike back.

Akemi: Just biding my time freakshow.

Badger feral: (starts to fatigue due to his reckless slashes) for.........what?

Narrator 1: Slowly as the feral's attacks started to become sluggish Akemi is able to finally sense an opportunity to strike as the Badger lifts it's claw high in the air. Quickly Akemi delivers a swift roundhouse to the exposed ribs, sending him flying. Although he plats his feet on the ground the blow to the ribs causes him to spit out blood.

Badger Feral: (to himself) looks like we underestimated these two. Could they be connected to.......“him”?

Hyena Feral: COME OOONNNNNNNNN!!!(continues swiping at Pheryu) this is supposed to be fun NOT IRRITATING!!!! (by luck finally grabs Pheryu's tail) gotcha!

Pheryu: SQUAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!(starts biting frantically on the feral's arm, drawing blood until it's throat is ensnared by the hyena's free claw at this point it begins ripping at the arms with it's talons, but despite the carnage it has wrought on them the grip on it's neck only tightens.)

Hyena feral: Whats the matter it's only gonna be a quick and painless death! hahahaha(Gets elbowed in the back by Kiyomi letting go of the reptile) HAOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWW MY SPINE!!!!
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Kiyomi: (grabs him by the back of his collar with one hand and the rim on his pants and lifts with the other and lifts the beast off his feet) LEAVE PHE ALONE!!!!(slams the hell outta him on the back of his neck)


Narrator 2: Bout time somebody shut his psycho ass up I know any who is reading this story was getting annoyed by him

Libby: whoa they're pretty good it's almost as if they were....

Howard :Yeah I'm thinking thing as well.

Narrator 1: And Just what are those two thinking? We'll have to find out later cause the scuffle is still not over.

Badger Feral: Alright enough of this (starts speaking in strange language that is mostly known only to ferals.)

Beak: Uh oh they're speaking that funny gibberish

Narrator 2: Yep due to their years of isolation from Man and Hybrid since their cration, as they slowly grew smarter they begin to develop their own unique language as a way to understand . Because of the origins of the language, no one never knew what the mutants were talking about and thought it was foolish gibberish.

Narrator 1: Ferals quickly took advantage of this and spoke about tactics, dead drops, specific locations, etc in just their language making them very unpredictable in their actions and the military capturing them in attempt to learn the secrets of the language didn since ferals would rather tear the arteries from their bodies and slowly bleed out than to have their sacred language taught to another species and to this day only a select few actually understand some of it.

Narrator 2: As if nothing happened, the other two ferals spring up and position themselves in certain spots fully surrounding the duo and their pet.
Badger feral: And so the “hunt” concludes.

Narrator 1: the Badger lets out a ear splitting roar that stuns everyone present and shatters all of the windows of the surrounding buildings. After that the Bear feral smashes the ground creating a violent fissure to snake it's way to Akemi which trips her up. Before she can get up the giant bear slams his only claw on her trapping the rabbit as his fingers punched through the concrete. Despite her best efforts, Akemi cannot even budge the colossal hand since she doesn't have the raw strength like her companion as even more pressure is applied. With the combination of the earth shattering quake and the thunderous roar, Kiyomi is unable to focus on the Hyena feral as he reveals his special ability, his speed and darts towards the vulnerable ninja but instead of landing a easy deathblow he starts running in a circle around the ninja. While Pheryu is able to fly away, Kiyomi is forced to block over twenty strikes in one second.

Narrator 2: Too bad she is too preoccupied to realize that the manic monster is creating a small cyclone with her in the center. What does this mean? Well lets just say she is gonna have some trouble breathing.

Narrator 1: Like a loyal dog, Pheryu instinctively rushes to it's masters aid no sooner it gets near it is greeted by a sucker punch from the badger feral and sent flying to the back of the spectating crowd. For some odd reason the Feral looks around as if he was expecting someone but soon disregards it and menacingly walks towards Libby, Howard, and Beak with his claws out

Libby: Guys I think this is it. Wer.......were through

Howard: (shaking) B....B.....Be...Beak no matter what happens it was cool having you as little brother.

Beak: (shaking) I....I....I guess n.......now would be the time to tell you since were gonna get eaten

Howard: Tell me what?

Beak: The time I cleaned my shoes after I steeped in the sludge of that exposed sewage pipe with your toothbrush when I was done I rinsed it off and put it back where it was.

Howard: You WHAT!?

Kiyomi: (blocking a near endless barrage of strikes) Dammit! I have to get out of here it's getting harder to (Gasps for air) breath!

Narrator 2: Quickly running out of air, Kiyomi was having a hard time staying focused leaving herself wide open for the lunatic who wastes no time slashing into Kiyomi's flesh. Arms, legs, back, chest and cheek in mere seconds were clawed at several times over with blood flying everywhere. Surprisingly she is still on her feet even though she can't even breath. Feeling that he has done enough damage the maniacal beast halts and looks down on his lacerated prey with a sadistic gaze

Onlooker 1: Holy crap she's still alive!?

Onlooker 2: Does it matter either way that ninja and her friend are goners.

Hyena feral: Awwwwww whats the matter still can't catch your breath little ninja?

Akemi: (struggling to get the the giant's hand off of her) KIYOMI-CHAN!!!

Hyena feral: No worries your body won't go to waste i'll savor every ounce of meat on your bones when I put you down.(readies right claw and thrusts it towards Kiyomi's face to swiftly end her life)

Kiyomi: I came all this way just to fall to a feral thug I truly have failed everyone........

Narrator 1 Kiyomi simply closed her eyes anticipating the killing blow as the minute long seconds went by. Past events begin to flash by in her head mostly revolving around her former clan and family but mostly her Father who meant the most to her out of her life despite the fact he was a strict parent, but was very fair and forgiving at the same time. Then came a loud thunderous thud that rattled the ground around her followed by the sound of something dropping to the ground and snapped her flashbacks causing her to open her eyes. It took a few seconds to realize she was still alive but is shocked to see the same Feral that would have been her killer slumped over with blood dripping from his maw. Alive or dead, a definitive answer could not be concluded.

????: Hey your alright?

Narrator 2: the mysterious voice scares the hell out of her as she suddenly jumps and sees a new mysterious figure behind her. Looking up she realizes it's another hybrid like her holding the body of a reptilian feral in his left arm. Taking a real good look she notices that the hybrid is tiger-like male with reptilian features and bizarre stripes on his arms, tail, and face. He wore unique baggy pants with flame decals on each end. He wore an open sleeveless red hoodie with a plain white t-shirt with a simple flame like symbol in the center. To top off the look he wore a cap backwards (why do people do this?) with two horns and ears jutting out of the top. Apparently he has quite a reputation has the crowds were whispering among themselves about him very loudly and the two remaining Ferals were actually frozen and quivering in fear at his appearance. So much so I'll let you read these lines just to prove my point.

Akemi: (Notices a stench coming from the Bear that has her pinned to the ground) Did you just...............................................Shit your pants!? (realizes that he has actually soiled himself and the unpleasant stench makes her cover her nose) GUROUSO!!!!!!!!(japaneses for gross)

Badger Feral: (nervously still) So.................. He's finally here.......

Libby, Howard, and Beak: ( all jump up at once) TREY!!!!!!

Kiyomi and Akemi: Who?

Trey: Sooooooooooooooooooo what did I miss?

To Be Continued......
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So hype, nice build up son

Now, I have something to discuss with ye
Oh ok.
See with the artstyle I would have never have guessed that it be filled with that much violence. Aw well :D
Seeing as this story was inspired by fighters (with a little dash of jet set radio) you could say that it took some cues from MK ine the bloody department
Episode 2 Back in Business
Onlooker 1: It's him! h...he's BACK!!!!! (the rest of the onlookers cheer wildly)

Kiyomi: Whoa! Who is he and how did he take that feral out so easily

Badger feral: (shaking)The Feral's Bane is finally here.

Kiyomi: Feral's Bane? Is he that infamous to them?

Trey: Feral's Bane huh? another nickname the mangies (a insulting term to describe ferals) have for me I presume.

Badger feral:...........

Trey: Geez why so nervous? I only dropped in and knocked out your buddies and saved this cute girl in distress

Kiyomi: duhhh uhh (blushes)

Badger feral: (Looking at the unconscious feral in Trey's arm.) so that's what happen to our comrade, why he never showed up to haul the hostages away

Trey: You mean this fella right here (holds up the monster revealing a battered scaly face, an obvious sign of a one sided ass whooping) I hope I didn't interrupt some plan involving my friends over there sickle-tooth.

Badger feral: No you've only postponed it (reaches in his back and pulls out a sawed off shotgun and points the short barrel at Libby, Howard, and Beak)

Howard: SWEET LORD HE HAS A GUN!!!!!(hides behind Beak)

Beak: (squirming) AND YOUR GONNA USE MY HIDE AS A SHEILD!?!?!?!

Badger Feral: Make a move hero heh I dare ya (slowly applies pressure on the trigger)

Trey: Well ain't that sumthin. And here I thought Ferals were too prideful to use weapons. Funny how things change so quickly

Badger Feral: It's called adapting something a halfling such as yourself would never understand...


Narrator 1: Halfling is something of a derogatory term Ferals use towards hybrids. It's supposed to refer to how Hybrids have adopted the human ways of living. Ferals believe this to be a disgrace to the animal ancestors that they all were created from since Hybrids usually never truly embrace the animal intincts within them and instead wastes them on menial labor.

Narrator 2: which is in itself ironic considering that Ferals usually utilize their animal traits to help manage underworld drug business, hits, money and what not. Too bad their often too prideful (maybe retarded) to realize the hypocrisy of it all.

Trey: Kinda of funny how you use the word adapt as if it's exclusive to yall, but anyways try me.

Narrator 1: The are at a stand off as everyone is silent, anticipating who would make the first move until suddenly, Trey fakes out a charge prompting the feral to pull the trigger and unload a wave of shotgun slugs at the helpless trio The badger doesn't even look at the three as they are less than milliseconds from death while Kiyomi and Akemi are appalled at such recklessness that such a character like Trey seems to possess

Narrator 2: If those 2 actually knew the kind of person Trey was then they wouldn't freak out considering the fact the half tiger hybrid wasn't alone there two more hybrids ready to get in on the action. As a matter of fact one has already made his debut, it's just that he is so damn fast the regular human eye can't read his movements.

Narrator 1: You see just when feral pulled the trigger the creature in question has already grabbed the three hostage friends and whisk them away to safety to the top of a nearby parked van just when the feral realized it. The bullets have long since pierced the SUV and concrete they were backed against.

Badger Feral: WHAT!? (looks around trying to find his captives)

???: Hey fang face up here!

Narrator 2: The badger looks up towards a nearby van where the voice came from and sees a orange wolverine-like hybrid with long spiky blonde hair with an irregular blue hue at the tips, a exposed canine sticking out of his mouth and a long bushy tail. His attire would suggest he has a thing for basketball since he wears a black and blue jersey with a large lightning bolt symbol in the center with matching segmented pants. He wielded a stylized sword with a engine-like contraption just above the hilt

Narrator1: With him were Libby who was close and rather smitten, Howard who was being held up by the back of his collar, and Beak was hanging off of the blade the hybrid was holding.
Libby: Y'know for someone who can outrun a high end fighter jet you certainly took your sweet time Raily.

Raily: Sorry about that it's just that things get real serious at the arcade especially when we play Iron Knuckle. Anyways you Ferals got a lotta nerve showing your faces back here in Alto

Badger Feral: (growling) More nuisances. This is between us and the one you call Trey halfling!

Raily: You held my friends hostage (sticks out sword) and then you try to shoot them with a sawed off
(pulls on a tiny string-tied handle at the hilt of the sword and it starts to rev like the engine of a muscle car) This is plenty of my business.

Narrator 2: Meanwhile Our lovely Rabbit is still pinned to the ground trying to get free of the vicious Giant even though said beast is so terrified of Trey's presence, it's made him oblivious to the fact he Still had Akemi pinned to the ground and was slowly loosening his grip. Just enough for Akemi to slip her legs in under the claw and in one mighty motion, thrusts the muscular legs outward pushing back the big beast and knocking him on his ass. Realizing what had happened it jumps up and rushes at the recovering hybrid.

Narrator 1: With a mighty roar the atrocious ursine raises his claw and attempts to bring claw down on the rabbit until a mysterious flaming object smashes into the offending claw smashing it into the ground, breaking it.

Narrator 2: as if loosing one arm wasn't enough.....

Narrator 1: as the Bear looks down on his mangled claw he sees what had really broke it. A flaming foot belonging to another well known hunter of Ferals

Narrator 2: regarding this guy....well amphibian, hunter is such a strong word due to his incredibly pacifistic nature.

Narrator 1: To many he is known as Jae, an salamander Hybrid who actually lives up to the greek meaning of the word salamander as he has control of fire and is virtually immune to it, yet like my companion said he has a personality that is a stark contrast to the flames he can manipulate

Narrator 2: Even if you try to split his skull open with a sledgehammer he'll try to reason first and he is nigh impossible to piss off. A feral did succeed in that (which is in itself quite a feat) but the results of angering the Hybrid left him third degree burns on 100% of his body and got a three buildings totally incinerated to ashes(Jae is still paying for the damages to this day). How? Well that is a story for another day.

Jae: Apologies for smashing your hand into the ground you left me to little time to react.

Akemi: Wait why are you (pointing at Jae) apologizing to that!? (points at the writhing Feral)

Jae: (scratching his head) Eh heh sorry about coming off like that, but that's just how I am. The only way I can control fire is if I can keep calm and I have to be regarding my affinity with fire. I’m still paying for the damages for three businesses last time I lost my cool.

Akemi: (confused)............................................wha?


Narrator 2: Affinity is a bit of a fancy term describing a special ability to manipulate a specific element think benders from the Avatar cartoon shows.

Narrator 1: the known elements are Fire, air, water, ice, earth, light, and darkness (there were also a few who could use all of the elements, but you would be more likely to win the lottery twice in a row than to run into someone that gifted). Since the discovery of Kalusite every living soul has a special affinity Hybrid, Human, Feral, Alien, even wild animals it's just that it is hard for one to discover what it is and how to use it effectively.

Narrator 2: Back then wars and hunts were done with those who had discovered their affinity making weapons of the old (guns mainly) obsolete. However the tables turn and more powerful hand weapons were created in just a short time span and countries found it WAY more efficient than the tedious trial & error of finding the right person with the right affinity for the right job, and the strenuous requirements to master them.

Narrator 1: Affinities were all but nearly forgotten after that, the rare select few that practice it mostly hail from secretive guilds or clans Like Kiyomi's clan whom were proficient with water and ice.

Akemi: you mean that weird power Like Kiyomi's?
Jae: Something like that (Giant Feral rises up behind him) we all have the special ability to......wait excuse me for one moment ( Turns around and kicks the Feral in the face so hard it flies through a brick walled building smashing it completely, taking down the rabid beast for good.) anyways everyone has a affinity even you if your persistent enough to discover it.

Akemi: (too amazed by Jae's show of strength to realize what he said) wooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww.

Badger Feral: (staring in disdain at his fallen comrades) No no no! Our plan is falling to pieces these halflings will pay for this! Wait....(realizes he has taken his eyes off of Trey which was a fatal mistake)

Narrator 1: With no time to react the feral aims his gun directly at Trey's midsection. Instinctively Trey grabs the barrel of the shot gun and tries to move it out of the way but is too late as the feral pulls the trigger blasting Trey point plank range in the stomach. Kiyomi gasped in horror a and covered her mouth while Riley, Jae, and the rest of his friends were too shocked to even utter a sound. The wounded hybrid's arms let go of the gun barrel and slumped down as his blood poured to the ground uncontrollably. Trey coughed up blood everywhere as the gloss in his eyes faded and he collaspsed to the ground drawing his last breath. The crowd couldn't help but stare in silence as their only hope was now dead. Emboldened by their despair the Badger Feral began to laugh maniacally. The city would finally belong to the Ferals once more.

Narrator 2: Too bad that poor Feral was daydreaming this due to a combination of fear and delusions. Sure he blasted the hell out of Trey, but the Hybrid tanked the full brunt of it drawing very little blood. As a wake up call, Trey landed a full force merciless punch to the Ferals face. You know how the cushion of of a couch looks when dig your fist in there right? Well picture the Feral's face looking something like that. The walloped beast hi knocked into a abandon vehicle and the unlucky automobile is torn in two by the impact. Despite the powerful punch adrenaline kicks in and the Feral springs up and flees to the dark alleyways leaving his former allies to their fate.

Narrator 1: The crowd cheers wildly as Trey, Raily, and Jae humorously take a bow before tending to the two visitors.

Trey: Gotta admit you sure did give the mangies (term to describe all ferals) hell (holds out his hand for Kiyomi who is a little reluctant to accept)

Kiyomi: oh uh thanks...(Grabs Trey's hand and is helped up) Gah! (pain from her lacerations kick in, disrupting her balance.)

Trey: Whoa there.(Grabs and Kiyomi before she falls and holds he whole body up causing the kunoichi to blush wildly) maybe we should take you to Marie and Jackie to see if they can fix you up.

Beak: that was pretty amazing of you ma'am

Kiyomi: oh thank you

Howard: Yeah besides Trey and the gang, no one has been able to last that long to Ferals like you and the other girl did.

Trey: So where did you come from anyways?

Kiyomi: oh well me and Akemi travled all the way from Japan.

Howard: Damn really? Thats quite a ways away to be traveling from to here of all places.

Kiyomi: Well you can think Akemi's parents for getting us down here. She has her own private jet for travel.

Trey: ohhhhhh she's one of those “girls”

Kiyomi: (realizes what Trey meant and is slightly offended) What!? No! She is anything but. Plus how do you know her nature we just met!

Trey: (sensing hostility in the ninja's voice) Whoa didn't mean to hit a nerve.

Kiyomi: (calms down) Sorry it's just (looks over at Akemi who is talking to the others) she's the only thing close to a family that I have after that

Beak: What happened to your real family?

Kiyomi: Maybe i'll tell you at another time...

Akemi: (talking to Jae and Raily) So thats what an Affinity means.

Jae: Correct.

Akemi: So how can I find mine like you?

Raily: It's kinda complicated we'll explain it to you when we get back to Trey's place.

Kiyomi: (Realizing this may be here chance to ask about the legendary hemit) uhhhh this may sound random but..... have you ever heard of Alto's Fist?

Narrator 2: the reaction Kiyomi was expecting from the three skilled heroes was a WTF expression, instead their eyes widen at the question as if they know about the old man themselves.

Narrator 1: But lets shift the attention away from the good guys for now and focus on what has become of the feral that fled for now.

Narrator 2: sure why not. In some mysterious white room in an undisclosed building we see a defeated Badger feral kneeling towards the throne being occupied by a ominous entity known only to the Ferals as “Dalv the Blood Lord,” the current Alpha male of the Ferals. His appearance obscured by the shadows of a overhanging rack of “trophies” from fallen foes behind the kneeling feral was a massive ripped lion feral known as “Goliath the Relentless.” who is Dalv's personal enforcer among Feral ranks.

Dalv: You have failed me greatly.

Badger Feral: b....b..but my lord our plans were greatly hampered by two female halflings that are not native here plus one of them has an affinity with ice we were caught by surprise.

Goliath: and what of our brethren to cement the truth in your claims?

Badger feral: they were.............unable to join me in the retreat. The Enforcers may have captured them by now.

Goliath: Regardless of excuse you know the consequences of your failure right? (readies claws)

Badger Feral: Please give me one more chance!

Dalv: Goliath halt! (the feral lion obeys). It is obvious the I have greatly underestimated the one known as Trey and his friends. In fact I may have underestimated halflings in general. This defeat will serve us greatly for we now know just how truly powerful these halflings are.

Badger Feral: I promise I will serve you and the Feral even beyond death.

Dalv: (gets up) is that so?..................................Goliath

Goliath: Yes.

Dalv: prior to speaking with this feral. Weren't we having a discussion about....., If I recall correctly about a small shortage of rations in storage?

Goliath: Yes we were in fact

Dlav: (rubbing his chin) ah okay just trying to make sure.

Narrator 1: Time passes on for ah while and then the defeated Badger feels something strike him in the chest and sees a crimson trail stain the marble white floor heading up the stairs to his master who was suddenly holding a still beating heart in his hands. The Badger feral suddenly figures out what has happened and looks at his chest which had a gaping hole in it with a waterfall of blood ejecting out. Puking out a pint full of his blood the Badger falls over with his last thoughts focused on how did his lord and master perform such a feat at such unreadable speed before drawing his last breath.

Dalv: There are your “rations”

Goliath: (chuckles) Beyond death he says. (picks up the fresh corpse and prepares to take it away)

Dalv: And don't forget to call in the leeches and mosquitos to clean up this mess.

Goliath: As you wish. (leaves)

Dalv: (turns his throne around and observes a hidden monitor showing pictures of Trey, Raily Jae, and others who seem to be connected to the three) It' quite ironic Trey. You claim me and my kind to be be heartless monsters when you are the greatest monster of all. Your time of judgement is upon you, and we will reclaim what we have lost to you so long ago.....(begins feedin on the heart he had torn out from his minion.)
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Holy motherfvcking licorice Twizzlers Batman!

What is Dalv based off Byrd? I get an eerie Demitri vipe from him and I don't even play Darkstalkers

Also great job to the max! :top:
Yeah you are right about him being based off of dimitri

But also...
his name is vlad spelled backwards if you know your history you would know of a infamous mofo who had that name who was the onspiration for dracula himself, who dalv was named after