Favorite fragrances/colognes/perfumes/deodorants.

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Suggestions for something that men should use? I've never really gotten any decent colognes, but I think I should get one.

Aeropostale Maximum. It's only $20 in an Aeropostale store. Many have complimented me on its sweet scent.

I was talking to one of my friends about it and she said that we can go up to the mall some day soon to check on some. haha. She said she knows of some that will make all of the women want the D. I'm OK with this. I'll mention that one, thanks.
Suggestions for something that men should use? I've never really gotten any decent colognes, but I think I should get one.

These are three that I like on guys...

Polo by Ralph Lauren
Eternity by Calvin Klein
CK One by Calvin Klein

And if you don't want or can't spend the money on those, Walgreens has really good knockoffs of two of those which run about $12. Hope this helps.
There is Sun Ripened Raspberry from Bath and Body Works that is now a discontinued fragrance with a reason I don't recall and I'm pissed off about that. Now I have to savor all of the bottles and hope that they continue to sell them around "special" times.

They have a lot of discontinued stuff, such as the Kids' Club where they would have mountains upon mountains of different stuff that had great fragrances, especially those "body stamps" that had watermelon, blueberry, and grape colored stamps. They also had a fragrance for every astrological sign, mine is Sagittarius, that I'm keeping for all-time special usage since I literally cannot find any more of them.

Sad to see when things get discontinued, and any time I question the employees what happened, it's like they have no clue what I'm talking about... Oh 90s, such a great time for everything.

I do enjoy Aqua Kiss and Rapture in the Victoria's Secret fragrances... So I am trying new places to get perfume, also Sephora has a lot of great stuff. As you can see, I am obsessed with make-up... Which is a great understatement.
Just bought my most expensive fragrance yet topping £100. Its called terre dhermes parfum. It gets rave reviews and got blind buy.

4.50 average rating based on 362 ratings and 83 user reviews is one of the highest I have seen on Fragrantica. This is a good reflection of this true beauty!

(from a reviewer of tdh parfum)

This is what i found out after reading reviews all over google. Parfum is more orangey, woodier, more longevity, less projection than edt, sticks close to the skin, nightwear whereas edt daywear.

Anything Bvlgari. They make awesome cologne.

Just to mention the bvlgari ones i own.
Bvlgari black
Bvlgari aqva
Bvlgari man
Bvlgari pour homme
Bvlgari pour homme extreme

Have not tried bvlgari soir tho
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Bought 3 more

They are dior Fahrenheit, dior homme intense and lidge. There is another fragrance i want called creed aventus but it is niche fragrance and so pricey so we'll see. I actually want new shoes

And my favorite fragrance oil for my diffuser:


It's really great to sleep while inhaling this fragrance. I just love the smell of oranges.
"Swagger- old spice deodorant" with "Blade- kodiak" under "Davidoff Cool Water". from my experience womwn will be smelling you like you're the next entree on the menu. true story.
Ooh, I don't even care that this thread is years old, I love perfume!

My favourites are:

Womanity by Thierry Mugler
Hypnotic Poison by Christian Dior
Alien by Thierry Mugler
Chanel No. 5
Narcisse by Chloé

And on the odd occasion that I would wear a men's fragrance I'd certainly reach for Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier.
New to my collection:

Fancy Woman by Sandora (a cheaper version of Britney Spears's Fantasy).

Pure Game by Adidas.

* Cool Water (Men) by Davidoff.

* Circus Fantasy by Britney Spears (body oil version).

And THESE...

I'm one of those guys who love putting on female perfumes.


I've been wearing both especially when I club and hook up. ;)

* = MOST people I've talked to LOVE it.
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Fave perfume is Scandalous by Victoria's Secret. That's all I've worn for years now lol
Fave deodorant is Dove antiperspirant spray in Chamomile
Fave lotion is Moringa from the Body Shop
And finally, my favorite candle scents are Lemon Lavender and any kind of Pumpkin scent :D
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