Favorite fragrances/colognes/perfumes/deodorants.

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Here are the ones that make me be glad that I have the sense of smell.

Maximum by Aeropostale (I get many compliments with this one.)

Villain by Ed Hardy

Bombshell by Victoria's Secret (The one I gave my sister as a gift for her B-Day or Christmas and one that I might use sometime.)

One of Usher's colognes (I wish I knew which one.)

Unforgivable by Sean John (My first favorite.)

That's all I remember so far.
Axe- Twist (Green)/Anarchy
Ed Hardy- Love & Luck
Playboy- Las Vegas + Miami
Clinique- Happy for Men
Candies for Men (green/blue bottle)
Fancy by Jessica Simpson
Twilight by Sarah Jessica Parker
Poison by Christian Dior
Sex Panther. 60% of the time, it works everytime.

I might wanna try it.
I usually wear a Bath & Body Works Orchid-scented fragrance or oils (like Sandalwood oil) I find at conventions and fairs or the like. I've never bought brand name or celebrity-endorsed fragrances, ever. I can't stand most of them. Most alcohol-based fragrances are just waaay too strong-scented for my tastes.
axe spray cause I am an annoying middle schooler and practically shower myself with the stuff and for some reason thinks it actually smells good.
axe spray cause I am an annoying middle schooler and practically shower myself with the stuff and for some reason thinks it actually smells good.

I remember one day when I was younger, I woke up and walked out to the front room and my brother was spraying the shit out himself with Axe. It got to the point that when I passed him to get to the kitchen, I started to choke on it because of how much was in the air.
farenheit check them out. and you will get laid


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Oh... I am a fragrance whore. Bath and Body Works is like the best shop in the world for me and my favorite scent changes with my mood... but I do like some perfumes as well.

Pleasures by Estee Lauder (If I had a signature scent, it would be this one.)
Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift - Got this one as a gift for my birthday from my parents
Sexy Little Things by Victoria Secret... but I think that one has been discontinued. :(
Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker

Body Splashes by Bath & Body Works:
Country Chic - My fave right now
White Citrus
Paris Amour
Orange Sapphire - I was so sad when they discontinued this one
(I'm only listing the ones I have right now... if I named ALL of the ones I've liked by them, this list would be freaking insanely long.)

Spring Breeze by Secret

Now since LC doesn't really wear cologne (Booooooo)... I like Swagger by Old Spice and Noir by Bath & Body Works for him.

But my fave cologne for a guy to wear is Eternity by Calvin Klein.
I went to this candy store once and they had a whole section devoted to bacon for some reason.

Bacon breath mints.

Bacon ruler.


Bacon cologne. Lol whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhy
When I was cleaning my room, I found my Vercace Eau Fraiche for men. It's been 3 years and it was hidden all along. It's almost finished btw. Maybe one more day of using it and it's empty. Very good smell that's sweet and fresh.
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