Fatalities are getting worse by the minute


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The fatalities r easily the most boring part of the game I mean NRS shud be ashamed of themselves I mean ppl on these boards come up with better ideas ffs

Overall pretty happy , some of them do seem a little bit lame. Liu kangs fire punch not too keen on.

Check out the user created ones on youtube.





Really cool in my opinion. probley better than some of NRS ones.

WOW some of these destroy the official Fatalities

why the hell did NRS base fatalities on a cut system even the MK2/3 fatalities r more creative VERY DISAPPOINTED

That now means even DLC fatalities will have some boring cutting VERY disappointed
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first off, sub-zero's mk 1 fatality is the best of all time, i love all the fatalities they've shown but kung lao has the best one so far(original). liu kangs one inch punch is incredible(paying homage to bruce lee) the only thing is that some are too organized and too precise, as long as only a few are like this i dont mind. i hope they give rain a fatality where he shoots up into the sky and comes down in a torrental downpour of acid rain melting his foes. but who cares if some are lame the fighting engine seems amazing and mortal kombat is back baby lets get it on.


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I don't mind them. There's maybe only one I don't like. But, then again it doesn't really matter to me because after awhile I'll stop doing fatalities because I'll be tired of seeing them and would rather get to the next match.


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Just wait until the final release to make your final tought!!! Maybe we will have some surprise...


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Until now, I'm just happy that there isn't ONE fatality that is really lame, stupid or a joke; all of them are pretty good while some are surely not outstanding or are substandard, maybe a little more variety would not do bad, but at least we didn't get any Arcade Drop or Giraffe Neck ********!
I'm satisfied with what we are getting, surely there's always room for improvement, also there are DLCs that most likely will provide other fatalities so there's really nothing to complain about, at least not for me.


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I don't really care anyway. Fatalities were never a huge deal for me.

They're fun to look at and are definitely worth it for some coin... But bleh. I hardly ever perform them.


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smaddy how would you know what pushes over the line for an AO rating? why not mention the UK first before the US since they are a bit more strict on violent content?


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like kitana's fatality when she cuts both ur arms and then your head, and baraka has the same fatality...

It's in their fighting styles to use blades, blades cut! What else could they have had considering most of their fatalities have always been slicing?


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I'm pretty satisfied with all of the fatalities so far shown. There does seem to be more variety and flash than MK vs DC and Armageddon, after reading about some of the spoilers/rumors of this game. There are a LOT of fatalities that we haven't seen - much more than half. This doesn't include any other hidden finishing moves. So I'm pretty excited to see all of them.

I would like to have a few characters do some variety like the older MKs, as others have said. Like the turning to ash (MK1 Raiden), inflating (MK2), burning, etc. I even want to see some funny ones, like the arcade MK3 and Jax turning giant. Stuff like that was entertaining, at least for me. I would like to see some of these updated in modern HD graphics.
As much as I hate the old "what's old is new" type thing, but I enjoy the revamps of the old fatalities, with that being said, I still think Raiden's original fatality was dope.

I think there's always going to be some wack ones, but I'm going to wait to reserve judgment until the game.

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Kergon's post are pretty much the exact same thoughts I have about fatalities.

Although, I want to add this, STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT THE DAMN FATALITIES ALREADY. I'm sick of it, honestly; you fanboys are just so ungrateful. Be glad you're not a getting MK vs DC-esque fatality for Kano and that there are no flat-out ridiculous fatalities in Deadly Alliance and Deception. The MK team is doing their best to make a seriously awesome MK game, and so far it's going very well. Sure, some of the fatalities could have had a little more variety than what we've seen far, but there is a LOT we haven't seen yet. We have like 5 weeks before the freakin' game comes out. Not only that, MK is all about discovering. There is a lot more to this game besides fatalities. You sound just like that GamePro editor who mentioned Noob's fatality; only caring about the blood and gore and not all of the other modes/important gameplay aspects of the game. How about the fighting engine, 15+ hr. Story Mode, Challenge Tower, Tag-Team Mode, online modes, and The Krypt for starters. Do you think about all of that when ranting about how horrible the fatalities are? How about the fact that they program the game and make it for our enjoyment, we don't do jack squat other than play the game and see how we like it. If you don't like the fatalities, then fine, that's your opinion. Why don't you do something about it; for example, how about making suggestions to NRS and making your own fatalities? Don't wanna do that? Then pay your $63 or whatever you're spending to get the fame and shut up.

I know that all of you aren't like that so don't be offended by this post because it's not directed towards everybody in this thread, just certain people. I'm just a little pissed off at some of these fanboys saying the fatalites are "horrible" and that NRS is "lazy" with the fatalities and whatnot, so forgive me if I sound a little angry or if I'm generalizing a little too much.
I love all of the fatalities that we've seen. Including Sonyas. Scorpions neck slice and head split in the new game is easily in his top 3 or 4 fatalities ever.

Keep in mind Sub-Zero has a fatality where he pulls your spine through your chest, freezes you and then shatters you with your skull with spine attached.

Come on.


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I agree. All of these fatals involve a decapitation and or limb removal. Method is the only difference. But I STILL prefer these over the fatalities from the last SEVEN years. And these current finishers are pleasing the majority of the gaming society so they are, in fact, doing their job very well. its just the die-hards that are hard to please. We represents, what? like 5% of the gaming society? So that means the fatalities are 95% successful.

'A' for NRS.

Need Proof?

Listen to the roar of the crowd at 00:51.

Conclusion: The fatalities will get the last laugh.


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Just wait until the final release to make your final tought!!! Maybe we will have some surprise...

I have to agree with you. We have been hearing that there is one unlocked fatality from the start and 2 that need to be unlocked somehow. This sounds awesome to me. Hopefully I'm not wrong, but I am being optimistic, thinking that the one unlocked is probably the least exciting for each fighter, and we're going to unlock some really cool ones.


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I love all of the fatalities that we've seen. Including Sonyas. Scorpions neck slice and head split in the new game is easily in his top 3 or 4 fatalities ever.

Keep in mind Sub-Zero has a fatality where he pulls your spine through your chest, freezes you and then shatters you with your skull with spine attached.

Come on.


Yeah Scorpions sword slice fatality is one of the best but I must admit I am a little disappointed to see his second fatality be so much similar. I just hope his toasty fatality is over the top this time around. And as far as Sub-Zero's new spine rip goes it is easily one of my favorites thus far and I can't wait to see it in good quality. But I must admit having found out what Noobs fatality was made me salavate on the spot. Because it hasn't been officially released as of yet I won't describe it here. But I'm extremely anxious to see it.


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Fatalities look perfectly fine to me. After doing some fatalities on the MK Demo, they just looked freaken awsome on my 1080p flat screen. Like some people have mentioned before, stop the BIT**ING for once. Nothing but negative input has been going around about this new MK; no love what so ever. Don't like the fatalities, then don't look at them nor perform them on the game. If you get butt hurt, oh well


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I disagree with you guys. This is one of the downsides to releasing game content, we saw some really great stuff from the get go and we're already desensitized to what we're seeing. This is one of those cases in which less is better. Maybe we're just running out of things to complain about.