Batman: Arkham Knight

Wasn't talking about the costume. It was just a joke on how fighting against Injustice Batgirl makes me slightly hate her guts in any variation of media.

Even when I was talking to Oracle a small proportion of my brain was shouting, "B!tch!" The entire time.

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Simply hearing the name "Batgirl" brings me back to those rage inducing moments of fighting her in Injustice. Though, I rather fight her than Saltgirl. F#ckin batch is safe on almost everything.

Pretty neat poster.
batgirl looks really good but they could of did a better job with the Joker imo.
WB Montreal will do a lot better boss fights then Rocksteady cause clearly they fell off the wagon after City. Way to many Batmobile boss fights.

Deathstroke was done better in Origins compared to Knight.
Injustice made Barbara Gordon a goddess. Enough said. (Oh yeah, and she's my Injustice main, too.)

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Around an hour and a half.
maybe other hour or so if doing the collectables and amusement park games.

Wow, that's bullshit. I was expecting a 6 hour campaign especially with the Season Pass being 40 bucks. I'll just wait for a "Ultimate Edition" of this game.. Even though I hate the Arkham Series, Bat Girl has me sold. :love:

You may want to change your Avitar too, it's like Borderline Hentai :laugh:
Not only that but he's gonna wait a whole 6-8 months for the GOTY edition

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