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  • Lol, I have no idea how I got to the thread, like I said, must have took a wrong turn! I could definitely tell you were a lot younger just by your wording! My have you grown! Lol, but I was just curious, that is actually pretty damn cool/fascinating how it all worked out for you. I have definitely had experiences like that when I was that age, so I was interested what ever happened....5 years ago!
    not to be mean, but why were you looking at my page.i really don't want to be banned again.and when a mod looks at my page i think im gonna get banned again.

    David Livingston Hawkins 3rd
    Oh noeeesssss please don't ban me from the best children mk forum! What ever will I do without my important mk info that is forwarded from TYM?!

    Blee dat? What are you a Asian pretending to be a white guy that is pretending to be a black guy? You're ****ed. :thumpdown:
    Someone got to you before me, HOW DARE THEY!!

    Awesome avatar, just as smexy as the real Jinko <3
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