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  • Hey Etryus.

    Sadly, there are a lot of things in my personal life (not all of them positve) wich is why I have been absent from the boards lately.
    I hope to resume full board activities within a week or 2.

    I'll talk to you later man.
    Could you help me I was wondering if you could make me a signature with Quan Chi-Noob-Reiko
    and with Shinnok in the middle and put The BrotherHood of shadow on the top please and thank you your the best at it if so email it to me thanks
    Sonya, if that's alright. I figure it's fitting. Please take your time with it, no rush at all. <3
    I was randomly going through the groups and didn't see one for him, I was shocked! (haha)
    I agree, but the biggest problem is that the development of KOF XIII was expensive enough as it is. Porting it over to the home systems might set them back even further. Especially after the dissapointing sales of KOF XII. (Wich I still like to play BTW.)
    Same here dude, I miss those days as well.
    I've got some good news, and some bad news for you.
    Good news (wich you probably know by now) KOF XIII is coming. Bad news... officialy any homeports have been cancelled for the time being. Probably due to SNK PLaymore's financial difficulties.

    Do you own a Neo-Geo as well ?
    Hello Etryus.

    I see you know the classics as well, Real Bout Fatal Fury Special rocks.
    Any chance that you're a fellow Neo-Geo fanatic ?
    Hey dude, to avoid any further confusion, I changed your thread title to 'Ed Boon Interview Discussion'. Hope that's cool with you, just want to prevent more people from making threads about it.
    Wasn't too sure if my sig picture actually looked right, so the feedback is appreciated. THANKS!
    Hey Etryus

    Actually, the movie hasn't officially hit North America so I haven't checked it out yet (been too busy to download anything too). I hear it's a decent pop corn flick since the choreography was good.. but believe it or not, Harada of Namco hated it lol. Apparently Namco didn't have much of an input due to a really unfair contract.
    lol ok just PM me what you need. Which version of subzero doing what to who and where. Ill do the rest
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