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  • Nah they weren't the same person which is why people were speculating that Alex was going to be the new villain. Wesker is definitely going to make a bullshit return but like you said, Capcom showed they needed him due to what a disaster Simmons was :laugh:
    I just can't wait for the first reveal. Capcom realized that they couldn't replace Wesker so that's why they're bringing him back, lol.
    I will try to go but I may have to take my mom back to North Carolina that month, to Duke, for a bronchoscopy.
    If it doesn't fall on that week, I'll go. :)
    Lickers always be ****in' up my shit in RE2. Just tryin' to do a nice speed run, but damn they're dangerous. They've always been worse than the hunters in RE3, lol.
    Oh. I can shff but the L canceling is something I'm still getting use too. I know how to do it I just forget about it like block escape in injustice.

    Ok cool cause I normally dash dash like an animal :laugh:
    wait what? Knuckles? I can see it working, him spinning like sonic and having a glide ability.
    Did you get to play as him any? And is he even going to be added into a patch or is it just some personal bonus your friend added in for himself?

    Anyway, I saw he latest trailer, looks so hype. December 9th cant wait. Seems like the game is just about complete now.
    Yeah because it catered the most to survival horror. I still play his campaign to this day. I haven't touched Chris's or Jake's after I beat them.
    well I knew there was alt costumes on the way but are you telling me theres more stuff?
    I'll take one spoiler.

    anyway, Project M has become quite popular within the circle of people I know. I sorta brought it over to a friend's one day, next thing you know everybodys hoping up on that. Walked into a big ass party and people I didn't even know were playing it on a big screen. Spread like crazy haha.
    "Resident Evil is dead."

    HAH. Awesome news, and awesome pic. Leon and Ada better be in that shit again. And hopefully a good villain this time.

    Alex Wesker where you at, bruh?

    ok, so I finally downloaded Project M. And holy shit! Ganon's back that's for sure!
    Also Ness, my favorite character next to Ganon. That yoyo man, it's so fast now. Having to get used to his new meteor smash, cause in Melee it had some build up time and you had to time it right and it sorta moved you down with it. But this one is lighting fast.

    But yeah, i'm still discovering all the new stuff. I'm trying to convince my friends to get an SD card so they can practice too. Still waiting on that patch with Roy and Mewtwo. Do you play Project M? or just melee?
    the Titan kids are all right.

    but yea, that mewtwo. Wow! I cant wait to see more. Always bothered me that the most badass character didn't have the most badass moves. Looks like he's better. Theres a chance we'll get some random
    "furry of the week" and not mewtwo as the new pokemon rep in Smash 4. So we'll have this at least. Still need to hop up on that project M. I said I was waitng for more content, and it seems to have progressed.
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