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  • haha, yeah, I like to add my trademark smiley face because I don't want to come across as that old lady waving her finger, telling people what they are doing is wrong. *shivers* Don't like that sort of thing and really don't like getting people in trouble so that is probably the worst part about modding but it's gotta be done :/
    Thank you for the kind words, I don't like to have that 'I am a mod, I am superior' garbage, I just want to be treated like any of you guys because we are all here for MK and we are all people behind a computer. Titles in a forum don't make anyone better than everyone else but it is certainly flattering to get compliments so thank you very much =)
    LOL hayato, I think you mean hyotonn. And yeah that was me, I thought i told you that! *scolds you* lol its all good, ggs
    Hey nice avatar...where'd you get it? It looks familiar...(on the account that I've been rocking the full pic as an avatar before anyone else ever knew that pic exsister)
    Thats true, which is why I ordered a controller converter.

    Using PS1 controllers on 360 is awesome :)
    I'm 360.

    Still trying your tip on reacting on block, not going so hot for me :laugh:

    But I consider myself pretty damn good.

    I don't have tournament knowledge, but I can still tear things up ;)

    Definitely looking forward to this upcoming lag patch.

    You should also look up DarkSideoftheMoon, he is the only player I have ever faced that humiliated me online :)
    pretty sure I could take him now though ;)
    Yes I will help.

    And lol @ you for posting a message on your own page :laugh:

    I've done it myself too.
    no problem man :D even I make mistakes and don't catch them. So when I'm in trouble I'm sure you'll do the same for me right? :p
    I can't give any rep right now, so expect some from me in the future.

    Thanks for your advice.

    Especially about Raiden, I needed some tips on him :laugh:
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