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  • I forgot to add that the force ball pressure works on everyone except Reptile and Ermac. Mostly because of strange hitboxes while blocking. Hope that helps if you didn't know :)
    Glad I could help. :) Yeah that BnB works great after an opponent is stunned from a Nut Punch. Just try not to abuse it because the F+4 can be interrupted by a poke or fast special. Alternate from using JP, F+4, 1,1 1,1 4,4, Nut Punch and 2,1 - Tick Grab. It works wonders and it keeps opponents guessing.
    Your BnB, you're gift from God, and you're savior is the 2,1,F+2 string. It's safe on block and if it hits you can follow it up with 4,4 and a Shadow Kick or Flip Kick. The next best string is F+3,3,Back+3. You can either follow through completely with it, or if the first initial hits land end it with a nut punch. For juggles use 1,1, 1,1, 4,4 Nut Punch. It's not the most damaging but it leaves you with a stunned opponent right in front of you. I usually follow a Nut Punch with either a sweep, F+4, or 2,1 to grab.

    Hope I helped a bit. Let me know if you have anymore questions.
    sure, why not. I actually think I've allrdy seen u in a channel. But u declined or where unavailable :)

    I'm not on right now. But will be back again at ~1 o'clock (GMT Vienna)
    Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend. I was registered and had my bags packed, but a family emergency prevented me from going. I'm going to ReveLAtions next month though.
    I really appreciate the help, man. I'm going to address this issue in the Sub-Zero thread.
    Hey, can I ask you a favor? Can you start like a beginner's ladder match with Sub-Zero and do the JPS - B12 - Ice Ball - JPS - 214 - X-Ray combo on someone, and tell me the total damage output you get? Because I keep getting 58% and everyone keeps questioning my damage outputs.
    Actually, your English is fantastic. And I did think of a good use for E Slide into Ice Clone. To get yourself out of the corner! When your Ice Clone is in the corner, the opponent can be as close as two dash lengths away and it will still connect. Since it's only two dash lengths instead of four, even an experienced opponent would have a harder time reacting to the slide. Plus, in the corner, you can do B12 (missing B1) - 214 - Ice Slide. This will give you 35% dmg.

    Less risk and higher damage? I think I found a strategy we can agree on.
    Hey dude, I had an attempt at that sig you asked for. Check it out when you can.
    (it's posted in the request thread)
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