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    Who wants to....

    ...spar with my Stryker??? ^_^ I will accept anyone, if you want to play add me! My psn ID is : Asodimazze * I'm from EU so I can only play against European users.
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    My 12" Johnny Cage figure!

    I want to show you some pics of my JC 12" figure, made by the amazing Twik25 :) !
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    The Asod/13 Mortal Kombat IX 2011 Cup! (EU Tournament!)

    Every 3 days the scores will be updated! It's a double elimination tournament. I will give the time limit to play each match, and the deadline for the first 4 matches is Wednesday 13 July 23.59 GMT. Report here every problem you have; you can also discuss about the matches. Read the rules of the...
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    The Asod/13 Mortal Kombat IX 2011 Cup! (EU Registrations OPEN!)

    The Asod/13 Mortal Kombat IX 2011 Cup! (EU Registrations OPEN!) Welcome one, welcome ALL to The Asod/13 Mortal Kombat IX 2011 Cup, a 1v1 tourney hosted by both I and my friend, Thirteenthorder. In this tourney, you will have the chance to compete against your fellow users in Mortal Kombat...
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    European TRMK room!

    I would like to unite all the European players of this forum in one room :) The name of the room will be 00TRMK, I'm sure we will all have great matches online! Remember: when you don't find the room in the lobby, YOU have to open it! I will always open 00TRMK room for PS3 users everytime I...
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    Skarlet vignette + DLC characters confirmed!

    Finally some good news!!!! Take a look at this: Skarlet Vignette is amazing she will be release on June 21 for PS3 and 360. At the end of the video we can see that other 3 characters are confirmed (Kenshi, Rain and ???)!!! Along with Skarlet, we...
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    To My Greatest Fan by *Esau13 I think is amazing and hilarious! Back to the Netherrealm Scorpion :) What do you think?? Look at Esau13's page on DeviantArt if you want to see his other works, he has amazing skills
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    How should I fight against Kano?

    Today I played against a very, very good player online who has 930/120 W/L ratio (mine is 813/241) for 3 the first one he choose Jax against my Smoke and I win. Then he choose Kano and beat both my Sub-Zero and Smoke :dong:. The problem is not that I lost, but that I didn't know...
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    European PS3 Username - Xbox 360 Gamertag Thread

    In this thread I would like to have all the usernames European forum users, so we can organize some matches and play each other. Only Europeans must write their username here, because as you all should know MK9 is region locked. My PS3 ID is : Asodimazze Hope some of you will add me soon.
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    Should Kratos be nerfed?

    Today I spent some time training with Kratos (I never used him before) and I think he does way too much damage with almost every attack...expeciallyDF2 and B2--->3 which does an outstanding 28% (almost an X-Ray). What do you think about him? should he be nerfed?
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    What do you like the most in MK9?

    I'll get the game on the 21th cuz I'm Italian, but in the meanwhile I would like to know what do you like the most in this new MK :)