European TRMK room!


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I would like to unite all the European players of this forum in one room :)
The name of the room will be 00TRMK, I'm sure we will all have great matches online!
Remember: when you don't find the room in the lobby, YOU have to open it!
I will always open 00TRMK room for PS3 users everytime I can.

My PSN ID is: Asodimazze

Let me know what you think and write your PSN ID/360 Gamertag in this thread! :)

(Mods, if people show interest in this, please sticky the thread)

00TRMK Players

ID = asodimazze
Mains = Johnny Cage, Sub-Zero, Smoke, Ermac, Stryker

ID = Thother
Mains = Reptile, Kabal

ID = timmo2000
Mains =

ID = Sheik7
Mains = Cyrax, Quan Chi

ID = jergi20
Mains =

ID = AXE_667
Mains =

Error Macro
ID = ZombifiedStalker
Mains = Sektor

ID = daltashaque
Mains = Smoke, Ermac, Kabal

ID = DrNate86
Mains =

ID = Azerutan
Mains = Nightwolf

ID = US_rinc-e
Mains = Sub-Zero, Reptile

ID = DailyFresh365
Mains =

ID = zombie665
Mains =

ID = Emperordad
Mains = Shang Tsung, Noob

Mains =

ID = loverboyhk
Mains =

ID = Nocturne-D
Mains =

Jmc 'Draw-dat' E-Seven
ID = JMC-007
Mains =

ID =
Mains = Kung Lao, Shang Tsung, Ermac

ID = TheUnforgivenII
Mains = Quan Chi, Kabal, Mileena

Mains = Sub-Zero, Sektor, Smoke

ID =
Mains = Mileena

ID = Pakman-srk
Mains = Stryker

Mains = Kitana, Kano, Sonya, Nightwolf
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Re: European trmk room!

well if i see the room on the game when i log on i will enter it as i want to play ppl that want to play the game wit anyone im sick of getting declined the whole time
Re: European trmk room!

i will come also when i see it :)
or i can make it myself...when there is no room.
Re: European trmk room!

When I'm not moving house and other matters are resolved I dare say I'll play some online.
Re: European trmk room!

it dont matter if u suck or not i suck at online my win loss ratio say it all but its all about having fun not winning marco
Re: European trmk room!

I'll be online at 18.30 GMT! If you guys are online too we can organize a good KOTH :)
I'll update the first post with your ID/Gamertags this evening.
If you want you can use this topic to comment about your matches, everything related to the European 00TRMK room can be discussed here!

#Error Macro doesn't matter if you are not the best one online, you can still have fun and improve your game with us :)
Re: European trmk room!

well, I've read that in ur acc-message today asodimazze but I couldn'T find it..

anyways I'll join if I see it, or message me if I overlooked it ;)

I'll be on the "DonauinselFest" (A Festival in Vienna) so maybe later tonight when I'm drunk ^^ ~ 03:00
Re: European trmk room!

yeah man may pop in later but prolly 2player for tag as my friends around and, we all know theres nothing worse than sat at your friends watching THEM play video games
Re: European trmk room!

I popped in but you were in the middle of a KOTH and I only had time for a few matches so had to dash again. I'll keep an eye out for next time though.
Re: European trmk room!

After 1 hour and 30 minutes of matches, I can say that we MUST do this again! :)
Great players, I really enjoyed the matches even if there was 1 guy (very good Kitana player, nickname PSN Bonus_Jin) that took it too seriously and started giving shitty votes everytime he lost...pathetic imho.
I have to congratulate expecially with H0ru5 (Thother on PSN) who proved to be an INCREDIBLE player.
His Reptile (damn lizard...I hate him lol) and Kabal are sick. Very GG man!
I also want to congratulate with UltimateKiecain3 (I don't know if is one user of this forum) because he also has a great Kabal that zoned my JC without any mercy :).
Thanks to all the other players who joined the room, I can't remember all your IDs but GG!

*Timmo we got to fight random again, very good Kitana man.

well, I've read that in ur acc-message today asodimazze but I couldn'T find it..

The name of the room will ALWAYS be 00TRMK! Look better next time lol
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Re: European trmk room!

Ye we had some great games indeed! You should see my face everytime I dash into your clone lol. Playing sub zero is really testing my patience ;). Give Bonus_Jin a break btw, he's normally a nice guy and told me before he entered that his internet was a bit laggy. I think he just dislikes losing ^^.

Let's keep this up as much as we can. UltimateKiecain and Bonus_jin are just 2 ppl on my friends list, but I got more ;). Hopefully they'll drop by this post as well so we can tell each other if we're online etc.

ggs to everyone who was there! I might be back online later tonight!