October 16th, 2006
4:27 PM CST -
Perhaps the last news story on reader reaction to the perceived shortfalls of Mortal Kombat: Armageddon was a bit one-sided; however, it does not mean that those comments and opinions are not valid and do not exist. But as to any rhetoric, there are two sides, a point and a counter-point.

From game to game, fans have been upset that their favorite character, no matter how obscure, didn't make it into the latest version of Mortal Kombat. With Armageddon, every Mortal Kombat fan is obliged with their 3D fighter version of characters such as Stryker, Jax, Sheeva etc. Evil Dead writes, "with 60 characters to choose from, everybody can play as their favorite. No need to ***** about so and so being left out of the game."

One extension of a great feature in Deception was the Stage Death Traps. The MK Team had planned for death traps in Deadly Alliance; however, didn't have time to finish them. In Deception the traps were brought to life and many revelled in their gory climax. In Armageddon the MK Team pushed the bar higher with almost every stage featuring a unique way of killing your opponent mid-round. Glamador agrees, "Love them too! I miss the pit but the deathtraps are wonderful and the design simply perfect! I would have liked to have fewer of the old MKD stages (quite a few of them I disliked) but it doesn't even begin to bring down the awesomeness of the new stages!" He also adds, "I like some of them for their multi-tiered aspects. Like that spiral staircase one where you just keeping knocking ppl down over and over. Damned fun that is."

Armageddon also brought to the Mortal Kombat series the first time anyone could actually create their own character. Many fans enjoy the freedom and coming up with their own creations. Outworld Imp writes, "I love Kreate a Fighter! It is the most detailed creation system I have ever had pleasure to use. Sure it could have been better, but I just love how you can: create a fighter, their fighting and weapon styles, and a biography." Kona adds, "KAK was an idea I wish they had in Deception to improve for this game. This mode is good, could have had more to do though. I like the freedom you get with the different parts."

While some may argue that Deception's Konquest Mode was better than Armageddon's, others enjoyed the change of pace. undertaker3x7 writes, "The Konquest was enjoyable and even though I liked the Deception Konquest better I didnt want a long ass Konquest this time and the 5 - 6 hours it took to finish Konquest was perfect." Jim_Vengence preferred the shortened Konquest, "I thought that the konquest mode was leaps and bounds better than Deceptions (Which I found drawn out and stale, It felt more like a chore to beat than it was fun)."

There are many other positive opinions on Armageddon on our Message Forums, including a thread on what people like about the Kreate-a-Fatality mode. As with any opinion, there are those who will agree and disagree with it. While some may be dissapointed by some of the shortcomings of Armageddon, there are many fans out there that enjoy many of the game's new features. Whether you agree or disagree with either of these sides, make it known on our Message Forums.
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