Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks

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Kung Lao Liu Kang Baraka
Johnny Cage Kitana Reptile
Scorpion Sub-Zero

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    How to Unlock

    In Single Player/Ko-Op:
    Available in Versus Mode Only

    In Versus Mode
    Find the Red Yin Yang in the Evil Monestary. In the room with the one unmoving portal guard, where you learned the Brutality Finishing Move. To the right of the portal guard, there is a platform where you see two statues and a portal. On this platform you will see a half broken pillar on your left, use a Double Jump to get on top of this pillar. From the pillar jump onto the roof on the left. On top of the roof to the far left you will find a Red Yin Yang that unlocks Kitana in Versus Mode.

    Special Move

    • Fan Wave: [MOD] + [BB]
    • Square Wave Punch: [MOD] + [QB]
    • Fan Throw: [MOD] + [PB]
    • Enemy Manipulation: [MOD] + [TH] ( [JB] to release)
    • Head Smack: [MOD] + [TH] , [QB]
    • Power Slam: [MOD] + [TH] , [PB]
    • Flip Up: [MOD] + [TH] , [BB]


    • Kiss Of Death: F , F , F , F , [QB]
    • Head Chop: B , B , F , F , [QB]

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