Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks

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Kung Lao Liu Kang Baraka
Johnny Cage Kitana Reptile
Scorpion Sub-Zero

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    How to Unlock

    In Single Player/Ko-Op:
    Defeat the Game as Liu Kang to unlock Scorpion in Single or Ko-Op modes.

    In Versus Mode
    Find the Red Yin Yang in The Foundry. When you first enter the Foundry you will see a long hallway infront of you. As you walk down it, you will encounter a few enemies who break out of boarded up passageways on the left and right. The final passageway on the left can be broken by throwing an enemy through it. Inside you'll find a lava pit, throw an enemy onto the Lava and use a series of Long Jump and Double Jumps to reach the platform with the Red Yin Yang that unlocks Scorpion in Versus Mode.

    Special Move

    • Spear Throw (Lev.1): [MOD] + [PB]
    • Uppercut (Lev.1): [MOD] + [BB]
    • Enemy Manipulation (Lev.1): [MOD] + [TH] ( [JB] to release)
    • Head Smack (Lev.2): [MOD] + [TH] , [QB]
    • Directional Throw (Lev.5): [MOD] + [TH] , U / D / B / F , [TH]
    • Power Slam (Lev.4): [MOD] + [TH] , [PB]
    • Flip Up (Lev.3): [MOD] + [TH] , [BB]
    • Warp Attack (Lev.1): [MOD] + [QB]


    • Spear Slice: F , D , F , F , [QB]
    • Flame: U , U , D , D , [QB]


    • Raise Hell: D , D , D , U , [BB]


    • Searing Blade: F , B , F , F , [PB]

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