Worst MK release???

Well for me I enjoyed all MK games (never had special forces) . But all of them have mistakes and terrible things that should never have been programmed in. For example: Shinnok is one of my favourite charcters, great story, nice original design, MKA great move set. But his introduction in MK4 was just terrible, easy boss, terrible powers and basically shang tsung without the morphing.

MKDA was the last of the real MK games in my mind, deception was half a new cast of totally terrible charcters and a totally lame boss. I played MKA a lot but it was just crammed together, unbalaced and KAK ruined online. No real fatalitys didnt help, but the best thing about MKA was 100% the story mode.

Back on topic the worst MK game i own is MKvDC. Totally unbalanced characters, infinitys that were never patched, crappy fatalitys, a boss that looked like Blaze for just no reason. A totally terrible short story mode," hi who are you , o hi lets fight". Rage that ruined most fights, the guy who got a hit in 1st would fill up half there Rage metre and have a massive advantage for nothing.
Worst game: Armageddon
Worst character: three-way tie between Taven, Kobra and Mavado
Mortal Kombat Gold definitly the worst. I already hated MK4 and when they released MK Gold it was even worse.
yeah MK:A for sure
-characters feel generic
-NO fatalities
-shitty stages
-shitty music
-shitty storyline
-kreate-a-fighter is terrible
-kart kombat or whatever the hell it was called :p
-and worst of all....MOTARO IS A ****ING SATYR!!!
UMK3 For Sega Saturn was horrid. almost everytime you did a move or fatality it had to load from disc for almost every frame. it was so choppy that I couldnt play half the time.

Second I would say MK Trilogy for PS1. as much as I love that game, Load screens from disc and chopped up fatalities (mainly Baraka's impale fatality had no blood) Just made me hate it as compared to the N64 version.
Someone needs to go back to school... Ah! I don't know American school grades. 5th grade? I don't know, but whatever it is, they need to go back and retake it. Or at least get a dictionary. One of those things I should dig up as an aid sometimes... Lol.
MK armageddon was the worst, yea we saw more characters and old stages goros lair but the KAK and KAF was just meh, the intro on the other hand was badass.
Worst game was Mk Vs DC. Worst character is Ashrah. Worst fatality would have to be Liu Kangs MK1. In fact a lot of the time Kang has got the crap end of the fatality stick.
WORST: Armageddon
Worst game: MK Special Forces
Worst Character: Hsu Hao

I disliked Deadly Alliance & Deception more than Armageddon... although it kind of sucked all the characters had generic creat-a-fatalities in it. Also I hated the way the characters looked in all three of those games... too cartoony compared to the earlier digitized fighters.
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Worst Game = Mortal Kombat: Armageddon. Why? IMO, just too many characters. That all played and controlled pretty horribly. And 50% if not more of the characters are forgettable terrible video game cliches.

Worst Character = (TIE)Kobra/Meat Why? Kobra is every generic bargain bin game character you've ever seen. Horrible look, horrible name( Really Kobra? With a K? Didn't GI Joe do justice to snake related names enough already?)Meat what **** tard got so stoned and apathetic that he allowed this ****in abomination? Just throw a half done character model in who gives a shit!

Worst Fatality = (TIE) Liu Kang MK1 Cartwheel Kick UpperCut/ Quan Chi Neck Stretch
Why? Well at 8 years old playing MK1 and watching people be impaled decapitated and roasted this was a huge ****ing disappointment. What's even worse is they brought it back in MK2/ Quan Chi had an MK4 Fatality and this looney toons lookin piece of shit. I hoped they fired the ****er that came up with this one.
Worst Move = This one is pretty hard but Ill have to say the Impale move from the 3D MK games. Completely superfluous and game breakingly bad.
The worst is easily the arcade kollection. It's like they slapped a big giant wiener in the face of all the fans and told us to swallow.
Clearly, the Arcade Kollection. Laziest piece of crap ever released by a developer.

I beat MKII, the most broken and cheap fighter of all-time, and I didn't get the achievement for it. Enough said.