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  • Hi man, you'll have to wait a bit for it unfortunatly, I am on a buisness trip until april 30th and I don't have the requiered programs with me. I am sorry for the inconvenience. When I get back I'll make sure to make you a nice one :).
    Let's try to think positive then. Kan-O's are the best-selling cereal in the realms anyway. I don't think we'll need to worry too much about competition.
    Oh man. Ah-may-zing. My life is now enriched and fortified with 11 essential vitamins and minerals, and the tears of children.
    I KNEW I had forgotten someone. And such an obvious character too! Argh! :p
    That is brilliant. Somebody should make a commercial comparing Kinar-O's to Kan-O's and maybe Gor-O's or Reik-O's or anyone else I'm missing. Haha. Wow. Bonding over cereal? I think this is the start of a beeeeeeeautiful friendship!
    Thank you, that was an absolutely flawless bowl of Kan-O's. I also wanted to properly thank you for the friend request. <3
    I took one look at the title and knew right away it wasn't best left open, lol.
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