Who are your top 3 fav characters?????

-My Top 3-

1:Shujinko (MK: Deception)
2:Sub-zero (MK: Deception)
3:Kung Lao (MK: Deadly Alliance)

The reason i didn't choose the MK: Armageddon versions of these characters was because these
versions had the most broken combos and power of all the 3d MK games...but if i could
choose a top five then i would add Scorpion (MK: Deadly Alliance) for his ridiculous "katana
juggling" and his speed and Shang Tsung (MK: Deadly Alliance) for his awesome snake &
broadsword styles :)
Well I do like Shang Tsung from MK3 onwards more than MK1/2 varieties. Idk what they were thinking with Tsung's MKII costume. The long hair and beard just suit him so well.