Who are your top 3 fav characters?????

1) Noob Sailbot the reeson why is on trilogy you could get them with the fire ball and unlesh a nasty combo that would kill you off stright away

2) Baraka because i dont think he has a weakness

3)Kabal just because i like him lol
2.Scorpion/Sub-zero(cant decide)

hard to choose a top 3 tho,loads of classic characters in the MK series
1)reptile (the human one, not this f%^&*ing lizard garbage)
3)sindel (new sindel, not the fugly one)

you blasphemous bastards should not even be talking about putting jesus in a video game, violence is not in his nature, and certainly not fatalities. but i can tell you this, if it was, jesus would definately the most ripped and awesome spectacle in any mortal kombat, in fact he'd have to be the boss. and thats the truth
I cannot choose. But I have sworn to myself that whenever asked who my favorite MK character is I must always answer "Scorpion." I added this failsafe to my personal set of unopposable answers for the very reason that if I was forced to think of it every time I was asked, I would have a meltdown. Sooo...

1. Scorpion
2. Sub-Zero
3. 61 way tie.
i know it's cliche but scorpion is the reason i feel in love with the series so...

1. Scorpion
2. Sub
3. Kang ( i don't know i've always liked his style)

Now characters i hate?!

1. Johnny Cage (god i hate him so much)
2. Stryker (doesn't even fit with MK)
3. Jax (just cause he's black.... haha jk, i just don't like his moves at all.)
Well if we were going with characters we hate Stryker would fill the whole top 10 for me. I'm also not a big fan of Kobra, Sindel, or Sheeva.

Screw you all, Mokap is awesome.
Okay seriously,

1. Scorpion
Tied at 1. Batman, doesn't matter if he sucks ass in the game, he's Batman.
3. Baraka

Sub should be at 3 if you aren't counting DC characters.
Seriously though, Mokap is awesome. I discovered him through a random select choice playing MKA with friends, and he is surprisingly good.