Who are your top 3 fav characters?????

2.Noob Saibot

I know that it might surprise some of you to see Kano on there, but he is one of those characters that works best for me. :)
2.scorpion/reptile/rain/noob saibot/baraka/shaon khan/sektor/cyrax/smoke/liu kang
3.the new raiden (he looks cool!)
DeathcoreRyknow said:
johnnyuppercut said:
i think jesus should be a character

He'd get whooped way too easily. He's not as ripped as everyone thinks.

:lol: thats funny, but no way! jesus would kick ass! all he would have to do is raise his @#&*^% arm and shock the hell out of somebody.......but seriously, is would be kinda queer, besides.....who would wanna see jesus eaten by a liu kang dragon, i mean hasnt he been through enough already? :?
2.Reptile/Jade/Sub Zero
3.Nitara/Nightwolf/Frost/Zombie Lui Kang/Tanya

sorry i couldn't narrow it down to only 3.
As lithuanian i will represent my country and i will say that Kabal was, is, will be the greatest warrior in all mortal kombat. so:

1. Kabal
2. Nightwolf
3. Cyrax
4. Sub-Zero (the younger one of course)
5. Kung Lao