What is Your favorite genre of music and who is your favorite artist?


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I like most types of music ranging from rock, metal, rap, hip-hop, electronic etc but my favorite genre is punk rock and grunge. I like Gucci Mane, Tupac, Alice in Chains, Killing Joke, Type O' Negative, Naked and Famous. I could listen to many sorts but there's only one in particular that I'll never grow old of. This band has been deeply rooted in to my mind growing up. When I think back to my childhood in the 90's I think Nirvana. It gives me goosebumps. My favorite muscians ever - Nirvana. Kurt Cobain truly is the last know rock star. Absolutely perfect balance of emotions for me as far as music goes. Sorrow, rage, apathy, twisted humor, and also seriousness. I wish we could see another artist like that soon because music is becoming exhausted.

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"My forte causes Caucasians to say "He sounds demented car weed scented" If I said it, I ment it, bite my tongue for no one ni88as know the steal-o, unbelievable"


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I'm mainly a synth/EBM/Aggrotech & Industrial type far as music goes though I do enjoy some hard rock. fell in love with synth music when I first listened to Orgy "Candyass" album in 98

But now my favs are Zeromancer, Depeche Mode, Tool, APerfectCircle, Razed in Black, Covenant and Assemblage 23.


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Too hard for me to pick one favorite, I can narrow it down to two genres and its pretty much split between hip hop and heavy metal.

Hip hop, Eminem is my favorite, I'm a bit biased because he was one of the first artists I ever got into, along with Esham.

Metal, gotta go with Iron Maiden.


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Used to be rap but i dont like what they talk about today, cant believe ppl like chief keef are rappers. Makes us dreadheads look like morons. My fav genre is rock but no specific kind. Fav band is TOOL.

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Sort of switches throughout the years. 2012-2014 I loved Hip-Hop and strictly stayed in that Genre.
But ever since 2015 started, I've been listening to a ton of Alternative rock like Amy Lee.