What is Your favorite genre of music and who is your favorite artist?


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I Listen to All Genre Rap, DnB (drum and bass), Dubstep, Metal Mainly Post hardcore :D

My favorite Artist would be Emarosa A Post hardcore band.. :)

Sky Valley

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a whole lot of metal. Alot of Industrial too. And both of em mixed together makes it all the more better.

But I got a soft spot for a certain genre, and that is Grunge. Yes It seems embarassing to admit, But I've always loved me some Alice in Chains/Pearl Jam/Soundgarden. Those guys are my heroes. And thats one style of music that everything just seemed to fit with me.


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Metal, a tie between thrash and melodic death metal.

I think metallica are my favorite, but I think it is because they inspired me to play the guitar.

But I'm gonna with Metallica, Lazarus A.D. a close second, for thrash and The Absence for melodeath.


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My two main genres are Hip-Hop and Technical/Progressive Death Metal. My favorite artists are Cunninlynguists (Hip-Hop) and The Faceless (Progressive Death Metal)


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I like Techno/Dubstep because when I have major bass inside my car. It is so awesome to listen to. I don't have a favorite artist in the Techno genre.
Rap is really good too. I listen mainly to 50 Cent and Eminem. Some DMX, and Lil' Jon too; just a bit.

My favorite genre is metal, and my main artist there would be Disturbed. They have great lyrics, they just tell a story and I like that.


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I don't really have a favorite genre. But I listen to a lot of Alternative Metal/Metal/Rock/Hard Rock. My favorite band is Breaking Benjamin(I know more like Broken Benjamin :(). I don't know why but for some reason I never had a favorite band. Then one day I heard Polyamorous on the radio. They were instantly my favorite band.

One of my favorite songs.
Also one of my favorites.
Sorry I put too many videos. :|
Also Red and Disturbed are my number 2 and 3 respectively.


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I love Jazz and underground hip hop music. As for artist, I adore those most overlooked mainstream in the past and present, those that take time to adjust to liking and listening to, it helped me understand the Genre's better.

My favorites are Gene McDaniels (RIP) and DOOM, I love their cryptic and clever lyrics.

Here's a vid of hip hop artist mos def praising DOOM's contribution to hip hop
He also notes some Jazz classics as an inspiration on his own work.