What do you think about Kabal?


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Me and my friends like Kabal very much. I want to know what american people think about a Kabal?
Okay, I'll tell you, but only if you tell me what Lithuanian people think about khaki pants-- please, it's imperative that I know this.

Kabal's alright. He had some pretty awesome combos in MK3.
I'm buying Shang Gou so I can be just like him. Except for the fact that I'm way more attractive than him, so I don't need a mask. 8)
Kabal is my favorite character from MK3, but I haven't played enough of MKD with him because his style seemed ogrish during Konquest and I never learned the nuances of his character.
You see in Lithuania's championship of mk, the first three places was with kabal, so you see why I like him so much.

I think that hookswords is a great weapon

Otherwise, kabal's face is just like freaks