What do you think about Kabal?

Yes at last I found a friend In USA.

It's nice to know you, my name is Vytautas, if you know what that means.

Wyckid said:
I like Kabal, but I just haven't gotten around to learning any of his combos as of yet...

Here you go:

Sun Bin
1,3 (pop-up), 1,1,2, CS

after the pop up, take a step toward your opponent or you wont get all four hits of the second part of the combo.

Goju Ryo
1,2 (pop up),1,1,CS,1,B+1

2(pop-up), 1,1,CS,1,4,CS

B+2 (pop-up), 1,1,B+1

2,1,4 (pop-up),1,1,B+1

2,1,4 (pop-up),1,1,4,CS
Kabal is pound for pound, far and beyond the best/most effective/most abusive/cheapest character in UMK3.


Wow I did not think they were actual real but I'm collecting weapons and that would go good in my collection. I realte to Kabal's situation I have to sleep with a respirator and my cousin's old friend calls me Kabal

I, too used to have to sleep with a respirator on, but only until I was about 8 years old.
Kabal is awesome. In the top 10 of my "Best Characters in MK" list, and he ties with Sektor as the best character introduced in the original MK. I hope he stays good in the new timeline; I hated the fact that he reverted back to being evil in Deception (and he recruited two of the worst MK characters in history, Kira and Kobra).