TRMK Member Tourney #6 ~ Round 2

Choose your winner from each match!

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~ DO NOT vote for yourself.
~ Votes will NOT be changed! Whoever you pick, you stick with. No changing votes just because you like what the other person posted.
~ Anyone who votes for themselves or casts one vote for everyone/both people fighting will have their votes removed. The name will still be there so you can't vote again but the actual point will not be there.
~ PAY ATTENTION! If you are unsure of how to vote, please ask.
~ -This is NOT an online tourney! This is just something for fun where people pick who they would want to win in a Mortal Kombat match between the members (just pretend they were really fighting). You can type up how they would win if you want.
~This is a MULTIPLE CHOICE poll so look at which two people are facing each other and vote for ONE of them. DO NOT HIT 'CAST YOUR VOTE' UNTIL YOU CHECK OFF ALL THE PEOPLE YOU WANT TO WIN!​

Have fun!​




Name: Dylan Harvey, TaBB3rnackle92..better known as TaBB
Age: 19 years young
Location: Tennessee, USA
Join date: Late July, 2011
Post count: 2,096​

Biography: Sup, name's TaBB. I've been here for a few months and I kicked my shoes off, so I'm staying the night.
Long time fan of Mortal Kombat, menthol cigarettes, skateboarding, Dave Chappelle, and music.
Also, Lead Assistant Financial Adviser of Team More Back Nackle.
Do you know where your kids are at this hour of the night?
Me neither.​


Tyler Welby


Name: Joe Welby
Age: 11
Join Date: March 3rd 2011
Post Count: 575
Likes: Dubstep, PC Games, Steak and Mortal Kombat
Dislikes: Mean fellows and Country music.
Bio: Your friendly, English Cynical kid.
Quote: Hey, look buddy. I'm Tyler Welby and I solve problems. Not problems like, "What is beauty?," because that would fall within the purview of your conundrums of 'philosophy'. I solve practical problems.​


Aldo Moreno


I live in Waco, Teaxas. I am 16 years of age. I'll be turning 17 in December. Been here for a year at this site already and I'm loving it. I love to dance, run, and write poetry. I run cross country and track for my school. I plan to become a poet and dancer. I love Mortal Kombat. I train, when I get to chance to, so I can go to a MK tournment.​




Name: Alex Gibson
Age: 25
Likes: Fiction/Learning/Competitive Gaming/Art/Music/Playing Piano/Anime/Socializing
Dislikes: Greed, Megalomaniacs, Demogogues, Poop, and mustard.
Real Life Achievements: General(AA) studies, Certified Fire Fighter, Broke the Bay County Record for air pack time(Putting on your bunker gear in fire fighting class), Top employee amongst my rank. I try hard in everything except laundry. I let that crap pile up then do it all at once.​

Biography: All around cool guy not just online but I do really good friendly things offline as well. My friend was having a bad day so the next day I worked with him on my day off, so he could get done quick and have a nice relaxing day. I've donated blood quite often as I have O+. I'm a mommy's boy, atleast when I lived with her, coolest mom ever, she payed for a stripper to come to our house on my 18th birthday >.>;. She also is too kind, she's always calling me to make sure I'm not a hobo living in the street, and tries to offer me money. My step dad is super supportive and always willing to help out of his free time. I spend most of my time, just chilling at the moment while I wait to build money up again to go back to school. I'm very sensitive, I cried when uncle ben died in spider man, I also cried in 50/50. anytime a sad part in a movie comes up now EVERYONE that knows me checks to see if I'm crying... bastards... But at the same time I'm also manly. I am EMT certified as well, Just so if I ever run into someone who is injured/dying. I can save their life. But so far luckily I haven't needed it.​

I've also been around the world quite a bit:
South Korea, Japan, WA, FL, OH, GA, CA, NY, IN, Kentucky, Washington D.C., Australia, Canada.​


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I voted for Tabb, and my opponent Aldo!

Tyler I heavily considered you because you are the only person on this website to play StarCraft2 with me lol(showing you had some interest in competitive games MK+SC2). But Tabb is over 9,000 in cool points, and I'm semi-training him to get better.

Love Cowboy

New member
Sorry TaBB... if you make the finals my vote's yours, but I'm backing Tyler for now.

Also, I owe Aldo a vote from tourney #4


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Dang, Tyler's doing surprisingly well.
Anyway, I voted for Tyler, cause I'm a fan of the underdog, and Aldo, because I've been using his Liu Kang guide to improve my game. When I buy an online pass, I'm going to do a lot better then I did on the 2-day trial.


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vote for aldo so we can stop seeing him join these damn things please. =P

I know love cowboy does the same thing but its cool when he does it .