Tremor Kombat Kast -- July 21st


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I've always wondered if the creation behind Tremor back during Special Forces has some connection to Bloodstorm's Tremor.

For those who don't know what I'm talking about, Bloodstorm is a shitty game that got Daniel Pesina (Johnny Cage) fired because he did some promotion for the game. I believe he did it while dressed up as Johnny Cage.

I doubt Tremor has any connection but, I've always wondered besides firing Daniel, if they did something else to mock that game and/or company.


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Looks great! Since he comes out on the 21st, I'm guessing that Kombat Kast is mainly for those who don't have the Kombat Pack lol


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I feel the same.....He looks so boring and slow. I hope Im wrong but as it stands I feel zero hype for tremor. I'm kinda hype for the classic pack 2 though. Welp here's hoping boon wasn't trolling when he hinted at there being a season 2 dlc.

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Woo, those fatalities are sweet. Really awesome.

The variations, eh, not really liking them, mostly the visual differences are lame. But still, Tremor looks great.

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I'm blue da ba dee da ba die...


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He looks too slow for my liking but god damn Id be lying if I said those fatalities didnt look sick.

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I absolutely cannot wait for Tremor. Everything about him looks perfect. A total plus his fatalities are gruesome. I would hate to see his fatalities performed on the girls
A maskless Tremor!!! They really levelled up the ninjas this time around. I really like how slow he is: variety is good, not everyone should have the mobility Tanya has, but Tremor must have a huge damage output. Those fatalities are too sick. Honestly, I think he looks VERY cool!

Let me say: MK3 Kung Lao looks TOO GOOD! My fav Kung Lao ever! I'll be playing that costume till I die! Good job this time around.


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Watched the trailer again and noticed the eyball in the 2nd fatality. Also, why does Quan sound like Scorpion lol.

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I just Man-gasmed watching the Tremor trailer.

I love the fact he's reppin' the Black Dragon but DAMN, he doesn't seem to be a Lackey/Henchman in as he has always been portrayed and IM LOVIN' IT!

Im just in AWE right now!!!!