Tremor!!! (also Liu Kang and Tanya)


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Tremor's design is frightening! Maybe it was the music in the trailer, but when he started walking up I thought he looked more menacing than Jason or Predator! I got goosebumps too.


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Predator looks badass!!!!

Im not surprised tanya is in, im sure boons sister said you better put me in this game or else lol.

We knew that one of the dlc had to be female. She's rocking the Cleopetra look and Ermac the Pharoh that's great.

Tremor looks good, i actually expected a better reception for him, this is a great deal and im satisfied with each one of the dlc characters. Great job NRS.


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Speaking of Ed Boon's sister, I wonder if she has ever seen other people do fatalities on her character. I know the actual woman and the character look nothing alike but I still think it might be weird to see, like "Hey, you helped inspire this character, now watch her intestines get taken out!"


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Tanya looks alright, but more work needs to be done to her...especially her cross eyes! Everybody else looks awesome!! The Predator is just insanely badass. Tremor is no picnic either. He looks menacing!

Oh and those who haven't seen the original Predator movie...GO SEE IT. Can't believe there are people out there that haven't seen Predator. Its a bonafide classic action movie.

Carl Weathers plays Dillon in Predator. Carl also plays Apollo Creed in the Rocky movies. Can't believe people don't know who Carl Weathers is. A really great actor.


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Tremor has potential, but the cold war scorpion vibe and human & ninja look is a bit what could've been. Fan art inspiration would've been better.


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I can finally rest and stop complaining about who isn't in the roster. TANYA is in! :)

It'd be lovely for more of my type of characters to be present but if not, I got what I need. My mains... Cassie, Kitana, Mileena, and TANYA. I'll probably try out Jacqui, D'Vorah, Takeda (because of his whip), and maybe Sonya too.


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- Vampiress Mileena
- Pharaoh Ermac
- Playable character Tanya
- Playable character Predator
- Commando Johnny
- Playable character Tremor
- Jingu Kitana.

These are the only things i consider to buy, i hope this will cost less than full packs


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I m just thinking that is kind of strange that Fujin isn't in the game. Maybe something happens to him during story mode. However, Liu Kang or Shinnok could be in the "unlockable" spot and Fujin could make it.