Tournament of the Wastes

I''m with Byrd, HOLY SHIT!

That was, I can't even descibe how good that fight scene was
Nothing but respect
Well you succeed Wraith, good job :)

Blizzard: Any alst words!?
Spectre: W-Well done.
Blizzard: Well done!? B*tch that was a top tier asswhooping!
*Performs fatality*
That would be great if I put something like that. :laugh:

Or maybe have the Sorcerer walk out at the end and say something like "That was ice cold." :cool:
Damn, that was an awesome fight scene! One of the best fight scenes ive read, props to you mate!

I was rooting for spectre but satisfied nonetheless. :p
The Final Battle

The Sorcerer examined the corpse of the slain Spectre absorbing his power discreetly so as to not to draw Blizzards attention. Blizzard had created a pyre and stacked the rotted bodies of Komodo and Kain on top of one another, he then grabbed the Spectre's bloodstained corpse and severed head and threw them on to the stack as well. In a strange way he felt respect for the Spectre, for he had shaped him into the warrior he is now. Liu, Johnny, Sonya, and Jupiter all stood outside as well and Johnny walked over to Blizzard handing him a lighter.
"Here, you should do the honors." Johnny spoke placing the silver lighter in Blizzard's hand.
"Good riddance." Sonya muttered under her breath as Blizzard lit the fire under the fallen warriors. Smoke poured into the night sky as the fighters retired to their beds in the Vault, Blizzard inserted new cartridges into his gauntlet and quickly feel asleep still weary from his fight. As dawn broke the sun peeked out from the horizon, and ashes blew in the wind. In the ring Blizzard and Liu Kang stood facing each other, with the Sorcerer, Johnny, Jupiter, and Sonya watching from the sidelines. Blizzard pulled the mask from his face and drew down his black hood.
"Fight!" The Sorcerer announced from his throne.
"No. I got what I have come here for." Blizzard said looking eye to eye with the Sorcerer.
"What?! You dare to defy me?!" Liu looked back and forth from the two.
"You heard me, Sorcerer." Blizzard said starting to walk from the ring. In an instant, the Sorcerer held the back of Blizzards head and threw him into a wall in the ring. He held his throat lifting him from his feet pinning him against the wall.
"Hey, if he wants to leave he should be able to!" Johnny shouted from the sidelines.
"You don't get it do you? You naive fool. None of you are leaving!" He tossed Blizzard effortlessly into his own throne.
"This tournament? A cover up, you are the best fighters this land has to offer, with your combined might I will be unstoppable. The doors are sealed now none of you can escape." Jupiter stepped into the ring, electricity swirling around his arm.
"Then we will have no choice but to fight back." He said firing a bolt of electricity at the Sorcerer. The energy struck his shoulder but was shrugged off. The Sorcerer cackled as his body began to morph to a terrible form. Before their eyes they saw him take on the appearance of the slain Komodo and charge at the baffled Jupiter. His claws were but inches away from Jupiter's face when he was stopped in his tracks, looking down he saw his legs frozen solid. Blizzard sat slumped in the throne holding his arm up pointing towards the morphed Sorcerer. Jupiter held a ball of energy up to his chest and blasted him to the other end of the ring. The blast had caused enough damage to the Sorcerer to make him revert to his human form. Johnny and Sonya stepped into the ring to help fend of the vile Sorcerer. The closest person to the Sorcerer was now Liu who dashed towards his former master. Liu landed several strikes on him, but the Sorcerer quickly threw him into Jupiter dazing them both. Johnny and Sonya chose to engage him together, they threw several strikes towards him but the Sorcerer blocked all of the strikes, blocking Johnny's hits with his right arm and Sonya's with his left. He punched Sonya and Johnny simultaneously launching them to different ends of the ring.
"Hahahaha! You all have already been defeated. What hope did you fools think you had against ultimate power? Now the question is, which one of you wants to die first?" The Sorcerer felt a sharp pain at the back of his head, he turned around to see Blizzard barely on his feet. With a swift backhand he knocked Blizzard to the ground.
"We... we won't be beaten so easily." Liu said staggering to his feet. The Sorcerer turned his attention from Blizzard who was now unconscious to Liu Kang slowly walking towards him. The Sorcerer dodged the kicks Liu swung and with a powerful uppercut launched Liu to the ceiling. Jupiter shot a bolt of electricity at the Sorcerer as Johnny delivered a kick to his back. Johnny landed a couple more kicks before a right hook smashed him to the ground, Jupiter was still firing bolt of lightning but to no avail. The Sorcerer picked Johnny up by the collar and pulled back his fist. Jupiter delivered the heaviest punch he could to the side of the Sorcerers head which caused him to drop Johnny. Jupiter tried to land another hit but the Sorcerer quickly grabbed his head with both hands. He applied pressure and was mere moments away from snapping Jupiter's neck when his right arm became frozen. He turned his head to see Sonya holding Blizzard's ice gauntlet which she retrieved from his unconscious body. Throwing the gauntlet to the ground, she delivered a kick to the Sorcerer's chin, allowing Jupiter to escape. Johnny kicked the side of the Sorcerer's head as he tried to rise to his feet. Back on the ground he quickly sweeped Johnny's feet out from under him and kneed Sonya in the stomach. Liu Kang jumped through the air extending his leg and kicking the Sorcerer in his lower back. Johnny rose back to his feet hitting the side of the Sorcerer's face with his elbow and then hitting a quick jab to his ribs. Jupiter hit the Sorcerer with a sweep knocking him to the ground. Sonya rose to her feet and joined the rest of the fighters who mobbed the Sorcerer with strikes. The Sorcerer swung his arms outwards knocking Johnny and Liu off of him, and quickly did a flip to rise to his feet. He punched Sonya across the face knocking her out, and struck Jupiter with his palm sending him barreling through the air. The Sorcerer picked Johnny up by his head threw him into the air then kicked him with a roundhouse sending him into one of the metal walls and rendering him unconscious.
"I have to admit, you all lasted longer than I expected. But it doesn't matter, you have been beaten." His eyes went towards Jupiter who was the last fighter left standing. He picked Jupiter up by his neck, and punctured his throat with the needle protruding from his wrist.
"Wha-?" The Sorcerer had a shocked look on his face as Jupiter's electric blue blood spilled on his arm. Jupiter with his last breath let out a chuckle and then released his death rattle. A discharge exploded from the point where the Sorcerer's device punctured Jupiter's jugular, launching the Sorcerer into one of the steel walls.
"No.... no.... I was so close...." The Sorcerer's vision became hazy as he saw Liu Kang in front of him.
"L-Liu? I-Is that you? Funny somehow, I knew it would come to this...." Liu Kang put his hands on the chin and the top of the head of the Sorcerer and turned quickly snapping his neck, and quickly ending his life.
"Perhaps in the afterlife you will find redemption." Liu said to the Sorcerer's lifeless body as he shut his eyelids.

Questions? Comments? Leave 'em below. I'll do an Epilogue soon and then this story will be wrapped up. Also please give me some input on what my next project should be from the two listed here (Towards the bottom of the page)
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With the tournament concluded the fighters traveled their separate ways. Blizzard left the Mojave travelling east searching for remnants of the Enclave society the man who had taken him in was a part of. Johnny abandoned his job at the Tops and opened a small bar near the outskirts of the strip. Sonya stayed with the NCR but transferred to an outpost that was nearby Johnny's small bar, her and Johnny maintained communications with Johnny making many advances, all of which were shot down. Liu Kang wandered the Mojave as a vigilante protecting the innocent whenever he encountered evil, which in the wasteland was common. The Vault with no one left to maintain it had a nuclear meltdown collapsing the Vault from the inside to forever be lost to the sands. Thus concluding the Tournament of the Wastes, and the Mojave winds now whispered of a package courier who would go down forever in the history of New Vegas.

And thanks Metal, I didn't want to double post :laugh:
:hail: Loved it man, solid story :mullet:
And super dope finale, it seems like an actual story about a vault you would hear about in a Fallout game.
:hail: Loved it man, solid story :mullet:
And super dope finale, it seems like an actual story about a vault you would hear about in a Fallout game.

Thanks TaBB I tried my best to give my first real Fan Fic on here an epic conclusion.

And I'll be starting my new story in a couple days, either Christmas or within a couple days from that.
I meant to comment on this boss ass story earlier, but I had work :sad:

This story was, amazing. It makes me want to go out of my way and play Fallout. I wish somebody made some artwork for this boss ass story. Good job :congrats:
An awesome finale to a rich tale! This was truly splendid, the fight scenes are one of the best I have ever read. Can't wait to read you next writing project mate :D.
Thanks for all the comments guys and Yung, I'll post some pics for reference for people who don't play Fallout.

Blizzard's suit (minus the gauntlet)




Liu Kang's armor (Unmodified, Liu's modifications made his upper arms, head, and hands revealed)

Finally, after over a year I have read this masterpiece. Now, taste my review

What I didn't like:


When I read this story, I was blown away by the realism. The explanations of everything were incredible. So most of my complaints come from a lack of realism. Nothing major, because obviously it's preposterous to expect realism in a Fallout/MK story. Just possibilities within the Fallout universe. Personal preference.

Komodo's origins I wasn't too fond of. A Gecko, Deathclaw, Nightkin hybrid? I could completely be wrong since I haven't played New Vegas in about a year. But I don't think Nightkin naturally are able to turn invisible. They're just addicted to Stealthboys if memory serves me correctly. I would have liked Komodo to have been maybe a Feral Ghoul or a cannibal that wore Chinese Stealth Armor. Ghouls live for over 200 years, so maybe he could have been a soldier during the Great War that never fully died. But again, I could be completely wrong.

Kain's eye. I didn't like how you said he straight up got a cybernetic eye. I would have preferred Kain to have been shot in the head, maybe by Benny to shoot references, and have Doc Mitchell fix him up. He kills Doc Mitchell and gains his reputation that way. Also when you described a man in a gas mask, I thought it was Kabal. Not bad, just wanted to say. And his final dialogue with Sonya was pretty whack. He remembers who she was because she beat his ass? He should have still be ignorant to her identity until right before she kills him, she shoves Jack's dogtags in his face and screams about if he remembers.

Coming to America. Traveling across the ocean in post apocalyptic times sounds a bit far fetched for normal men. My opinion, Sorcerer should have been tasked with the experimental mission of extracting essence. His team should have been in the dark about it. They were sent to America by China to test on American survivors. Kang finds out about their mission and tells the team. Moral battle takes place and Sorcerer does what he does. Also I would have liked if Sorcerer was described more. Should have told us what age he was around so I'd know if I should be picturing MK1 Shang, MKII Skullcap or 3d Robeman.

Names. Most of the names were incredible (more on that in a sec) but some rubbed me the wrong way. Johnny. Like most of the rest, I would have liked references to the real names. Maybe his name was Mike, but his shade's were Johnny Brand. Or maybe he had a pocket knife he found with Johnny written on it, so he took to calling himself that. Sonya Blade too. Would have liked if she was BoS too, an Eastcoast Outcast. Meaning she was a true member of Capital Wasteland's BoS, but if you remember they were defected from the real BoS since they pursued more than just tech like they were told. Dragoon could have been Kang's codename.

Sorcerer's form. Felt unnecessary since he was only in it for a brief minute before being reverted back. If you ask me, would have been nice if by extracting essence, he used it to make some kind of ultra Psycho. Giving him abilities defying his age.

What I like

Everything else. Completely amazing how you described the fights, the emotions and the references. "I paid 500 caps for those asshole!" A reference to MK movie AND Fallout at the same time? Genius. Jupiter's origins were insane. Like I could actually see that being put into effect in Fallout, save the MK ties of course. Blizzard and Specter's rivalry was great. Everyone loves a good Student vs Master story. The final fight scene was tense as hell too. Great, no, Masterful story Wraith. I also love the fact that it ended. I love conclusions, and that is something you rarely find in fan fiction. Writers are always trying to leave windows open just in case they want to beat a dead horse and revive their story, but you had an end in mind from the beginning. And I wholeheartidly respect that.

As the great Wraith would say, 10/10 Would read again