Tournament of the Wastes

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The Den Mother

The Sorcerer sat in his seat in the middle of the atrium section of his Vault speaking to his loyal subject,
"I grow impatient but soon, soon, we can begin."
"As do I master, the hunger is becoming unbearable."
"Yes well, soon you can feed, my pet -" Just then the alarm sounded the Vault door was being opened again. "It seems we will be able begin earlier than expected we are now only waiting on one more contestant, but for now begone I need to speak with our latest guest."
"Very well." The mutant hissed as he disappeared with his stealth field. Just then the door to the atrium drew open. The soldiers boots clicked against the ground as she approached the Sorcerer.
"Lieutenant Blade reporting in. I'm here to compete in your tournament."
"Well, that is unexpected." The Sorcerer said with a slight grin "You sure your tough enough to play with the boys?"
"I've heard that one before. Some of ranger vets being brought in from California tried saying the same thing." Her eyes grew more narrow and she crossed her arms.
"So you are NCR? Hmmm. So then, what did happen to those rangers?"
"Lets just say they are no longer fit for duty. Now if your done talking about my gender, I'm going to get ready for the tournament." The Sorcerer did not reply instead just smirked. Miss Blade proceeded down the steel corridor toward a seemingly empty kitchen. She took a seat at the lone table, removed her breastplate and fixed her ponytail to keep her hair out of her eyes. The automated door opened and a stunned Johnny stepped in, upon viewing the woman his jaw dropped. The lieutenant noticed his staring and sarcastically said,
"See something you like?"
"Hey babe the names Johnny you've probably heard of me. I am pretty much a household name." The ****y performer spoke.
"I don't care who you are, If you don't want the bones in your face broken you will leave."
"Playing hard to get? Can't we just talk for a second?" Johnny asked with a wide smile. The smile was immediately wiped off his face by the underside of a boot.
"I warned you." She said picking up the piece of armor she left on the table. Johnny scrambled to his feet, wiped the bit of blood of his lip and said to himself,
"Seriously, is everyone here crazy?" Lt. Blade continued to another room, one that was truly empty. Even though a chair was present she chose to stand leaning against the cold metal Vault wall as she clutched a set of dogtags in her hand. A lone tear descended down her cheek but the sadness she felt was quickly replaced by anger and hatred. Blade's parents were both enrolled in NCR military, her mother had passed shortly after her birth due to complications involved with her birth. Given the first name of her mother, Sonya Blade was enrolled in special training by her father since she was a child. Her father had earned his black ranger armor during his career, but a disabling injury kept him from fighting he has since then been appointed as a high level tactician and drill Sergeant. Although Sonya was regarded as one of the most beautiful women serving in the NCR she never developed any romantic relationships. The person she grew the closest to besides her father was a young man that was enrolled in the same courses his name was Major Jack Briggs. Sonya and Briggs worked as partners and went on countless missions together but one mission in particular would change her. It was a high risk mission to exterminate a high profile Great Khan. A squad of Rangers attacked the main entrance of the Great Khan encampment as Lt. Blade and Major Briggs slipped into the back. Briggs kicked the wooden door down and along with Sonya infiltrated the house. The Khan target stood alone inside and victory seemed ensured but the Khan named Kain would not be taken down so easily. He wore a gas mask and let out a great laugh as a toxic gas flooded the room. Major Briggs was equipped with a helmet with a filtration system and engaged Kain as Sonya lost consciousness. When she finally came to, Sonya was viewing the world through thermal vision and when she removed the helmet things became much more clear. There next to her lay the body of her partner he was bruised and battered, but the cause of his death not the trauma and Lieutenant Blade picked up the helmet she was wearing earlier and recognized it as her partner's. With the last bit of his energy after being defeated by Kain he removed the helmet he wore and instead placed it on the head of his partner sacrificing himself. She took his dog tags and vowed to get revenge for her partner, her friend. Sonya made her way through the camp that was now abandoned, bodies of the ranger squad and the Khans littered the camp and Sonya made her way to the nearest NCR outpost. She reported the outcome of her mission and even though the mission was a failure she was regarded as a hero for the NCR. After she recovered she spent the next years leading an elite ranger squad dubbed "The Blade Pack" earning her the codename "The Den Mother". She never forgot the vow she made and when she received intel on the Khan's whereabouts and the tournament he would be taking place in she knew the only way to reach him was through this tournament.
To be honest i didnt read this story right away. Now that i sat down and actually read it i must say, i regret not reading it earlier. I mean you combined your two passions together and made an excellent read. Watch for the run-on sentences. Other than that, this stoty is awesome :)
To be honest i didnt read this story right away. Now that i sat down and actually read it i must say, i regret not reading it earlier. I mean you combined your two passions together and made an excellent read. Watch for the run-on sentences. Other than that, this stoty is awesome :)

Glad to see you like it Yung, and yea grammar always was my weakness. Any one who enjoys the series Liu Kang's chapter will be the last chapter that is a background. Afterwards it will be the actual tournament.
The Crimson Dragoon

As the great Vault door shut behind him the last fighter entered the steel walls of the Vault. The last combatant wore a tattered brown trench coat which had a loose hood that concealed his face in shadow. The mysterious man ran his hand against the cold steel of the Vault walls as he walked towards the main corridor of the Vault. There sat the sorcerer on his throne examining the shadowy figure that had just opened the entrance to the atrium. The cloaked man approached the Sorcerer yet was silent, the tension in the room was tangible. Finally the Sorcerer spoke,
"And who might you be?"
"I am here to compete in your tournament." The figure's voice was stern.
"Very well, but who are you? Do you have a name?"
"A name? No. I have no name anymore."
"You must have something to call yourself." The Sorcerer was clearly becoming irritated.
"Your hands are stained by the blood of the innocent. You want a name Sorcerer? I am your nightmare, I am what will punish you for the sins you have committed against humanity."
The man drew down his hood down and cast off the trench coat he wore. As he looked upon his face the Sorcerer's memories flooded him.
"You?! How is this possible?" The Sorcerer wore a stunned expression as if he had seen a ghost.
This mysterious man's name was Liu Kang. Growing up in China he was orphaned at a young age, and brought into the Chinese army by recruiters that would visit orphanages and recruit physically fit young men. He grew in ranks in the army until he was accepted in to the elite stealth unit known as the Crimson Dragoon. He worked alone preforming advanced stealth missions for the red army. The only man he ever trusted was his commanding officer, a brilliant scientist and expert close quarters fighter, who trained him in martial arts and advanced hand to hand fighting techniques, he sent Liu on countless missions and Liu Kang would always return with the mission complete. Although he was devoted to his military career he held the safety of innocents above all else even his own career. One day he received orders to investigate an unregistered compound on the outskirts of a major settlement something was unsettling about this assignment and he found it odd that his Commander did not give him the orders but he thought nothing of it and proceeded to the compound. Opening the bunker doors to the compound revealed a musty smell that was all too familiar for Liu, the scent of death. There was countless bodies and documents labeled projects LEGION and KOMODO. Kang vowed that the perpetrator of these vile experiments would pay, and as if on cue a door opened in front of him. There he was, Liu Kang stood glaring at him but was paralyzed. The voice of his commanding officer spoke 'I didn't want you to find out this way'. His former master, best friend flipped a switch and an electromagnet hummed on he began rushing and gathering the documents and fled the bunker. Liu flew backward his stealth armor keeping him glued to the magnet. The alarm blared 'Self destruct sequence activated, evacuate immediately' Liu Kang struggled and managed to get his arm free momentarily but long enough to tear the stealth unit from his armor. The electronics of his armor deactivated he fell from the magnet and ran as quickly as he could from the bunker. The bunker exploded behind him as he viewed the Vertibird flying east until it was no longer able to be seen. After this incident Liu Kang modified his old Chinese stealth suit to more accommodate his needs, he removed the upper arm plates and replaced the the lower body equipment with a more lightweight variant. He abandoned his military career and became a vigilante in the nearest town to the now abandoned bunker tracking leads of his former master's location. He finally discovered a reliable source that said he had fled to America and posed as a Vault Tech scientist to enter a Vault that had kept it's doors open to outsiders and make use of the Vault's advanced science labs. Liu Kang stole a Chinese military vertibird and flew into the Mojave Desert tracking a radio signal that had a familiar voice broadcasting it.
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Thanks Jinko, but Sonya already has a chapter look for the chapter "The Den Mother"
Thanks man, not sure how i missed it the first time round lol. Loved that chapter as well, Sonya's story is nicely fleshed out. Sad that Jax had to die though. :(
How im so stupid :laugh: i thought this was Hsu Hao. Excuse my stupidity lol. Great job btw and cant wait for the tourney
The Tournament pt. 1

Liu Kang and the Sorcerer stood glaring each other down.
"It's revenge you want isn't it?" The Sorcerer spoke in a sinister
"Not revenge, justice. Justice for the innocent lives you have taken."
"Well then, if you want my life you will have to compete for it."
"I have heard your broadcasts, I shall fight in this tournament of yours."
Liu walked away from the Sorcerer who had a twisted smile stretched across his face. Strolling in to the living section of the Vault he took a bed as his own for the night. Lying in the bed staring up at the silver ceiling thinking about nothing but severing the sinister Sorcerer's head, he eventually passed out on the bed. As dawn cracked the golden Spectre entered the large atrium. The other fighters gathered around in a circle. The Sorcerer announced loudly,
"The first match will be, The Spectre VS. Komodo."
The yellow warrior stepped into the ring and looked as the reptilian beast appeared before him. The creatures razor claw glinted in the light and the toxic acid dripped down his face.
"I shall feast on your flesh!" The creature hissed, but the Spectre was not phased and remained silent. The Sorcerer raised his arm into the air and exclaimed,
"Fight!" The Spectre leaped into the air above Komodo and threw his spear into the beast. Landing behind the creature he swung the rope around and flung the beast into one of the solid metal walls. Komodo was stunned but only for a moment, he dashed towards the Spectre with his razor sharp claws extended in front of him. His talons grazed the yellow fighter's face and blood dribbled out. The Spectre's response was a low kick that sweeped the creature of it's feet. The Spectre's speed and technique kept Komodo's lethality at bay, with the reptilian fighter was on his back and the Spectre put his foot under Komodo's back and flipped the creature into the air and a swift roundhouse kick sent Komodo barreling through the air. When he recovered Komodo let out a spray of acid that landed on the Spectre. Hearing the burning of the acid he quickly tore off the deathclaw skull he used as a spaulder that the acid was chewing through. Komodo used the Spectre's confusion to his advantage and pinned him on the ground, wildly hacking and slashing at the Spectre's face until his strength became his weakness. The claws of the creature were sharp enough and had enough force to pierce the floor, with his arm stuck in the ground the Spectre maneuvered behind the beast and stabbed his spearhead into the creature's throat and wrapped the rope around Komodo's neck, the Spectre then wrapped the other rope end around a metal pipe and the Spectre pulled with all his strength. Komodo gurgled and choked grabbing at his throat with his free hand and with the final tug delivered by the Spectre sent Komodo's head high into the air. Green blood sprayed from the creature's open neck and the Sorcerer walked towards the corpse and discreetly plunged his syringe into the corpse. After taking a moment to absorb Komodo's essence he walked towards the Spectre and crowned him the victor of the round.
"Victory is yours today Spectre. A pity my pet had to meet such a quick end." The Spectre silently nodded his head, left the main area of the Vault, and in the infirmary reveled in his victory as he applied a stimpack to his wounds.
Haha damn that was awesome, bro!
I really like how you keep Fallout and MK evenly balanced in this story, especially with the simpack at the end.
Also, great choice for the first battle.
And I really like
How you described Reptile getting killed :laugh:
It was awesome.
Can't wait for the next round :cool:
Haha damn that was awesome, bro!
I really like how you keep Fallout and MK evenly balanced in this story, especially with the simpack at the end.
Also, great choice for the first battle.
And I really like
How you described Reptile getting killed :laugh:
It was awesome.
Can't wait for the next round :cool:

Thanks TaBB. There will definitely be more to come soon, I'm not sure quite when yet.
The Tournament pt.2

As the remains of Komodo were being taken away from the fighting area Johnny walked over to Sonya to get some comments in before the next fight.
"Hey, I know what you said before about the face bones being broken but am I really that bad?"
"Let me answer that question with another question, boot you remember Johnny don't you?"
"I'm just trying to get to know you a little better, no need for more violence." Just then the Sorcerer announced to the room,
"The next match will be Johnny VS. Blizzard." Johnny looked at Sonya and chuckled
" Scratch that last comment, it's violence time." Johnny stepped forward into the ring. Blizzard also walked in and entered his fighting stance.
"If you value your life you will give up now."
"Fight!" Johnny sprung forward landing a light kick on Blizzard, Blizzard retaliated with a hard right hook followed by a sweep. Johnny was struck in the jaw but managed to avoid the sweep. They kept swapping punches and kicks until the tide seemed to shift for Johnny when he stunned the cold fighter with a below the belt punch. Disabled by the cheap punch Johnny managed to get two swift kicks to Blizzard's face. Going for the third kick Johnny's leg was grabbed by Blizzard and planted to the ground and frozen in place. Now immobile Johnny grabbed at and punched his frozen leg trying to free himself and then Blizzard began his assault on Johnny first an uppercut followed by a quick chop to the neck and an elbow to the back of his head. Johnny freed himself from the ice finally but caught a forward kick to his face shattering his sunglasses. The now shadeless Shades wiped the blood from his face and exclaimed,
"I paid 500 caps for those glasses!" Johnny dashed forward with his leg extended hitting the blocking Blizzard and making him become staggered. Johnny unleashed a barrage of hits on Blizzard, right jab, left hook, right cross, a leg sweep and a drop kick on to the grounded Blizzard. Going for a punch to tag on the end Blizzard would have no more of this, grabbing Johnny's hand by the wrist he added pressure and an the crack of Johnny's shattered wrist echoed through the atrium. Blizzard blinded by rage began unleashing a savage beating on Johnny lying on the ground Johnny was getting punched repeatedly in the face, kicked several times in the ribs, and had his chest stomped on. Grabbing Johnny up off the ground by the throat and holding him up against steel wall, Blizzard began tightening his grip around Johnny's neck. Johnny's face turned a pale blue from in combination to his lack of oxygen and Blizzard's ice cold hands. Johnny's life began to slip away and with the last of his energy muttered,
"Mother ...." Blizzard came to his senses and looked at Johnny a battered broken young man and released grip of his throat looking at his own bloodstained hands he though to himself if he ended this young man's life he was no better than the man he was hunting.
"What have I become?" Blizzard spoke to himself, picking up the unconscious Johnny he carried him to the medical clinic section of the vault.
"Blizzard is the winner of this round." the Sorcerer announced. Johnny woke up on a bed in the clinic covered in bandages.
"I ... I'm sorry I lost control all I saw you as was him, I didn't mean to...." Blizzard began to speak.
"It's okay man, you won fair an square." Johnny rasped and let out a couple of coughs.
"I think someone else wants to talk to you." Blizzard said. Sonya stepped through the door and walked over to the injured Johnny.
"You fought pretty good in there, shame you lost those glasses you liked so much." Sonya said feeling pity for the injured Johnny.
"Now you want to talk, huh?" Johnny said weakly with a chuckle on the end.
"He needs rest." Blizzard said talking to Sonya as the two left the room. Johnny stayed awake for a couple minutes more before finally passing out again.
Thanks Yung I felt like I had to write a good chapter for you guys since I'm going to be updating this less often then I have after today because of Skyrim <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
The Tournament pt.3

Blizzard sat still washing Johnny's blood off his hands, and running his fingers through his hair. The P.A. system of the vault crackled on, and the voice of the Sorcerer was projected through the corridors.
"The next match will begin shortly, all active fighters should report to the atrium." Blizzard hearing the announcements pulled his hood over his head and clicked his mask into place. As the fighters all assumed their places around the ring the Sorcerer let the fighters get situated before he announced who the next fight would be. He paused for a moment then announced,
"The next fight will be Kain V.S. Sonya." The two fighters stood in the center of the ring, both ready to slaughter one another.
"Do I know you from somewhere little girl?" Kain spoke as he took a shot of psycho. Sonya did not reply, just tightened the grip she held on her partners dog tags. She put the second set of tags around her neck. The Sorcerer looked from Sonya to Kain and announced,
"Fight!" Kain's first move was to toss two knives in Lt. Blade's direction, she managed to dodge one and the other was deflected by her breastplate. Kain used the window of time Sonya had to dodge the blades to close the distance between them. Kain threw a fist toward Sonya who caught it with her hand and returned a punch of her own which Kain in turn caught as well. Sonya kicked Kain in the chest and they were back at their starting position. Kain lunged towards her, Sonya tried to block but Kain managed to get a grip on her throat and threw her into one of the solid metal walls. She was dazed for a moment and recovered with Kain already close to her. Sonya grabbed his leg and swung him off his feet she used the time he was lying on the ground to land several kicks into his face. Kain leaped back to his feet and he and Sonya traded punches for the next several minutes. Kain sweeped Sonya off her feet and pounced on top of her drawing his last knife from it's sheath. He plunged the knife down towards her face Sonya grabbed the blade inches away from her face and the blood of her hands dripped to her face. Kain pushed down the blade harder and broke Sonya's grip she managed to slide her head to the side and the blade only gashed her cheek.
"I hate to ruin such a pretty face!" Kain laughed crazily as he prepared to bring the knife down again. Something caught Sonya's eye, a red glow, she then plucked Kain's cybernetic eye from his head. Kain dropped his knife and stumbled backwards screaming in agony. Sonya grabbed Kain's blade from the ground and plunged it into his gut several times. Kain fell to his knees and blood gushed from his mouth as he coughed.
"I remember you now, the little NCR girl who tried to capture me. I was sure the gas had killed you." Kain spoke, the weakness clear in his voice.
"Do you remember my partner?! The one you killed?!" Sonya pushed the blade against Kain's throat.
"Oh yes, I remember him, he fought like a b*tch he let his emotions get in the way. He was trying to save you as I shattered his kneecaps. I guess he did succeed in saving you though. Now little girl, do you have the guts to take your revenge?" Sonya slid the blade across his throat severing Kain's jugular. Blood sprayed over Sonya as she felt the tags of her partner and hoped he was proud of her. She left the ring and entered one of the bathrooms to wash the blood from herself. The Sorcerer rose from his seat absorbing the strength from Kain's corpse, and then disposed of it preparing the ring for the next match.
Nice. Instead of letting Kain o you ended him right then and there. I'm glad to see Sonya not letting her emotions get the best of her