There WON'T be anymore DLC characters.

I would honestly be pretty surprised if they didn't make at least a few more DLC characters. I would still like to see a few more, personally. I know some characters should be saved the next game, but with all the characters out there, just a few more DLC characters couldn't hurt.
Well if I were NRS since it takes around 2 months to maker a kharacter, then they should go a different route with DLC with much more skins, a few fatality packs, A game mode, and more challenges to the tower. I wouldnt just give up on DLC completely, that would be foolish cuz u can clearly see on xbox live top downloads that MK9's season pass,kombat pass,Rain and the klassic skins pack are all up there so obviously sales are good. Since PS3's sales were much higher than xbox's, then I would imagine their sales were very good too, so again they would be foolish to not give ppl more DLC, but this time mix it up with other things that dont take as much time and would still sell alot. Fatality packs would easily sell very well since MK is all about fatalities
I think they should release a DLC that fixes the ****ING ONLINE GAMING! Seriously, I would pay for that, more than what I pay for a new character.
I really want more characters. Am I the only one that doesn't like how they are placed on the selection screen? Something about it just bugs me, but whatever. And to those who want to save characters, Why are you playing this game then, with the exception of kratos, skarlet, and freddy all of the other characters were in other MK games, so they must be so worn out for you right? Oh wait they aren't because even though they are the same characters they have been redone to be fresh and new, as they've done with every single MK. So saying you want to "save" characters is just dumb.
I'm pretty sure we're going to get at least ONE more costume pack and season pass. They can't just stop making DLC after one pack. Most games max out on four DLC packs, making two at the minimum.
Well first off Midway not Capcom was the first to come out with an Ultimate fighting game in 1996 (UMK3) so those mocking about NRS not bringing out an UMK9 should shut there mouths because NRS can always decide to bring one out since stages, alities, and characters from MK1-3 are still missing:

The Balcony (MK3 Motaro Stage)
The Pit 3 (MK3)
The Palace Gates (MK1)
The Warrior Shrine (MK1)
The Kombat Tomb (MK2)
The Portal (MK2)
The Lost or The Lost Portal (UMK3)
Shao Khans Cave (UMK3)
The Volcanic Arena (MK9 Kratos Appearance)

Robo Smoke
Motoro (dlc)
Shao Khan (dlc)
Goro (dlc)
Motaro (dlc)

Classic DLC Fatalities for Kitana (MK 2) Jade (MK3 ) Mileena (MK2) Subzero (MK3)....and more

Freddy Krurger
Other missing Avatars

Other Content (Continued)
Tag Team King of the Hill

MK 2 Mileena costume
MK2 Skarlet costume
MK1 Raiden costume
MK1 Kano costume
MK2 Kung Lao costume
...and other new and old classic costumes from MK1 2 and 3

So there you have it MK9 will not be complete unless they release who is to say NRS cant release an UMK9 or at least release what i just listed as DLC for MK9..oh and by the way as of today, MK9 became the top selling fighting game worldwide sold over 3 million copies CONGRADULATIONS TO NRS and MK Team for bringing together a really great MK ARCADE game at our own households ;)
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