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"Piper's daughter Ariel tells TMZ the family is having a private funeral in Oregon on August 11, which will not be open to the public.
But Ariel says at 10:30 AM the day of the funeral, they're asking Piper's millions of fans to observe a moment of silence ... which they'll observe at the service as well."

I never knew him much myself, but Ill do it for all his fans.
There are woman who can't do anything who's only purpose is to be eye candy. Then there are those legit female performers who can really wrestle. While I don't discriminate against eye candy I prefer to watch the woman who can actually wrestle. Otherwise it's just another bathroom break for me or to get a drink. Just because you're a hot chichi doesn't mean I should respect you as a performer.

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Not gonna lie, not really a fan of Post-2007'ish WWE. It got so boring around 2008-10, then ever since Twenty-Eleven I've tried to get back into it multiple times over the last four years, but just as I'm beginning to dig it again, it's the same stuff that happens over and over again. Terrible, Vince Russo-styled booking decisions, talentless Diva's who aren't even that hot for the most part, the mid-card being treated like *beep*, guys like Cena and Orton always hogging spotlight and old-ass part-timers like HHH, Taker, Lesnar, and the Rock always hogging up spots on the WreslteMania card each year (Though I will admit WrestleMania these last two years have been pretty impressive). It's just become a big mess for the most part. And it's not like it isn't bad enough that they don't listen to the fans and always try to force talentless, steroid-abusing trucks like Roman Reigns on us, instead of legit guys like Dean Ambrose.

Anyways, I'm rambling on here, sorry if I offended anyone here who might still be a big fan of today's WWE. I just had to put my two cents on this one. Anyways, peace. :pepsi:

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Wrestling won't be good again til Vince McMahon is dead and that's a fact. You can tell that Hunter is trying to improve the product but a lot of decisions get vetoed by Vince if he doesn't like em.

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Interesting how the best part of wrestling these days is the women's division.....They actually have some good females in there that aren't just useless eye candy. It's about time...though cutting promos isn't a strong point of many with their little female voices.