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Darth Sadistic

OK. It has been requested that we keep all wrestling posts under one thread so here it is.

So first of. What is everyones opinion on the Royal Rumble, and who do you think this years winner will be?

My Pick = Batista.

After failing in the elimination chamber, I think he's got to be the favorite. Especially with the push he has been getting as of late!
Well he has to qualify for the Rumble doesn't he? But at the Rumble, I think Orton and HHH are fighting for the belt. Plus I can't wait for the Casket Match between Undertaker and Heidenreich. This time he will RIP. And JBL will lose that friggen belt to Angle or Big Show, hopefully Big Show. But as for a winner of the Rumble, Id also say Batista. Lets just hope he gets a good spot in the order.
I hear that WWE have no plans on JBL losing the title in the near future.
And that he may possibly keep it until Summerslam. :eek:
I also hear that he might get a victory over the Rock at Wrestlemania. :eek:
All rumour of course :wink:
i thought this was a wwe thread not a "i love batista thread". Just kidding , iwont go into the whole tripl H , batista thing again. As for the royal rumble i think daniel puder will win...... ......NOT!!! is anybody else begginning to wish they never voted for him?
My top 5 at present are

5- Christian
4- Kane
3- Undertaker
2- Kurt Angle
1- Triple H (dont hold it against me)

I prefer Heels and y2j would have been in that list if he was still a heel , he was so funny!
Pretty good list, believe it or not I do like HHH, just not as Champion. It would be nice to see him in a long feud that doesn't revolve around the title in any way. Good to see Christian on your list too!

Mine are -
3)Carlito Caribbean Cool
Nice list! I have a question for you since u seem to know your stuff. Ive been a wrestling fan for ages and one thing i hate is when wrestlers seem to dissappear with no explanation , for example do you know what ever happened to thes guys?

ultimo dragon
billy gunn
matt morgan
and probably loads more that i just cant think of
Mordecai was sent back to OVW, where he is being trained further and will probably be re-packaged as another character.

Nash is NWA-TNA with Scott "Razor Ramon" Hall.

Sekoda was released recently, company cut backs.

Ultimo Dragon went back to Japan. Rumour had it that he was coming back to WWE without the mask. But i think it's been put on the back burner for now.

Billy Gunn was released recently. Should turn up in NWA-TNA soon, under a different name. As WWE owns the "Billy Gunn" & "Mr. Ass" names.

Matt Morgan will be back soon, they sent him back to OVW for more training. The plan as of right now, is for him to return under a mask!!!
ooooohhh now that would be telling!!! :lol: :wink:


Somebody Fix Carlito's Headset!
lol o.k i have a good one. If you could pick any 6 wrestlers from raw and smackdown to be in an elimination chamber who would it be. heres my pick.

Triple H
Kurt Angle

How about that for an E.C?
Personally I'd like to see a Cruiserweight E.C.

1)Rey Mysterio
5)Paul London (He is yet to show what he can do in WWE)
6)Tajiri (Why is he on Raw anyway?)
Yeah I suppose but he wont have it long anyway. So I'll stick with those six. But at a push I'd drop Chavo for Funaki. Chavo is a crappy "face".