The Struggle For One's Self


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“I will not submit to you… I’m not like you” a creature that was once human growled out of his throat that bubbled with black bile and reeked of blood & death.

“You don’t know what you are; nobody knows what you are but me, Johnny” a demonic voice cackled inside the film star’s head. “Do not fight me… if I die you die. Well that isn’t exactly true, I will die with you. The only way to kill me is to kill you.”

“Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! I’m not a devil, I’m too pretty to be a devil” Johnny said boldly, reverting back to his old self. “Much bett-” Johnny dropped down to his knees. He could feel his pulse tearing through his body gaining in speed rapidly. Shadows began coating him in their darkness. His spine felt like it was starting to collapse and his limbs started to feet detached from his joints.

“I told you Johnny, you can’t control the power of my rage” roared the spirit. “I feel replenished!” A glint of blue energy was visible in the distance. It was gaining distance to the demon radiating the dark with his glowing orange skin. The blue energy disappeared briefly and then reappeared again in front of the demon.

“You weren’t ready, Johnny, The darkness within you appeared prematurely”
The thunder god murmured whilst clenching his heart. “I have to take matters into my own hands…”

“Take matters into your own hands? I will stomp your face into the ground, I will tear you in half and I will excrete from my bowels all over your corpse, you f*cking self-satisfied b*stard!” roared the insane demon. “You are not prepared. You will die here. My fist will cause you to evaporate”

“Such insolence, it is you who is not prepared” and with that the being that was once Johnny cage thrust his fist to the face of the god. The God was prepared to counter his attack but none came.

“F*ck with all you want with me, bro but don’t f*ck with my man Raiden” Raiden looked to see the demon laying on the ground clenching his stomach changing colours rapidly. “I’m the one and only Johnny cage, the master of martial arts and heart-throb to all ladies.”

“See, we are alike… listen to yourself talk, you’re arrogant. The difference between you and me, prettyboy, is that I can back it up. Said the demon smugly”

“Johnny, not even I would be able to resist a demon so quickly, even for a second.” The thunder god said underneath his breath. “I’ve underestimated your power…”
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Before I review I need to know whether this was just a short or the intro to a longer story.
Before I review I need to know whether this was just a short or the intro to a longer story.

I've left it somewhere I can pick it up again, but there is a 50/50 chance it won't be updated anytime soon.