The Departing/Returning Members Thread

Strange, SRK is one of the first forums I think of when it comes to fighting games, so closing down due to diminishing users surprises me.

While I welcome TRMK getting more activity, this place isn't doing so well either. The admin/mod presence isn't there anymore. The front page hasn't been updated for a long time, even prior to MKX going gold.
Yup. Never mind. SRK still lives. Still don't know why SRK doesn't go back to vBulletin® or use the same forums as this:

I'm glad SRK is still alive. It made no sense for them to shut down while Testyourmight, Trmk, mkonline and a bunch of other fighting game forums remained unscathed.Hell, It's amazing this site hasn't been taken down (knock on wood) yet. I'll never understand people who say There's no need for fighting game specific forums because we have youtube now. There's so much information that gets lost without the open discussion from other players on fighting game forums. Without sites like SRK we wouldn't have a fighting game community to go to.
Didn't know SRK was even thinking of shutting down at all.

I have an account there that I made, wow, so long ago, I don't even remember my username or anything.
Meh, I think this forum will get a good shot in the arm once E3 hits. A few people and even Ed Boon admitted to a pattern. The pattern says that this E3 will be the time for the MK11 trailer

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Being a mod here was not very fun later on, I am glad to be nobody again. People complained about every little thing, lots of whining about friggin’ red squares when we had rep. Just too much sensitivity for me, it was ridiculous the things some people complained about. HE CALLED ME A POOPY HEAD!!!! BAN HIM!!! I mean, really? And asking for bans because people got negged? LOL

The forum is dead as well, I hardly post, so, I felt holding on to a mod spot when there were active people who wanted a spot was dumb.
And if you cleared the ban list, remember those bots I was talking about? They'd be back too, and I know for a fact that their banned bot accounts are still trying to access this site. Does anyone want to see any posts about buying counterfeit passports on every damn thread?! F*** no we don't!

Oh yeah, be on the lookout for new accounts that list an AIM and a YM account on their profiles; those two messaging services shut down in recent years, so a new account with those on their profile will be a dead giveaway that it's a bot.

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there are many people are coming to here now.
I was last time here 2years ago. After mk11 trailer i`m active.
Need to make MK11 thread and pump up the volume here.
Yeah, I can't wait for the interaction between Shao Kahn and Kotal Kahn!!!


Old timeline Shao Kahn and new timeline Liu Kang (Netherrealm ruler)!!!