Taking Questions For Our Coverage of MKX at E3 2014

Well, here I go:

- It seems that we will play with a bunch of characters that were not in the MK9, some that will be back from post MK4 games and some that are brand new ones, so, can you tell us how the proportion would be? For example, 40% were featured on the previous game, 40% were not featured and 20% are brand new ones.

- Will we be able to finish the defeated opponents with a finalization that was not featured on the MK9, like the animalities, the friendships, the brutalities or even something new?

- Now a impression made by the trailer was that the game now is darker, more brutal and not so beautiful as the MK9. So I do ask if this will bring a new change to the series in terms of art, visual and concept style, will it?

- The fact of this MK is the 10th, so the "X" one, will have a greater signifcance? Will you try to transform the simbolic X into some feature on the game?

- I can't help myself to ask this, what the slogan "Who's next?" means at all?

- A violet robot with time power named Pulsive would be a good idea?
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Can we please have Juliet Starling (Lollipop Chainsaw) and Rayne (Bloodrayne) as guest characters please?

Can we have a way better create a fighter mode?

Can we please have Mileena eat up a guy from crotch to face as a fatality?

Can we please have Jade vertically impale her victim from the anus to the shoulder please with her staff weapon?


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Re: Official TRMK E3 Questions Thread

Ask him how he and the team are doing. The man will probably be bombarded with MKX questions at E3. Show Mr. Boon a little consideration for the team. They do amazing work, after all :)

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Can you comment about any cross over characters ala Freddy Kruger and Kratos making an appearance?

Boon has confirmed via twitter that Kratos is unlikely to return.

My question : Will we see new/developed iterations of the post MK3 characters like Kai, Shujinko etc or will we be seeing completely new characters in their place?


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As we saw in the announcement trailer of Sub-Zero and Scorpion run at each other right into battle, does that mean the run button will be added to MKX? And can the fans expect brutalities and/or friendships to come back to life in this new instalment of MK?

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Re: Official TRMK E3 Questions Thread

Merging with the news article on the front page to avoid confusion.

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Is Tag mode returning?

Will there be any distractions along the lines of Puzzle Kombat or something like that?

What is NRS planning to do for the netcode?

Will there be a parry/counter system in MKX?


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Will you alter the jump arcs for each character?

Will there be unique air moves?

Will there be a run button? If so, will there be any recovery frames after the run has stopped?

Are there going to be any unblockable command grabs?

What are you planning to do regarding armour in MKX? There's been much discord about it in MK9. Some say it's too OP, and some say it is necessary, but one thing most people agreed with was that it was poorly distributed between characters. Some that did not need it, had it (Kabal) and some that needed it (Ermac, etc) were sorely lacking. What steps are you taking to ensure that mistakes are not repeated?

Are you going to include frame data in training mode again?

That's all I can think of at the moment.


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Will we have better netcode, and wiill Sub-Zero be close to top tier this game?

That isn't decided by the developers. They don't say "Well, lets make this character top tier." It's decided by the players as they find out more about the game competitively. It takes months of gameplay and then still, the tiers aren't stable at all for like 2 years because new tech is always being found out.
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Will there be different editions of the game release? For example, will there be a kollector's edition, tournament edition, super edition, etc?

Also, can we expect an artbook.


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Is there any current talk of having more than two Fatalities per character?
Having more than two Fatalities per character would really help with the feeling of "been there done that" players get after seeing the same ones over and over again. NRS has a perfect opportunity to be able to transfer Fatalities from an old game to another with the release of MKX.
Before, the games used sprites making it incredibly hard to transfer from one game to the next. Then MK4 had a completely different engine powering it compared to DA, Deception and Armageddon. Then with MK vs DCU to MK2011 the Fatalities were dumbed down and didn't utilize the same tech powering the Fatalities in MK2011. (Although proving my point that it can be done is Shang Tsung's Clown Fatality in MK2011)

Since MKX is running off (relatively) the same engine there should be little issue with carrying over the mo-cap data and effects over from MK2011 to MKX. It would be cool if, along with the tradition of adding two new Fatalities per character, they would already have their Fatalities from the last game carried forward. That way, each character would have at least four Fatalities from the get-go and it would take minimal effort compared to creating four all new Fatalities per character.​

(Relates to above question) Is there any talk of having Fatality DLC?
If NRS can't make the time to port over the MK2011 Fatalities from the launch of MKX, at the very least it would be nice to have the ability to expand character Fatality options via DLC. Though it would suck to have to pay money to see the Fatalities from the last game added to the new one, at least it would give players more finishing options.​

What is the lead platform NRS is developing the game on?
If they are even able to divulge this information.​

(Relates to above question) Is NRS developing the new-gen versions in-house and the PS3/360 ports being developed by a sister WB studio?
Again, if they are able to divulge.​
Answer: MKX for PS4 and Xbox One is being developed in-house by NetherRealm Studios and the PS3/360 ports are being done by another studio.

Request that online trophies be kept to an extreme minimum.
Having to rely on other people (ex: are servers running, are there rage quitters, is there a big audience playing) to gain trophies/achievements completely blows. MK2011 had horrible multiplayer trophies in my opinion. While I'm no Trophy hunter, I am a completionist and I feel forcing your players into the online portion of the game to complete Trophies/Achievements is a relic of the past generation of consoles. I don't mind Trophies that have players dipping their toes in the online portion but to require massive amounts of time spent in the online portion for trophies seems bad. A games online modes should stand for themselves and be fun enough for players to want to explore them on their own. Not be tasked to play through them via the Trophy/Achievement systems.

EDIT: More questions after seeing the trailer during the Sony E3 conference.

Are the Fatalities going to be dynamic and have procedurally generated aspects to them?
For example; if Scorpion's Fatality from the Cinematic Teaser is in the game, will his sword pinning the head to the tree be dynamic? Like in the forest stage, it pins the head to a tree but in the "dock" stage will the head get pinned to a boat or the dock itself?
Or for example will this allow for MK to finally do Fatalities on Boss and bigger characters (ala Ferra/Torr). Meaning if a character like Baraka cut off a characters head will Baraka's arm be dynamic/procedurally animated to automatically change height to accommodate the location of a taller/bigger characters neck?​

Is the lighting model and graphics still in flux/development for the new-gen versions?
The game looks good but still only looks like a slight upgrade from Injustice on PS4. Fatalities are really the main thing to me that look like a big step up. I'm hoping the lighting will receive an update before release.​

EDIT: New Question added 6-11-2014

Will MKX be shown to the public, in playable form at EVO?

I'll add more questions if they come to me.
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How will the team handle patching the game this time?

Will we get a true grappler character in MK?

How will you balance out the interactables?

Will we see some other features or systems from Injustice to MKX?

Are the x-ray moves still the same or there's improvements?

Is the combo breaker still in the game?
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1- Is there going to be a counter system?
2- Are any classic costumes making a return? Any of them from MK: Deception?
3- Are they gonna release a "Komplete edition" a while after release?


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How many characters are they aiming to have on the final roster? (24 as shown), or 30+ with DLC slots available?


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Will we get to play as characters like Tanya, Li Mei, Sareena, and Nitara?

Will we play as the woman in Jade's MK9 ending?