Taking Questions For Our Coverage of MKX at E3 2014


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Will the MK fans finally see a full size, coffee table worthy artbook with this release?



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what if any elements of Injustice have you thought about bringing into MKX? Or would you rather the franchises play differently?

Tarkatan Trash

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One for Vogel, since he's the story guy...

Is weed legal in Outworld and/or Edenia?

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Is there going to be any significant difference between the old gen and next gen consoles?


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Re: Official TRMK E3 Questions Thread

My questions:

-The MKX press release left some people with the impression that perhaps NRS is developing for PS4 and XB1 while the PS3 and 360 versions of MKX might not be handled directly by the team. Can you clarify the development plan?

-Did the break from MK and the time spent with Injustice help with MKX and the creative process?

-Net code and online play was one of the few complaints about the MK9 experience. How ambitious is online play and net code integrity being approached in MKX?

-With many multiple universe theories making their rounds, people are worried about the beloved MK lore. How is NRS approaching the subject of continuity within the story and MK's future in mind?

-After MK9 Skarlet's popularity amongst series veterans and newcomers alike, will we ever see the green Liu Kang aka "Hornbuckle" in the future?

-How will MK9's story be told? Episodic story mode? Konquest? Something new?

-Is Subzero Bi-Han or Kuai Liang? After all, Bi-Han was the only force that could stand up to Shinnok in MK: Mythologies Subzero.

-Will characters have multiple X-Rays?

I would be happy with any of these :) Make me proud, Pat!
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can we impale people with weapons again?

Will we get a DC Comic series like Injustice has?


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Re: Official TRMK E3 Questions Thread

Show me a clip where characters were having sex? or doing sexual things to eachother?

Even if it was mixed, no one is still getting hurt. And last I checked you SHOULD be over 18 to play this game anyways. And it'd be a preference thing. I wouldn't want someone raping someone in the game. That would make me feel really awkward. But if it's fantasy and OTHER people like it. I won't judge them for liking what they like. What I'll judge is the idea that whether or not it was a good idea to include that in the game.

and I think it'd be terrible to include that.

nothing wrong with saying what you DON'T want in the game.

But don't shit on people who like what you don't like. They are human beings too, and we don't get to choose what we actually like, and what we actually dislike.
Just because there isn't literal sex happening doesn't mean that sex isn't involved. I'm not going to argue with you because your opinion is nonsense. And yes, I will continue to look down on people whose opinions are poor. Because mouth breathers who want female characters to be 99% naked with G sized breasts don't deserve respect.


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Re: Official TRMK E3 Questions Thread

All I want to know is:

How big will the roster be? It generates a buzz on the forums with everyone coming up with their Rosters

How many Arenas? also will there be knock through Arenas

What past MK Games will the roster be made of?

what if the game is really Mortal Kombat Xtream Racing I want a stand alone 24 track Motor Kombat game


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Re: Official TRMK E3 Questions Thread

It would be nice if they could take Scorpion off the spot light or atleast let other characters shine too. I'm not saying Sub-Zero should dethrone him (I wouldn't mind though), I actually like Scorpion and his new look is great. The box art looks great too but damn! It makes it hard to appreciate something that gets blown up like that.

..I really wish he wasn't on the cover the more I think about it.

MK: Deception Melina vs Baraka


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- Will the game have exclusive features for the current gen versions (XboxOne & PS4) or will the game be exactly the same across all five platforms?
- For how many languages will the game be translated to? Is it possible to confirm any? (Rooting for Brazilian Portuguese, of course :))
- Can we expect a demo/beta version of the game to be released shortly before the game's release?
- Is it possible to confirm a "Kollector's Edition" of the game? If so, can we expect some sort of exclusive Arcade Stick like we had for MK and Injustice? (Yeah, I know, this one is a bit too soon to ask, but I'm just throwing ideas out here)
- Will in-game projectiles affect the environment in any way? Like Sub-Zero's Ice Ball [when missed] freezing parts of trees (or anything) or Scorpion's Hellfire move burning stuff [when missed].
- As of now (June 6th) the announce trailer has 6 million views, while the last MK's reveal trailer barely hit 200k views. Was this reaction expected in any way (due to Wiz Khalifa contributing with an original song) or was this a total suprise to all involved?
- Will we FINALLY see hit-trades making their debut in the MK universe with this installment? (This is a SERIOUSLY important one, preventing P1 advantage is a priority)
- What about the training mode? What improvements can we expect in this one (when considering Injustice's)?
- Who will be presenting the game overseas this time, since Hector is working with Sony Santa Monica now? (This is some sort of LOL question actually haha)
- WHO'S NEXT? :cool:

Anyways, that's all for now. :-D


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Probably won't answer

Total Number of Character? It will generate allot of buzz on the forums
Total Number of Arenas?

Probably answer

What past games might we see Characters and Arenas from?
Will there any New or Returning types of Finishers? Hari Kari and Brutalities:) Anamalities maybe
Will there be Stage Weapons?
Target roster size?
More famous Eyebrows You(Ed) or Gracho Marks?


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Any chance we'll see a mobile release with possible additional unlockables like Injustice had?


Could you elaborate on the concept of alternate costumes having different playstyles? Would this be a reflection of what was done in Injustice mobile? Could this mean different Fatalities as well?
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I have 2 questions.

1. Will you bring back single player kontent like chess kombat, puzzle kombat etc?

2. Will you stop shoving scorpion down our throats and eventually make us hate him ala John Cena? And will sub zero ever beat him in MK media? (I know that's 2 questions in 1 but they kinda relate).


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Secondary Question: Will we see different editions of MKX (Like a Kollector's Edition. Tourney Edition, Etc) like we did for MK9?


Who's developing the PC version? and will we see current-gen graphics on PC or the PC version will be based on last-gen versions?
Re: Official TRMK E3 Questions Thread

Well, here I go:

- It seems that we will play with a bunch of characters that were not in the MK9, some that will be back from post MK4 games and some that are brand new ones, so, can you tell us how the proportion would be? For example, 40% were featured on the previous game, 40% were not featured and 20% are brand new ones.

- Will we be able to finish the defeated opponents with a finalization that was not featured on the MK9?

- Now a impression made by the trailer was that the game now is darker, more brutal and not so beautiful as the MK9. So I do ask if this will bring a new change to the series in terms of art, visual and concept style, will it?

- The fact of this MK is the 10th, so the "X" one, will have a greater signifcance? Will you try to transform the simbolic X into some feature on the game?

- I can't help myself to ask this, what the slogan "Who's next?" means at all?

- A violet robot with time power named Pulsive would be a good idea?
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Re: Official TRMK E3 Questions Thread

Considering its cross gen, can we expect the game to look anything like the trailer?