Subzero missing one move!!!


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yah your right i think the ice puddle/ground freeze whatever you wanna call it has made it in more installations then the ice shower but i dunno the ice shower is still really iconic to me for some reason as well as being pretty retro

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Sub-zero couldn't ground freeze in MK1, he couldn't ground freeze till MK2 and he didn't get the ice clone till MK3 (same time he got the ice shower), so thats no real excuse for the ice shower not being in.

Also, you could ice shower in front and behind the person as well, not just on top of them. It was an awesome move, much more useful than the ground freeze imo.


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About the Ice Counter, it was taken out, for balancing purposes, I think. It was replaced by the Ice Clone. So, no Ice Counter anymore. I liked that move :(


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remember characters moves are not just there too be awesome, there are thoughts about variety and balance. If the ice shower is "better" - that is no reason for it to be in. The ice ball and ice clone are great, the slide is very useful. The puddle is slow, but you already have 2 "free hit" moves.


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sub zero should have his ice pillar move then for all ya'll that wont the ice shower bacc
and i miss his icy kounter and the ground Pike the ice puddle is so slow compared to when he did it in MK2
i just wish a least one of these moves returned


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I'd be happy with one more move for sub zero. Ice shower was cool but I'd rather have his teleport from MK VS DC. He seems so sluggish in MK9. Still deadly in the right hands though.
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the most iconic character gets only 4 moves ,yet some dork like Rain gets 20?

I call bull shit

Sub zero is very powerful as it is, he doesn't need another move. In fact you can win most of his matches with just his plain combo strings without using specials.


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nah, he needs the move where he shoots ice into the air and it comes down and freezes the opponent.

would be sorta like Noobs portal, except freeze them instead. Why didnt they add this?

noobs portal is kinda like the ice shower but it may inbalance him

Sub zero should have his slide uppercut from MKSM
and his Ice Grenade should have some involvement in the game as well as his ice spike #justsaying


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I agree that the ice shower is indeed a good move, especially when you can do it in front and in back of your opponent in case they try to avoid it. The enhanced ice shower should drop in all 3 locations at once like shang tsung's ground eruption.

Now, If you wanna talk about missing moves by Sub-Zero that are bad @$$ then look no further than MK Mythologies: Sub-Zero !

They need to include some of those moves, at least as enhanced moved or something ? I had no idea Sub-Zero's potential for new moved until I played that game.


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Only the scrubs and noobs that use SZ believe he should have another move.

He's reportedly getting some buffs in the near future, armour on his slide for instance.